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Charles Ainsworth Mitchell, (1867 - 1948) English author and scientist

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  • Collection regarding the will of ʻAbdu'l-Bahá, 1930-1932. by ʻAbdu'l-Bahá. Archival Material
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  • Mary Stuart's scandal letter to Queen Elizabeth. Publisher: [London, 1925?].
  • Micro-organisms and fermentation, with Alfred Peter Carslund Jørgensen; Albert Hansen; Aage Lund. Publisher: London, C. Griffin and company, limited, 1939.
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  • Reagents and reactions with Edgardo Tognoli. Publisher: London : J. & A. Churchill, 1918.
  • Recent advances in analytical chemistry. Publisher: London, J.&A. Churchill, 1930-31.
  • Science and the criminal, by C Ainsworth Mitchell Language: English Type: Book Publisher: London, Sir I. Pitman & sons, ltd., 1911. (Also available as an Internet Resource)
  • The expert witness and the application of science and of art to human identification, criminal investigation, civil actions & history. Publisher: Cambridge [England] : W. Heffer & Sons, 1923. (Also available as an Internet Resource)
  • The scientific detective and the expert witness. Publisher: New York, Appleton, 1931.
  • The Society of Public Analysts and other Analytical Chemists: some reminiscences of its first fifty years, with Bernard Shirley Dyer. Publisher: Cambridge [Eng.] Heffer, 1932.
  • The distillation of the essential oils of flowers & herbs with M Grieve. Publisher: [Tamwork, England : Printer, 1924?]
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  • Trapucó, part I with Margaret Alice Murray; Edith M Guest; Thomas J Ward. Publisher: London : B. Quaritch, ©1932.

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