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John Lithgow, the actor

This page writen and copyright, 2008 by Will Johnson, Professional Genealogist

Royal ascent

Disclaimer: The line presented here was hinted at by Leo van de Pas, and the details filled-in from OneWorldTree. OneWorldTree is not considered reliable for lines such as this and so each link should be re-confirmed from reliable sources. This ascent should only be used as a possible guide to what John's ascent may be, not what it is.

  1. John Lithgow, actor born 19 Oct 1945 Rochester, Monroe County, New York
  2. Sarah Jane Prince, born 11 Oct 1917 Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan
  3. Eva Bronson Graves, born 15 Sep 1875
  4. Albert M Graves, born 1847
  5. Warren M Graves
  6. Cotton Graves, born 31 Jul 1762, died 1 Nov 1847
  7. Maria Mattoon
  8. Mary Partridge
  9. Mary Cotton
  10. Dorothy Bradstreet
  11. Anne (Dudley) Bradstreet, the poet born 20 Mar 1612 Northampton, England
  12. Thomas Dudley, Governor of Massachusetts
  13. Capt Roger Dudley + Susanna Dorne
  14. Mary Purefoy
  15. Anne Fettiplace died 3 Aug 1568
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