Albert Napoleon DesMarais

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Albert Napoleon DesMarais (1869 - 1935)

Albert was born in Quebec on 10 Sep 1869 the son of Napoleon DesMarais and Clara Chagnon. He married Lea Mignault on 6 Feb 1893 in West Superior, Wisconsin. They moved to the north-west corner of North Dakota living in or near the town of Pembina. Later they moved to Saskatchewan where in 1911 their youngest child Noel was born. Napoleon then went to Seattle, Washington to look for work. He found a place to live in the unincorporated community then known as "Maltby Heights" in Snohomish County. (The name of the community was later changed to Clearview, Snohomish County, Washington.) He later retrieved his wife and youngest children from Canada.

In Clearview he ran a grocery store. He died in Snohomish, Washington on 24 May 1935. They had seven known children, one of whom was Noel DesMarais.

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