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Snodgrass Source Book for Arkansas

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If it is SNODGRASS we continue to collect it! Please send items (with sources cited!) you want to share with our team and others to all four of us listed here :

  1., Will Johnson, Professional Genealogist
  2., Paul D. Snodgrass, at The Snodgrass Clan Society and (Editor of The MACE since 1993)
  3., Charlou Dolan (To be added to Charlou's mailing list for her updates, email her)
  4., Suzie Snodgrass Schoolcraft - vss - October 1999


Created by Charlou Dolan with annotations by V. S. Schoolcraft (marked vss)

and hyperlinking and more annotations by Will Johnson (marked wj)


Statewide Sources Checked

CENSUS RECORDS 1840 - yes 1850 - yes 1860 - yes 1870 census index - yes 1880 soundex - yes [one unknown county was illegible on the soundex] 1900 soundex - yes 1910 miracode - yes 1920 soundex - yes

The Goodspeed Biographical & Historical Memoirs of ...
Eastern Arkansas (1890) yes (see Woodruff Co.)
Western Arkansas (1891) NS
Southern Arkansas (1890) yes (see Little River Co.)
Northeastern Arkansas (1891) NS

Arkansas Confederate Veterans & Widows Pension Applications (Ingmire) yes
(see Garland, Nevada, Pulaski, & Saline Counties)
Arkansas Military Bounty Grants, War of 1812 (Christensen) yes
(see Arkansas, Phillips, & St. Francis Counties)

Hunting for Bears (Snodgrass Marriages in Arkansas) yes
Arkansas Family Historian, Ancestor Charts #1-855 - NS
Arkansas Family Historian
vol. 9 (1971) NS
vol. 15 (1977) NS
vol. 22 (1984) NS
vol. 14 (1976) yes (index to 1850 census of Franklin Co.)
vol. 16 (1978) yes (see Searcy Co.)
vol. 17 (1979) yes (see Boone Co. & Saline Co.)
vol. 18 (1980) yes (see Saline Co. & below)
vol. 20 (1982) yes (see Randolph Co.)
vol. 21 (1983) yes (see Pulaski Co.)
vol. 23 (1985) yes (see Garland Co. & Franklin Co.)

Index to Wills & Administrations of Arkansas from the Earliest to 1900
(Stevenson & Westbrooke) yes (see Washington Co.)

Arkansas Marriages, 1779-1992 (CD-6) yes (see Crawford, Franklin,
Garland, Hot Spring, Phillips, Randolph, Saline, Sebastian, &
Washington Cos.)
Marriages in Arkansas (Hunting for Bears) yes (need to find this)

Statewide Records

Roster of Confederate Soldiers:

Light Artillery
Key's Battery = Larkin Snodgrass

Cavalry, Harrell's Battalion
Co. D = J. M. Snodgrass

1st (Monroe's) Cavalry
Co. H = J. K. Snodgrass

11th Cavalry
Co. K = T. J. Snodgrass
[see pension application, Falls Co., TX]

Infantry, Cocke's Regiment
Co. G = Monroe Snodgrass

Infantry, Hardy's Regiment
Co. G = J. B. Snodgrass

2nd Infantry
New Co. E = T. J. Snodgrass

6th Infantry
New Co. F = J. C. Snodgrass

11th Infantry
Co. B = William P. Snodgrass
Co. I = T. J. Snodgrass

11th & 17th (Cons.) Infantry
Co. C = T. J. Snodgrass

12th Infantry
Co. G = Alex Snodgrass
Co. G = J. C. Snodgrass

19th (Dockery's) Infantry
Co. E = Frank Snodgrass, corporal

33rd Infantry
Co. H = Francis Snodgrass

7th Militia
Co. B = Jeff Snodgrass
Co. B = John Snodgrass
Co. B = Robert Snodgrass
[certificate #124,433; Siloam Springs, Benton Co.,
pension started Aug 1873; see 1880 Crawford Co]

Social Security Death Index
J Snodgrass b 23 Nov 1894 d Dec 1965 in Arkansas
county of last residence not specified
SSN issued by Louisiana
sex of "J" is not specified

One possibility for the above person is the "J Douglas Snodgrass" listed in the World War I Draft Cards as born 23 Nov 1894 in Texas who registers in Titus, Texas stated that he was born at Mt Pleasant, Texas and is married with a wife and baby[wj]

Thomas Snodgrass b 17 Jul 1899 d Jul 1962
SSN Issued by Arkansas before 1951
County of last residence not specified
I could not find a WW1 Draft Card that matches this one [wj]

1980 -- Ark. Fam. Historian, vol. 18, page 156:
A book listing the descendants of two "SNODGRASS" Families has been compiled as a "finding list" by Q. A. Hardin, Drawer 2797, Fort Smith, AR 72913. Our thanks to the compiler for donating this book to our AGS Library. Section 1 is about "Some Descendants of David Snodgrass", of Washington Co., VA, 1780-1814. Section 2 is about "Some Descendants of John Snodgrass," Washington Co., VA. The descendants are listed alphabetically, and each name has an identifying coded Family Group Number.

It is the hope of Mr. Hardin that he will hear from other members of these families in order to establish connections between all Snodgrass Lineages. There are many pictures of the people listed. If anyone would like further information about a specific family group listed, they may contact Mr. Hardin and send $1 per family for group sheet. This is a unique method for obtaining further information about these family members.

[vss - 1998 - this was a book review - Gene Mr. Hardin is dec'd. Try contacting AGS by writing to Arkansas Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 908, Hot Springs, AR 71902-0908]

[vss - Jan 2000 -, Kinley C Hardin d/o Q. A. is also interested in genealogy]


(formed 1813 as original county)

1880 census - yes
1900 soundex - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Arkansas Military Bounty Grants, War of 1812 (Christensen) yes


1821 -- Military Bounty: Patented to Samuel Snodgrass, Warrant #958.

Arkansas County Arkansas Marriage Records (1875-1889) Volume 2
Alice Snodgrass age 18 to H Meadows age 27 by Pleasant D Roberson Minister of God Book E page 371

1880 Arkansas Co AR Census
La Grew Twp., 1-3-14-50:
Louisa Snodgrass 38-F-VA/VA/VA
Johnny Snodgrass 2-M-AR/AR/AR son

1880 Arkansas Co AR Census
Old River Twp., page 1:
Jeptha? Snodgrass 30- -AL

1900 Arkansas Co AR
Lagrue Twp., 1-4-15-89:
James Snodgrass 46-M-IA/OH/OH Aug 1852
Olive Snodgrass 40-F-IA/IA/IA Jun 1859 wife
---[wj - married for 14 years in 1900 census, mother of 4, 4 living]
Bessie Snodgrass 12-F-IA/IA/IA Jan 1888 daughter
Hasel Snodgrass 10-F-IA/IA/IA Mar 1890 daughter
Sarah Snodgrass 6-F-AR/IA/IA Nov 1893 daughter
Ida Snodgrass 2-F-AR/IA/IA Jul 1897 daughter
[wj - see forward 1910 Laramie Co Wyoming]

1910 Arkansas Co AR Census
Stuttgart City, Gum Pond Twp., 1-8-5-46, page 84, #101/114:
Alfred E. Snodgrass 47-M-IN/IN/IN manager dist., rice, o.m.
Margaret Snodgrass 47-F-IN/IN/IN wife
Edmond Snodgrass 16-M-IN/IN/IN son
Margaret Snodgrass 13-F-IN/IN/IN dau.
Croffird Snodgrass 10-M-IN/IN/IN son

1910 Arkansas Co AR Census
Stuttgart City, Gum Pond Twp., 1-8-24-31, page 403, #469/543:
Robert Snodgrass 62-M-WV/VA/VA farmer, o.m.
Lottie Snodgrass 57-F-IA/IN/IN wife
Richard Snodgrass 27-M-IA/WV/IA son
Dale Snodgrass 17-M-NE/WV/IA son
James Cato 57-M-MS/MS/MS marr., companion, farmer
Ida Cato 54-F-IL/IL/IL marr., companion
Clara Bell Cato 8-F-AR/MS/IL dau.
[wj - see backward 1900 Nebraska Census Sheridan Co]

WW1 Draft Registration Cards
Alfred Edmund Snodgrass born 1 Dec 1872 race White


(formed 1873 from Fulton, Izard, Marion, & Searcy)

1910 miracode - yes


1910 Baxter Co AR Census/Miracode

Reno Wilson

Sam Snodgrass 25-M-AR boarder


(formed 1836 from Washington Co.)

Cemeteries of Benton Co., AR, vol. 1, 2, & 3 (Northwest Ark. Gen. Soc.) NS

1850 - 1870 census - yes 1880 soundex - yes
1900 soundex - yes 1910 miracode - yes 1920 soundex - yes

Will Book A, Benton Co., AR, Box #1, Estate Records (Scott) NS

History of Benton County (Black--1975) [unindexed]
History of Benton County (Goodspeed--1889) [partial index] NS
History of Benton County, Arkansas (Benton Co. Heritage Committee--1991) Yes

Arkansas Land Patents: Benton Co. (granted through 30 Jun 1908) (Allen &
McLane) NS

Benton County Schools That Were, vol. 1-5 (Jines) yes
Obituaries of Benton Co., AR, vol. 1-10 (Easley, Easley, & McAnelly) yes

A Seven-year, 1964-1970, Index to Flashback, with a Picture Index for
1961-1970 (Carter) NS
Thirteen-Year Index to "Flashback," the Publication of the Washington
Co. Hist. Soc., 1951-1963 (Carter) NS


<a name=3></a> 1850 Benton Co AR Census
Ball Twp., #155/155:
H. Snodgrass 37-M-GA none [Hugh Snodgrass]
Fanny Snodgrass 27-F-TN [Frances Cantrell]
Matilda J. Snodgrass 10-F-TN [Matilda Jane]
---[wsj - m. Ancil Matthews in 1860, Matilda is on the Ball twp, Benton Co Census in 1900 as a widow. She filed homestead papers 9 Feb 1898]
John Snodgrass 8-M-TN
Tennessee P. Snodgrass 6-F-TN</p> ---[wj - Tennessee Peepolina b 4 Oct 1844 d 24 Feb 1914]
---[m. 2 Oct 1862 Joseph Robinson Rutherford (1826-1904) son of John M Rutherford and Alice Young]
Susan Snodgrass 4-F-TN
---[wj – Susan Mallise b 30 June 1846 m. 1864 Charles C. Ryals]
Martha E. Snodgrass 1-F-TN
---[wj b 22 Feb 1849 d 30 Jan 1940 Broken Arrow, Wagoner, OK m Wiley W Shultz (d Siloam Springs, Benton Co, AR)]
[vss - might be the Hugh Snodgrass on 1840 Bledsoe Co TN; descs.. of Hugh: SCS member Wilma D. Mahaffey, P.O. Box 2458, Muskogee, OK 74402, and SCS member Norman L. Snodgrass, 515 Maple Street, Grangeville, ID 83530-2330
[wj - Also descendents include Jenny Garner, Ann Marie, Lisa Evans, Rosemary Ward Matthews
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#2">1860 Arkansas Benton Co</a>]

<a name=2></a> 1860 Benton Co AR Census
Ball Twp., page 452, #1446/1440:
Hugh Snodgrass 45-M-GA farmer, 0/$150 [vss - ? did he die in war]
Fanny Snodgrass 38-F-TN [Frances Cantrell]
John Snodgrass 18-M-TN
Tennessee Snodgrass 16-F-TN
Susan Snodgrass 14-F-TN
Martha Snodgrass 13-F-TN [as 1 yr old 1850]
Delila Snodgrass 11-F-AR
--- [10, b. 1850; m1 Mason and had son Joe Mason Sr, m2. 27 Aug 1871 Daniel Guthrey]
Rebecca Snodgrass 9-F-AR [m. 1869 Greenberry Kidwell]
William Snodgrass 7-M-AR
---[William M. Snodgrass b. 13 Apr 1854, d. 24 Apr 1939 ID
---m. 1877/78 Laura May Ellis (see Washington Co AR)]
Hugh Snodgrass 4-M-AR
Richard Snodgrass 9m-M-AR
---[wj – called “Bud”]
[wj - see backward <a href="ar.html#3">1850 Arkansas Benton Co</a>]
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#4">1870 Arkansas Benton Co</a>]

[vss - found posted at Snodgrass Genforum]
Posted by <a href="">Carol Lorang</a>
on April 01, 1999 at 14:30:57:
Looking for information re: William M. Snodgrass, b. 13 Apr 1854, Memphis, TN; m. Laura May Ellis 17 Jan 1877, Siloam Springs, AR; d. 24 Apr 1939, Grangeville, ID. Ten children: Minnie May, Charles, John W., Pearl, Zeak, Hugh, Albert, Dollie, Roy, Martin, & Zelma. Have no info on William's ancestors.
Posted by Carol Lorang on April 01, 1999 at 15:42:45:
Looking for info re: William M. Snodgrass, b. 1854 in Memphis, TN, m. Laura Ellis in Ark, moved to Pomeroy, WA and then Grangeville, Idaho.

<a name=4></a>1870 Benton Co AR Census
Census , Flint Twp., page 227, #99/96 (enumerated 1 Sep 1870):
Joel Farley 38-M-TN farmer, $600/200
Caroline Farly 37-F-TN [wj - Broyles]
John Farly 18-M-AR
Jane Farly 15-F-AR
Jefferson Farly 11-M-AR
Francis Snodgrass 48-F-TN keeping house
---[Frances Cantrell w/o Hugh Snodgrass]
Delila Snodgrass 19-F-AR
William Snodgrass 15-M-AR [William M. b. 13 Apr 1854]
---[wj - See forward <a href="ar.html#12">1880 Arkansas Benton Co </a>]
Kelly Snodgrass 10-M-AR [? Richard Kelly Snodgrass]
---[wj - See forward 1880 Washington Territory]
Robert Snodgrass 8-M-AR [b. 30 Mar 1862; m. Sarah Rush; 1900 Benton Co AR]
---[wj - See forward <a href="ar.html#1">1900 Benton Co AR</a>]
[The census transcription has Tolitha instead of Delila, and Kirby instead of Kelly;
the film, however, has quite clearly Delila & Kelly.]
[wj - see backward <a href="ar.html#2">1860 Arkansas Benton Co, AR</a>]

<a name=12></a> 1880 Benton Co AR Census
Hico Twp., 1-9-22-47:
Wm. Snodgrass 23-M-AR
---[William M. Snodgrass, b. 13 Apr 1854]
Larra Snodgrass 19-F-KS wife [Laura Ellis; m. 1878]
Minna Snodgrass 1-F-AR daughter
---[Minnie; Minnia May Snodgrass, b. 5 Feb 1879]
[wj - see backward <a href="ar.html#4">1870 Arkansas Benton Co</a>]
[wj - see forward 1900 Oklahoma Cherokee Nation]
[wj - see forward 1910 Washington Garfield Co]
[wj - see forward 1920 Meagher Co, Montana]

1 Jan 1883 -- Ark. Fam. Hist., vol. 24, p. 139: List of pensioners on
the Roll 1 Jan 1883:
Robert S. Snodgrass, certificate #124,433; Siloam Springs, Benton Co.,
wound of head, $6.00, pension started Aug 1873.
[vss - ? Robert Snodgrass <a href="ar.html#52">1880 Crawford Co AR</a>]

History of Benton County WASHINGTON COUNTY. John R. Flinn,merchant and miller of Evansville, is the son of Hugh and Martha A. (Cottrell) Flinn. The father was born in Ireland in 1803, and the mother in Alabama in 1806. The father immigrated to America in 1835; had previously served a seven years' apprenticeship at the stone-cutter's trade, and was an excellent workman. He cut the columns for the Missouri State capitol, and did the carving on the seminary at the capital of the Indian Territory. Having found his way to Arkansas. he made this State his home until his death, which occurred in 1880. The mother grew to womanhood in her native State, and here married a man by the name of Thurston. She bore him two children, and after his death she moved to Arkansas, where she married Mr. Flinn, and bore him two sons. She is still living. The youngest son, John R., was born December 15, 1847, in Crawford County, Ark., where he was reared and educated. In 1865 he married Miss Julia A. Snodgrass, a native of Franklin County, Ark., and to them were born nine children, six now living. After farming until 1875 Mr. Flinn left Crawford County, and moved to Washington County, locating in Evansville, where he bought the Evansville Grist and Saw-mill. This mill he has owned ever since, and has just added a cotton-gin, in which Mr. J. M. Chandler is partner. Mr. Flinn is a member of the Masonic fraternity, is Democratic in his politics, and has been postmaster at Evansville for eight years. His wife, his mother and his eldest daughter are members of the Presbyterian Church.
[the above found and submitted by Will Johnson]

1888 -- Petition to incorporate the town of Garfield was signed by a Snodgrass. Ref.: 1991 Hist. of Benton Co., AR, page 58.

1890 -- Personal property tax in District No. 35: S. B. Snodgrass.

1890-1931 -- Robinson School Board members serviing at least one term between 1890 and 1931... G. W. snodgrass.

1891-1929 -- Avoca School Board members elected to at least one term between 1891 and 1929... F. L. Snodgrass.

2 Jan 1896 -- Benton Co. Democrat.
(from The Seligman, Mo. Sunbeam) Our little city was thrown into a great state of excitement on Christmas Eve. After the merry distribution of the many presents of the tree at the Union church and the dismissal of the crowd everything seemed bright and serene until a crowd of boys gathered on the street, some of whom were intoxicated, and a difficulty soon arose. It seems that Eugene Murray and Frank Snodgrass were the first to have words which resulted in blows. About this time, Abijah Fairchild, who was deputized to assist the constable in keeping order, arrived on the scene and attempted to quell the disturbance but Walter Murray, an older brother of Eugene, interfered and wanted the boys to fight it out. A few words passed between him and Fairchild when he threw off his coat, drew a knife and made at Fairchild, cutting him in the left side. Fairchild drew a pistol and fired three shots at Murray, the last one taking effect in Murray's head just above the left eye and penetrated the brain. Although unconscious he lingered for nearly 48 hours before death. The remains were interred at New Salem cemetery Friday. Abijah Fairchild's wound is not serious and he is now convalescent. At the coroner's inquest it was decided to hold him, and he was placed under a $3,000 bond to appear for preliminary examination before Squire Patterson on Tuesday, 31 Dec. This is a sad affair as both these young men belong to good families and were not of age, both being about 19 years old.

<a name=13></a> 1900 Benton Co AR Census/Soundex
Yell Twp., 2-3-8-74:
George Snodgrass 28-M-MO/KY/MO Mar 1872
---[wj - married in Washington Co, Arkansas 27 Dec 1896]
Olive Snodgrass 21-F-IL/IL/IL Jun 1878 wife [wj - Hodges]
Hester Snodgrass 2-F-AR/MO/IL Sep 1897 daughter
Bulah Snodgrass 11m-F-AR/MO/IL Jun 1899 daughter
[wj - See Forward <a href="ar.html#14">1910 Arkansas Benton Co</a>]

<a name=54></a> 1900 Benton Co AR Census/Soundex
Brightwater Twp., 2-5-17-17:
Frederick Snodgrass 27-M-MO/PA/MO Aug 1872 [Frederick Lewis Snodgrass]
Cora E. Snodgrass 19-F-MO/MO/AR Sep 1880 wife [Cora Ellen Seamster]
---[wj - married for 3 years in 1900 census]
[Desc. of James Snodgrass of York Co., PA]
[wj See Forward <a href="ar.html#53">1910 Arkansas White Co</a>]

[vss - s/o Thomas Snodgrass & m2. Louisa Jackson, b. 23 Aug 1872,
near Rolla, Phelps Co., MO; m. 24 Dec 1896, Avoca, AR, Cora Ellen Seamster
(b. 10 Sep 1880, Barry Co., MO, d/o Francis Marion Seamster & Amanda Arena
Dunagin; d. 31 Aug 1956, Clarksville, IN; bur. Mount Moriah Cem.,
Savonburg, KS); Frederick d. 21 Apr 1941, Savonburg, KS; bur.
Mount Moriah Cem., Savonburg, KS. - info from desc. chart provided by
Mrs. Emma Katherine Snodgrass Herbin ?; 1910 White Co AR]

<a name=1></a> 1900 Benton Co AR Census
Hico Twp., 2-16-6-79:
Robert Snodgrass 39-M-AR/TN/TN Mar 1861
---[b. 30 Mar 1862 s/o Hugh & Frances]
Sallie Snodgrass 35-F-AR/AR/AR Jan 1865 wife [Sallie Rush]
---[Sarah Rush b. 14 May 1868; m. 31 Jul 1887]
---[WJ - mother of 5, 5 still living]
Eva May Snodgrass 12-F-AR/AR/AR May 1888 daughter
---[wj- b. 31 May 1888, d. 8 Sep 1965 Gideon, Cherokee Co, OK]
---[wj- m. 2 Nov 1904 John Jackson Johnson son of John Riley Johnson and Mildred Clifton]
Earl Snodgrass 10-M-Indian Terr/AR/AR Oct 1889 son
Fred Snodgrass 8-M-Indian Terr/AR/AR Jan 1892 son
Goldie Snodgrass 6-F-Indian Terr/AR/AR May 1894 daughter
---[d. 1925 OK; m. Harrison Tincher]
Fannie Snodgrass 3-F-Indian Terr/AR/AR Jul 1896 daughter
[See backward<a href="ar.html#4"> 1870 Benton Co AR Census</a>]
[See forward 1910 Cherokee Co., OK]
[See forward 1920 Cherokee Co OK]

24 Jan 1906 -- Rogers Democrat:
William F. Snodgrass was born 16 Oct 1833 in Marion Co., WV, and departed this life at his home in Rogers, AR, at 8:00 in the evening, 17 Jan 1906, age 72 years 3 months and 1 day. He was married to Miss Rachel S. Cowan in Doddridge Co., WV, 29 Oct 1863. To this union were born two children, George M. Snodgrass and Mrs. Flora Canfield of Warren, KS. Both of the children and Mrs. Snodgrass, the companion and mother, survive the deceased. Mr. Snodgrass, with his family, moved to Adams Co., IA, in 1873, at which place they lived until 1899, when they moved to La Fayette, LA, and remained there until 1903 when they moved to their present home in Rogers. Mrs. Snodgrass served three years in the Federal Home guards during the Civil War. He was an affectionate father and a loving husband, seeking always to make home bright and pleasant by his love, good cheer, and faithful attention. He was a close student of the Bible and a faithful Sunday school worker for many years, being for 17 years a secretary of the Sunday school.

