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Subject: Lydia Ann Randle, Grand Daughter of George and Rachel Walton Shoemaker
Date: 1/24/2009 12:47:40 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Mary Timmons)

We believe Lydia to be from the our Shoemaker line being my husbands great grandmother and Mary Ann (mother of Lydia) were sisters. Both Thomas H, Mary Ann and my husbands great grandparents appear in the WILL of George Shoemaker who died in 1848.

As for Rachel, I have no idea where the name Herbert comes from - to our knowledge, and confirmed in her declaration of widow for pension (War of 1812), she was Rachel Walton, the same lady that married George Shoemaker on November 24th 1808 in the Methodist Episcopal Church - on file at the Lovely Lane Museum in Baltimore. Date and place of marriage is also spelled out in the declaration for pension.

In the appendix of the book "The British Invasion of Maryland 1812-1815 by William M. Marine" you will find grgrgrandfather Shoemaker listed on Page435 as Ensign in Capt Faster's co. 51st rgt. War of 1812 records and others refer to Faster as Foster.

George died on April 6, 1848 - mentioned here that he was a Captain-Militia, War of 1812. (Baltimore Sunpaper, April 6, 1848, pg2). Rachel, widow of the late Capt. George Shoemaker, died April 10, 1883, at the age of 94 . (Baltimore Sun, April 12, 1882. pg 2). Both are buried in the Mount Olivet cemetery, Baltimore.

Mary Timmons Arizona

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