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The countyhistorian is a website created and maintained by Will Johnson, [1], Professional Genealogist. I charge $25 per hour, with a two-hour minimum. I accept money order, check or paypal, and for this rate, you must email me.

Alternatively, some people have requested a method of contacting me directly, and immediately, or to pay by credit card or debit. For that I have set-up a connection through Keen.com. On that site, I charge 65 cents per minute. You may contact me that way by clicking the below button. I am generally available for phone contact, from 2PM to Midnight, Pacific Standard Time (California time), Monday through Friday only. I believe that Keen allows payment by credit card or debit as well as paypal, or even check.

If you attempt to call during other times, you will get a screen that allows you to arrange a callback time with me.

I am a professional genealogist. Contact me, if you'd like help in tracing your family tree, by clicking the below button.


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