Richard Whetehill of Calais

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Richard Whetehill, (d.1537) of Calais

He spent the bulk of his life in Calais.

He married Elizabeth Muston.

He was buried in Calais and possibly died there as well.


  1. Elizabeth Whetehill married, as his second wife, John St John of Lydiard Tregoz (d 1576)
  2. Robert Whetehill married Jane Greenfield (or Grenville) of Calais
  3. Margaret Whetehill married first Robert Creyke of Ryton, and secondly Mr Fitton
  4. Gilbert Whetehill
  5. Nicholas Whetehill married as her second husband Dorothy Mantell
  6. Margery Whetehill married Edward Isaac of Well Court (d 1573)
  7. Katherine Whetehill

Secondary sources

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