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Arkansas County Placename searches in the LDS Library Catalog. The general form of the URL is:*,0,0

"SUBJECT" and "COUNTYNAME", in this general URL, must be replaced by various values as I show below specifically:

Direct LinkSubjectCountynameInternal Link
"Faulkner" {County} part of Arkansassubject=194528subject_disp=Arkansas%2C+FaulknerFaulkner County, Arkansas
"Franklin" {County} part of Arkansas subject=194533subject_disp=Arkansas%2C+FranklinFranklin County, Arkansas
"Hempstead" {County} part of Arkansassubject=194547subject_disp=Arkansas%2C+HempsteadHempstead County, Arkansas
"Johnson" {County} part of Arkansassubject=194572subject_disp=Arkansas%2C+JohnsonJohnson County, Arkansas
"Perry" {County} part of Arkansassubject=194626subject_disp=Arkansas%2C+PerryPerry County, Arkansas
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