28 Feb 1907 -- Benton Co. Democrat:
Judge Jno. W. Floyd was born in Smith Co., TN, 19 May 1827, and died at his home in Bentonville, AR, 24 Feb 1907 at 10 p.m. He was married to Eliza J. Snodgrass 23 Sep 1854. To them were born seven children, two of whom died some years ago. Brother Floyd served four years in the Confedeerate army, distinguishing himself as a brave soldier. He came to Bentonville, AR, in 1869 and has resided here continuously until his death. He has lived to bless the community with his influence. He was always on the side of right on questions of public good. He was a good citizen in all that the word implies. He was converted and joined the M.E. church, South, and his remains were interred in the city cemetery. He leaves a wife, four sons, one dau., and many other friends to mourn.

Dr. Jas. Floyd, who has been at his father's bedside for the past week, left yesterday morning for his home in Itasca, TX.

Congressman Floyd, who was called to the bedside of his father during his last sickness and death, left Tuesday afternoon for his home in Yellville.

<a name=14></a>1910 Benton Co AR Census/Miracode
George Snodgrass 38-M-MO
Alva Snodgrass 32-F-IL wife [Olive]
Lester Snodgrass 12- -AR daughter? [Hester]
Sophia Snodgrass 8-F-AR daughter
Harvey Snodgrass 6-M-AR son
[wj - See backward <a href="ar.html#13">1900 Arkansas Benton Co</a>]

<a name=57>1910 Benton Co AR Census/Miracode
Rogers, 4-20-223:
George M. Snodgrass 45-M-WV
Susan H. Snodgrass 36-F-IA wife
Norma Snodgrass 16-F-IA daughter
Homer C. Snodgrass 16-M-IA son
Ralph W. Snodgrass 4-M-AR son
Rachal C. Snodgrass 67-F-WV mother
+ 2 non-related
[see backward 1900 Lafayette Parish, LA]
[wj - see forward </a><a href="ar.html#58">1920 Benton Co, AR</a>]

[vss - Rachel Cowan d/o Isaac Cowan, m. Wm. F. Snodgrass s/o William & m2. Mary Pritchard of Ritchie Co WV, see m. 1863 Doddridge Co WV; Wm. & Rachel - 1870 Ritchie WV; 1880 Adams Co IA]

23 Jan 1913 -- Rogers Democrat:
Mrs. W. F. Snodgrass, mother of Geo. M. Snodgrass, died Sunday morning at the home of her son in this city on north Third street at quite an advanced age. She had been in poor health for a long time. Funeral services were held at the Snodgrass home Monday afternoon at two o'clock and were conducted by Rev. A. J. Murphy of the First M. E. church. She was a most estimable woman and her death was regretted by her many friends.

27 Feb 1913 -- Rogers Democrat:
Mrs. S. T. Bowen was called last week to Centralia, OK, by the death of a brother, Dave Snodgrass. The deceased was also a half-brother of Fred Snodgrass, a former Rogers citizen but who is now at Joplin.

1918-1919 -- Eileen Leonard (Snodgrass) drew $60 a month for the four and a half month term in 1918-19 (Martin School No. 113). She was a dau. of Jacob Valentine Leonard and Sarah E. Sheffield. She also taught at Robinson School

  1. 82 (dates not given). Another teacher at Robinson school was Dollie Snodgrass

Luttrell (dates not given).

1920 Benton Co AR Census/Soundex
Cherokee, Eldorado Twp., 3-15-1-88, page 57, #18/18:
Beatrice Snodgrass 56-F-IL/IL/IL wid., farmer, o.f. <Ada Beatrice>
Robert Snodgrass 24-M-KS/IL/IL son
Florence Snodgrass 17-F-KS/IL/IL dau.
[See also 1920 Osage Co., OK]

<a name=58>1920 Benton Co AR Census/Soundex
North Rogers City, Esculapia Twp., 3-20-5-8, page 128, #112/114:
G. M. Snodgrass 55-M-WV/WV/WV no occ., r.
Susie L. Snodgrass 48-F-IA/OH/OH wife
Ralph W. Snodgrass 14-M-AR/WV/IA son
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#57">1910 Benton Co, AR</a>]

1920 Benton Co AR Census/Soundex
Bentonville, 4-31-12-443:
Albert Majors

Mack Snodgrass 32-M-TX/TX/TX boarder

Jun 1924 -- Rogers Daily Post (also 12 Jun, Rogers Democrat; 13 Jun, Benton Co. Record):
Francis Marion Seamster, one of the best known citizens of Benton county and a justice of the peace for over thirty years, died suddenly at his home in Rogers, Thursday, 5 Jun 1924, at the age of 77 years... Francis marion Seamster was born in Lancaster, MO, in 1847... maried in 1872 Miss Amanda Dunagin, the dau. of Rev. Jasper Dunagin, a well known preachere in the early days who homestead the land where the town of Avoca now stands... Five children were born to this union, all of whom survive him. These are John Seamster of Rogers; Robert Seamster of Osawatomie, KS; George Seamster of Wichita, KS; Mrs. Cora Snodgrass of Pineville, MO; and Mrs. Carrie Massey of Kansas City. Also four brothers, Dr. Lee Seamster, Mineral Wells, TX; B. Seamster, Afton, OK; B. Seamster, Caverna, MO; and M. L. Isaiah Seamster, Hiwasse; and two sisters, Mrs. Amanda Campbell of Bentonville and Mrs. John Headrick of Kansas City. Also one half sister, Mrs. James Jamison of Phelps City, MO. Mrs. Seamster died in 1899. she was a sister of John R. Dunagin of Gravette. Later he married Miss Mollie Allread, who survives him. Mason, a son of this marriage, lives in Kansas City but was unable to come to the funeral. Three small children and the widow survive the husband and father.

18 Apr 1925 -- Rogers Daily Post: Obituary of John Riley Dunagin... niece, Mrs. Snodgrass of Pineville, MO...

17 Jun 1926 -- Rogers Democrat: Obituary of George W. Seamster... buried at Wichita, KS... Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Snodgrass of Pineville, MO, and Edward Snoddgrass of Beaumont, KS, went to Wichita to attend the funeral.

25 Aug 1927 -- Benton Co. Record & Democrat & Sun: Relatives of Grandfather and Grandmother Williamson Seamster met at Rock Springs, MO, Sunday for the purpose of attending to the mowing of the graves of their deceased loved ones, also to visit the old home place... present were... F. L. Snodgrass and family of Centerton.

1942-1943 -- Signa Jeanne Snodgrass graduated from Robinson School.

1991 -- Hist. of Benton Co., AR:
page 193: Orbin Snodgrass was a pastor at the Southern Grove Missionary Baptist Church (no dates given).

page 299: Olen and Willie Bea Stevens.
Becky Colliins, d/o J. W. Collins & Audra Kathryn Stevens (b. 1941), married Scott Snodgrass and has three daus.: Ashlie, Anna, and Audra.

page 600: John D. Little.
(Clara Risley has books for sale about the Little, Kirk, and Snodgrass families.)

Benton County Cemetery records
found by Will Johnson at website

Social Security Death Index
Charlie Snodgrass b 13 Mar 1891 d Sep 1975
Last Residence: Rogers, Benton Co, AR
SSN issued by Arkansas before 1951

World War I Draft Cards
Charley Snodgrass b 13 Mar 1891 registered in Madison Co, AR
card says that he was born in Bentonville


(formed 1869 from Carrol & Madison Counties)

CENSUS RECORDS 1920 soundex - yes


1 Mar 1860 -- Elizabeth Snodgrass d. 1 Mar 1860, age 18y 1m 4d, buried Davidson Cemetery.

28 Jul 1880 -- Carroll Snodgrass d. 28 Jul 1880, age 25y 9m 13d, buried Davidson Cemetery.

1913 -- Dora Snodgrass, b. 1860, d. 1913, buried Davidson Cemetery.

1920 Boone Co AR Census
Myrtle Village, Lee Twp., 4-48-2-74, page 239, #39/40:
Henry F. Snodgrass 45-M-MO/IL/KY [Henry Franklin, s/o William & Eliza Jett ?]
Mary J. Snodgrass 50-F-IL/IN/IN wife
Charles F. Snodgrass 16-M-TX/MO/IL son
George H. Snodgrass 10-M-MO/MO/IL son [George Houston]
William Snodgrass 76-M-IL/TN/TN father ---[m. 1871 Lewis Co MO, Eliza Jett and d 1930 McPherson Co, KS]
[wj - see backward 1880 Kansas Republic Co]
[wj - see backward 1910 Missouri Jackson Co]

1924 -- James Snodgrass, b. 1859, d. 1924, buried Davidson Cemetery.


(formed 1833 from Izard Co.)

CENSUS RECORDS 1900 soundex - yes


1900 Carroll Co AR Census/Soundex Cedar Twp., Eureka Springs, N. White St., 4-36-13-11:
George Snodgrass 43-M-PA --- 1856
Bertha Snodgrass 36-F-MO Mar 1864 wife
George Snodgrass Jr. 10-M-MO Feb 1890 son
Clarence J. Snodgrass 5-M-MO Jul 1894 son
Katie Schoenbein 22-F-MO Mar 1878 servant


(formed 1818 from Arkansas Co.)

1870 census index - yes


<a name=9></a>1870 Clark Co AR Census
South Fork Twp., page 306-7, #3/20 (enumerated 6 Aug 1870):
Francis Snodgrass 42-M-VA carpenter
Leona C. Snodgrass 37-F-GA
Samuel J. Snodgrass 18-M-AL [wj - See forward <a href="ar.html#94">1880 Arkansas Nevada Co</a>]
---[Samuel James Snodgrass (1852-1917) m1. 1876 Victoria Stuart ;
---m2. 1883 Nevada Co AR, Amanda Frisby]
Sarah E. Snodgrass 16-F-AL
Joseph H. Snodgrass 14-M-AL
Benj. F. Snodgrass 12-F-AL [sic]
Mary Snodgrass 10-F-AR
William A. Snodgrass 5-M-AR
Victoria A. Snodgrass 2-F-AR
[See backward <a href="ar.html#7">1860 Pike Co., AR</a>]
[See forward <a href="ar.html#8">1880 Nevada Co., AR</a>]
31 May 1876 Samuel James Snodgrass,24 married Victoria Stuart,19 Book G page 163
[Source: (Betsy Mills)]


(formed 1873 from Randolph & Green Counties)

1900 soundex - yes
1910 miracode - yes
1920 soundex - yes


1900 Clay Co AR Census
Chalk Bluff Twp., (need numbers):
William Snodgrass 46-M-IL/IL/IL Jun 1854
Sarah D. Snodgrass 44-F-IL/IL/IL Jan 1856 wife
---[WJ - married for 25 years, mother of 11, 8 still living]
---[wj - Sarah D Ferguson married William A Snodgrass 12/28/1876 Jefferson Co, Illinois]
Johny H. Snodgrass 14-M-IL/IL/IL Aug 1885 son
Sarah E. Snodgrass 11-F-AR/IL/IL Mar 1889 daughter
William Snodgrass 7-M-AR/IL/IL Jun 1892 son
Frankie C. Snodgrass 6-M-AR/IL/IL Mar 1894 son
Charley E. Snodgrass 4-M-AR/IL/IL Jan 1896 son
James H. Snodgrass 2-M-MO/IL/IL Jan 1898 son
[wj - see backward 1880 Jefferson County, Illinois]

<a name=15></a> 1900 Clay Co AR Census
Cleveland Twp., 6-2-3-91:
Emma Sheeks 46-F-IL
Laura 25-F-IL/IL/IL daughter 1875
William E 18-M-AR/IL/IL son Aug 1881
John 12-M-AR/IL/IL son Aug 1887
Robert W. Snodgrass 24-M-KY/TN/IL Aug 1875 single, boarder [Robert Wesley]
Elijah J. Snodgrass 66-M-TN/WV/VA Jun 1833 widower, boarder
---[married Mary A abt 1870 see 1880 Henderson Co, Kentucky]
[Desc. of John & Jane Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]
[wj - See backward 1880 Henderson Co, Kentucky]
[wj - See forward <a href="ar.html#16">1910 Arkansas Clay Co</a>]

<a name=18></a> 1900 Clay Co AR Census/Soundex
Kilgore Twp., 6-8-17-45:
William B. Snodgrass 48-M-TN Jan 1852
Jane E. Snodgrass 37-F-IL Jun 1882 wife
Ida Snodgrass 6-F-AR Jan 1893 daughter
Harison Snodgrass 11-M-AR Jul 1888 son
--- [wj - See Forward <a href="ar.html#17">1910 Arkansas Clay Co</a>]
Clara Snodgrass 4-F-AR Mar 1896 daughter
Ethel Snodgrass 1-F-AR Jul 1898 daughter
Daniel W. Wilkinson 14-M-AR Oct 1885 step-son
---[as Daniel W. Snodgrass on 1910 Clay Co AR]
Allan Doroughty? 23-M-MO Apr 1877 (not given)
Eugene C. Parish 75-M-VA May 1825 boarder
[wj - See forward <a href="ar.html#19">1910 Arkansas Clay Co</a>]

1900 Clay Co AR Census/Soundex
St. Francis Twp., 6-9-15-50:
Sam'l Cates

Robert Snodgrass 22-M-IL Sep 1877 brother-in-law

<a name=16></a>1910 Clay Co AR Census/Miracode
Wesley Snodgrass 34-M-KY [? Robert Wesley Snodgrass]
Laura Snodgrass 34-F-IL wife
Norma Snodgrass 7-F-AR daughter
Alva Snodgrass 5-M-AR son
Tola Snodgrass -F-AR daughter [Lola]
Eliza? Snodgrass 76- -TN father? [this should probably be Elijah]
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]
[wj - See backward<a href="ar.html#15"> 1900 Arkansas Clay Co</a>]
[wj - See forward<a href="ar.html#22"> 1920 Arkansas Clay Co</a>]

<a name=17></a>1910 Clay Co AR Census/Miracode
Harrison Snodgrass 21-M-AR
Cora Snodgrass 20-F-AR wife
Daniel Snodgrass -M-AR son
+ 1 non-relative
[wj - See backward<a href="ar.html#18"> 1900 Arkansas Clay Co</a>]
[wj - See forward<a href="ar.html#21"> 1920 Arkansas Clay Co</a>]

<a name=19></a>1910 Clay Co AR Census/Miracode
William B. Snodgrass 58-M-TN
Julia E. Snodgrass 46-F-IL wife
Daniel W. Snodgrass 24-M-AR son
---[as Daniel W. Wilkinson on 1900 Clay Co AR]
Ida Snodgrass 15-F-AR daughter
Clara Snodgrass 14-F-AR daughter
Ethel Snodgrass 12-F-AR daughter
Maud M. Snodgrass 8-F-AR daughter
Marthy M. Snodgrass 8-F-AR daughter
+ 1 non-relative
[wj - See backward<a href="ar.html#18"> 1900 Arkansas Clay Co</a>]
[wj - See forward<a href="ar.html#20"> 1920 Arkansas Clay Co</a>]

WW1 Draft Registration Cards
Dan Seafus Snodgrass born 25 Feb 1885 race White
Harison Snodgrass born 16 Jul 1888 race American Arkansas
Lewis N Snodgrass born 18 Sep 1884 race White
Robert Wesley Snodgrass born 27 Aug 1878 race White

<a name=20></a>Kelgore Twp., 7-15-1-52, page 141, #11/11:
W. B. Snodgrass 65-M-TN/TN/TN [William B. Snodgrass]
J. E. Snodgrass 58-F-IL/IL/IL wife [Julia]
Clara Snodgrass 23-F-AR/TN/IL dau.
Maude M. Snodgrass 16-F-AR/TN/IL dau.
Marie M. Snodgrass 14-F-AR/TN/IL dau.
[wj - See backward<a href="ar.html#19"> 1910 Arkansas Clay Co</a>]

<a name=21></a>Moaik, Cleveland Twp., 9-2-2-37, page 12, #48/48:
Harrison Snodgrass 31-M-AR/TN/PA
Cora Snodgrass 29-F-AR/IN/IN wife
Daniel Snodgrass 11-M-AR/AR/AR son
Harrison Snodgrass Jr. 2m-M-AR/AR/AR son
[wj - See backward<a href="ar.html#17"> 1910 Arkansas Clay Co</a>]

<a name=22></a>1920 Clay Co AR Census/Soundex
Robert W. Snodgrass 44-M-KY/TN/IL [Robert Wesley Snodgrass]
Laura Snodgrass 43-F-IL/IL/IL wife
Lola Snodgrass 9-F-AR/KY/IL dau.
Norma King 17-F-AR/KY/IL dau.
Louie King 22-M-MO/MO/MO son-in-law
[Desc. of John & Jane Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]
[wj - See backward<a href="ar.html#16"> 1910 Arkansas Clay Co</a>]

1920 Clay Co AR Census/Soundex
Thomas Blanton

Harry Snodgrass 18-M-MO/MO/MO boarder

Social Security Death Index
Harry Snodgrass b 9 May 1899 d Mar 1974
Last Residence: Corning, Clay Co, AR
SSN issued by Arkansas before 1951
World War I Draft Cards
Harry Edward Snodgrass b 9 May 1899 registered at Oregon Co, Missouri
The only one I find in the <a href = "">Missouri source book</a>

who seems to fit is Harry the son, in the 1900 Ripley Co, MO census
of Frank Snodgrass age 19 and his wife Fannie age 20.  He is specifically
listed in the 1900 as having been born May 1899.  This family is in Ripley
Co in the 1910 and then Fannie as a widow is in Oregon Co, MO in the 1920
census. [wj]


Elijah J. Snodgrass, b. 12 Jun 1833, Arms Store, Pikeville, Bledsoe Co., TN;

m. Mary Anne Hamilton Jan 1870 at Morganfield, KY, by County Judge John S.
Giger; no previous marriages either side. At date of one filing, 19 Mar
1915, he states his wife has been dead for 30 years; lists children as John
Hamilton Snodgrass, dec'd; Ida Jane; Robert Wesley, b. 27 Aug 1875; Charles
Clinton, b. 7 Oct 1879, dec'd; he states that he cannot remember birthdates
of two older children, that his dau. has the family record, and he has not
heard from her in over 17 years. On an application dated 1 Oct 1912, his
age is given as 79 and his description at enlistment: 6 feet, fair
complexion, blue eyes, light hair; occupation, farmer; address Corning,
Clay Co., AR; he says he lived in Carmi, [White Co.], IL, til 1870,
Morganfield, [Union Co.], KY, til 1888, Charleston, [Mississippi Co.], MO,
till 1889, and Arkansas rest of time. He entered the Navy at Mound City,
[Pulaski Co.], IL, (says his post office was Cairo, <Alexander Co.>, IL)
on 15 Feb 1865, serving as an armorer's mate aboard the U.S. Gunboat Mound
City; honorably discharged on 25 Aug 1865. He made his mark (he was blind)
on his application, which was signed by H. H. Williams and attested to by
W. J. Campbell and Albert Downs. Certificate #8283. Bureau of Pensions had
approved a pension of $12.00 per month on 16 Jul 1890, reason was "disease
of the eyes".

[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]


(formed 1825 from Pulaski County)

1900 soundex - yes


<a name=40></a>1900 Arkansas Census/Soundex Conway Co
Welborn Twp., Morillton, 8-16-11-26:
Chas. Snodgrass 25-M-AR Jun 1875?
Mina Snodgrass 22-F-AR Jan 1877? wife
Wilma Snodgrass 3-F-AR Jun 1896 daughter
Claud Snodgrass 1-M-AR Jul 1895 son
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#41">1910 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]


CENSUS RECORDS 1920 soundex - yes

1920 Craighead Co AR Census/Soundex
Jonesboro, 12-41-10-43:
Allen Walter Cordle

Joe Snodgrass 29-M-AR/IN/AR boarder

[From The MACE Vol. XVI, No. 1 - April 1997]
Joseph Snodgrass, b. abt. 1860, m. Dora Bell Combs, July 23, 1900 - Arkansas Submitted by: Grace Kirk, 3506 Mayberry, Enid, OK 73703
'I have been researching the Snodgrass family for years and have had almost no luck. My grandfather was Joseph Snodgrass, born about 1860, place unknown. He married Dora Bell Combs on July 23, 1900 in Craighead County, Arkansas. They had one child James S. (Jim), my father, born April 15, 1906. He married Lena White Watkins. They are all deceased now. My father was raised by a foster family named Thomas. He never knew any of his family so I am having a very difficult time tracing any of them. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.' Editor's Reply: In subsequent correspondence with you regarding the place of death of your grandfather Joseph Snodgrass, you provided the following: 'I do not even know for sure that Joseph died in Arkansas, nor do I know that he died when he left my dad (Jim) with the Thomas family. My thoughts were that it was probably too much for him to handle a five (5) year old child as a single parent back in 1907. He would have been approximately forty-seven (47) years old at that time, a rather young person. I feel he probably remarried and raised another family but where I do not have a clue. My father used to keep in touch with the Thomas sisters (they are now deceased). It was believed the Thomas family was related to the Snodgrass family, but no proof. Here is what I have: Jack Thomas and Pearl Thomas Children: Grace Thomas; Novella Thomas; & Bo Thomas. There may have been other children but these are the ones my father kept in touch with. They all lived in Fisher, Arkansas.' Fisher is in Poinsett County, just below Craighead County, in the northeast corner of Arkansas, my native state. Many of our members are very good at research and do well with a challenge such as you have presented. Let us know if you receive any data from one or more of them. Meanwhile, we will keep your need in an 'open file' until we both reach a conclusion. (Paul D. Snodgrass, Editor The MACE, April 1997)

[from an email to Suzie Snodgrass Schoolcraft]
my Aunt (Grace Kirk) has conversed with you. We are still looking for info on Joseph Snodgrass age 40 married to a Dora Bell Combs age 18 , July 1900. Son - Jim or James born 1092 April. They married Craighead County Arkansas. [Linda told vss 29 Sep 98 that her grandfather James said his father's name was Joseph Samuel Snodgrass !] I do have a picture of Joseph Snodgrass along with several other men at what looks like a logging/mining camp. Also have a picture that has Henry Snodgrass written on the back with his wife and 3 children. Henry is standing next to Joseph in the group picture. Given the ages of the children Henry would be a brother (although they don't favor) or a nephew. Being that Joseph was 40 when he married Dora he surely was married before her. Have you any ideas?
Linda Snodgrass Eubanks, 4 Jun 98


(formed 1820 from Pulaski County)

1850 census - yes
1880 soundex - yes
1900 soundex - yes
1910 miracode - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Samuel Snodgrass Arkansas Land Office 5-7-1821 3S5W5 320 acres
James Snodgrass Arkansas Land Office 5-14-1821 4N3E24 320 acres
Samuel Snodgrass Arkansas Land Office 7-9-1821 1S2E11 160 acres

[wj - the following found on]
Database: Full Context of Northwestern Arkansas History
History of Benton County
page 489
"Soon after the present county of Crawford was attached to and made a part of the original Crawford, many of the settlers removed across the river into the newly annexed territory lying north of the river and south of the Boston Mountains. The first permanent settlements made in the annexed territory were in 1828-29 in what are now the counties of Pope, Johnson, Franklin and Crawford-Crawford embracing them all at that time. I regret that I have only data to give a few of the names of the early settlers of Crawford and Franklin. There were on White Oak the Russells, Gilbreaths, Merideths, Meltons, Huggins, McLaughlins, Lanes and others; the Bourlands followed a few years later. On Mulberry, the Beans, Quesenburys, Russells, Hendersons, Maxeys, Moores, Jesse Miller, Simpsons, Snodgrass, Reeves, Mosses, Williams and others. On Frog [p.489] Bayou the Corders, Larrimores, Smoots. Scotts, McPhails, Prices, Trammells, Howards, Bashams, Orricks, Mooneys, Peters and others. On Lee's Creek the Moores, Peevehouses, Harrells, Howells, Forristers, Dodges, Blacks, Martins, Paynes, Smiths, Mobleys, Swearingens, Shannons, Barkers, Olivers and others. Among the early settlers of Crawford County may also be mentioned David Thompson, John Drennen, John Henry, Edward Cunningham, the Hindes, the Prices, Whitfield Bourne and others

"The settlers on the north side of the river were very similar in character to those who had settled on the south side; being, in fact, in some instances the same persons, and in others recruits from Lovely County who had been compelled to abandon that county upon its cession to the Indians."

