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Jane Fonda (b. 21 Dec 1937), American actress and political activist jane_fonda_300.jpg


Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda was born as Lady Jane Seymour Fonda, in New York City 21 Dec 1937, the daughter of actor Henry Fonda and his wife Frances Seymour. Jane had an older half-sister Pan Brokaw, and also a younger brother Peter Fonda. The family moved to California for a while, then back to the New York area where they lived in Connecticut, while Henry was working in New York City. When Jane was about ten, her mother committed suicide.

In 1965, Jane starred in the movie Cat Ballau. In 1973, she starred in the movie A Doll's House.

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  • Jane Fonda : My Life So Far, by Jane Fonda. Random House, New York. 2006. ISBN 0812975766

Secondary sources for 1

Henry Fonda

Frances Seymour

William Brace Fonda

Herberta Jaynes

Eugene Ford Seymour

Sophie Mildred Bower

Sophie Mildred Bower was born in Ontario 13 Jul 1886, as the daughter of Harvey Bower and his wife Frances M. C. Capel. Sophie died 15 Apr 1974 in Los Angeles County, California.

Primary sources for 7

Secondary sources for 7

Ten Eyck Hilton Fonda

Harriet Unknown

Henry S. Jaynes

Elma L. Lamphear

George Devillers Seymour

Frances Gabriella Ford

Harvey Bower

Frances M. C. Capel

Royal Ascent

  1. Lady Jayne Seymour "Jane" Fonda born 21 Dec 1937 at Doctors' Hospital, New York City, married three times, three children one of whom was adopted
  2. Frances Ford Seymour born 14 Apr 1908 Brockville, Ontario married Henry Jaynes Fonda, actor 16 Sep 1936 New York City, second husband, second wife. She had one child by her first husband, and two by her second — the actors Jane Fonda and Peter Fonda. She committed suicide in 1950.
  3. Eugene Ford Seymour, born 15 Apr 1870 Ogdensburg, St Lawrence County, New York, married Sophie Mildred Bower on 17 Sep 1905 Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada
  4. George de Villers Seymour, born 13 May 1821 Ogdensburg, St Lawrence County, New York, died 11 Nov 1892; married Frances Gabriella Ford 26 Apr 1848 Morristown, Morris County, New Jersey
  5. George Nichols Seymour, born 14 Apr 1794 Springfield, Vermont, died 27 Jul 1859 Ogdensburg, St Lawrence County, New York; married Sophia Marie Lefebre de Villers on 18 Mar 1818
  6. Nancy Nichols born 9 Dec 1773 Winchendon, Massachusetts, died 1861; married David Seymour on 22 Sep 1793
  7. Levi Nichols born 9 Nov 1739 Hingham, Massachusetts, died 2 Apr 1809; married Elizabeth Sawyer by 1773
  8. Bethiah Winslow, born 1701/4 married Roger Nichols on 7 Nov 1718 at Hingham, Massachusetts
  9. Nathaniel Winslow, sixth child, born about 1679 at Harwich, Massachusetts; married Elizabeth Holbrook on 9 Jul 1701 at Scituate
  10. Kenelm Winslow, born about 1635 at Marshfield, died 11 Nov 1715 at Harwich; married Mercy Worden 23 Sep 1667 at Yarmouth
  11. Kenelm Winslow, born 29 Apr 1599 Droitwich, co Worc., died 12 Sep 1672 at Salem, Massachusetts; married Eleanor Newton Jun 1634 at Plymouth
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  13. Catherine Bucke died 4 Apr 1607 St Andrew, co Worc.; married Kenelm Winslow, who had purchased Newport's Place in 1559 and died 9 Nov 1607 St Andrew, co Worc. (Douglas Richardson here makes this connection, but her maiden name as "Bucke" and her parentage (below) have been challenged by John Higgins on Gen-Med 22 Nov 2008. While it is true that her husband Kenelm Winslow, purchased land in Kempsey, we need some better documentation on her and her family connections.)
  14. Ellen Neville, living 1547; married Kenelm Bucke died 2 Jan 1550
  15. Thomas Neville of Binholme and Mathon died 1546; married secondly Lettice Harcourt
  16. Henry Neville, died 26 Jul 1469 in the Battle of Edgecote, near Banbury; married Joan Bourchier
  17. George Neville, 1st Baron Latimer married Elizabeth Beauchamp
  18. Ralph Neville (1363-1425), 1st Earl of Westmoreland (cr. 1395); married Joan (Jane) Beaufort, Baroness Neville, Countess of Westmoreland
  19. John of Gaunt (1340-99), 1st Duke of Lancaster married Catherine Roet
  20. Edward III, King of England
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