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Steven Stayner, kidnap and sexual abuse victim, held by his abductor for seven years before he was finally reunited with his family.

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2003532903.jpg Stephen Stayner, testifying at the trial of Kenneth Parnell.


Steven Stayner

Steven Stayner was born 18 Apr 1965, in Merced County, California, as the third of five children born to Delbert "Del" Stayner and his wife Mary Katherine "Kay" Augustine (married 1 Jul 1960). On 4 Dec 1972, when Steven was seven years old, he was kidnapped by Kenneth "Ken" Parnell (with the aid of an accomplice) and raised by him as his "son" and sex partner for the next seven years in various California towns, mostly around the Ukiah and Fort Bragg area. Around 1979 or 80, Ken decided he wanted another little son and with the aid of another accomplice kidnapped Timothy "Timmy" White, who was then about five years old. A few weeks later, Steven, while Ken was at work, hitchhiked with Timmy to Ukiah where they went to the police. Both Timmy, who had been missing about two weeks, and Steven missing for seven years, were subsequently reunited with their families.

Steven later married, on 12 Jun 1985 in Merced County to Jody L Edmondson. They had two children. Steven died in an accident 16 Sep 1989, while riding his motorcycle. Jody by 2007 had moved to Montana.

Steven's older brother is that Cary Stayner, who later killed four women in or around Yosemite National Park, was convicted and sentenced to death, and is currently on death row in California.

Primary documents

Secondary sources

Dubious sources

Delbert Stayner

Delbert F "Del" Stayner was born May 1933 in Farmington, New Mexico. While he was a teenager, his family moved to California. In his later 20's he moved to Trinity County, California where he met his future wife Mary Katherine "Kay" Augustine. They married in 1960 and had five children: Cary A 1961, Cynthia E 1963, Stephen G 1965, Jody C 1967, Corene V 1968.

On 26 Dec 1990, Del's brother Jessy Jerrold "Jerry" Stayner "...a truck dispatcher for a hay company" was murdered, in his house/apartment, in Merced County by a shotgun blast to his chest. Del's eldest son Cary Stayner was staying with Jerry at the time, but he had an alibi "...he said that he had been at work when the shooting took place..." and the murder has never been solved.

Another one of Del Stayner's siblings is Anna (Stayner) Jones whose name has appeared in various news articles related to these other family incidents.

Primary documents

Secondary sources

  • I Know My First Name is Steven, by Mike Echols. Pinnacle Books, Windsor Publishing Corp., New York. 1991. 331 pages. ISBN 1558175636
  • "The Yosemite Horror", by Joshua Hammer, Outside magazine, Nov 1999 (online archives)]
  • "STAYNER'S SISTER TELLS OF FAMILY TRAUMAS", 4 Oct 2002, San Jose Mercury News: "When she took the witness stand Thursday and was asked if she knew Yosemite killer Cary Stayner, his sister began to cry. Of course Cynthia Sartell knew him; he was her older sibling. But she said he wasn't the brother she remembers. I don't believe that it was my brother who committed such things, Sartell said as the defense presented his three sisters in an effort to save his life."

Margaret Mary Katherine Augustine

Margaret Mary Katherine "Kay" Augustine was born 7 June 1941 in Trinity County, California, as the youngest child of Robert "Bob" Augustine and his wife Mary Madden. Bob and Mary had two previous children: Robert 1930 and Florence 1936, both born in San Francisco County.

Primary sources

  • "Kay Stayner" on the US Public Records Database hosted at Ancestry

Secondary sources

  • "STAYNERS AREN'T SURPRISED BY ARREST OF SON'S KIDNAPPER", 5 Jan, 2003, San Jose Mercury News: "Kay Stayner picked up her newspaper Saturday morning and read that the sexual predator who kidnapped her son Steven 30 years ago had been arrested again. On Friday night, Berkeley police took 72-year-old Kenneth Parnell into custody for allegedly trying to buy a 4-year-old child. It was not a shock, said Stayner, 61, who lives with her husband, Delbert, in Winton, near Merced."

Jesse James Stayner

Primary documents

  • "Jesse James Stayner" on Findagrave showing : "Jesse James Stayner, born 18 Oct 1905 New Mexico, died 11 Oct 1984 California, husband of Luella Towell, son of Joseph Stayner and Lemira Maxwell"

Luella Candace Towell

Primary documents

  • "Luella Candace Towell Stayner" on Findagrave showing : "born 22 Jul 1913 Arkansas, died 20 Mar 1981 Merced, Merced County, California; wife of Jesse Stayner; daughter of Ira Towell and Lydia Pratt"

Robert Augustine

Mary Madden

Joseph Stayner

Lemira Maxwell

Ira Towell

Ira Albert Towell

Primary Sources

  • 1920 Census Colfax, New Mexico

Secondary Sources

Lydia Pratt

Lydia Ann Pratt was born 13 Sep 1890 in Missouri, the daughter of Walter Barrett Pratt by his wife Susannah Thomas

Primary Sources

  • California Death Index, Lydia Ann Towell died 29 Nov 1955, Merced County, born 13 Sep 1890 Missouri, mother's maiden name Thomas

Secondary Sources

Possible royal ascent

The most likely possibility that I've noticed so far, would be to firm up the supposed descent of Steven from Joshua White (1726-1784), of Joshua White from Daniel Sanbourne (d 1712), of Daniel Sanbourne from Anne Bachiler (d 1632), of Anne Bachiler from Anne Bray (b 1543). This Anne if she can be shown to be a daughter of Edward Bray by his wife Beatrice Shirley, as stated in OneWorldTree has a large and well-known ancestry (see OneWorldTree here), including, no doubt, several descents from Edward I, King of England.

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