1829 Crawford Co (? sheriff's census or tax list)
Isaac Snodgrass 1m 18-45, 1m under 18, 1f 14+
Joseph Snodgrass 1m 18-45, 1m under 18, 1f 14+, 1f under 14
[wj - submitted by Will Johnson from the research of James Goggins]

Joseph Snodgrass Little Rock Land Office 12-1-1830 5S9W23
Joseph Snodgrass Little Rock Land Office 12-1-1830 5S9W24 295.34 acres
Isaac Snodgrass Little Rock Land Office 12-1-1830 5S9W35
Isaac Snodgrass Little Rock Land Office 12-1-1830 5S9W35
Isaac Snodgrass Little Rock Land Office 12-1-1830 5S9W34
Isaac Snodgrass Little Rock Land Office 12-1-1830 5S9W1
Isaac Snodgrass Little Rock Land Office 12-1-1830 6S9W1 316.8 acres

<a name=63></a>1830 Crawford County Census

Mark Bean five hh before Isaac Snodgrass
Isaac's neighbor Allen Chandler
Isaac Snodgrass 2 m 0-5, l m 20-30; one f 20-30
Robert Bean 3 hh after Isaac Snodgrass [wj - Isaac's son was named Robert Bean Snodgrass]
Isaac's neighbor Thomas Moore, Jr.

Polly 2 m 0-5, 1 m 30-40; one f 0-5, and 2 f 20-30 ....]
[1830 Census extracts submitted by Will Johnson from the research of James Goggins]
[wj see forward <a href="ar.html#64">Franklin Co AR 1840</a>]

1839 Assessor's Book
Mary Snodgrass
I Snodgrass [wj - Isaac]

[vss - Apr 1999 - copied from the Bureau of Land Management Federal land
records at ]

Last Name F Name Sec Twp Range Acres Date

SNODGRASS ISAAC 12 10N 29W 80 1843/03/10
SNODGRASS ISAAC 12 10N 29W 40 1843/03/10
[vss - ? Isaac Snodgrass that Joseph Snodgrass handled estate for ? See probate court record mentioned 1853 of Franklin Co., AR]

SNODGRASS MARY 36 10N 29W 160 1843/03/10
SNODGRASS MARY 36 10N 29W 40 1843/03/10
[vss - ? widow Mary Snodgrass - as 52 b. KY on 1850 Franklin Co AR]

MAXEY WILLIAM C 13 10N 29W 80 1843/03/10
MAXEY WILLIAM C 14 10N 29W 40 1843/03/10
[near Mary's family 1850 Franklin Co AR]

[vss - REEL NO: M432-25 PAGE NO: 348B
REFERENCE: 27th day of Nov 1850 by S G Clark
Line 19, House 41, Family 41, Name - Snodgrass Mary A, Age - 9, Sex - F,
Born - Ark, In School - X, REMARKS: p696B ... need to see that page 696B]

1850 Crawford Co AR Census Van Buren Twp., #41/41:
John F. Winfrey 57-M-VA farmer, $1000
Mary A. Winfrey 46-F-VA
Julia A. Bean 23-F-AL
William Rudy 12-M-TN
Catharine Rudy 10-F-VA
Mary A. Snodgrass 9-F-AR
---[? Mary Frances b. 11 Dec 1839 d/o Isaac; see Franklin Co AR]

1877 -- David Snodgrass married Nannie Drennen (Hunting for Bears).

David Snodgrass, age 25 married Nannie Drennen, age 22 by S H Berna, MG Page 5 Marriage Book A

[vss - David W. Snodgrass (22 May 1852 York Co PA - 20 Feb 1913 Craig Co OK) s/o Thomas & Susannah of 1860 Washington Co IA and 1850 Adams Co PA; David W is 18 w/Thomas on 1870 Phelps Co MO; Linda Snodgrass (below) tells me that Nancy / Nannie Drennon is d/o of a John Drennon on 1860 & 1870 Crawford AR, he got land there in 1839 (ref. Crawford Co AR Federal Land Records)]

[vss - found the following query on the internet: Posted by <a href="">Linda Snodgrass </a>
I am looking for info on David W. Snodgrass born in York Co. PA in 1852. He married Nannie Drennon in Arkansas They had 3 sons, George, Roy Abram, and Clay and one daughter Katherine. Any help would be appreciated. Will gladly exchange info.]
[wj - see Anthony Clay son of David in 1920 Oklahoma Co, OK]

<a name=52></a>1880 Arkansas Soundex Crawford Co
Lafayette Twp., 3-48-39-24:
Robert Snodgrass 50-M-AR [wj - Robert Bean son of Isaac]
Susan Snodgrass 30-F-AR wife [wj - Susan Anthony Ivey]
---[wj - b. 24 Oct 1847 AR, d. 24 Feb 1914 Eugene, OR; m1. Joseph G. Ivy; info from <a href="">Will Johnson</a>]
---[wj - from research of James Goggins her maiden name MIGHT have been Proctor not Anthony. Her sister was Margaret Proctor Long, her brother was D. Proctor. This from the obituaries of herself and her sister in Eugene, Oregon and from the research of James Goggins.]
Robert Snodgrass 14-M-AR son [wj - from Robert's first marriage to Mary McGehee]
Alice Snodgrass 1-F-AR daughter
Flora Jane Ivey 8-F-AR step-daughter [wj - from Susan's first marriage]
[wj - see backward <a href="ar.html#74">Franklin County, AR 1870</a>]
[wj - see forward 1900 Oregon Lane Co.]
[wj Robert and Susan married 26 Dec 1876 in Franklin County, Arkansas]
[wj - Susan Anthony born 24 Oct 1847 Huntsville, Madison County, Arkansas
Source: Her obituary from an unidentified Oregon newspaper collected by James Goggins now in the possession of Will Johnson
Source: Her death certificate from the State of Oregon]

1880 Arkansas Soundex Crawford Co
Alma Twp., 3-49-14-12:
M. R. Herd

Robert Snodgrass 8-M-AR nephew

SNODGRASS ROBERT 33 10N 29W 0 1883/02/10
SNODGRASS ROBERT 33 10N 29W 80 1883/02/10

20 Feb 1882 -- Mary Snodgrass married Thomas J. Nelson (Hunting for Bears)

9 Oct 1884 -- Martin Snodgrass married Rebecca Moseley (Hunting for Bears)

9 Oct 1884 -- Martin Snodgrass, age 23, married Rebecca Moseley, age 18 by John S Lane, JP page 1 marriage book C
---[wj See this couple in 1900 Census Wayne County, Missouri]

1885 - Son of J B Snodgras, 4 years old, drowned in Lee Creek

30 Jun 1887 -- Wilson C. Snodgrass married Maggie A. Snider (Hunting for Bears)

30 Jun 1887 -- Wilson C Snodgrass, age 22, married Maggie A Snider, age 19 by John Q West, Elder. Page 51, Marriage Book C.
[-- wj Maggie Snider later remarried to Baron D K Martin in 1897]

10 Jan 1894 - [from William E. Snodgrass' pension file]
Mr. W. E. Snodgrass of Crawford Co., AR, aged 53 years and Mrs Maoma [sic] Jones of Crawford Co., AR, aged 40, married 10 Jan 1894 Van Buren AR
[Nancy Naoma Johnson, m1. Samuel Batchelor; m2. Henry Jones]

22 Nov 1895 -- Dora A. Snodgrass married Charles Batchelar.
[Desc. of James Snodgrass of York Co., PA]

22 Nov 1895 -- Charles Batchelar, age 26, married Dora A Snodgrass, age 22 by J C Moore, JP. Page 58, marriage book E

16 Nov 1896 -- Estella Snodgrass married Charles A. Trusty.
[Desc. of James Snodgrass of York Co., PA]

16 Nov 1896 -- Charles A Trusty, age 23, married Estella Snodgrass, age unknown by W H Smith, M G. Page 4, Marriage Book F

5 Jul 1897 -- Mrs. Maggie A. Snodgrass married Baron D. K. Martin.

5 Jul 1897 -- Baron D K Martin, age 63, married Mrs Maggie A Snodgrass, age 29 by J W Cain, Co Judge. Page 15, marriage book F.
[-- wj Maggie Snider was married first to Wilson C Snodgrass in 1887]
[-- wj could this be the Decalb Martin in 1900 Washington Co Census? then the three children there would be of Wilson and Maggie...]
[-- D K Martin = Decalb Martin?]

27 Jan 1898 -- John T. Snodgrass married Mary Jones.
[Desc. of James Snodgrass of York Co., PA]

27 Jan 1898 -- John T Snodgrass, age 21, married Mary Jones, age 17
by W A Cole. Page 29, marriage book F.

<a name=56></a> 1900 Crawford Co AR Soundex Maxey Twp., Mulberry, 9-58-1-6:
Lucinda Snodgrass 39-F-AR/AL/AR Mar 1860 washerwoman
---[wj - Lucinda Peters - widow of Albert]
---[wj - mother of 9, 6 still living]
Mary Snodgrass 20-F-AR/AR/AR May 1880 daughter washerwoman
David Snodgrass 15-M-AR/AR/AR Mar 1885 son day laborer
Carry Snodgrass 12-F-AR/AR/AR Dec 1887 daughter washerwoman
---[wj - married T D Stephens in 1912]
George Snodgrass 10-M-AR/AR/AR Apr 1890 son
Esther Snodgrass 7-F-AR/AR/AR Sep 1893 daughter
---[wj - married Wesley Westfall in 1912]
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#59">1910 Crawford</a>]
[wj - See backward <a href="ar.html#55">1880 Arkansas Franklin Co</a>]

<a name=60> 1900 Crawford Co Arkansas
Van Buren Twp., 9-63-9-1:
Oma Snodgrass 55-F-MO/MO/MO Sep 1844 wife ?
---[wj - married for 5 years, mother of 0 children, cant read cant write]
[1860 Washington Co IA; 1870 Phelps Co MO]
[Desc. of James Snodgrass of York Co., PA]
[wj - NOT in household of Christian Rose as previously thought!]
[wj - Nancy Oma see forward </a><a href="ar.html#61">1910 Arkansas Crawford Co</a>]

23 Dec 1900 -- L J Snodgrass, age 45 married Mary E Chastain, age 45
by Elder S V Capps. Page 79, marriage book F.

22 Mar 1903 -- Lester Plummer, age 21, married May Snodgrass, age 18
by C S Bass, M G. Page 46, marriage book G.
---[wj - see 1900 Washington Co Census for May age 15 with Martin Decalb]

6 Apr 1908 -- Virgil Phillips, age 23, married Ethel Snodgrass, age 15 by D W Chambless, M G. Page 42, marriage book H.
---[wj - see 1900 Washington Co Census for Ethel age 8 with Martin Decalb]

<a name=61>1910 Crawford Co AR Census/Miracode 15-1-33:
W. E. Snodgrass 30-M-PA [should be 70]
---[William E. Snodgrass b. 1840 s/o Thomas & Susannah 1850 Adams Co PA]
---[William E. m1. Mary A. Dillon (d. 9 Feb 1885, Sedalia, MO)]
Nancy Snodgrass 64-F-MO wife [m. 1894]
---[Nancy Naoma Johnson, m1. Samuel Batchelor; m2. Henry Jones]
[wj - Nancy Oma see backward </a><a href="ar.html#60">1900 Arkansas Crawford Co</a>]
[wj - Nancy Oma see forward <a href="ar.html#62">1920 Arkansas Crawford Co</a>]
[see 1860 Washington Co IA; 1870 Phelps Co MO] [Desc. of James Snodgrass of York Co., PA]

<a name=59>1910 Crawford Co AR Census/Miracode 15-9-208:
John F. Garrett

Esther Snodgrass 16-F-AR sister-in-law [wj - d/o Albert & Lucinda]
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#56">1900 Arkansas Crawford Co</a>]

16 Sep 1912 -- Wesley Westfall, age 22, married Esther Snodgrass, age 19 by W R Peters, J P. Page 18, marriage book I.

17 Dec 1912 -- T D Stephens, over 21, married Carrie Snodgrass, over 21 by H C Pernot, J P. Page 23, marriage book I.

WW1 Draft Registration Cards
David Snodgrass born 2 Mar 1885 race White

1920 Crawford Co AR Census/Soundex 14-9-10-21:
Hiram B. Satterfield

Dave Snodgrass 37-M-AR/AR/TN boarder

<a name=62>1920 Crawford Co AR Census/Soundex Van Buren, 14-16-27-39:
S. D. Siford 59-M-OH/GER/OH restaurant, o.f. [S. D. Syfert m. Sallie]
Sallie Sifford 42-F-MO/MO/MO
Oma Snodgrass 74-F-MO/TX/TX mother-in-law
[Nancy w/o William E. Snodgrass]
[Desc. of James Snodgrass of York Co., PA]
[wj - Nancy Oma see backward </a><a href="ar.html#61">1910 Arkansas Crawford Co</a>]

Naomi Snodgrass b 1846 d 1924 buried in Fairview Cemetery in Van Buren

Nancy N Snodgrass d 5/26/1924
Western Arkansas Death Index by Desmond Walls Allen

1 May 1927 - George Lee Snodgrass, age 30, married Lula Campbell, age 18 by W L Shepherd, M G, Fred Long witness. Page 18, marriage book L.

24 Aug 1929 -- Walter Snodgrass,27 IL, married Miss Elizabeth T Blackburn, 19 TX by J C Smalley, Co Judge. Page 24, marriage book M

Emma Dor Snodgrass d 3/13/1945 age 65
Western Arkansas Death Record Index by Desmond Walls Allen


William E. Snodgrass application #846,287; certificate #1,087,646
widow's application #1,073,507; certificate #883,340

Marriage License & Certificate
Crawford Co., AR
...Mr. W. E. Snodgrass of Crawford Co., AR, aged 53 years and Mrs Maoma [sic] Jones [Naoma / Nancy] of Crawford Co., AR, aged 40, married 10 Jan 1894 ...

10 Jul 1904
Wm. E. Snodgrass...born 9 Feb 1840, State of Penn.; enlisted 13 Jun 1861 at Iowa City, IA; res. before enlistment, Penn.; P.O. address at enlistment, Washington, IA; occupation at enlistment, farmer; discharged 9 Sep 1864 at Davenport, IA; lived since discharge Sedalia, MO up to 1885; Wichita, KS to 1887; Van Buren, AR to 1902; Alma, AR 1904; present occupation, restaurant keeper; height 5 feet 6 inches; weight, 220; eyes, gray; hair was black, now gray; complexion, dark...

10 Jul 1904
.. married, name of present wife Nancy N. Snodgrass, formerly Nancy N. Jones; married 10 Jan 1894 by Esq'r Colgrove, Van Buren, AR; marriage recorded at Van Buren AR; name of former wife Mary A. Dillon; date of marriage 15 Apr 1863; first wife died at Sedalia, MO, 9 Feb 1885; children living:
William C. Snodgrass, b. 1 Nov 1865
George E. Snodgrass, b. 2 Nov 1867
John P. Snodgrass, b. 26 Jul 1879
Dora A. Snodgrass, b. 16 Oct 1872

General Affidavit
Crawford Co., AR
In the matter of claim for William E. Snodgrass, F, 1 Iowa Cav. Personally came before me ... William E. Snodgrass, aged 65 years; that he knows of not any church record or any record of his birth. That all records in regard to his birth has been destroyed by fire in 1866.
1 Apr 1905

Declaration for Pension
Crawford Co., AR
On this 9 Feb 1910 personally appeared ... William E. Snodgrass, who ... declares that he is 70 years of age and a resident of Alma, Crawford Co., AR ... was enrolled at Washington, Iowa ...on 13 Jun 1861 as a private in F. First Iowa Cavalry ... that his personal description at enlistment was as follows: height 5 feet 5 inches; complexion, dark; eyes, gray; hair, black; that his occupation was farmer; that he was born 9 Feb 1840 at Bloody Run, PA; [vss - on an 1834 map of US there is a Bloody Run in Bedford Co PA] that his several places of residence since leaving the service have been as follows: Sedalia, MO; Wichita, KS; Van Buren, AR. Left Mo. in 85; left Kansas in 87; left V.B. 1901 ... witnesses: E. N. Thompson & E. L. Darr.

13 Apr 1910
The Commissioner of Pensions
Washington, D. C.
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of 16 Mar 1910 William E. Snodgrass, Co. F, 1st Iowa.
In response thereto, I am inclosing herewith, a statement showing the names and ages of the family of Thomas Snodgrass, as returned at the Census of 1850.

Very respectfully
E. Dana Durand
Director, Bureau of the Census

Oxford, Oxford Township, Adams Co., PA, enumerated 23 Sep 1850.
Jno. C. Ellis, Assistant Marshall.
Names Ages
Thomas Snodgrass 31
William E. Snodgrass 10
George T. Snodgrass 6
Charles E. Snodgrass 11/12
Susanah Snodgrass 29
Elizabeth I. Snodgrass 7
Emma R. Snodgrass 4

Widow's Application for Accrued Pension
Crawford Co., AR
On this 27 Jul 1911, personally appeared Nancy O. Snodgrass; that she is the lawful widow of William E. Snodgrass, deceased; that he died on 14 Jun 1911; that he had been granted a pension by Certificate No. 1,087,646... that she was married to the said William E. Snodgrass on 10 Jan 1894 at Van Buren, AR; that her name before said marriage was Mrs. Nancy O. Jones ...
witnesses: S. D. Syfert & Sallie Syfert.

General Affidavit
Crawford Co., AR
18 Jun 1918
In the matter of claim for Nancy O. Snodgrass, widow of William E. Snodgrass... personally came before me ... Nancy O. Snodgrass, aged 72 years ... that in the summer of 1850 she was living in Jefferson Co., MO, with her father. Her father's name was Luther Johnson and her mother's name was Frankie Johnson. The names of her sisters and brothers living at home in the summer of 1850 were Mahala Johnson, Margaret Johnson, sisters, & George W. Johnson, Absolam Johnson, & Thomas Johnson, brothers. In the summer of 1860 she was living in Cook Co., TX, with father. The names of her sisters and brothers living at home in the summer of 1860 were Mahala & Margaret Johnson, & George W. Absolam and Thomas Johnson. She further states that she has no Bible, Church, or public record of her birth. She further states as to whether any of her brothers rendered any military or naval service. George W. Johnson served in the Civil war, enlisting from the State of Texas...

Letter, 25 Jun 1919
Recorder of Deeds, Sedalia, MO
Dear Sir:
As attorneys in the above stated claim, we shall appreciate a search of your records to ascertain whether they show death of Mary A. Snodgrass, a former wife of the soldier on 7 Feb 1885 at Sedalia, MO. If on file, what will be the cost of a certified copy?
W. Elliott Waggaman & Co.

No record of death kept in this office and I do not think in 1885 there was a record of deaths kept here at all. At present there is what is known as The Registrar who keeps a record of births and deaths under the supervision of the State board of health, but I am of the opinion that same was started about 20 years ago.
Frank Monroe
Recorder, Pettis Co., MO

General Affidavit
Crawford Co., AR
16 Jul 1919
In the matter of claim for Nancy O. Snodgrass, widow of William E. Snodgrass ...personally came before me... Nancy O. Snodgrass, aged 74 years, residing at Van Buren, Crawford Co., AR ...that she was married to Henry Jones in Neosho, Newton Co., MO. He enlisted in the army in the state of Missouri. In the summer of 1850 her P.O. address was Hillsboro, MO, and the county seat was Hillsboro, MO, and she lived in Southern direction from the post office and about 6 miles from the post office and 6 miles from the county seat in Southern direction. In 1860 her post office address was Pilot Point, TX, and the county seat was Denton and she lived in Northern direction from the post office and about 6 miles from the post office and 16 miles from the county seat in Southern direction from Gainsville, TX, the county seat of Cook County ... dont know how far it was to the county seat of Denton County.

