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The Baha'i faith has schismed just as rapidly as any other faith, considering it's brief lifespan. Most of the schismatic groups are very small, which is typical of schismatics, and probably won't grow much. Many schismatic groups do not survive their founder which is typical. Schisms tend to be built around a strong personality, and at that person's death they undergo a process of passing on the mantle to one person, or further schisms. It is more typical that a group will have further schisms, which ultimately in the majority of cases lead to group-death through disillusionment.

The main threat to the central Baha'i apparatus, is not the schimatics, but rather the perception that schism is even possible. If schism is possible, then how is the world tending toward unity? And if Baha U'llah brought more division, not less, than how will all people eventually merge into one faith?

The crisis this line-of-thought engenders in the mind of each Baha'i, or each new religious group in general, is what eventually leads to it's downward spiral of death.

Over the years, I'll be researching and posting details about each schismatic Baha'i group as I get time. For now I've done a few articles on some Bahai individuals below.

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