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    "Andrew was born circa 1755, was still a minor when his elder brother died and left his estate to Andrew. Born Circa 1755, was still a minor when his elder brother John SNODDY made his will in February 1775. Obviously, he was born no later than 1759, since his father died in 1758. There are records of payments to him for services in the North Carolina military forces during the Revolutionary War. In April 1781, he became the Adjutant of the First regiment of South Carolina State Troops under the command of Lt. Colonel Wade Hampton. He survived that War and returned to North Carolina, where in January 1786 he signed a security bond in Rowan County for the marriage of his half-sister, Elizabeth NEILL. Then he shifted west, stopping first in the Nashborough settlements, then continuing into Louisiana where the 1810 Federal Census counted him in Rapides Parish on the Red River. In 1819, his half-brother, James "NAIL" (NEIL) swore in Butler County, Kentucky, Court that "Andrew SNODDY died near Natchitoches Pecan Point." Pecan Point was one of the principal early settlements on the Red River in Arkansas territory north of Louisiana." John's S. book Andrew SNODDY appears to have followed his Uncle William SNODDY to Sumner County, Tennessee, after he left Rowan County, N.C. as on the Court Records for Saturday Ocotber, 6th, 1798. Andrew is listed as a Plaintiff against one James Carson for debt owed. Andrew was awarded judgemnet of $26 bye default. He made one other stop in western Tennssee and was listed a founding settler of the county before shifing his movement southwest. Andrew maybe the father of Isabel SNODDY there in Smner Couty, who first married HOUNDSHELL* -- Jerry
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    Andrew SNODDY was born about the time of his father, John SNODDY's, death in Anson Co., NC. The inventory of the Estate of John SNODDY, deceased, was taken 20 July 1754 by Agness SNODDY. Andrew SNODDY was mentioned in the Last Will & Testament of his brother, John SNODDY, in 1775 in Rowan Co., NC. This Will lists Samuel SNODDY of Rowan Co., NC as their uncle. Andrew was under age. Probably born about 1754. Andrew SNODDY was in the Militia - Salisbury District of North Carolina. From "Revolutionary Soldiers of North Carolina" Andrew SNODDY was bondsman for the marriage bond of Theophilus ALLISON and Elizabeth NIEL on 10 Jan 1786 in Rowan Co., NC. Andrew SNODDY was one of the first settlers of Clarksville, Tennessee. Andrew SNODDY was the Captain of a boat hauling corn to the Chickasaw Indians for Gen. James ROBERTSON 14 July 1793. Andrew SNODDY was listed as a son in the Last Will & Testament of Agnes NEILL on 23 Aug. 1793. Andrew SNODDY was a witness to a suit in Davidson Co., Tennessee on 14 Aug 1794. Andrew SNODDY ,among others, signed a letter to Brig. Gen. James Robertson, asking that Peter CHRISTIAN be appointed a spy on the frontier for the safety of your fellow citizens. This letter was signed at Clarksville on 25 Mar 1795. Andrew SNODDY was involved in a dispute with his partner, Robert M. CONNELL, in 1795 in Davidson Co., Tennessee. Arbitrators chosen were Andrew Jackson and George M. DEADERICK. Andrew SNODDY was a witness to a Bill of Sale for William REASONS in April 1797 in Robertson Co., Tennessee. Andrew SNODDY bought 800 arpents of land in the St. Genevieve District of the Missouri Territory on 28 May 1800. Andrew SNODDY bought Lot #15 in Smithland, Kentucky for $700.00 from CRIBBS and McCAWLEY, where John McCLAIN lives, on 1 June 1807. Andrew SNODDY bought 15 year old female slave for $300.00 in Davidson Co., Tennessee on 22 July 1807. Andrew SNODDY listed on 1810 census of Rapides Parish, Louisiana. One white male over 44 and two slaves. Andrew SNODDY died about 1818 in Arkansas Co., Arkansas. Joshua MORRISON, administrator. -- Marvin Delano SNODDY
  • Arkansas Gazette, Apr 7, 1821 : "Notice is hereby given, That, at the next term of the Court of Common Pleas for the county of Hempstead, in the Territory of Arkansas, I shall attend to make final settlement, of the estate of Andrew Snoddy, deceased. All persons having claims against said estate must produce them properly authenticated on or before that time or they will be barred payment — Joshua Morrison, Adm'r. March 31"
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