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  • Translation offered by MM (millerfairfield):
  • It is to be remembered that after a dispute concerning the assignment of the dower of Eve who was the wife of Thomas de Aldithlegh, who held of the king in chief, made by Bertrand de Cayllou to whom Peter of Gaveston, who held the custody of two thirds of the lands and tenements which the son of the same Thomas held, conceded that custody to hold until the full age of the heir of the said Thomas, between the same Bertrand of one part and Thomas de Ufford and the same Eve whom the same Thomas married, on the 9th March in the second year it was agreed thus, viz. that the same Thomas and Eve should hold all the lands and all the tenements of the said Eve assigned to her as dower by the same assignment, that the said Bertrand should hold the same custody until the full age of [the heir] together with the manor of Marchumley and the township of Kentesden which are of the dower of the said Eve and that the said Thomas and Eve granted and farmed [the same]to the said Bertrand until the full age [of the heir]

End of Translation

Note: Peter de Gaveston was exiled to Ireland, sailing from Bristol on 28 June 1308, and being welcomed by the king at Chester in early July 1309.

Note: Mjcar on Gen-Med questions "son" above, which is a translation of "f." and concludes that it should be instead "brother" from "frater"

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