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Francis Hotman (1524 - 1590), seigneur de Villiers-St-Paul.

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Francis was born Aug 23, 1524 in Paris, the son of Pierre Hotman (d.1554), Lt Gen of Rivers and Forests at Paris, by his wife Paule de Marle, heiress of the Seigneurie of Villiers-St-Paul.

Being persecuted during the Wars of Religion, he left France for various places including Italy and Switzerland. He married Claude Aubelin, who with her father, were also religious refugees.

He was an advocate to the Parliament of Paris, a consillor to the King, and a jurist.

Francis died Feb 12, 1590 in Basil, Switzerland.

Among his seven children, one was:

  1. Suzanne "Anne" Hotman born 1569/82 died aft 1622 married (contract dated Jul 18, 1594 in Paris) to John Menteith, seigneur of Argentenay, of the house of the Counts of Menteith and Barons of Kerse in Scotland.

Secondary sources

  • Dictionnaire genealogique des familles du Quebec, Rene Jette. Les Presses de l'Universite de Montreal, Montreal, Canada (1983). Page 418, "Fevrier, Christophe", the ascendence of his second wife Marie Martin to Francis Hotman and beyond is given at the end of his article.

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