Dept. of Commerce
Bureau of the Census
5 Aug 1919
Dear Sir:
Referring to your letter of July 30, 1919... Nancy O. Snodgrass; I give below data secured from the census records of 1850 and 1860: District No. 42, Jefferson Co., MO, enumerated 1 Aug 1950.
Name Age
Luther Johnson 42
Francis Johnson 35
Minerva Johnson 18
William Johnson 12
Washington Johnson 9
Neaoma Johnson 6
Mahala Johnson 4
Margaret Johnson 1

Cooke Co., TX, enumerated 27 Jun 1860:
Name Age
Luther Johnson 53
Francis Johnson 46
Nancy N. Johnson 16
Mahala Johnson 14
Margurite Johnson 12
Abraham Johnson 10
Thomas Johnson 7

List of Documents in case of Nancy O. Snodgrass, widow of William E. Snodgrass, 11 Sep 1919:

Affidavit of Steve Syfert & Sarah Syfert, dated 7 May 1912: soldier & claimant married; Nancy Jones being Nancy Oma Snodgrass, 10 Jan 1894; soldier died 14 Jun 1911; Nancy O. Snodgrass now a widow.

Affidavit of Mattie Meritt, Ellsworth, KS, dated 2 Mar 1917: First husband, Samuel Batchelor, died 17 Mar 1878; claimant next married Henry Jones, now deceased...

Affidavit of Chas. H. Batchlear, Dehli, OK, dated 2 Mar 1917: First husband Samuel H. Batchlear died; claimant married Henry Jones, who died; claimant married soldier 10 Jan 1894; lived together, no divorce.

Letter, 22 Oct 1919
The Commissioner of Pensions
Washington, D.C.
Herewith are returned all papers in the above described case which was referred for special examination to determine the number of former marriages of soldier and dissolution of same, whether claimant has remarried since his death, and to determine if possible the organization in which her second husband Jones rendered service The claimant and her witnesses are of good repute and impressed me as being truthful.
The testimony herewith is deemed sufficient to show non-remarriage of claimant. I also secured the testimony of soldier's sister Mary Bowen, who testified that he had but one prior marriage. She is the only living full sister. There is no living brother.
There is a younger half sister, Kate Trusty, wife of Charles Trusty, who runs a restaurant in Joplin, MO, and half brother Fred Snodgrass, p.o. probably Goodman, MO. The only one of soldier's children by the first wife whose address was definitely known is John T. (Tom) Snodgrass, p.o. Pawhuska, Okla. (2 years ago). Maggie, wife of the son William, (B.J.16) lives in Little Rock.
As to claimant's second husband Jones, she stated that she drew a pension as his widow, receiving but one payment of $330.55 the amount due her from date of filing claim to date of her remarriage to Mr. Snodgrass.
While she could furnish no data to identify Mr. Jones service, nor the number of her pension certificate, yet it would seem that her case can be easily identified by the alphabetical cards in the Record Div.
It is therefore recommended that a search be made on the card indexes for the claim of Nancy O. Jones, wid. Henry Clay Jones, Mov. Cav.(?)] Her p.o. then was Alma, Crawford Co., AR.
If further testimony is desired to show soldier's prior marital history the witnesses named in paragraph 5 may be seen, especially Maggie Snodgrass (B.J.16), Little Rock, AR.
Respectfully submitted
G. M. Milburn
Special Examiner


(formed 1837 from Crawford County)

CENSUS RECORDS 1840 - 1870 census - yes 1880 soundex - yes
1900 soundex - yes 1910 miracode - yes 1920 soundex - yes

Film #1,027,887 item 2 = Index to deeds, 1837-1855 - yes
Film #1,027,889 item 2 = Deed Book F - yes
Film #1,027,890 item 2 = Deed Book H - yes

[Note: These deeds are not available on microfilm:
Deed Book E, page 214: Isaac Snodgrass
Deed Book H, page 31: James W. & Nancy
Deed Book H, page 35: Robert Snodgrass & Mary
Deed Book H, page 38: J. W. Snodgrass & wife
Deed Book H, page 151: Isaac Snodgrass

Arkansas Marriages, 1779-1992 (CD-6) yes

<a name=64></a>1840 Franklin Co AR Census

Isaac Snodgrass / Isam Snodgrass =

2 m 0-5; 2 m 5-10; 1 m 10-15; 1 m 40-50; 1 f 0-5; 1 f 30-40.

p. 125/126 Mulberry Twp.

Mary Snodgrass

1m 0-5, 1m 5-10, 10-15; 1f 0-5, 1f 10-15, 1f 30-40

14 hh after mary

William McGeehe -----2m 0-5, 1m 5-10, 1m 30-40;

1f 0-5, 1f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 15-20, 1f 30-40

[vss - 1840 Franklin Co from copy of actual census - provided by Will Johnson <>]
[see backward <a href="ar.html#63">1830 Arkansas Crawford Co</a>]

[vss - from Bureau of Land Management Federal Land records
Snodgrass Mary Sec 6 Twp 9N Range 28W NENW 40 acres 1843/03/10]
Snodgrass Mary Sec 36 Twp 10N Range 29W SW 160 acres 1843/03/10]
Snodgrass Mary Sec 36 Twp 10N Range 29W NWSE 40 acres 1843/03/10]

<a name=70>1850 Franklin Co AR Census Mulberry Twp., #239/239:
Joseph Snodgrass 23-M-unk farmer [wj - b. 11 Jan 1827 s/o Isaac]
Elizabeth Snodgrass 20-F-TN
---[wj - another child William Green was born 2 Dec 1848 and died in 1850, he is attested on the 1850 Census Death Index as William G]
Francis K. Snodgrass 2m- -AR
John Snodgrass 5-M-AR [wj - b. 8 Feb 1842 s/o Isaac]
Eliza Snodgrass 5-F-AR [wj Eliza Ann b. 8 Feb 1842 d/o Isaac]
[see forward </a><a href="ar.html#69">1860 Franklin Co AR</a>]

1850 Franklin Co AR Census Mulberry Twp., #246/246:
Samuel Clark 58-M-PA shoemaker, $1000
Mary 52-F-KY
Jane Snodgrass 6-F-AR [wj - d/o Isaac]
---[Elizabeth Jane Snodgrass b. 10 Dec 1844 d/o Isaac]

<a name=66>1850 Franklin Co AR Census Mulberry Twp., #247/247:
James Snodgrass 23-M-AR farmer [James Wilson Snodgrass] son of Joseph Snodgrass
Nancy Snodgrass 18-F-TN [wj - Nancy McGehee, d/o William]
John A. Snodgrass 2-M-AR
Robert McGee 13-M-AR [wj - s/o William McGehee, brother to Nancy]
Josephine McGee 8-F-AR [wj - d/o William McGehee, sister to Nancy]
[Desc. of William W. Snodgrass, d. 1855]
[see forward </a><a href="ar.html#65">1860 Franklin Co AR</a>]

<a name=68>1850 Franklin Co AR Census Mulberry Twp., #252/252:
Robert Snodgrass 20-M-AR farmer [wj - Robert Bean Snodgrass b. 29 Jan 1830 s/o Isaac]
Mary Snodgrass 22-F-TN [Mary McGehee]
Julia C. Snodgrass 2-F-AR
Calvin Snodgrass 9m-M-AR
Jefferson Snodgrass 12-M-AR [vss - Robert's brother b. 9 Feb 1838, son of Isaac]
Eveline McGee 9-F-AR [wj - d/o William McGehee, sister to Mary]
John McGee 5-M-AR [wj - s/o William McGehee, brother to Mary]
[see forward </a><a href="ar.html#67">1860 Franklin Co AR</a>]

<a name=72></a>1850 Franklin Co AR Census Mulberry Twp., #271/271:
Wm. C. Makey 52-M-KY
[wj - William Chambers Maxey b. 21 Jan 1798, d. 7 May 1878 (source tombstone in unnamed cem. located at Centerpoint, north of Mulberry AR)- see land Crawford Co AR]
Ann Makey 52-F-SC
[wj - stone says b. 17 Sep 1799; d. 12 May 1883; Elizabeth Anna Simpson, m. 21 Oct 1819 Warren Co KY
Jackson Snodgrass 19-M-AR laborer
[1860 Calavaras Co., CA]
[Desc. of Issac Snodgrass]

7 Aug 1851 -- Deed Book F, page 269: James W. Snodgrass & Nancy K. Snodgrass of Franklin Co., AR, to Samuel Clark of Mulberry Twp., Franklin Co., in Mulberry Twp...lying west of a certain slough called the mill slough in the SW 1/4 of S36-T10-R29 west containing 60 acres...

5 Jul 1853 -- Deed Book G, page 549: Whereas at the July term of the probate court 1853 of Franklin Co., AR, on the 5 Jul 1853...Joseph Snodgrass as the Administrator of the estate of Isaac Snodgrass dec'd was authorized and directed to sell to the highest bidder ...the following described lands belonging to the estate of Isaac Snodgrass deceased...

28 Aug 1856 -- Mary Frances Snodgrass married William Riley Ivy.

31 Jan 1858 -- Eliza Ann Snodgrass married George Northern.

16 Feb 1860 -- James W. Snodgrass married Nancy J. Hughes.
[Desc. of William W. Snodgrass, d. 1855]

1860 Census

Mulberry Twp., page 298, #399/387:
R. Snodgrass 28-M-AR farmer, 0/$140
Mary Snodgrass 31-F-TN
G. A. Snodgrass 12-F-AR
Calvin Snodgrass 10-M-AR
Elizabeth Snodgrass 9-F-AR
Robert Snodgrass 7-M-AR
James Snodgrass 6-M-AR
Jefferson Snodgrass 1-M-AR
John M. Lee 14-M-AR [M. Lee is prob. a misreading of McGee; see 1850 census]
Eviline M. Lee 18-F-AR
[1850, 1870 Franklin Co., AR]

Mulberry Twp., page 298, #402/390:
Jas. W. Snodgrass 30-M-KY farmer, $600/920
Nancy Snodgrass 18-F-TN
Andrew Snodgrass 7-M-AR
William Snodgrass 1-M-AR
John Snodgrass 17-M-AR
Josephine Snodgrass 16-F-AR [should this be McGee?] [1850 Franklin Co., AR; 1870 Webster Co., MO]
[Desc. of William W. Snodgrass, d. 1855]
Mulberry Twp., page 301, #433/416:
J. Snodgrass 33-M-TN farmer, $600/355
Elizabeth Snodgrass 28-F-TN
F. M. Snodgrass 10-M-AR
B. F. Snodgrass 7-M-AR
Elizabeth Snodgrass 1-F-AR

Mulberry Twp., page 304, #459/439:
W. C. Maxey 62-M-KY farmer, $1000/6295
Mary? Maxey 46-F-KY
J. Snodgrass 22-M-AR farmer
J. M. Scott 17-M-AR farmer
M. B./P. Maxey 4-F-AR

1870 Census

Mulberry Twp., page 46, #77/79 (enumerated 3 Jun 1870):
Jeff Snodgrass 32-M-AR farmer, $300/500 [s/o Isaac Snodgrass]
Julia Snodgrass 34-F-AR
George Snodgrass 13-M-AR
James Snodgrass 11-M-AR
Joseph Snodgrass 6-M-AR
Anna Snodgrass 3-F-AR

Mulberry Twp., page 48, #113/115 (enumerated 4 Jun 1870):
Robert Snodgrass 40-M-AR farmer, 0/$500 [s/o Isaac Snodgrass]
Mary Snodgrass 42-F-TN [b. 11 Jun 1829; d. 12 Dec 1882]
John Snodgrass 1-M-AR
Calvin Snodgrass 20-M-AR
Albert Snodgrass 18-M-AR
Elizabeth Snodgrass 16-F-AR
James Snodgrass 14-M-AR
John R. Snodgrass 9-M-AR
Robert A. Snodgrass 7-M-AR
Harriett Snodgrass 11-F-AR [d/o Joseph Snodgrass; niece of Robert]
[1860 Franklin Co., AR; 1880 Crawford Co., AR]

Mulberry Twp., page 54, #203/205 (enumerated 9 Jun 1870):
Riley Ivy 30-M-MO farmer, 0/$650
Mary F. Ivy 28-F-AR [Mary Frances Snodgrass, d/o Isaac]
Rosianna Ivy 12-F-AR
Nancy J. Ivy 11-F-AR
William R. Ivy 6-M-AR
James Ivy 4-M-AR
Robert J. Ivy 6m-M-AR
Frank Snodgrass 18-M-AR at home [s/o Joseph Snodgrass; nephew of Mary Frances Snodgrass Ivy]
Berry Snodgrass 16-M-AR at home
Sarah Kagill 18-F-AR at home [probably Cagle]

19 Dec 1875 -- Albert Snodgrass married Lucinda Peters.
[wj - dau of Ellis Peters]
28 Jun 1876 -- Harriet Snodgrass married Seborn W. Powell.

28 Dec 1876 -- Robert Snodgrass married Susan M. Ivy.
[wj - Widow of Joseph Ivey]
22 Feb 1877 -- James Snodgrass married Joanah McClure.

9 Oct 1879 -- John R. Snodgrass married Martha E. Cagle.

1880 Soundex

Ivy Twp., 42-60-14-2:
Albert Snodgrass 26-M-AR
Lucinda Snodgrass 19-F-AR wife [Lucinda Peters] [m. 1875 Franklin Co., AR]
Luella Snodgrass 2-F-TX dau.
M. F. Snodgrass 1m-F-AR dau.

Maxey Twp., 4A-61-12-12:
Mary E. Snodgrass 23-F-AR
James H. Snodgrass 6-M-AR son
William T. Snodgrass 4-M-AR son
Eliza T. Snodgrass 9m-F-AR dau

4 Sep 1881 -- R. A. Snodgrass married Synthia F. Peters.
[wj - Robert Alexander Snodgrass son of Robert/Mary and Synthia the dau of Ellis Peters]

1900 Soundex

Ivy Twp., 13-193(8)-4-18:
Ben Snodgrass 47-M-AR Nov 1842? [Benjamin Franklin Snodgrass, s/o Joseph]
Florence Snodgrass 33-F- Dec 1866 wife
Oscar Snodgrass 4-M-AR Feb 1896 son
Ben Snodgrass 2-M-AR Jan 1898 son
James Snodgrass 4m-M-AR Feb 1900 son

1910 Miracode

James Snodgrass 54-M-AR
Flora Snodgrass 40-F-AR wife
James Snodgrass 4-M-AR son
Troy Robertson 9-M-AR nephew
Tobe Robertson 6-M-AR nephew

1920 Census

Ivy Twp., 20-49-4-89, page 104, #74/76:
James Snodgrass 65-M-AR/AR/TN farmer, o.f.
Flora Snodgrass 48-F-AR/TN/GA wife
James S. Snodgrass 13-M-AR/AR/AR son
Troy Robertson 19-M-AR/TN/AR nephew
Toby Robertson 16-M-AR/TN/AR nephew

James Alf Snodgrass d 1/21/1940
Western Arkansas Death Index by Desmond Walls Allen

1983 -- Ark. Fam. Hist., vol. 23, page 187:
Wanda McGehee, 8303 South 30th Circle, Ft. Smith, AR, 72903 asks for information regarding William McGehee, b. 1800-1810, d. Franklin Co., AR, between 1845-1850. What was the name of his wife, b. & d. in same time periods? Was William a brother of Eli McGehee, resided 1850 in Jackson Co., AL, and 1860 in Sebastian Co., AR, d. 1865 in Lawrence Co., MO? Were Eli & William McGehee b. in Lincoln Co., TN? Was Lydia, b. ca. 1813, married James Ivy, Franklin Co., AR, 1850 a sister to these two men? Was Mary, b. ca. 1828, a sister? She married Robert Snodgrass and resided 1850 in Franklin Co., AR.


The names and dates listed below are copied from loose sheets of paper contained in a Snodgrass family Bible in possession of Edgar L. James, 528 N.E. 72nd Ave., Portland OR 97213. Edgar James is the son of Laura Ader (Ada) Snodgrass listed below. This Bible record was contributed by James H. Goggin (deceased), 12364 S.W. King George Drive, King City, OR 97224, who is the son of Alice Lidia (Lydia) Snodgrass Goggin. People interested in this line should write to James H. Goggin.
[wj - James is deceased, people interested in this line should contact

<a href = "">

Will Johnson at</a>]

Isaac Snodgrass family records:
Joseph Jan 11, 1827
Robert Bean Jan 29, 1830
Jackson Sept 25, 1831
James April 25, 1833
Jefferson Feb 9, 1838
Mary Francis Dec 11, 1839
John & Eliza Ann Feb 8, 1842
Elizabeth Jane Dec 10, 1844

Joseph Snodgrass family
William Green Snodgrass Dec 2, 1848
Francis Marion Snodgrass Mar 11, 1850
Benjamin Franklin Snodgrass Nov 19, 1852
James Jackson Snodgrass Jan 2, 1857
Harriet Snodgrass Apr 8, 1859

Robert B. Snodgrass family records:
Julia Ann Snodgrass May 20, 1848
Calvin Snodgrass Sept 23, 1849 died Apr 3, 1880
Mary Elizabeth Mar 17, 1851
Albert Snodgrass Jan 19, 1853 died Dec 22, 1898
James A. Snodgrass Nov 12, 1854
William Jefferson Snodgrass Nov 11, 1858 died Nov 24, 1866
John Rufus Snodgrass Mar 11, 1861 died March 24, 1883
Robert Alexander Snodgrass Sept 7, 1863 died Mar 9, 1898

Emaline McGehee Apr 22, 1862
Luzen Josefean Barnhill Mar 25, 1866

Alice Lidia Snodgrass born Aug 1, 1878
Laura Ader Snodgrass born June 24, 1881
Finis Luther Snodgrass born Jan 9, 1884

Mary Snodgrass born June 11, 1828, died Dec 30, 1874
R. A. Snodgrass Nov 30, 1897
Andrew Jackson James Alfred Snodgrass born Dec 12, 1882

[Alice Lidia, Laura Ader, & Finis Luther are children of Robert Bean Snodgrass and his second wife, Susan Anthony Ivy.]


[pages 90-91]

Denver, CO, 19 Nov 1953

Dear Mr. Cole,

I was given your name by Mr. Thomas Howe Neal, Route 12, Box 372, Knoxville 18, TN. He said he had been informed you were a descendant of the Snodgrass family and had collected much information about the Snodgrass Family. I too am a descendant of the Snodgrasses. I think Mr. Neal and I are likely both descendants of the same family in Virginia. But as yet I have no proof. In fact, I have only sketchy information about the earlier ancestors of mine and have no proof that they are the Snodgrasses of Washington Co., VA.

Our family had a Bible record dating back into the 1700's. It is not complete and does not give Brothers and Sisters. But I have traced some of them back into Franklin Co., AR, and in the 1850 census of that county, I discovered one of my ancestors was born in Kentucky. Mr. Neal informs me that some of the older Snodgrasses went from Virginia to Kentucky, and I see there is a great repetition of family given names in my Snodgrasses and the ones I have located thus far in Washington Co., VA.

I have been working on my family history since 1947. I am interested in all of my ancestors equally; thus I have a really great undertaking. I will type out a sketch of my line of ancestors. I hope you will have some information about them that you will be able to let me have. I include not only the ones I know are my family, but I am also including the Virginia group. I feel there is a possibility my William W. Snodgrass may be the son of the Virginia Joseph Snodgrass who is no. 2, but as yet I have not proof.

This group of Arkansas people is our family. It may not be complete. The Bible gave mostly the direct line of ancestors and did not include all of their children. From letters and things the older living Snodgrasses remember hearing about, we have pieced the information together to decide that the eight I list are ours. There may be others. W. L. Snodgrass and his wife Mary Elizabeth died in the home of their dau., Mrs. Mary Black, but we do not know where she lived for sure. There was also a list of McGehee children included in the Bible record. We have no explanation as yet about them, other than the list of their names.

I hope you can help me with this information. I have some information about the different ones I have placed on the charts. If you are interested in any of them, I will be glad to send a copy of what I have.

Yours Truly,
Mrs. Edna M. Branstine, 2000 South Dayton, Denver 20, CO.

[Please note: Mrs. Branstine added what she thought were brothers and sisters of her ancestor, James Wilson Snodgrass, but based on the Bible record of Isaac Snodgrass above, we must conclude she was in error.]

1. William W. Snodgrass, d. 24 Sep 1855.

Son of William W. Snodgrass & unknown wife:
11. W. L. Snodgrass; wife Mary Elizabeth Clarke (d/o Samuel and Mary Clarke); d. 25 Aug 1863 either in southern Missouri or northern Arkansas.

Children of W. L. Snodgrass & Mary Elizabeth (Clarke) Snodgrass:
111. Joseph Snodgrass, b. 1827, m. Elizabeth ___.
112. James Wilson Snodgrass, b. 8 Nov 1828 in KY; m/1 Nancy ___; m/2 Nancy ___; m/3 Nancy ___; d. in Missouri.
113. Robert Snodgrass, b. 1830, AR; m. Mary ___.
114. Jefferson Snodgrass, b. 1838.
115. Jackson Snodgrass, b. 1831, AR.
116. Mary Snodgrass, m. ___ Black.
117. John Snodgrass, b. 1844, AR.
118. John Snodgrass, b. 1845.
119. Eliza Snodgrass, b. 1845.

Child of Joseph Snodgrass & Elizabeth (___) Snodgrass:
111.1 Francis Snodgrass.

Children of James Wilson Snodgrass & his wives:
112.1 William Snodgrass.
112.2 Martha Roe Snodgrass.
112.3 Mary Leilna Snodgrass.
112.4 John A. Snodgrass.
112.5 Andrew J. Snodgrass.
112.6 infant, d. unnamed.
112.7 Thomas I. Snodgrass.
112.8 Francis Margaret Snodgrass.
112.9 James Robert Snodgrass.
112.a Joseph Martin Snodgrass.
112.b David Richard Snodgrass.
112.c Alvin Snodgrass.
112.d Isabelle Snodgrass.
112.e Rebecca Snodgrass

Children of Robert Snodgrass & wife Mary (___) Snodgrass:
113.1 Julia Snodgrass.
113.2 Calvin Snodgrass.

