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FitzWilliam, page 330 states "Ela de Warenne. She married (1st) Robert de Newburn"

Ela de Warenne, daughter of Earl Hamelin, actually married (1st) Robert de Newburgh, not Robert de Newburn, as indicated in the recent book, The Norman Frontier in the Twelfth and Early Thirteenth Centuries (2004), by Daniel Power

Correction by Douglas Richard in a post to Gen-Med May 31, 2007

In a subsequent post to Gen-Med May 31, 2007, John Ravilous quotes the book cited above:

The ref. to Power, The Norman Frontier can be seen on p. 512 (a query "Neubourg Warenne" will likely bring this up). The text I can see reads, in part:

"Ela and William had already exchanged her dower rights in Radepont with King John, where Robert (II) du Neubourg and his wife 'Ala' had previously made gifts (Rot. Lib., 18; ADE, II 1230; Le Prevost 1862-9, i, 402-3). EYC, viii, 20-1, and no. 96 (a late thirteenth-century copy), shows that William fitz William's wife Ela was a daughter of Isabella de Warenne by Hamelin, illegitimate brother of King Henry II, and calls her the widow of an otherwise unknown Robert de Neuburn, who must in fact have been Robert II du Neubourg."
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