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Alfred Bruce "Bosie" Douglas was an author and poet, born 22 Oct 1870 at Ham Hill house, co Worc; third son of his father John Douglas 9th Marquess of Queensberry by his first wife (divorced) Sibyl Montgomery.

When Bosie was 21, he met Oscar Wilde and they had a relationship for which Oscar was later to serve 2 years at hard labor.

Leo has done a great job at filling out Bosie's ancestry, allowing me to note that he was a 13th generation descendant of Richard Cecil. Bosie was also a 13th generation descendant of a king of Scotland through his father John, and a 14th generation descendant of a king of England, through his mother Sibyl.

Paul Heath on gen-medieval-l posted this message:
"His greatest achievement was to translate Wilde's Salome from French into English, although Lord Alfred complained that Wilde "himself revised the translation to the extent of taking out from it most of the elements of original work on my part". The play is currently touring and will be performed at The Theatre Royal, Brighton, from 15 to 19 June 2010. More on Lord Alfred here:"

Bosie's female line great-grandmother was Mary Fanny Blunt (1791-1853), whose paternal grandmother was that Winifred Scawen who married Samuel Blunt (d. 1796).

Leo has nothing further behind Winifred, but her marriage license is extant and published. Winifred was "age 17" in 1759 when she married Samuel Blunt then "age 30", and it describes her father as "With consent of Robert Scawen, esq of Reigate, her father"

However when describing Winifred as "of Reigate" it adds "abode 1 year", indicating that they had just moved there, from somewhere or other.

Winifred is described elsewhere as "heiress" but then again as "co- heiress" of her father, and I did find a "Robert Scawen of Reigate" being buried at Horton 13 Nov 1778 "aged 69".

This Robert evidently had an older brother Thomas who was living in 1740 when he granted something or other to his brother Robert. They were both the children of an older Sir Thomas Scawen "seventh son" by his wife Martha Wessell whom he married 8 Sep 1691. This Sir Thomas died 1730, while Martha survived him until 1766.

Martha's father is given as Abraham Wessell, Eastland merchant but nothing else about him.

Sir Thomas Scawen was the seventh son of his father Robert Scawen of Horton, co Buck by his wife Catherine Alsop, daughter of Cavendish Alsop of London, merchant. I haven't poked into the ancestry of this Cavendish, but surely it must be interesting with that name.

Sir Thomas Scawen had an elder brother Sir William Scawen of Walbrook, London and of Carshalton, co Surrey "fifth son" who died 1722

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