The information about the 8 children of W. L. Snodgrass came partly from my family Bible and partly from the 1850 U.S. census for Franklin Co., AR.

I am the granddau. of Francis Margaret Snodgrass. The children of James Wilson Snodgrass who lived all resided in Dallas Co., Webster Co., or Greene Co., MO. [Some] of them died rather young.

Denver 9, CO [undated]

Dear Mr. Cole,

I received your very nice letter and the blanks you wished filled out. I have intended to go to the library again before I answered you, but have not gotten around to it, so am not going to wait longer. I am a cripple, and this cold weather, ice, and snow prohibits my going out much. I have filled in the blanks to the best of my knowledge. Please excuse my errors. I have as my assistant my two-and-one-half-year-old dau., who proves to be far from a HELP. The information is correct.

I do not KNOW that the Virginia Snodgrasses ARE my people. But since I do not know, I can and should suspect them of being [my ancestors], since I believe my people did come from that general area. I have kept such information as I found about Snodgrasses in different areas since I might be able at some future date to connect them to mine. There are microfilm copies of marriages in Virginia in the Denver Public Library. Plus microfilm 1850 U.S. census records. The 1790 (book form) census is here also. I have been slowly working my way through the maze of information I find there. They have a number of excellent works on Virginia. The Tennessee information is totally lacking. There is pitifully little about Tennessee. The Kentucky records are somewhat better than TN, but not equal to VA.

I took up research of the various branches of my family history back in 1947 and have working as time allows until the present. About my family history work--

My mother, Anna May (Allgood) McCurry, d/o of Francis Margaret (Snodgrass) Allgood, has been working with me. She accumulated information from the family and also from cemeteries and newspapers in that area of Missouri in which our people lived. I do the other part, such as writing you, searching the library, and writing various historical libraries for information I cannot find here. We both get a great deal of satisfaction out of our work and have collected an amazing amount. There is still much more we hope to get from the family. Then I hope I can connect our family information to the early records and perhaps trace my family to the time they arrived in America. I see they are all from the general area of the first Virginia settlement, by that I mean as I learn more about them, they work back in that direction. Many came through TN, NC, & KY. Only one, a Mr. Samuel Clark (mentioned in the Snodgrass record) is from the north. I have thus far not been able to do much with the North Carolina records, as there isn't too much organized material here, and NC will not give any assistance at all.

I have compiled and written my husband's family history already. His people came to America more recently. Except the well-known Clinton family. I have had trouble with that line of his and hope to write an additional section some day if the information becomes available. I did not publish his work, just had good typed copies made up and allow them to circulate.

As you see, the family history work with me is truly a great job. I thoroughly enjoy it, and as time allows, I work on it. I hope you will be able to help me some with the Snodgrasses. I will try to check more Virginia records soon and will pass along any information I can find that I think might help you. You may have far more than I will. I have gotten stuck, so to speak, with the Snodgrasses in Arkansas, and I simply cannot find more. Mr. Dallas Herndon, Arkansas State Library, has had different things searched for me to no avail. Franklin Co. knows nothing of my people. Herndon did find James Wilson Snodgrass's service record, which my dau. seems to have removed from it's appointed place. I was fortunate enough to find my Snodgrasses in the census, but there my luck stops. I decided to turn my research to the older people in the hope that I will one day stumble upon the right track and bring them down to my people. This makes the work so much more complicated. I have a feeling my line will connect to the ones I have found. There is a repetition of names, for one thing, to indicate there might be a connection. But I have no actual proof.

You did not say what your fee is. I see you say you are not a professional genealogist, but I still wonder if you have a fee. I can pay some for the information, but we are what you might call average people, and I can't actually hire an entire tree made up for me, much as I would like to do so. I have names of 43 of my ancestors. I am working on the entire family tree, you see, not just one name or line. Therefore it is a really big undertaking. I have some success at times and other times nothing seems to work out. The Denver Public Library is supposed to have a very good collection of material, and they are very helpful and the information is readily available. I want to work more in the Snodgrass records there, as there are a number of things I have not looked into as yet.

I see too that you are the Historian General for the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. Does your organization have a central library and reference department? Does it have research workers available to the public?

I will be looking forward to hearing from you again. Please ask any question you wish to. I will answer all I can, and if I cannot help with answers then I can simply say so.

Yours truly,
Edna M. Branstine, 2000 South Dayton, Denver 20, CO

12 Nov 1956

Dear Mr. Cole,

I received your letter and regret that I have not had an opportunity to answer it before. Since you last heard from me, I have had a dau. who is now eight months old. She has added much to my work as was as to my joy, and I have therefore set my work on the family history aside temporarily. I am still very much interested in it, however, and am very hopeful I will one day be able to find the connecting link that will prove who my oldest known Wm. W. Snodgrass really was and where he was born.

Most respectfully,
Edna M. Branstine, 2000 South Dayton, Denver 22, CO.

P.S. I enclose all of the Snodgrass information I have to date. I made carbon copies of some information I had once. I never thought I would send it to anyone, so I made notes on it. I hope you will excuse them. I am quite rushed, and since I have these copies, messy though they are, I think I will send them and hope you will find the information helpful. I have taken brief notes at random as I searched in the library. I doubted these people were mine, but wished to be safe so kept the notes for further research if I should desire to do so. Therefore I took information down but did not try to get all there was. I may be able to return to the library when my baby is a little older and do more work. If you wish, I will try to get the complete information of any item you find to be of interest.

I have given up tracing my line back step by step. I think if I am ever to find it, I will simply have to search state by state until I find this William W. Snodgrass, and hope that when I do finally find him there will be reference to his son, W. L. Snodgrass, so that I will know him when I do succeed in finding him. It is a wild shot into the dark, but that is all I have left to do.

[see also Webster Co., MO]


1920 census - yes


1920 Census

Mammoth Spring Twp., 21-19-16-65, page 223, #123/125:
John F. Moore 68-M-AR/TN/TN no occ., r.
Georgia A. Moore 63-F-AL/TN/TN wife
Nora E. Snodgrass 36-F-AR/AR/AL dau., div., dressmaker
Josephine Snodgrass 11-F-AR/USA/AR granddau.


(formed 1873 from Montgomery, Hot Springs, & Saline Counties)

Garland Co., AR, Tombstone Inscriptions (Cline) yes

1880 soundex - yes
1900 soundex - yes
1910 miracode - yes
1920 census - yes

1890 Census Reconstruction, Garland & Montgomery Counties, AR (Cline, McLane, & Richter) yes <includes 1892 voters list & marriages for 1887-1892>

Record, vol. 12 (1971) yes (includes 1880 Union Twp. census)

Arkansas marriages, 1779-1992 (CD-6) yes


18 Aug 186x -- Pension Application #4660, E. F. Snodgrass, Co. E, Reg. 19, AR-I, 1861-1865.

1880 Soundex Garland County Arkansas

Union Twp., page ??:
Nancy Snotgrass 58-F-TN/NC/NC
Thomas J. Snotgrass 39-M-AR/NC/NC son
Nancy A. Snotgrass 20-F-AR/TN/TN dau.-in-law
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

Union Twp., 5-72-9-19:
Elija Snodgrasss 27-M-TN/TN/TN
Virginia F. Snodgrass 21-F-MS/NC/NC wife
Susan E. Snodgrass 4-F-AR/TN/MS dau.
John R. O. Snodgrass 2-F-AR/TN/MS dau.
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

Union Twp., 4-72-12-33:
Elija F. Snodgrass 46-M-TN
Susan Snodgrass 37-F-GA wife
John H. Snodgrass 13-M-AR son [d. 1889]
George W. Snodgrass 11-M-AR son [George Wilkins; m. 1890 Amanda Cain]
Moranda F. Snodgrass 8-F-AR dau.
Sibbia Snodgrass 5-F-AR dau.
Mary Snodgrass 3-F-AR dau.
Nancy S. Snodgrass 1-F-AR dau.
[1870 Hot Spring Co., AR; 1900 Garland Co., AR]
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

22 Feb 1885 -- E. A. Snodgrass married Lizzie Wafford (IGI extraction).

20 May 1889 -- J. [John] H. Snodgrass, d. 20 May 1889, age 21, buried Center Hill Cemetery.
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

Oct 1889 -- Sibbie Snodgrass married John Outler.
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

1890 -- G. W. [George Wilkins] Snodgras married Amanda Cain.
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

10 Apr 1890 -- Nancy M. Snodgrass married Wm. Godbehere.
[Is this the widow of John A. Snodgrass? If so, why is she living alone in the 1900 census?]

25 Jan 1891 -- Mollie Snodgrass married James McEarl.
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

Nov 1891 -- Lizzie Snodgrass married Samuel Bryant.

1892 -- Voters' List, Union Twp.: E. A. Snodgrass, E. F. Snodgrass, G. F. Snodgrass, & G. W. Snodgrass.

24 Apr 1898 -- Lillie A. Snodgrass, d. 24 Apr 1898, age 2 y, buried Medlock Cem.

6 Jun 1899 -- Susanna Snodgrass d. 6 Jun 1899, age 58 years, buried Center Hill Cemetery.
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

1900 Soundex Garland County Arkansas

Union Twp., 14-33-4-51:
George W. Snodgrass 32-M-AR/TN/GA Feb 1868
Amanda Snodgrass 25-F-AR/TN/AR Oct 1874 wife [Amanda E. Cain]
[m. 1890 Garland Co., AR]
Thomas P. Snodgrass 9mo-M-AR/AR/AR Aug 1899 son
[1910 Garland Co., AR]
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

Union Twp., 14-32-4-54:
Elijah F. Snodgrass 61-M-TN/TN/TN Jun 1838
Susanna R. Snodgrass 56-F-GA/TN/TN May 1844 wife
[1880 Garland Co., AR]
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

Union Twp., 14-32-5-61:
George F. Snodgrass 45-M-TN/TN/TN Jun 1854
Elizabeth N. Snodgrass 51-F-MS/AL/MS Dec 1848 wife [Elizabeth Nicie/Nellie Tubbs]
---[WJ - married for 17 years in 1900 Census]
John A. Snodgrass 16-M-AR Nov 1883 son [m. Mary F.; 1910 Garland Co.,AR]
Lena M. Snodgrass 14-F-AR Jul 1885 dau.
Henry E. Snodgrass 13-M-AR Apr 1887 son
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN>]
Nancy M. Snodgrass 83-F-TN/NC/SC Apr 1817
(living in household of George Snodgrass and Elizabeth)
---[wj - mother of 9, 5 still living]
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

Union Twp., 14-32-6-53:
Elijah Snodgrass 47-M-TN/TN/TN Jul 1852 [d. 1902]
Sarah J. Snodgrass 39-F-AR/NC/TN Apr 1861 wife
---[wj - mother of 5, 1 still living]
---[wj - married for 4 years in 1900 census]
Charlie C. Snodgrass 14-M-AR/TN/AR Mar 1886 son
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

20 Jan 1902 -- Leigh [Elijah "Lige"] Snodgrass, father of Lizzie Bryant, d. 20 Jan 1902, buried Oak Hill Cemetery. (On same stone, Florence Snodgrass, mother of Lizzie Bryant - no dates).
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

2? Feb 1906 -- Sarah Snodgrass married J. R. Barnes (Hunting for Bears).

1910 Miracode Garland County Arkansas

Chas. Snodgrass 24-M-AR [d. 1917]
Dosie Snodgrass 24-F-AL wife [Docie Wilson]
Allie Snodgrass 7-F-AR dau.
Ethel Snodgrass 4-F-AR dau.
Ray Snodgrass 3-M-AR son [Leroy]
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

Nicie E. Snodgrass 63-F-MS [Nellie/Nicie Elizabeth Tubbs]
Henry E. Snodgrass 23-M-AR son
Nettie J. Snodgrass 17-F-OK dau.-in-law [Nellie Jane Goodin]
Luther L. Snodgrass 1-M-AR grandson
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

John A. Snodgrass 26-M-AR [John Alexander]
Mary F. Snodgrass 27-F-AR wife [Mary Frances Johnson]
Lillie M. Snodgrass 2-F-AR dau.
Arthur A. Snodgrass -M-AR son
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

Gorge Snodgran 42-M-AR [George Wilkins]
Amanda Snodgran 35-F-AR wife [Amanda E. Cain]
Thomas P. Snodgran 10-M-AR son
Floyd W. Snodgran 8-M-AR son [Floyd Wilkins]
Nellie A. Snodgran 6-F-AR dau.
Jessie E. Snodgran 2-M-AR son [Jessie Erven]
Elijah F. Snodgran 75-M-TN father [Elijah Franklin]
[1900 Garland Co., AR]
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

World War I Draft Registration Cards
Henry E Snodgrass born 9 Apr 1887 race White Arkansas
John Alaxander Snodgrass born 19 Nov 1883 race White
Thomas Pitser Snodgrass born 17 Jul 1900 race White

17 Dec 1917 -- C. [Charles] C. Snodgrass, b. 17 Mar 1886, d. 17 Dec 1917, buried Oak Hill Cemetery.
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

1920 Census Garland County Arkansas

Mountain Twp., 22-66-12-44, page 34, #216/221:
Henry E. Snodgrass 32-M-AR/AR/MS farmer, o.f. [Henry Ernest]
Nettie J. Snodgrass 25-F-OK/USA/TN wife [Nellie Jane Goodin]
Luther Snodgrass 11-M-AR/AR/OK son
Helen Snodgrass 7-F-AR/AR/OK dau. [Helen Oeta]
George Snodgrass 2-M-AR/AR/OK son [George Albert]
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

Hot Spring City & Twp., 22-81-13-57, page 171, #367/373:
Docie Snodgrass 35-F-AL/AL/AL marr., no occ., r. [Docie Wilson, wife or widow of Charles C.]
Ethel Snodgrass 14-F-AR/AR/AL dau.
Roy Snodgrass 12-M-AR/AR/AL son [Leroy]
Telma Snodgrass 6-F-AR/AR/AL dau.
Richard Snodgrass 3y4m-M-AR/AR/AL son
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

Mountain Valley Twp., 22-87-6-21, page 245, #112/113:
John A. Snodgrass 36-M-AR/USA/MS farmer, o.f. [John Alexander]
Mary F. Snodgrass 37-F-AR/AL/MS wife [Mary Frances Johnson]
Lilly M. Snodgrass 12-F-AR/AR/AR dau.
Arthur A. Snodgrass 11-M-AR/AR/AR son
Nola E. Snodgrass 4-F-AR/AR/AR dau.
James Tubba 24-M-AR/AR/AR brother-in-law
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

Union Twp., 22-89-1-19, page 264, #5/5:
George Snodgrass 53-M-AR/TN/GA farmer, o.m.
Mandy Snodgrass 44-F-AR/AR/AR wife [Amanda E. Cain]
Floyd Snodgrass 18-M-AR/AR/AR son [Floyd Wilkins]
Nellie Snodgrass 16-F-AR/AR/AR dau.
Jessie Snodgrass 11-M-AR/AR/AR son [Jessie Erven]
Willie Snodgrass 9-M-AR/AR/AR son [William Eugene]
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

Union Twp., 22-90-1-25, page 264, #6/6:
Tom Snodgrass 20-M-AR/AR/AR farmer, r. [Thomas P.]
Flora Snodgrass 20-F-AR/AR/AR wife [Flora E. Owens]
Violet Snodgrass 3m-F-AR/AR/AR dau. [Violet Lucille]
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

15 May 1920 -- G. W. [George Wilkins] Snodgrass, b. 15 Feb 1868, d. 15 May 1920, buried Oak Hill Cemetery.
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

Apr 1929 -- Helen Snodgrass married Jerry Baldwin.
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

9 Feb 1931 -- Willie Snodgrass, b. 29 Jun 1911, d. 9 Feb 1931, buried Oak Hill Cemetery.
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

6 Jun 1931 -- Jessie Snodgrass, b. 2 Feb 1908, d. 6 Jun 1931, buried Oak Hill Cemetery.
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

7 Jul 1962 -- Thomas P. Snodgrass, b. 17 Jul 1899, d. 7 Jul 1962, buried Oak Hill Cemetery (on same stone, Flora E. Snodgrass, b. 2 Nov 1899, d. ---).
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

30 Aug 1965 -- Amanda E. Snodgrass, b. 15 Oct 1874, d. 30 Aug 1965, buried Oak Hill Cemetery.
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

1971 -- Record, vol. 12, pages 211-213:
There is evidence of two Snodgrass brothers in this area; [the] husband of Nancy Snodgrass and Elijah F. Snodgrass. The widow of one is listed as Nancy M., b. 1882 in TN. She m. late in life for a short time in 1890 W. D. Godbehere and d. 28 Jan 1902.
[wj - 1900 Census of Union, Garland Co, Arkansas shows Wm Godbehere b Oct 1819 TN and his wife Nancy A b Aug 1843 Arkansas (crossed out and Tennessee writen in above)]

A complete list of her children has not been found, but she is supposed to have had 7 sons and 5 daus.
(1) Mollie [Snodgrass], m. Pitzer Cain.
(2) Addie [Snodgrass], m. Tom Rippeto.
(3) Bell [Snodgrass], m. ___ Buster.
(4) ___ [Snodgrass], m. ___ Medlock; res. TX.
(5) Martha [Snodgrass], m. ___ McCoy; d. 13 Jan 1881.
(1) Thomas J. Snodgrass, b. ca. 1841; age 39 in 1880 with wife Nancy A.; marriage record in Saline Co.: Tom. m. 18 Jan 1861, Jane Crumpton?.
(2) Elija "Lige" Snodgrass, b. ca. 1853; d. 20 Jan 1902. He and his wife Virginia Florence Ferguson, b. 1859, MS, are buried at Oak Hill Cem. (no dates); epitaph simply reads, "parents of Lizzie Bryant." One reference states he married several times - Allie?, 2nd Betty Forbes, and 3rd Sarah Ritter. Known issue:
(a) Susan Elizabeth "Lizzie" [Snodgrass], b. 10 Apr 1876, d. 5 Oct 1948; m. Sam Bryant, b. 10 Nov 1854, d. 5 Mar 1934. Issue: Cliff, Floyd, Wilma, Dimple, Loyd, & Jesse.
(b) John R. D. [Snodgrass], b. 1878.
(c) Eppie [Snodgrass], m. Needy Riley.
(d) Mollie [Snodgrass], b. 8 Sep 1887, d. 9 Feb 1924; m. H. M. Joe Harris, b. 15 Sep 1885, d. 28 Nov 1950; issue (see Harris history [we need this].
(e) Charlie [Snodgrass], m/1 Docie Wilson; she later m. Joe Harris.
Issue: Allie [Snodgrass], m. Carnie Scott; Ethel [Snodgrass]; Leroy [Snodgrass]; Richard [Snodgrass], m/2 Mollie Harris (had son Larry).
(f) Lonnie Snodgrass.
(3) "Old" George Frank Snodgrass; d. 4 Feb 1902; was prob. the one who m/1 Nancy E. Godbehere, b. 15 May 1854, d. 6 Apr 1875, m. 9 Nov 1871 a Mr. Snodgrass, no known issue; m/2 31 Jan 1883, Mrs. Nellie Elizabeth (Tubbs) Echols, b. ca. 1850, d. 9 Dec 1923. She was the
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

1985 -- Ark. Fam. Hist., vol. 23, pages 12-13:
William Godbehere, son of Thomas Godbehere & Isabelle _aylor, married first to Nancy W. Holland. He was b. 19 Oct 1820, Rhea Co., TN, d. 10 Apr 1906. Nancy, b. 28 Dec 1823, Rhea Co., TN, d. 14 Oct 1889, Garland Co., AR.
1. John T., b. 23 Nov 1841, Rhea Co., TN.
2. Allen John, b. 29 Mar 1844, Rhea Co., TN; married Nelly Ann Bershaby Tate.
3. Mary Jane, b. 12 Aug 1846, Rhea Co., TN; married Jim Bean.
4. Thomas J., b. 8 May 1849, Hot Spring Co., AR; married Rosa P. Duke.
5. Wm. Daniel, b. 9 Dec 1851, Hot Spring Co., AR, m/1 Mary Livingston, m/2 Brilla Miller.
6. Nancy E., b. 16 May 1854, Hot Spring Co., AR; married a Mr. Snodgrass.
7. Sabilia Angeline, b. 7 Feb 1858, married James Clinton Norman.
8. James Monroe, b. 22 Feb 1861, m/1 Mary Eliza Lewis.
William Godbehere m/2 Nancy M. Snodgrass. He m/3 Nancy Ann Carmody. He had no children born of either of these marriages.
This information came from the family record of Mrs. R. W. Templeman, 1620 Ave. N 1/2, Galveston, TX 77550.
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]


Elijah Frank Snodgrass widow's application #1,624,301.

Declaration for Remarried Widow's Pension--Civil War
State of Arkansas, County of Garland.
On this 17th day of Sept., 1928...Mrs. Nellie Snodgrass... That she is 70 years of age, that she was born 18 Sep 1858 at Saline Co., AR... That she was formerly the widow of E. F. Snodgrass, who enlisted in 1861 in Tennessee under the name of E. F. Snodgrass (Elijah Frank), in Company A, Regiment 1, Army (Civil War), (Serial No. 2915), and was honorably discharged in 1865... Died 12 Jan 1911, at Saline Co., AR. The discharge papers were all burned in a fire... That she was married to said soldier on 20 Jun 1874, under the name of Nellie Pate, by Mr. Van Jennings, a minister, at Saline Co., AR; that she had not been previously maried, that he had not been previously married... (no children now under sixteen, but Francis Lee Snodgrass, the only child, was seven years old at the time of Soldier's death)...
Mrs. Nellie Snodgrass, General Delivery, Hot Springs, Garland Co., AR.

Widow Division May 27, 1930
W.O. 1624301
Elijah F. Snodgrass
A-1st Tenn.

