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published in Chicago, 1958 (Wire copy from New York)

Mirza Sohrab Reform Bahai Leader, Dies New York, April 21 - Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 65, leader of the Reform Bahai movement in the United States and co-director of the Caravan of East and West, died yesterday in Doctors hospital.

Sohrab was born in Ispahan, Iran, and claimed descent from Mohammed. He met Abdul Baha, leader of the Bahai movement in Palestine.

In 1927 he met Mrs. Lewis Stuyvesant Chanler. They later founded the New History society, which became the Caravan of East and West, an auxiliary of the Bahai cause, working for world peace.

-extracted from the original image on Mar 27, 2007 by Will Johnson, wjhonson@aol.com, Professional Genealogist

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