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Posting by Larry W Cates, dated 25 Jan 2000, copied from

I think I may have deciphered a link between Henry Ballentine (also known as Valentine) of Currituck Co., NC with his origins in Norfolk Co., VA. I hope anyone who can offer criticism will do so. Here is what I gather about the early Ballentines from the sources available to me:

George Ballentine, Sr., (d. c. 1702, will) married Frances Yates (Yeats) the daughter of John and Joane Yates of Lower Norfolk. He was in Virginia as early as the 1650's or 1660's. John Yates was in Virginia as early as the 1630's. He paid for his own transportation to Virginia, as well as that of wife Joane, son Richard and daughter Mary. Also imported several servants.

  1. George Ballentine, Jr. d. c. 1733 (will) in Norfolk Co., VA.
    1. Mary Ballentine Deale
    2. Frances Ballentine m. Samuel Cherry
    3. Susan Ballentine m. ----- Bishop
    4. Dorothy Ballentine m. ----Tucker
    5. George Ballentine III
  2. Thomas Ballentine (may have gone to Tyrrell Co., NC)
  3. William Ballentine d. c. 1746/7 in Norfolk County (will.) m. Judy
    1. Milbro Ballentine Veal
    2. Tully Ballentine
    3. Elizabeth Ballentine Penny
    4. Lydia Ballentine Wood
    5. Keziah Ballentine
    6. Abi Ballentine
    7. William Ballentine, Jr.
  4. John Ballentine d. 1734 (will)
    1. Richard Ballentine
    2. John Ballentine m. Jane (predeceased father)
    3. Mary Ballentine
    4. Eliza Ballentine Creekmore
    5. Susanna Ballentine
  5. Alexander Ballentine m. Margaret Wallis d. 1715 with a will in Norfolk Co., VA
    1. George Ballentine (Valentine) md. Dinah. Moved to Bertie Precinct (now Hertford Co.), N.C. Left a will dated 1723. Died with no other heirs than wife.
    2. Alexander Ballentine, Jr. (Valentine) m. Elizabeth Wotsford, daughter of Joseph. Died c. 1751 in Bertie Precinct (now Hertford Co., NC)
      1. Alexander Ballentine III
      2. Henry Ballentine (?)
      3. James Ballentine
      4. David Ballentine (his eldest son)
      5. Paul Ballentine
      6. Anne Ballentine
      7. Elizabeth Ballentine
    3. Wallis Ballentine
    4. James Ballentine, also moved to Bertie Precinct, NC. Died without issue, c. 1735.
    5. Henry Ballentine (Valentine) (c. 1710--1794.) Also moved to Bertie Precinct until mid 1750's, when he removed to Currituck Co., NC. Married Mary (Davis?).
      1. Lovey Ballentine
      2. Juliane Ballentine (b. 1780/5)
      3. Lydia Ballentine (c. 1750--aft 1810) md. John Bennett and Josiah Cherry.
      4. Euphan "Fanny" Ballentine (c. 1750/55--c. 1806) md. Jesse Bennett (d. 1794)
      5. Mary Ballentine (b. c. 1762) md. Henry Bright IV.
      6. Davis Ballentine (c. 1769--1821)
        1. Thomas Ballentine
        2. Henry Ballentine
        3. David Ballentine
        4. Nancy Ballentine Lee
      7. Joseph Ballentine (c. 1770--1813)
        1. Joseph I. Ballentine
        2. David D. Ballentine
        3. Amanda B. Ballentine
        4. Elizabeth Ballentine Rolph
      8. Sarah Ballentine (b. c. 1764) m. Samuel Ferebee
      9. Henry Ballentine, Jr. (c. 1774--1814)
        1. John Gideon Ballentine
        2. Henry Ballentine
    6. Anne Ballentine
  6. Richard Ballentine
  7. Mary Ballentine m. Roger Hodges
  8. Dorothy Ballentine m. John Creekmore
  9. Frances Ballentine m. Henry Deale
  10. Daniel Ballentine
  11. David Ballentine (d. c. 1753) will, Norfolk Co., VA
    1. David Ballentine, Jr.
    2. Peter Ballentine of Currituck Co., m. Sarah. Died with will c. 1771.
      1. Joseph Ballentine d. c. 1790 md. a Marchant.
        1. Peter Ballentine
        2. Joseph Ballentine
        3. Merchant Ballentine
        4. Juley Ballentine
      2. Peter Ballentine
      3. David Ballentine
      4. James Ballentine d. c. 1808, m. Elizabeth Bright, of Willis
        1. Willis Bright Ballentine
        2. George Ballentine
        3. Sarah Ballentine
        4. Fanny Ballentine
        5. Lovey Ballentien
      5. Sarah BAllentine
    3. Paul Ballentine
    4. Mary Ballentine Deford
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