Dear Madame,
Your claim under the Act of May 1, 1920, filed Sep. 20, 1928, is rejected on the ground that the name, Elijah F. Snodgrass has not been found on the rolls of any Tennessee Volunteer organization numerically designated, 1st Regiment, during the period of the Civil War, and you are apparently unable to furnish any information whereby your husband's service, if any, can be identified by the records of the War department.
E. W. Morgan, Acting Commissioner

17 Jan 1931
State where enlisted, Arkansas. If unable to furnish company and regiment, give names of commanding officers. Gen. Johnenstans in the Battle Fort Surmter.


(formed 1833 from Lawrence Co.)

1870 census - yes
1900 soundex - yes
1910 miracode - yes
1920 census -yes


1870 Census

Union Twp., page 333, #56/56 (enumerated 29 Jul 1870):
Jas. R. Snodgrass 27-M-IL postmaster at Gainesville, $750/200,
married Nov
Nancy J. Snodgrass 25-F-AR
G. D. Byers 7-M-AR
S. F. Lazenby 23-M-NC teaching school
J. H. Trader 73-M-NC lawyer
[1900 Greene Co., AR]

1 Jan 1883 -- Ark. Fam. Hist., vol. 24, page 149
List of Pensioners on the Roll as of 1 Jan 1883:
James R. Snodgrass, cert. #162,491, Gainsville, Greene Co., AR, disease of eyes, $6.00 pension, started Sep 1879.

1900 Census Greene Co, Arkansas

Clark Twp., 14-31-21-36:
James R. Snodgrass 55-M-IL/VA/VA Jul 1844
Nannie J. Snodgrass 54-F-AR/MO/MO Nov 1845 wife
Robin Hood Byers 12-F-AR/AR/TN Aug 1887 granddau.
[1870, 1910 Greene Co., AR]

1910 Miracode

Nancy J. Snodgrass 64-F-AR [wid/o James R.]
(living alone)
[1900, 1920 Greene Co., AR]

World War I Draft Registration Cards
Walter Snodgrass born 8 Apr 1888 race Caucasian

1920 Census

Union Twp., 26-107-1-18, page 242, #5/5:
Nancy Snodgrass 74-F-AR/MD/MD wid., no occ., o.f. [wid/o James R.]
(living alone)
[1910 Greene Co., AR]


1880 census transcription - NS


(formed 1829 from Clark Co.)

Headstone History - Cemetery Inscriptions of Hot Spring Co., AR, vol. 4,
Borderline Cemeteries (Hot Spring Co. Hist. Soc.) NS

1860 census - yes
1870 census - yes
1880 soundex - yes
1900 soundex - yes

Heritage of Hot Springs Co., AR (Coleman) (extracted from Goodspeed's
Central Arkansas) NS

Arkansas Marriages, 1779-1992 (CD-6) yes


Susan Rebecah Isabeler Tate, 17, Hot Spring Co.,
married 19 May 1859, by Jethro P. Henderson, J.P." Book I, p. 202.
[Elijah Franklin Snodgrass m. Susannah Rebecca Isabella Tate]
[Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN]

1860 Arkansas Census Hot Spring Co
Union Twp., page 933, #205/205:
John Snotgrass 55-M-TN farmer, 0/$400
Jane Snotgrass 55-F-VA housekeeper
Robert W. Snotgrass 24-M-TN farmer, 0/$75
Mary C. Snotgrass 15-F-TN
Hannah Snotgrass 12-F-TN
[1850 Bledsoe Co., TN]

</a><a name=35></a>1860 Arkansas Census Hot Spring Co
Union Twp., page 934, #216/216:
Franklin Snotgrass 22-M-TN farmer, 0/$80
---[Elijah F. Snodgrass, s/o Elijah Snodgrass & Margaret Smith]
---[wj - b Jun 1838 TN d 1910/1920 AR]
Susanna R. J. Snotgrass 17-F-GA housekeeper
---[Susanna Rebecca Isabella Tate b May 1844 GA m. 1859 d 6 Jun 1899]
[1850 Rhea Co., TN, as Elijah F.]
[wj - See Forward<a href="ar.html#34"> 1870 Arkansas Hot Spring Co</a>]
[wj - Source see <a href="">Website of Jennie Crisp</a> <a href="">Jennie Crisp</a>]

<a name=93>1870 Hot Spring Co AR Census
Union Twp., page 585, #23/23 (enumerated 2 Aug 1870):
Thomas Snodgrass 28-M-TN farmer, 0/$150
---[Thomas John s/o John & Nancy]
Jane Snodgrass 29-F-TN [Jane Crumpton]
Hester Snodgrass 4-F-AR
Nancy Snodgrass 2-F-AR
(blank) 3m-M-AR
[wj - See backward </a><a href="ar.html#83">1860 Arkansas Saline Co</a>]
[1880 Falls Co., TX]

<a name=84>1870 Hot Spring Co AR Census
Union Twp., page 585, #31/27 (enumerated 2 Aug 1870):
John A. Snodgrass 52-M-TN farmer, 0/$775
---[s/o Elijah & Margaret Smith (m. 1819 Knox Co TN)]
Nancy Snodgrass 53-F-TN [Nancy Mary Holland; m. 1840 Rhea Co TN]
Mary Snodgrass 20-F-TN
---[wj - Mary A m 27 Nov 1870 Taylor Pitzer Cain (1849 AR-)]
Elijah Snodgrass 18-M-TN
---[wj - Elijah A "Lige" b Jul 1852 d 20 Jan 1902]
George Snodgrass 15-M-TN
---[wj - b Jun 1854 m1 Nancy Godbehere]
Jessie Snodgrass 14-F-AR
---[wj - Caroline Jessie]
Adeline Snodgrass 11-F-AR
---[wj - m Tom Rippeto]
Alfred Snodgrass 24-M-TN (blind)
[see backward </a><a href="ar.html#83">1860 Saline Co AR</a>]
[see forward <a href="ar.html#138">1880 Garland Co AR</a>]

<a name=34></a>1870 Arkansas Census Hot Spring Co Union Twp., page 585, #33/29 (enumerated 2 Aug 1870):
Elijah Snodgrass 32-M-TN farmer, 0/$150 [Elijah Franklin]
Susanna Snodgrass 21-F-GA [age abt 27; Susanna Tate; m. 1859]
John Snodgrass 3-M-AR [John H. ]
George Snodgrass 1-M-AR [George W.]
---[wj - b Feb 1868 d 15 May 1920]
[wj - See Backward <a href="ar.html#35">1860 Arkansas Hot Spring Co</a>]
[wj - See Forward<a href="ar.html#24"> 1880 Arkansas Garland Co</a>]

1870 Hot Spring Co AR Census
Union Twp., page 586, #42/37:
James K. Cain 28-M-TN farmer, $1000/900
Frances Cain 26-F-AR
Jesse A. Cain 10-M-AR
Thomas J. Holland 8-M-AR
Martha Cain 42-F-KY
Margaret Snodgrass 73-F-TN
---[Margaret Smith m. 1819 Knox Co TN, Elijah Snodgrass]
---[wj - daughter of Alexander Smith and Catherine Lowrey]
---[Source <a href="">Jennie Crisp</a> <a href="">website</a> Taylor Cain 21-M-AR farmer, 0/$160
---[m. 1870 Mary Snodgrass d/o James]
Levin Cain 17-M-AR
[See backward 1850 Rhea Co., TN]

27 Nov 1870 -- Mary Snodgrass m. Taylor Cain (Hunting for Bears)
20 Nov 1872 -- Wista Snodgrass m. Lorin Cain (Hunting for Bears)

<a name=37></a>1880 Hot Spring Co AR Census/Soundex
Prairie Bayou Twp., 5-77-27-26:
Joseph Snotgrass 23-M-MS
Elizabeth Snotgrass 21-F-AR wife
John Snotgrass 3-M-AR son
William Snotgrass 2-M-AR son
[WJ see forward <a href="ar.html#36">1900 Arkansas Hot Spring Co </a>]

<a name=36></a>1900 Hot Spring Co AR Census/Soundex
Prairie Bayou Twp., 16-55-8-37:
Joseph A. Snodgrass 45-M-TN Dec 1854
Elizabeth Snodgrass 44-F-AR Mar 1856 wife
William Snodgrass 21-M-AR Jun 1878 son
Josie Snodgrass 18-F-AR Jan 1882 daughter
Eviline Snodgrass 15-F-AR Dec 1884 daughter
David Snodgrass 14-M-AR Feb 1886 son
Wilson Snodgrass 12-M-AR Nov 1887 son [wj - see forward 1920 Dewey Co, Oklahoma]
James Snodgrass 10-M-AR Oct 1889 son
Noble Snodgrass 8-M-AR Jan 1892 son [wj see forward 1920 Oklahoma Garvin Co]
Belle Snodgrass 5-F-AR Jul 1894 daughter
Davie Snodgrass 1-M-AR Aug 1898 son
[WJ see backward <a href="ar.html#37">1880 Arkansas Hot Spring Co </a>]
[wj - see forward "John A" 1920 Oklahoma Garvin Co]


(formed 1873 from Pike, Hempstead, Polk, & Sevier Counties)

1900 soundex - yes

<a name=50></a>
1900 Arkansas Soundex Howard Co
Center Point Twp., 16?-68-12-45:
Amayella Snodgrass 54-F-AR Dec 1845 [wj - Amazella]
---[Amzella Sharp d/o William Sharp & Missouri
---(will 1884 Sevier Co AR); m. John Snodgrass s/o James]
Florence Glover 31-F-AR Aug 1868 daughter
John H. Gilbert 10-M-AR May 1890 grandson [wj - son of Florence's first marriage]
Edwin Gilbert 8-M-AR Dec 1891 grandson [wj - son of Florence's first marriage]
Driver Glover 1-M-AR Nov 1898 grandson [wj - son of Florence's second marriage]
Robert Mitchell 34-M-AR Mar 1866 hired man
[wj - see backward <a href="ar.html#51">1870 Arkansas Sevier Co</a>]
[wj - Driver Glover was Arthur Lee "Driver" Glover b 16 Nov 1898 Center Point, AR]
[wj - Source for notes, descendent <a href="">Terry Glover Taylor</a> of Texarkana, Texas ]


J. (or maybe I?) Snodgrass

1836 tax list
Isaac Snodgae

John Snodgrass

Joseph Snodgrass

Isaac Snodgrass
Joseph Snodgrass
1890 Personal Property Tax List of Jefferson County, Arkansas
Old River township
Jeoptha Snodgrass
See backward 1880 Census Arkansas County
1900 Census, Jefferson Co, Arkansas
Old R??? township
Jesse Snodgrass, male, black, Nov 1845, divorced? GA/GA/GA
(living alone)


(formed 1833 from Pope Co.)

CENSUS RECORDS 1870 census index - yes 1910 miracode - yes

History of Johnson Co. AR, The First 100 Years (1921-Langford) NS

<a name=38></a>1870 Arkansas Census Johnson Co Pittsburg Twp., page 69, #65/65:
William Snodgrass 42-M-TN farmer
---[wj - William James Snodgrass b 18 Jun 1828 VA d 11 May 1882 Washington Co, AR bur Lincoln Cemetery]
---[wj - s/o Thomas (d. 1852 White Co TN) & Margaret Duff (m. 1827 Washington Co VA]
Nimrey? Snodgrass 34-F-TN
---[Winnie / Winnifred Norton Bradley; b 20 Jan 1836 TN m. 29 Dec 1853 White Co TN; d. 1908 Washington Co, AR bur Lincoln Cemetery]
Mary N. Snodgrass 14-F-TN
---[wj - married A S King 16 Oct 1887 Washington Co, AR]
Margaret Snodgrass 12-F-TN [wj - Margaret Jane]
John Snodgrass 9-M-TN
---[wj - John P b Nov 1861 d 1938 Washington Co, AR]
Thomas J./I. Snodgrass 7-M-TN [Thomas Lafayette]
---[wj - b 4 Jan 1863 d 21 Apr 1942 Wash Co, Arkansas]
Martha Snodgrass 5-F-TN
William J./I. Snodgrass 3-M-TN
George Snodgrass 2-M-TN
---[wj - b 3 Mar 1868 TN d 24 Feb 1933 Wash Co, Arkansas bur Lincoln Cem.]
Amanda Snodgrass 8m-F-TN b. Oct
John Benet 24-M-TN farmer
[m. 1855 White Co., TN]
[see backward 1860 White Co., TN]
[see forward <a href="ar.html#39">1880 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]

<a name=91>1910 Arkansas Miracode Johnson Co
John Snodgrass 27-M-MO
Lucy Snodgrass 20-F-KY wife
Ida Snodgrass -F-AR daughter
[WJ - See backward </a><a href="ar.html#86">1900 Arkansas Madison Co</a>]
[WJ - See forward <a href="ar.html#90">1920 Arkansas Madison Co</a>]

Cloma Jean [Acord] Snodgrass
The Graphic, Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas, 25 July 2001

Cloma Jean Snodgrass, 66, of Springdale died Thursday, July 19, 2001, at her home.
She was a daughter of the late John [1909 MO - 1972 - wsj] and Elzada Griffith Acord [1909 KY - 1994 - wsj] [mar 1932 Lincoln Co, AR - wsj], long-time needle craft exhibitor, member of the extension homemakers club and Sonora Baptist Church, Sunday school teacher, and supporter of Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock.
Survivors include her husband, Elmer Snodgrass [1915-2003 Washington Co, AR - wsj]; two sons and daughters-in-law, Tom and Victoria Ellis and Bob and Roberta Ellis, all of Reno, Nev.; one sister and brother-in-law, Johnnie and Olen Yarbrough of Clarksville; two brothers and sisters-in-law, Benny and Maudie Acord of Oark and Bob and Shirley Acord of Farmington; and three grandchildren, Rolando Ellis, Amanda Jean Ellis, and Ashley Marie Ellis.
Funeral was at 10 a.m. Saturday, July 21, at Roller-Cox Chapel with Rev. Danny Williams officiating. Burial was in Oark Cemetery.
Pallbearers were Tom Ellis, Alan Acord, Garry Yarbrough, Richard Yarbrough, Bob Ellis, and David Yarbrough.
[Found by wsj]
Oark Cemetery
Cloma Jean Acord Snodgrass b. 1935 d. July 19, 2001
[Found by wsj]


(formed 1815 from New Madrid Co., MO)

CENSUS RECORDS 1900 soundex - yes

1900 Arkansas Soundex Lawrence Co
Black Rock Twp., 21-65-24-2:
Wooly or Nick Collins 28-M-MO/TN/MO
Mary 29-F-MO/IL/MO Dec 1870 wife
---[wj - married for 8 years, mother of 1]
Ada Sadler 16-F-MO/MO/MO Sep 1883
John Fritz 7-M-MO/MO/MO Mar 1893 nephew
Mary A Fritz 13-F-MO/MO/MO Mar 1887 niece
Mollie Snodgrass 21-F-MO/MO/MO Mar 1879 single, servant, private family
Dora Norris 28-F-MO/IL/IL Sep 1871 single, boarder, mother of 1
Joseph Brooks 27-M-TN/MS/MS Dec 1872 single, boarder
Pearl Talley 16-F-MO/MO/TN Jan 1884 single, boarder


(formed 1867 from Hempstead Co.)

1870 census - yes
1920 soundex - yes

The Goodspeed Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas (1890) yes

1870 Arkansas Census Little River Co
Jackson Twp., page 332, #655/868 (enum. 27 Jul):
Maria C. Snodgrass 32-F-NC school teacher
William Snodgrass 12-M-NC
Isac Snodgrass 10-M-NC

1890 -- The Goodspeed Biog. & Hist. Memoirs of Southern AR, page 530-531:
R. S. Chaytor, a prominent resident and ex-county and circuit clerk of Little River County, was born in St. Louis in 1855. His father, Joseph Chaytor, left his native State (Maryland) in early manhood and went to St. Louis, where he met and afterward married Miss Theresa Snodgrass, a native of that city, and the subject of this sketch is one of two surviving members of their family of four children, all boys. His brother D. O. (mention of whom is made elsewhere in this volume), resides at Fulton. The maternal grandfather, Jacob Snodgrass, was one of the earliest settlers of St. Louis, and was prominently identified with the early history of that city. Among the possessions of the Snodgrass family in St. Louis is a lot in the city cemetery, in which all their family, and that of the Chaytors have been buried for two generations, and it is there that both Joseph Chaytor and wife are at rest. The latter passed from life in 1872, and her death was followed two years later by that of her husband, who received his final summons while on a visit to St. Louis. Joseph Chaytor enlisted in the Confederate cause during the late war, serving under Gen. Price. He was a member of Gen. Marmaduke's staff, with the rank of captain. At the close of the war he moved to Texas, and in 1867 came to this county, where he was occupied in farming until his death.

1920 Arkansas Census Little River Co
Ashdown, 33-37-1-71:
Jenne C. Curran 54-F-MO/MO/PA wid. [wj - widow of William S Curran 1852-1904]
---[wj - Jennie G Curran 1860-1951 Ashdown Cemetery F12-02]
James Curran 28-M-AR/AR/MO son
Hattie L. Curran 26-F-AR/AR/MO dau.
Gertrude Curran 20-F-AR/AR/MO dau.
H. E. Snodgrass 86-F-PA/PA/PA aunt, no occ.
---[wj - Harriet Snodgrass 1835-1922 Ashdown Cemetery F12-03 on Curran marker]
---[wj - for Harriet see 1860 Calloway Co, Missouri]


Sheldon Alv Snodgrass d 4/5/1942 white male 29 years old
Western Arkansas Death Index by Desmond Walls Allen


(formed 1873 from Pulaski & Prairie Counties.)

1910 miracode - yes
1920 soundex - yes


1910 Arkansas Miracode Lonoke Co
Florence Snodgrass 33-F-TN

World War 1 Draft Registration Cards
Willis Clarence Snodgrass born 16 Apr 1882 race Black

1920 Arkansas Soundex Lonoke Co
Lonoke Twp., 36-171-16-13, page 153, #409/409:
Alp Snodgrass 26-M-AL/AL/AL (black) farm labor, r.
Belma Snodgrass 22-F-AL/AL/AL (black) wife
Harry Snodgrass 3y4m-M-AL/AL/AL (black) son

1920 Arkansas Soundex Lonoke Co
Lonoke Twp., 36-171-16-70, page 153, #421/421:
Albert Campbell 29-M-AL/AL/AL (mulatto) farmer, r.
Charity Campbell 26-F-AL/AL/AL (mulatto) wife
Vivian Campbell 7-F-AL/AL/AL (mulatto) dau.
Nathahel Campbell 5-M-AL/AL/AL (mulatto) son
Lesley Snodgrass 11-M-AL/AL/AL (mulatto) nephew
Crofford Snodgrass 5-M-AL/AL/AL (mulatto) nephew

1920 Arkansas Soundex Lonoke Co
Lonoke Twp., 36-171-16-94, page 153, #427/427:
Clarence Snodgrass 30-M-AL/GA/AL (mulatto) farm labor, r.
Samantha Snodgrass 27-F-AL/AL/AL (mulatto) wife
[wj - son of William and Julia]
[wj - see backward 1900 Alabama Jackson Co]

1920 Arkansas Soundex Lonoke Co
Lonoke Twp., 36-171-18-7, page 155, #452/455:
Louis Snodgrass 40-M-AL/AL/AL (mulatto)
Mary A. Snodgrass 26-F-AR/AL/AL (mulatto) wife
[wj - son of William and Julia]
[wj - see backward 1900 Alabama Jackson Co]


(formed 1836 from Washington Co.)

1900 soundex - yes
1910 miracode - yes
1920 soundex - yes


<a name=86></a> 1900 Arkansas Soundex Madison Co
Boston Twp., 24-66-8-22:
Samuel Snodgrass 35-M-IL/IL/IL unk 1865 [Samuel B. b. ca 1859]
Jane Snodgrass 41-F-KY/VA/VA Nov 1858 wife
---[wj - married for 20 years, mother of 7, 6 still living]
John L. Snodgrass 15-M-MO/IL/KY Oct 1884 son
---[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#91">1910 Arkansas Johnson Co</a>]
Mary J. Snodgrass 12-F-MO/IL/KY Jul 1887 daughter
Charles Snodgrass 9-M-AR/IL/KY Nov 1890 son
Mattie Snodgrass 6-F-AR/IL/KY Apr 1893 daughter
Goldie Snodgrass 1-F-AR/IL/KY May 1899 daughter
[vss - Samuel m. Eliza Jane Sires 24 Feb 1880 Carroll Co MO, Bk. D, p. 302]
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#85">1910 Arkansas Madison Co</a>]
[wj - From letter of <a href="">Donna Hughes</a>, a descendent:
Samuel Snodgrass b 1865 IL or Lafayette Co, MO m Jane (Eliza Jane) Sires d 20 Apr 1922 bur Venus Cemetery, Madison Co, AR 3 children born in McDonald Co, MO another 3 in Madison Co, AR brother to John Warren Snodgrass m1 Hardwick m2 Wills and a brother to Joseph W Snodgrass m1 unknown m2 Rosetta Ogden]

[wj - But see the Draft Card of Charley where he states that he was born in Bentonville

1910 Arkansas Miracode Madison Co
William H. Snodgrass 25-M-MO [William Henry]
---[m2 Hallie D]
Ethel Snodgrass 19-F-AR wife [Ethel Anne Keck]
---[wj m 1908]
Cecil Snodgrass -M-AR son [Cecil Chester]
[vss - info from desc. SCS member <a href="">Donna M. Hughes </a>] Cecil Chester Snodgrass, b. 14 September 1909, Venus, Madison Co., AR, d. 1 Dec 1995 in Kansas City MO, was the son of William Henry Snodgrass and Ethel Anne Keck. He married Helen Buckley, 16 June in 1935, Everton, MO.]

