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From the website of Peter Fainweather (1940-2006), we see that in the Church of St. Martin, Stamford, Leicestershire is a monument to Richard Cecil and his wife Jane.

"On the east wall of the Burghley Chapel is this monument to Richard Cecill who died in 1552 and his wife Jayne who died in 1587. She is shown opposite to him kneeling at a prayer desk. Richard is buried in a vault in St Margaret's Church in Westminster but Jayne is buried in the vault just near this monument."

"In Happy Memory Richard Cecill Esq. & Jayne"

"The said Richard was of the Robes to Kinge Henry 8 & to King E.6. He deceased ye 19 of May 1552 and is interred in St Margaretts Church in Westmr. He was sonne to David Cecill of Stamford Esqr. High Sherif of ye county of Northampton in the 33 & 34 yeares King H.8. and is buried in St George his Church in Stamford."


Now thanks to Michael Andrews-Reading who sent me a photograph of the monument to Richard Cecil and his wife Jane from the Church of St. Martin, Stamford, Leicestershire, so I can provide this first-hand transcription from that photograph.

The monument has five brasses, two larger ones for Richard and Jane, and three smaller ones, one for each daughter. One of the larger brasses is transcribed above, the second large brass reads:

"The said Jayne was daughter and heyre of W'am Heckington of Bourne in ye county of Lincolne Esqr: She lived 87 yeares wherof she continued a widowe 35 yeares. She deceased ye 10th of March 1587. She was a very grave religious Vertuous & worthy Matro & delighted excedingly in ye workes of piety & charity. She was crowned with much Honor & comfort & (By God His great blessing she lived to see her children & her childrens children to ye fourth & fift generation & yt in a plentifull & honorable succession being a happy mother of yt most honorable Sr Wm Cecill Knight of ye most noble order of ye garter LO: Burghley Lord High Trer of England who lyeth here by her"

The left-most smaller brass reads: "Margaret was first marryed to Roger Cave of Stanford Esqr of whom is discended Ser Thomas Cave & after to Ambrose Smith of Bosworth Esquier."

The center smaller brass reads: "Elizabeth was first marryed to Robert Wingfield of Upton Esquier of whom is discended Ser Robert Wingfield of Upton Knight & after to Hu Allington Esquier."

The right-most smaller brass reads : "Anne married to Thomas Whyt of Tuxford Esq of Whom is descended John Whyte Esquier"

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