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Marie Martin (~1647-1680)

Marie was born abt 1647 to Abraham Martin, bourgeois and his wife Suzanne d'Ailleboust. (At her burial she is described as being 33 years old.)

She was born probably in St Pantaleon, de Ravieres, ar. Avallon, Champagne (Yonne). Her parents are not known to have come to Canada, but Marie was married on Nov 16, 1671 at Montreal as the second wife of Christopher Fevrier dit or sieur de Lacroix. Christophe arrived in Canada as a soldier in the company of LaFouille, regiment of Carignan. His first marriage to Antoinette Sirouis about 1660 at St Maclou of Mantes-sur-Seine, was annuled by contract dated Nov 7, 1668.

Christophe Fevrier had one child Christophe baptised in 1661, by his first wife but what happened to that child is unknown.

With Marie, Christophe had seven children, but five died as infants and one at 12 years. The remaining child was Marie-Anne, a twin baptised Jun 22, 1676 at Boucherville who married in 1691 Louis Menard. Her twin Jeanne died six days old.

Marie would have been drawn to Canada, as her uncle Charles d'Ailleboust, sieur des Musseaux, arrived in Quebec with his own uncle Louis d'Ailleboust in 1648.

She died Jul 14, 1680 at was buried the next day at Boucherville.

After her death, Christophe Fevrier married Claire-Francoise Gauthier on Nov 8, 1680 at Boucherville, and had another eight children.

Secondary sources

  • Dictionnaire genealogique des familles du Quebec, Rene Jette. Les Presses de l'Universite de Montreal, Montreal, Canada (1983). Page 418, "Fevrier, Christophe", showing his three marriages and sixteen children. The ascendence of his second wife Marie Martin to Francis Hotman and beyond is given at the end of his article.

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