<a name=85>1910 Arkansas Miracode Madison Co
Samuel Snodgrass 51-M-IL [Samuel B. b. ca 1859]
Janie Snodgrass 52-F-KY wife [Eliza Jane Sires]
Charley Snodgrass 19-M-AR son [wj - see forward </a><a href="ar.html#92">1920 Arkansas Madison Co</a>]
Hattie Snodgrass 16-F-AR daughter
[wj - see backward <a href="ar.html#86">1900 Arkansas Madison Co</a>]
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#87">1920 Arkansas Madison Co</a>]

<a name=89>1910 Arkansas Miracode Madison Co
Joseph Snodgrass 47-M-MO [b. ca 1863]
---[wj From Tombstone, b 21 Dec 1862, d 30 May 1935 Ogden Cemetery, Madison Co, AR]
Rosa Snodgrass 38-F-AR wife [Rosa Ogden]
---[wj Rosetta Ann Ogden dau of Pleasant C Ogden and Sarah Adaline Cantrell (daughter of Abner Cantrell and Mary N Maxey m 1821 Marion Co Alabama)]
---[wj From Tombstone, b 21 Sep 1871 d 1 Apr 1941 Ogden Cemetery, Madison Co, AR]
[wj - see forward </a><a href="ar.html#88">1920 Arkansas Madison Co</a>]
[wj - From letter <a href="">Donna Hughes</a> a descendent:
Joseph W Snodgrass b 21 Dec 1862 MO, m1 unknown, m2 Rosetta Ogden Madison Co, AR d 20 Apr 1922 Venus, Madison Co, AR no children]

1910 Arkansas Miracode Madison Co
39-113-47 [this maybe should be in Marion Co.]:
John R. Snodgrass 45-M-MO [b. ca 1865]
Fannie Snodgrass 33-F-MO wife
Bessie G. Snodgrass -F-AR daughter
Joseph E. Snodgrass -M-AR son

Elmer Everett Snodgrass b 14 Jul 1915 Huntsville, Madison Co, AR
d 3 Jan 2003 Fayetteville, Washington Co., Arkansas
s/o John E Snodgrass ~1884- and Lucy Bowling ~1890-
[found by wsj]

World War I Draft Registration Cards
Charley Snodgrass born 13 Mar 1891 race Caucasian
card says that he was born in Bentonville
Social Security Death Index
Charlie Snodgrass b 13 Mar 1891 d Sep 1975
Last Residence: Rogers, Benton Co, AR
SSN issued by Arkansas before 1951

World War I Draft Cards
John Elmer Snodgrass born 25 Oct 1883 race White
William Henry Snodgrass born 24 Mar 1884 race White

<a name=88>1920 Arkansas Soundex Madison Co
Joe Snodgrass 57-M-MO/IA/IL farmer, o.f.
Rosetta A. Snodgrass 48-F-AR/AR/TN wife
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#89">1910 Arkansas Madison Co</a>]

<a name=87>1920 Arkansas Soundex Madison Co
Sam B. Snodgrass 60-M-MS/IA/IL farmer, o.m. <should be b. IL>[was IL on 1910]
Eliza J. Snodgrass 61-F-KY/VA/VA wife
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#85">1910 Arkansas Madison Co</a>]

<a name=90>1920 Arkansas Soundex Madison Co
John E. Snodgrass 35-M-MO/MO/KY farmer, o.f.
Lucy Snodgrass 29-F-KY/KY/KY wife
Ida Snodgrass 10-F-AR/MO/KY dau.
Ester Snodgrass 7-F-AR/MO/KY dau.
Elmer Snodgrass 5y10m-M-AR/MO/KY son [m Cloma Jean Acord]
Pearl Snodgrass 6m-F-AR/MO/KY dau.
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#91">1910 Arkansas Johnson Co</a>]

---[wj - Aurora Cemetery, Madison Co, AR - John Snodgrass 1884-1939, Lucy Snodgrass 1892-1957]
<a name=92>1920 Arkansas Soundex Madison Co
Charles Snodgrass 28-M-AR/MO/KY farmer, o.f.
Nancy Snodgrass 21-F-AR/TN/AR wife
Olen Snodgrass 5-M-AR son [Orbin Snodgrass, he wrote Donna Hughes 1980]
Elsie Snodgrass 2y7m-F-AR dau.
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#85">1910 Arkansas Johnson Co</a>]

Merle Snodgrass Isaac
b. Mar 24, 1922 d. Feb. 7, 2003
She was born in Huntsville, Arkansas and died in Springdale, Arkansas
Daughter of John Snodgrass and Lucy Bowling Snodgrass


(formed 1836 from Izard Co.)

Cemeteries of Marion Co. (Burnes & Burnes) NS

1860 census - yes
1910 miracode - yes

Marion Co., AR, Marriage Records (Burnes & Roberts) NS
Books E & F, 1887-1896 - NS
Books G & H, 1896-1905 - NS
Books I & J, 1905-1917 - yes


1860 Arkansas Census Marion Co
Blythe Twp., page 586, #373/1 [the census taker did not understand about the family number, and called all families #1]:
Thomas Snodgrass 45-M-KY farmer, 0/$640
---[wj-son of David Snodgrass/Elizabeth Johnson, this from <a href="">Linda Alderson</a>]
---[wj - born 8 Oct 1814 Tennessee, died 1 Feb 1872 Branson, Missouri]
---[wj - married Caroline Moore 3 Jan 1839 Athens, McMinn Co Tennessee]
Caroline Snodgrass 45-F-VA [Moore]
---[wj - born 27 Jul 1815 d 16 Apr 1879 Taney Co, Missouri]
Lucinda Snodgrass 18-F-TN
Munroe Snodgrass 16-M-TN
---[wj - William Monroe Snodgrass b 22 Apr 1844 m1 23 Jul 1866 Stone Co, Missouri to Mary Margaret Tatum]
---[wj - m2 1875/1878 Saraha B Snodgrass]
Aleria Snodgrass 14-F-TN [Asteria]
Sythia Snodgrass 11-F-TN [Cynthia]
Tennessee Snodgrass 8-F-TN
---[wj - b 29 Jan 1850 married George William Compton abt 1872]
---[wj - d 18 Jun 1926 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri]
Jonathan Snodgrass 7-M-TN
Carroll Snodgrass 4-M-AR
Dianah Snodgrass 2-F-AR
[See backward 1850 Tennessee - find it!]
[See forward 1870 Taney Co Missouri]

1860 Arkansas Census Marion Co
39-84-121 [this maybe should be Madison Co.]:
James Snodgrass 31-M-MO
Alice Snodgrass 22-F-AR wife
Cora Snodgrass 3-F-AR daughter
Lillia Snodgrass 1-F-AR daughter

10 Aug 1887 -- Courthouse burned in Marion Co., OH; all records lost.

30 Dec 1905 -- J. H. snodgrass, 27, of Lawrance Co., AR, married Alice Clem, 18, of Zinc, Boone Co., AR; by #. L. Hand, Justice of the Peace.


1920 soundex - yes


World War I Draft Registration Cards
Walter Alvin Snodgrass born 6 Sep 1873 race White
Marcus Malvin Snodgrass born 4 Mar 1894 race White

1920 Arkansas Soundex Mississippi Co
Blytheville, 40-149-5-73:
W. A. Snodgrass 46-M-KS/OH/OH manager water plant, o.m.
Helen Snodgrass 43-F-IL/IL/IL wife
Jula Snodgrass 13-F-MO/KS/IL dau.
Willis Snodgrass 12-M-MO/KS/IL son
Homer Snodgrass 10-M-MO/KS/IL son
Louise Snodgrass 7y6m-F-MO/KS/IL dau.

1920 Arkansas Soundex Mississippi Co
P. H. Snodgrass 57- -TN/TN/TN wid., farmer, o.f.
P. M. Snodgrass 24-M-TN/TN/TN son
Clyde Snodgrass 23-F-AR/TN/TN dau.-in-law
Catherine Snodgrass 3y3m-F-AR/TN/TN step-dau.
Pete Snodgrass 1y9m-M-AR/TN/TN grandson


(formed 1871 from Hempstead, Columbia, & Ouachita Counties.)

1880 soundex - yes
1900 soundex - yes
1910 miracode - yes
1920 soundex - yes


<a name=94>1880 Arkansas Soundex Nevada Co Boughton Twp., 9-211-6-28:
S. J. Snodgrass 28-M-AL
---[Samuel James Snodgrass s/o Francis K. & Leona]
---[wj m1 31 May 1876 Clark Co, AR to Victoria Stuart]
---[wj m2 23 Apr 1883 Nevada Co, AR to Amanda Emily Frisby]
N. F. Snodgrass 26-F-MS wife
D. F.? Snodgrass 4m- -AR
[wj - See backward </a><a href="ar.html#9">1870 Arkansas Clark Co</a>]
[wj - See forward <a href="ar.html#95">1900 Arkansas Nevada Co]

</a><a name=8></a>1880 Arkansas Soundex Nevada Co Boughton Twp., 9-261?-11-43:
F. K. Snodgrass 52-M-VA [Francis Snodgrass s/o James D. & Abigail Dunlap]
---[Francis K. Snodgrass s/o James D. & Abigail Dunlap]
L. T. Snodgrass 47-F-GA wife [Leona]
J. H. Snodgrass 24-M-AL son [Joseph H. Snodgrass]
B. F. Snodgrass 22-M-AL son
W. A. Snodgrass 15-M-AR son [wj - see forward 1900 Eastland Co TX]
V. A. Snodgrass 12-F-AR daughter
M. M. Snodgrass 9-F-AR daughter
C. L. Snodgrass 6-M-AR son
[See backward <a href="ar.html#9">1870 Clark Co, AR</a>]
[See forward Leona and Joe(son)<a href="ar.html#10">1900 Nevada Co., AR w/son</a>]

[vss - from Nevada County, Arkansas Marriages 1871-1901, Hempstead County Genealogical Society, Hope, AR] 23 Apr 1883 - Snodgrass, S. J., 32, of Boughton to Amanda Frisby, 22, by N. J. Price, MG (Book B, p. 597).

<a name=10></a> 1900 Arkansas Soundex Nevada Co
Boughton Twp., 22-79-7-7:
Joe or Jos H. Snodgrass 44-M-AL/VA/AL Feb 1856
Leona Snodgrass 67-F-AL/SC/GA Oct 1832 mother
George Hornbeck 11-M-TX/KY/AR Sep 1888 nephew
Lewis Hornbeck 8-M-AR/KY/AR Nov 1891 nephew
Linda J. Maxwell 48-F-MS/MS/AL May 1852 servant
[See backward <a href="ar.html#8">1880 Nevada Co, AR</a>]

<a name=95> 1900 Arkansas Nevada Co
Boughton Twp., 22-79-11-62:
James Snodgrass 48-M-AL/MS/AL Mar 1852 [Samuel James]
Amanda Snodgrass 44-F-AR/AL/AR Feb 1856 wife
---[wj - mother of 4, 3 still living in 1900 census]
---[wj - Amanda Emily Frisby b 7 Feb 1856 Union Co, AR married in 1883]
---[wj - daughter of Elijah Thomas Frisby and Julia Ann Howard]
Emma Snodgrass 6-F-AR/AL/AR Aug 1893 daughter
John A. Snodgrass 1-M-AR/AL/AR Apr 1899 son
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#94">1880 Arkansas Nevada Co</a>]
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#96">1910 Arkansas Nevada Co</a>]
[wj - Lizzie Frisby and her children Ned and Annie live nearby; as do Elijah Frisby and his wife and kids]

Feb 1900 -- Pension Application #8037, Mrs. C. E. Snodgrass, widow of Frank
Snodgrass, Co. H, Reg. 33, Div. AR-I, 1862-1865; veteran died Feb 1900.

<a name=96>1910 Arkansas Miracode Nevada Co 44-108-51:
Samuel J. Snodgrass 58-M-AL
Amanda Snodgrass 54-F-AR wife [wj - Frisby]
Emma Z. Snodgrass 15-F-AR daughter
John A. Snodgrass 11-M-AR son
+ 1 non-relative
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#95">1900 Arkansas Nevada Co</a>]
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#97">1920 Arkansas Nevada Co</a>]

2 Jan 1917 - Samuel James Snodgrass (b. 17 Mar 1852) died; buried Piney Grove Cemetery, Boughton, Nevada Co., AR
[vss - info from Ancestry of Ellis M. Frisby]

<a name=97>1920 Arkansas Soundex Nevada Co Prescott, 43-132-1-48:
Amanda Snodgrass 63-F-AR/USA/USA wid., no occ., o.f.
Emma Lewis 26-F-AR/AL/AR dau., div. dau.
---[Emma Snodgrass d/o Samuel James Snodgrass & Amanda Frisby]
Robert Lewis 4-M-AR/AL/AR grandson
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#96">1910 Arkansas Nevada Co</a>]


(formed 1842 from Carroll Co.)

1910 miracode - yes


1910 Arkansas Miracode Newton Co 43-113/103?-4:
John W. Snodgrass 46-M-VA
Esther N. Snodgrass 40-F-TN wife
Paul F. Snodgrass 14-M-TN son
Mary E. Snodgrass 8-F-TN daughter
Dora M. Snodgrass 4-F-TN daughter


(formed 1820 from Arkansas & Hempstead Counties.)

1920 soundex - yes

Phillips Co., AR, Marriages, 1820-Jul 1879 (Bonner) yes


1821 -- Military Bounty Grant: patented to Sam'l Snodgrass, Warrant #3,792.

22 Sep 1866 -- Emeline Snodgrass, age 22, married John Harris, age 23 (1-432).

1920 Arkansas Soundex Phillips Co
Clebesone, 47-122-3-72, page 138, #58/61:
Rodgers S. Stancil 47-M-AL/AL/USA (black) farmer, o.m.
Mollie Stancil 46-F-AL/USA/USA (black) wife
Robert Snodgrass 7-M-AL/AL/AL (black) nephew

1920 Arkansas Soundex Phillips Co
Lexa, Spring Creek Twp., 48-192-5-12, page 234, #86/96:
J. Snodgrass 52-M-MS/MS/MS farmer, r.
Sarah Snodgrass 48-F-MS/MS/MS wife
William Snodgrass 19-M-MS/MS/MS son
John Snodgrass 17-M-MS/MS/MS son
Ruth Snodgrass 15-F-MS/MS/MS dau.
Tom Snodgrass 12-M-MS/MS/MS son
Oberta Snodgrass 9-F-MS/MS/MS dau.
Lillie Snodgrass 8-F-AR/MS/MS dau.
Harry Snodgrass 6-M-AR/MS/MS son
Mary Snodgrass 5-F-AR/MS/MS dau.
Edward Snodgrass 3y6m-M-AR/MS/MS son


(formed 1833 from Clark & Hempstead Counties.)

CENSUS RECORDS 1860 census - yes


<a name=7></a>1860 Arkansas Census Pike Co
Missouri Twp., page 494, #398/398:
F. Snodgrass 32-M-VA mechanic, 0/$100 [Francis]
---[Francis K. Snodgrass s/o James D. Snodgrass & Abigail Dunlap]
Leona Snodgrass 28-F-GA
S. J. Snodgrass 8-M-AL [Samuel James]
---[wj - b 17 Mar 1852 d 2 Jan 1917 Nevada Co, Ar]
Sarah Snodgrass 6-F-AL
Joseph Snodgrass 4-M-AL
Benj. Snodgrass 2-M-AL
[See backward 1850 Alabama Cherokee Co]
[See forward <a href="ar.html#9">1870 Arkansas Clark Co</a>]

6 Dec 1896 -- George Snodgrass married Annie Campbell


(formed 1838 from Greene & St. Francis Counties.)

CENSUS RECORDS 1900 soundex - yes 1920 soundex - yes


1900 Arkansas Census/Soundex Poinsett Co
Tyranad? Twp., 30-88-18-37:
Wm. Counts

Robert J. Snodgrass 29-M-AR Jan 1871 boarder

1920 Arkansas Census/Soundex Poinsett Co
Weona, 46-198-1-17:
Marcus M. Snodgrass 25-M-MS/KY/MS
Allie L. Snodgrass 22-F-MS/MS/MS wife
Ada B. Snodgrass 2y6m-F-AR/MS/MS dau.

1920 Arkansas Census/Soundex Poinsett Co
Bert Snodgrass 32-M-IL/IL/IL laborer timber, r.
Francis Snodgrass 25-F-AR/TN/TN wife <Frances Woods>
Arthur Snodgrass 9-M-AR/IL/AR son
Marshall Woods 24-M-AR/TN/TN brother-in-law
Jennie Woods 21-F-AR/KY/KY sister-in-law
Jewell Woods 2y8m-F-AR/AR/AR niece

[vss - marriages rec'd from Susan Cabiness Bradford. Check actual records]
Found in my stock pile from when I visited Ark long ago

Poinsett County Ark.
Snodgrass, Paul age 19 & Wade, Willine age 18 married June 6, 1941
Truman ( town) book X page 312

Snodgrass James, age 32 & Mitchell, Sibble age 22
From Marked Tree married 13 March 1943

Snodgrass Arthur age 21 & Snodgrass, Otie age 17
From Lepanto married April 14, 1932

Snodgrass, Bert age 30 & Kepner, Eva age 16
Truman married 9 Apr 1921



Location: From Downtown Vandervoort: One mile south on old Hwy #71, then one-half mile East on Gravel Road.
Snodgrass, James R., no dates. Corp'l Co. I, 49th Ill Inf

William Snodgrass d 11/12/1935
Western Arkansas Death Index by Desmond Walls Allen


1920 soundex - yes


1920 Arkansas Soundex Prairie Co
Des Arc, White River Twp., 50-112-13-95, page 163, #285/300:
Alic Hardman 52-M-TX/MD/NC (black) thrift shop, r.
Irene Hardman 32-F-AR/USA/USA (black) wife
Malicie Snodgrass 13-F-AR/TX/AR (black) dau.


(formed 1818 from Arkansas Co.)

1870 census index - yes
1900 soundex - yes
1910 miracode - yes

Little Rock National Cemetery
Snodgrass, M, d. 07/29/1864, PVT D 3 MO CAV, Plot: 1025, *

1870 Arkansas Pulaski Co
Eastmann Twp., page 176, #231/267 (enum. 11 Jun 1870):
Laura Gilbert 20-F-AL (black) farm laborer
Frances J. Gilbert 3-F-AL (black)
Australia Gilbert 1-F-AL (black)
Edwd. Snodgrass 8-M-AL (black)

1870 Arkansas Pulaski Co
Little Rock, 4th Ward, page 340, #369/489:
William Snodgrass 29-M-AR framer, $3000/1200
Fanny Snodgrass 28-F-AR
Julia Snodgrass 10-F-AR
John H. Snodgrass 8-M-AR
Peter Snodgrass 6-M-AR
Albert Snodgrass 3-M-AR
Martha Snodgrass 1-F-AR

<a name=98> 1870 Arkansas Pulaski Co
Owen Twp., page 370, #70/70 (enum. 16 Aug):
Mary Snodgrass 41-F-TN at home [Sykes]
Charlotte Snodgrass 20-F-AR
---[wj b 11-18-1849]
Joseph Snodgrass 15-M-AR farm laborer [George Joseph]
---[wj b 12-22-1854]
Robert Snodgrass 14-M-AR farm laborer [see forward </a><a href="ar.html#100">1880 Saline Co AR</a>]
---[wj b 9-26-1856]
Elijah Snodgrass 12-M-AR [wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#130">1900 Arkanas Yell Co</a>]
---[vss - Elijah Jefferson Snodgrass b. 6 Aug 1860 Saline Co AR; info from desc <a href="">Debbie Snodgrass-Jones</a>]
---[wj - m1 Eliza Ann Vandegrift 16 Aug 1877 m2 Martha A Buress 17 Aug 1879]
[vss - Mary Sykes m. William Snodgrass 8-12-1847 Rhea Co TN]
[see backward <a href="ar.html#99">1860 Arkansas Saline</a>]

Social Security Death Index - no county listed
William Snodgrass b 21 Oct 1885 d Jun 1964
SSN issued by Arkansas, no last residence listed
The World War I Draft Cards show this to be
William Rea Snodgrass b 21 Oct 1885, registered in Pulaski Co, AR

Submitted by Will Johnson from Little Rock, Arkansas City Directories
Found at
Joseph F Markling; Andrew Snodgrass; Henry H Leslie Markling and Co carps 1004 Main Little Rock AR 1893, 1894
Andrew Snodgrass, Jr Gus Blass and Co clerk boards 1103 Center Little Rock AR 1893, 1894
Andrew Snodgrass Markling and Co 1103 Center Little Rock AR 1893, 1894
Miss Jennie Snodgrass student boards 1103 Center Little Rock AR 1893, 1894
Latta K Snodgrass W B Allen and Co clerk boards 1103 Center Little Rock AR 1893, 1894
Patrick W Snodgrass clerk boards 1103 Center Little Rock AR 1893, 1894
Paul Snodgrass G L Jones clerk boards 1103 Center Little Rock AR 1893, 1894
Wm A Snodgrass clerk boards 1103 Center Little Rock AR 1893, 1894
Edward W Snodgrass clerk 513 Broadway Little Rock AR 1893, 1894
Wm M Snodgrass Beulah s e corner Main, North Little Rock Little Rock AR 1893,1894
Andrew H Snodgrass Gus Blass & Co clerk boards 615 w 14th Little Rock AR 1895, 1896
Andrew J Snodgrass carpenter 615 w 14th Little Rock AR 1895, 1896
Miss Jennie T Snodgrass boards 615 w 14th Little Rock AR 1895, 1896
Lotta K Snodgrass J M Pipkin & Son clerk boards 615 w 14th Little Rock AR 1895, 1896
Patrick W Snodgrass B T Matthes clerk boards 615 w 14th Little Rock AR 1895, 1896
Paul Snodgrass G L Jones clerk boards 615 w 14th Little Rock AR 1895, 1896
Miss Roberta C Snodgrass boards 615 w 14th Little Rock AR 1895, 1896
Wm A Snodgrass J M Colburn and Co clerk boards 615 w 14th Little Rock AR 1895, 1896
Wm E Snodgrass M M Cohn and Co clerk 513 Broadway Little Rock AR 1895, 1896
Wm M Snodgrass farmer south side w Madison, near Willow, North Little Rock Little Rock AR 1895, 1896
Andrew B Hood P and P Snodgrass clerk 1016 w 16th Little Rock AR 1897, 1898
Garland W James P and P Snodgrass clerk 1908 Chester Little Rock AR 1897, 1898
George C Koonce P and P Snodgrass clerk 1022 w 8th Little Rock AR 1897, 1898
George Scott P and P Snodgrass driver 515 w 4th Little Rock AR 1897, 1898
Andrew H Snodgrass Gus Blass and Co clerk boards 615 w 14th Little Rock AR 1897, 1898
Andrew J Snodgrass P and P Snodgrass clerk 615 w 14th Little Rock AR 1897, 1898
Miss Jennie T Snodgrass boards 615 w 14th Little Rock AR 1897, 1898
John F Snodgrass farmer boards 318 w Madison avenue, North Little Rock Little Rock AR 1897, 1898
Latta K Snodgrass pharmacist 1021 Scott Little Rock AR 1897, 1898
Patrick Snodgrass P and P Snodgrass 615 w 14th Little Rock AR 1897, 1898
Paul Snodgrass P and P Snodgrass 1600 Commerce Little Rock AR 1897, 1898
Paul; Patrick Snodgrass P and P grocers 219-221 w 5th Little Rock AR 1897, 1898
Miss Roberta C Snodgrass boards 615 w 14th Little Rock AR 1897, 1898
Wm A Snodgrass phys 622 1/2 Main boards 615 w 14th Little Rock AR 1897, 1898
Wm E Snodgrass M M Cohn and Co clerk 513 Broadway Little Rock AR 1897, 1898
Wm M Snodgrass farmer 318 w Madison avenue, North Little Rock Little Rock AR 1897, 1898

