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Anne Cecil

Daughter of Richard Cecil (d. 1553) and Jane Heckington (d. 1588)

She married Thomas White (d abt 1556) of Woodhead, Rutlandshire and they had three children:

  • Sir John White of Tuxford , Admitted to Gray's Inn 8 Feb 1581/2, d. 1625, married Dorothy Harpur and had issue
  • Alice White married Henry Welby and had issue
  • Elizabeth White married Adlard Welby, I do not currently know if they had issue.

Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

  • White01 on Stirnet, showing husband Thomas White (a 1556), children John (d 1625), Alice and Elizabeth with their spouses as above and with further descent from John and Alice but nothing further from Elizabeth, citing BP1934 and Vis. Not. "White"
  • "The Cecil Family", by George Ravenscroft Dennis. Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1914. page 13 stating that one of Richard Cecil's daughters was "Anne who married Thomas White of Woodhead", and nothing more about it
  • Ancestral File ID: B3L3-T4 which does not show any children
  • Her entry at Will Johnson's Royals
  • Her entry at genealogics showing husband Thomas White, children John, and Alice citing BP1999, page 3001
  • Cecil family entry at showing husband Thomas White, daughter Anne White and nothing further on it.

Further reading

  • Burke's Peerage (1934), "White of WallingWells"
  • Burke's Peerage (1999), page 3001
  • White, M. H. Towry. Memoirs of the House of White of Wallingwells. Privately published, 1886.
  • Wallingwells on Wikipedia
  • A court case mentioning some of these Whites
  • Burke's Anecdotes also mentioning that Henry Welby married Alice White, daughter of Thomas White by his wife Anne Cecil " his wife he had one only child Elizabeth."
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