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Richard Cecil is only known to have married once, to Jane (Joan) Heckington. They married sometime between 1517 and 1520. They had four children.

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Generation 1

Richard Cecil had four children:

  1. William Cecil
  2. Margaret Cecil
  3. Elizabeth Cecil
  4. Annis Cecil (aka Agnes, Anneys)

I do not know if this is the correct order of the girls

William Cecil

William Cecil was born 13 Sep 1520 at his grandfather's house in Bourne. While at school, he secretly wooed and married Mary Cheke on 8 Aug 1541 against his father's wishes. They had one son Thomas Cecil born 5 May 1542, and Mary died 22 Feb 1543/4 at Cambridge. William Cecil married secondly Mildred Cooke on 21 Dec 1545. She was the daughter of Anthony Cooke, esq of Gidea Hall, Romford, co Essex, by his wife Anne FitzWilliam. William was made Secretary of State in 1550, and knighted in 1551. He also bought Bromley in 1551, and Whissendine, Stamford Baron and Maxey Castle in 1561 the same year he was made Master of the Court of Wards. He and Mildred had three children: Anne 1556, Robert 1563 and Elizabeth 1564. William was made 1st Baron Burghley in 1571. Mildred (Cooke) Cecil died 5 Apr 1589 at Burghley House on The Strand and William Cecil died 4 Aug 1598 at the same place. She has an M.I. in Westminster Abbey, he is buried at St Martin's, in Stamford Baron.

Margaret Cecil

Margaret Cecil was born sometime between 1523 and 1548. She married firstly to Roger Cave, Gent of Stanford who was born between 1523 and 1530 as the second son of Sir Thomas Cave and Elizabeth Danvers. Margaret and Roger had at least or exactly nine children: Elizabeth, Frances, Thomas, William, Margaret, Cecil, John, Anne and Dorothy. Roger Cave died 26 Jul 1586 and Margaret next married Erasmus (aka Ambrose) Smith (or Smythe), esq of Husband's Bosworth, co Leics. He was the fourth son of his parents John Smith alias Harris of Withycotes, Leics and his wife Dorothy Cave. Erasmus was the first cousin of Margaret's first husband. They had no issue, but Erasmus had had at least four children by his prior wife a Miss Bayard.

Elizabeth Cecil

Elizabeth Cecil was born perhaps around 1525. She married firstly Sep 1555 to Robert Wingfield, esq of Upton who had been born about 1532 to Sir Robert Wingfield of Upton and his wife Margery Quarles. Elizabeth and Robert had four sons and one daughter per Burke's Landed Gentry. However their known daughter Dorothy Wingfield is called "second daughter" in other sources. Their four sons are not all known, but they had Sir Robert Wingfield of Upton and Sir John Wingfield of Tickencote. Elizabeth Cecil's husband Robert died 31 Mar 1580 at Tickencote whereupon shortly thereafter she married Hugh Alington, esq of Tinwell the son of George Alington of Rushford by his wife Anne Cheke. Hugh was the nephew of William Cecil's first wife Mary Cheke. Elizabeth Cecil and Hugh Alington had no issue. Elizabeth Cecil was buried 6 Dec 1611 at Tinwell, co Rutland and Hugh died 1618 having writen his will 2 Oct 1616 and it being proved 1 Oct 1618 (P.C.C.). He is also buried at Tinwell

Agnes Cecil

Agnes (Anneys) Cecil was born perhaps about 1527. About 1540 she was betrothed to Thomas White of Wallingwells and Woodhead and Tuxford, co Notts., the son of John White of Collingham. Agnes and Thomas had three children: Sir John White 1558, Alice White and Elizabeth White.

Generation 2

Below is a full and complete list of all the descendents of Richard Cecil in the second generation.

William Cecil

William Cecil, by his first wife Mary Cheke had only one child:

  1. Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter, born 5 May 1542, married first, Dorothy Neville (1548-1608), he married secondly Frances Brydges (~1580-1663)

William Cecil, by his second wife Mildred Cooke had exactly three children:

  1. Anne Cecil, born 5 Dec 1556 married Edward de Vere (1550-1604), 17th Earl of Oxford
  2. Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury, born 1 Jun 1563 married Elizabeth Brooke (1562-96)
  3. Elizabeth Cecil, born 1 Jul 1564 married William Wentworth (~1555-1582)

Margaret Cecil

Margaret Cecil, by her first husband Roger Cave had exactly nine children:

  1. Elizabeth Cave (d 1638) married Walter Bagot (1557-1623)
  2. Frances Cave married Edmund Bussey (1562-1616/9)
  3. Sir Thomas Cave of Stanford married Eleanor St John (living 1 Feb 1607/8)
  4. Sir William Cave of Stanford married (by 1593) Margaret Unknown
  5. Margaret Cave (d 1594) married William Skipwith (1559-1610)
  6. Cecil Cave of Stanford, Northants and Greenwich, Kent married Anne Bennett (d 1659)
  7. John Cave, fate unknown
  8. Anne Cave (living 1616) married Edward Bussey (dead by 1616)
  9. Dorothy Cave married Mister Hartopp

Margaret Cecil, by her second husband Erasmus Smith had no children

Elizabeth Cecil

Elizabeth Cecil, by her first husband Robert Wingfield had exactly four children:

  1. a female who died young
  2. Dorothy Wingfield (1565-1619) married Adam Claypoole (1565-1632)
  3. Sir Robert Wingfield (~1565-1609) of Upton married (by 1590) Prudence Croke
  4. Sir John Wingfield of Tickencote married (1593) Elizabeth Gresham (d 1601/2); he married secondly Margaret Thorold (d 1618)

Elizabeth Cecil, by her second husband Hugh Alington had no children

Agnes Cecil

Agnes (Annis) Cecil (d 1604/5), by her husband Thomas White (1527-1580) had exactly three children:

  1. Sir John White 1558 married Dorothy Harpur (1579-1653)
  2. Alice White married Henry Welby (1551/2-1636) "the hermit"
  3. Elizabeth White married Adelard Welby (living 1617) (brother to Henry above)
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