John Camoys (b 1320)

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John Camoys (1319/20 - 1360/71)

He was born about 1319/20, as at an IPM taken 30 Sep 1360, his age is given as "40 and upwards".

He was the son of Sir Ralph de Camoys by his second wife Elizabeth le Despencer. We know Elizabeth was John's mother, as in 1316, Ralph settled Bekerton Manor on his wife Elizabeth. Also at Easter term 1316, the manor of Camoys was settled on them. [Reference: Douglas Richardson 01/01/07 on Gen-Med Subject: Another C P Correction...; citing VCH Huntingdon 2 (1932): 230-234, citing Feet of F. East. 9 Edw. II.].

An IPM taken 30 Sep 1360, shows that Sir John de Camoys, aged 40, was then holding the manor of Grimston, Norfolk jointly with Hugh de Hastings, aged 25, as co-heirs of Richard Foliot. Sir John de Camoys was holding his share "for life by the law of England after the death of Margaret, late his wife." [Reference: Douglas Richardson 12/28/06 on Gen-Med "Re: Complete Peerage Correction" citing Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem, 10 (1921): 502].

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