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Pierre Hotman (~1485-1554)

Pierre was born around 1485 in Paris, the fifth son of Lambert Hotman and his wife, Catherine (alias Jacqueline) de Vic. He was the Seigneur of Villers Saint-Paul and the first Marquis of this name. David Baud says : "Entering into the legal profession and practising at the Paris Bar, which he left in 1524 to take up an official appointment in the Department of Woods and Forests (known as the 'Marble Table'), and here it is recorded that he performed valuable services of 'reformation' which is say that of augmenting royal privilege. On the Sep 5 1544 he was rewarded with the title Conseiller in the Parlement of Paris. In 1547 he also became one of the Judges in the 'Chambre Ardent' (the Burning Chamber) responsible for the trial of heretics." ('Genealogy' below)

One of the children of Pierre Hotman and Catherine de Vic was Francis Hotman.

Secondary sources

  • Dictionnaire genealogique des familles du Quebec, Rene Jette. Les Presses de l'Universite de Montreal, Montreal, Canada (1983). Page 418, "Fevrier, Christophe", the ascendence of his second wife Marie Martin to Francis Hotman and beyond is given at the end of his article.

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