<a name=134>1900 Arkansas Pulaski Co Census Big Rock Twp., Little Rock,

  1. 818 Commerce St., 32-74-4-43:

Latta K. Snodgrass 23-M-KY/KY/(blank) Apr 1877 Druggist [Latta]
Julia Snodgrass 22-F-MI/NY/TN Aug 1877 wife [Julia A Gillette]
---[WJ - married for 3 years, no children]
Joseph M Baker 35-M-VA/GA/VA Jan 1865 Dentist
Mattie A Baker 30-F-AR/TN/OH Dec 1869 wife
Melvin? S Baker 10-M-MS/VA/AR Oct 1889 son
Sarah J Baker 9-F-MS/VA/AR Dec 1890 daughter
[wj - see forward </a><a href="ar.html#133">1910 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]

1900 Arkansas Pulaski Co Census Big Rock Twp., Little Rock, #1602 Commerce St., 37-74-21-43:
Paul Snodgrass 28-M-KY/TN/KY Oct 1871
Lillie Snodgrass 31-F-FL/French Canada/MS Jul 1868 wife
---[wj - married 4 years, mother of 1, 1 still living]
Will Robinson 14-M-AR/?/FL Apr 1886 step-son
[wj - see forward 1910 Arkansas Pulaski Co]

<a name=143> 1900 Arkansas Pulaski Co Census Big Rock Twp., Little Rock, 32-75-4-65:
William A. Snodgrass 26-M-KY/TN/KY Mar 1874 physician
Leila P. Snodgrass 25-F-TX/AL/AR Aug 1874 wife
---[WJ - married for 2 years, mother of 1, 1 still living]
Elmira Snodgrass 5m-F-AR/KY/TX Dec 1899 daughter
[wj - see forward </a><a href="ar.html#142">1910 Arkansas Pulaski Co]

</a><a name=140> 1900 Arkansas Pulaski Co Census Big Rock Twp., Little Rock, #615 14th St., 32-78-17-36:
Andrew Snodgrass 57-M-TN/VA/TN Jul 1843
Elmira Snodgrass 59-F-KY/VA/VA Mar 1841 wife
---[Martha Elmira Fletcher Waterfield m 1870 Henry Co, TN]
Pat Snodgrass 27-M-KY Dec 1872 son
Jennie Snodgrass 25-F-KY Feb 1875 daughter
Roberta C. Snodgrass 21-F-KY Jun 1878 daughter
Andrew J. Snodgrass 19-M-KY Mar 1881 son
[see backward 1880 Calloway Co, KY]
[wj - see forward </a><a href="ar.html#141">1910 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]

<a name=136>1900 Arkansas Pulaski Co Census Big Rock Twp., 33-86-10-1:
William Snodgrass 40-M-MO/VA/VA salesman [William Edward Snodgrass]
Lulu Snodgrass 34-F-AL/GA/AL Mar 1866 wife [Loula Rhea]
---[wj - married for 16 years, mother of 2, 2 still living]
Ray Snodgrass 14-F-AR/MO/AL Oct 1885 daughter
Norma Snodgrass 9-F-AR/MO/AL Jun 1890 daughter
[Desc. of Joseph Snodgrass and Hannah Vernon]
[wj - see forward </a><a href="ar.html#135">1910 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]

<a name=133>1910 Arkansas Miracode Pulaski Co
Pulaski Heights, 56-103-85:
Orville Gillette

Julia A. Snodgrass 36-F-MI daughter
Latta A. Snodgrass 33-M-KY son-in-law
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#134">1900 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#148">1920 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]

<a name=135>1910 Arkansas Miracode Pulaski Co
William E. Snodgrass 50-M-MO
Lula R. Snodgrass 44-F-AL wife [Lula Rea]
William R. Snodgrass 23-M-TX son [William Rea Snodgrass]
---[wj - see forward </a><a href="ar.html#150">1910 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]
Edward N. Snodgrass 19-M-AR son [Edward Norman]
Charles N. Snodgrass 8-M-AR son [Charles Newton]
[wj - see backward <a href="ar.html#136">1900 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#137">1920 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]

<a name=141>1910 Arkansas Miracode Pulaski Co
Andrew Snodgrass 66-M-TN
Elmira Snodgrass 69-F-KY wife
---[Martha Elmira Fletcher Waterfield m 1870 Henry Co, TN]
Paul Snodgrass 38-M-KY son
Leland Snodgrass 26-F-AR daughter-in-law [Lillie]
Pat Snodgrass 36-M-KY son
Jennie Snodgrass 32-F-KY daughter
Roberta Snodgrass 28-F-KY daughter
+ 2 non-relatives
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#140">1900 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#146">1920 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]

<a name=41>1910 Arkansas Miracode Pulaski Co
Little Rock, 53-123-248:
Charles Snodgrass 35-M-AR
Mina Snodgrass 32-F-AR wife
Wilmer Snodgrass 14-F-AR daughter
Harold Snodgrass 9-M-AR son
Lealalin Snodgrass 4-F-AR daughter
Charles P. Snodgrass -M-AR son
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#40">1900 Arkansas Conway Co</a>]
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#145">1920 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]

<a name=142>1910 Arkansas Miracode Pulaski Co
Little Rock, 53-128-226:
William A. Snodgrass 36-M-KY
Leila Snodgrass 35-F-TX wife
Myra Snodgrass 10-F-AR daughter
Ruth Snodgrass 8-F-AR daughter
William Snodgrass 7-M-AR son
Patterson Snodgrass 5-M-AR son
+ 2 non-relatives
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#143">1900 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#147">1920 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]

1910 Arkansas Miracode Pulaski Co
J. A. Snodgrass 47-M-MS (living alone)

1910 Arkansas Miracode Pulaski Co
Argenta, 54-146-333:
Frank Snodgrass 27-M-AR roomer

12 Aug 1913 -- Pension Application #10053, A. J. Snodgrass, Co. H, Reg. 5,
Div. TN-I, 1861-1865.

World War I Draft Registration Cards
Pat Warterfield Snodgrass born 26 Dec 1872 race White
Charl E Snodgrass born 21 Oct 1890 race White
Charles Leon Snodgrass born 24 Jun 1874 race White
Fred Augusta Snodgrass born 30 Apr 1875 race White
Latta Kavanaugh Snodgrass born 26 Apr 1877 race White
William Warren Snodgrass born 4 May 1882 race White
Clinton Al Snodgrass born 13 Jan 1900 race Black
Frank Snodgrass born 16 Feb 1880 race Black
William Rea Snodgrass born 21 Oct 1885 race White

<a name=137>1920 AR Census/Soundex Pulaski Co
Little Rock, 53-120-14-93:
William E. Snodgrass 50-M-MO/VA/VA manager, department, o.m.
Lula Snodgrass 45-F-AL/AL/AL wife [Lula Rea]
Newton Snodgrass 18-M-AR/MO/AL son [d 1923]
[wj - See backward </a><a href="ar.html#135">1910 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]

<a name=145>1920 AR Census/Soundex Pulaski Co
Little Rock, 53-128-13-49:
Charles Snodgrass 45-M-AR/VA/VA R.R. engineer, o.m.
Mena Snodgrass 41-F-AR/AR/AR wife
Wilma Reed 22-F-AR/AR/AR dau. stenographer oil co.
Ross Reed 23-M-AR/AR/AR son-in-law clerk
Harold Snodgrass 19-M-AR/AR/AR son
Philip Snodgrass 10-M-AR/AR/AR son
[wj - See backward </a><a href="ar.html#41">1910 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]

1920 AR Census/Soundex Pulaski Co
Little Rock, 53-128-13-73:
Paul Snodgrass 51-M-KY/TN/KY proprietor r. groc. co.
May Snodgrass 37-F-TX/TX/TX wife
Fannie Connerton 25-F-AR/MS/LA lodger

<a name=146>1920 AR Census/Soundex Pulaski Co
Little Rock, 53-128-14-26:
Andrew J. Snodgrass 76-M-TN/TN/TN wid., retired, o.f.
Pat Snodgrass 49-M-KY/TN/KY son, proprietor r. groc. co.
Jennie Snodgrass 47-F-KY/TN/KY dau.
Troy A. Shafer 44-M-OH/GER/GER son-in-law, proprietor garage
Roberta C. Shafer 43-F-KY/TN/KY dau.
Tray A. Shafer Jr. 7-M-AR/OH/KY grandson
Mary Elmira Shafer 5-F-AR/OH/KY granddau.
[wj - See backward </a><a href="ar.html#141">1910 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]

1920 AR Census/Soundex Pulaski Co
Little Rock, 53-134-2-23:
F. A. Snodgrass 44-M-KY/KY/KY lawyer, o.Un.
Mary Snodgrass 47-F-KY/KY/KY wife
Fred Snodgrass 18-M-OK/KY/KY son
Paul Snodgrass 19-M-KY/KY/KY son
Doudridge McRay 58-M-KY/KY/KY uncle

1920 AR Census/Soundex Pulaski Co
Little Rock, 53-135-6-18:
Maggie Snodgrass 50-F-AR/USA/USA wid., no occ., r. <wid/o William C.>
C. V. Phillips 9-M-OK/USA/MO grandson
Evelyn Phillips 11-F-AR/USA/MO granddau.
[Desc. of James Snodgrass of York Co., PA]

1920 AR Census/Soundex Pulaski Co
Little Rock, 53-135-6-21:
C. E. Snodgrass 27-M-AR/USA/AR R.R. fireman, o.f.
Maude Snodgrass 26-F-AR/AR/AR wife
Loreece Snodgrass 4y11m-F-AR/AR/AR dau.
Ray Snodgrass 2-M-AR/AR/AR son

<a name=147>1920 AR Census/Soundex Pulaski Co
William A. Snodgrass 45-M-KY/TN/KY physician medical, o.f.
Lelia Snodgrass 44-F-TX/VA/TX wife
Myra Snodgrass 20-F-AR/KY/TX dau.
Ruth Snodgrass 18-F-AR/KY/TX dau.
William Snodgrass 16-M-AR/KY/TX son
Pat Snodgrass 15-M-AR/KY/TX son [married Dorothy Jean Barstow in Brooklyn]
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#142">1910 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]

<a name=148>1920 AR Census/Soundex Pulaski Co
Little Rock, 53-138-7-49:
Lotta K. Snodgrass 42-M-KY/TN/KY [Latta]
Julia G. Snodgrass 46-F-MI/TN/NY wife
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#133">1910 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]

1920 AR Census/Soundex Pulaski Co
Little Rock, 54-145-13-80:
William Snodgrass 37-M-AR/TN/AR carpenter, r.
Mary Snodgrass 28-F-AR/AR/AR wife
Asilee Snodgrass 8-F-TX/AR/AR dau.

<a name=150>1920 AR Census/Soundex Pulaski Co
North Little Rock, 55-162-2-1:
William Snodgrass 34-M-AR/MO/AR bank teller, r. <William Rhea>
---[William Rea Snodgrass s/o William E. Snodgrass & Lula Rea]
Sarah Snodgrass 28-F-TN/TN/TN [Sarah J. Wood]
William E. Snodgrass 5-M-AR/AR/TN son
Walter Mc. Snodgrass 4-M-AR/AR/TN son
[wj - See backward </a><a href="ar.html#135">1910 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]

1920 AR Census/Soundex Pulaski Co
North Little Rock, Hill Twp., 55-162-20-15, page 53, #228/228:
Arthur Ross 41-M-VA/VA/VA (black) porter, r.
Pearl Ross 41-F-AR/USA/TN (black) wife
Clinton Snodgrass 20-M-AR/AL/AR (black) step-son, roomer

1920 AR Census/Soundex Pulaski Co
North Little Rock, Hill Twp., 55-162-20-70, page 53, #338/348:
Frank Snodgrass 39-M-AL/AL/AL (mulatto) manager pool hall, r.
Cleveland Derricks 38-M-AR/AL/AL (black)

1920 AR Census/Soundex Pulaski Co
North Little Rock, Hill Twp., 55-163-19-11, page 81, #402/472:
Henry Childers (black)

Addie Snodgrass 17-F-LA/AR/LA (mulatto) boarder

Fayetteville Daily Democrat, 31 Aug 1931, page 3 "George N Barstow of Oneonta, NY announces the marriage of his daughter, Dorothy Jean to John Patrick Snodgrass of Brooklyn, NY. The wedding was solemnized August 20, at St Ann's Episcopal church, Brooklyn. Mr and Mrs Snodgrass are at home at the Pierrepont Hotel, Brooklyn. The bridegroom is the son of Dr W.A. Snodgrass of Little Rock, and attended the University of Arkansas. For the past four years he has been connected with Gurnett and company, stock brokers of New York."

15 Aug 1938 -- Ark. Fam. Hist., vol. 21, page 161:
Dr. W. A. Snodgrass was an honorary pallbearer at funeral of Mrs.
Jennie Alison Flinn, who died in Little Rock, AR, 15 Aug 1938.

1983 -- Ark. Fam. Hist., vol. 21, page 98:
Maxine Bauers, 6017 Hartley, Lincoln, NE 68507 - I am seeking any info. on Minnie Snodgrass, who passed away 8 Apr 1929, Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR., & buried in Roselawn Cem. She was to have had twins born & died around that time, also, a daughter Doris Eva, who passed away at 6 years of age. That is all I have on the children. Will appreciate any information on the children's names, birth & death dates, Minnie's obituary, etc. Minnie was born 14 Sep 1891 & married 14 Sep 1910 to Earl J. Snodgrass. She may have died at the State Hospital. Can anyone please help?

(date?) Arkansas & It's People [erased]
page 554:
William Rea Snodgrass--Identified with the banking industry all of his active business life, William Rea Snodgrass, of Little Rock, has obtained a position of much importance in financial circles and holds the esteem of his fellow associates and the general public with whom he has come in contact. He is a man of high character, energetic nature, sound judgment and fine executive capabilities, thoroughly qualified for the position he holds as cashier and vice-president of the Union Trust Company of Little Rock. In addition to his business abilities and qualifications for office in the financial world, Mr. Snodgrass is a citizen of devotion to the best interests of the community, valuable as one of the important units that make up our progressive machinery of commerce. He is a descendant of the Colonial pioneers of America and takes a pride in an active support of patriotic organizations that are based upon the noble principle of permanent preservation of historic traditions.
Born in Howard County, Arkansas, October **, 1885, he is a son of William E. Snodgrass, assistant treasurer of the M. M. Cohn Company, a native of Missouri, and of Lula R. (Rea) Snodgrass, of Alabama. Beginning his education in the public schools, he later attended business college and received private tuition. He began his business career with the Union Trust Company as a bookkeeper and ran through the various grades until his appointment in 1920 to be assistant cashier and vice-president of the institution. He is a member of the Lions Club of Little Rock, of the Council of Boy Scouts of America and of the patriotic order of Sons of the American Revolution.
William Rea Snodgrass married, in 1913, Sarah J. Wood, of Tennessee. Their children are: 1. William E., born March 20, 1914. 2. Walter M., born July 14, 1915. 3. Thomas W., born April 20, 19**.

Centennial History of Arkansas (date?), pp. 322-323:
Dr. William Anderson Snodgrass, physician and surgeon of Little Rock and the son of Andrew J. and Elmira (Waterfield) Snodgrass, was born in the town of Murray, Calloway county, Kentucky., in 1872. His father was a native of Johnson county, Tennessee, and the ancestral line in America dates back to two brothers who came to the new world early in the seventheenth century. William Snodgrass, the great-grandfather of Dr. Snodgrass, was a lieutenant colonel in Washington's army during the Revolutionary war and Andrew J. Snodgrass was a soldier in the Civil war, serving with the Confederate forces during the struggle from 1861 until 1865. He is still living and now making his home in Little Rock. The mother of Dr. Snodgrass was a native of Kentucky and is of pioneer stock in both the paternal and maternal lines. On the pages of Kentucky history again and again appears the name of Waterfield and of Welch.
Born in Murray, Calloway county, Kentucky, in 1872, Dr. Snodgrass acquired his early education there but when he was ten years of age his family removed to Arkansas and in Little Rock he completed his public school and collegiate courses, after which he entered the medical department of the University of Arkansas and was graduated with the degree of M.D. in 1896. He ranks high among the surgeons of the south. He has for a quarter of a century been one of the leaders of his profession in Little Rock and for eleven years he occupied the position of demonstrator of anatomy, while for eight years he occupied the chair of clinical surgery in the University of Arkansas. Dr. Snodgrass now devotes his entire time to surgical practice and is on the staff of the City, St. Vincent's and the Baptist Hospitals and for the past seventeen years has been physician to the Arkansas Methodist State Orphanage. He is a member of all the medical societies and has served as secretary of the Pulaski County Medical Society, a position which he filled in the early days, while for two terms he acted as its president. For six years he was chairman of the council of the Arkansas State Medical Society and he also holds membership in the Southern Medical Society and the American Medical Association. He is likewise a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and has ever made it his purpose to keep thoroughly informed concerning the advances that are being made by the leaders in medical and surgical practice. Broad study and investigation keep him in touch with the trend of modern professional thought and progress and he is indeed recognized as one of the leading surgeons of the state. He served in the World war with the rank of major in the Medical Corps and organized the only Red Cross Hospital Unit entered from the state of Arkansas. With this unit he went to France in January, 1918, and in April of the same year was transferred to the regular army in charge of Field Hospital No. 12, thus serving untilmustered out in May, 1919.
It was in the year 1898 that Dr. Snodgrass was married to Miss Lelia Phillips, a daughter of John W. Phillips, of Hempstead county, Arkansas, her parents being pioneers in that section of the state. Mr. Phillips is a veteran of the Civil war and is well and popularly known in Arkansas. Dr. and Mrs. Snodgrass have four children: Myra, who is a graduate of the Nashville College and is now the wife of James Murray of Little Rock; Ruth, who is a graduate of the Little Rock high school; William A., Jr., and John Patterson, who are students.
In politics Dr. Snodgrass follows the principles of the democratic party and in religious faith the teachings of the Methodist church. Fraternally he is a Royal Arch Mason. It has been men of the type and character of Dr. Snodgrass who have formed the strong fabric of this state--men who have never ceased to uphold in public aid and in private life the things that are wholesome and righteous and make for the upbuilding of a great commonwealth.

Social Security Death Index - no county listed
William Snodgrass b 21 Oct 1885 d Jun 1964
SSN issued by Arkansas, no last residence listed
The World War I Draft Cards show this to be
William Rea Snodgrass b 21 Oct 1885, registered in Pulaski Co, AR

Little Rock National Cemetery
Snodgrass, Paul E, b. 09/09/1936, d. 09/17/1996, US Navy, AN, Res: Morrilton, AR, Plot: 23 0 90, bur. 09/26/1996


(formed 1835 from Lawrence Co.)

1870 census index - yes
1900 soundex - yes
1910 miracode - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Arkansas Marriages, 1779-1992 (CD-6) yes


<a name=131> 1870 Arkansas Census Randolph Co
Marble Twp., page 532, #27/27 (enum. 20 Jul 1870):
Andrew Snodgrass 26-M-TN farmer, 0/$195
Menvry? A. Snidgrass 20-F-TN [wj - Murnurvy Rozana Hellumes should be born abt 1835]
---[wj - Murnurvy m1 Abraham Bolt 14 Jan 1858 Hempstead Co m2 abt 1870]
---[wj - They had a son Obediah b 1873 who doesn't appear on the 1880]
[see forward </a><a href="ar.html#132">1880 Saline AR</a>]

[vss - these are apparently listed on Arkansas Marriages,
1779-1992 (CD-6) - we need the book/page reference numbers &
information from the marriage records!]

1886 -- William Snodgrass married Rhoda Pressley / Presley?.
1887 -- Iva Snodgrass married J. M. Gregg.
1887 -- J. [John] H. Snodgrass married [1st]Elizabeth Bryant [=Branson]
1896 -- Robert Snodgrass married Adeline Price.
30 Mar 1896 -- J. [John] H. Snodgrass married [2nd] Cora [Lana?] Wadman.
1900 -- John H. Snodgrass married [3rd] Emma S. Johnson.

Social Security Death Index
Joe Snodgrass b 20 Jan 1890 d Dec 1973
last residence Pocahontas, Randolph Co, AR

<a name=151> 1900 AR Soundex Randolph Co
Ingram Twp., 34-103-1-72:
William Snodgrass 36-M-IN/OH/OH Dec 1864 [d. 1948; m2. 1904 Dora Golden]
---[WJ - married for 14 years]
---[wj - was County Judge in the 1930s]
Roda Snodgrass 36-F-AR/--/AR M-- 1862? wife
---[wj - mother of 5, 3 still living]
---[Rhoda Presley / Pressley m1. 1886]
Mary E. Snodgrass 12-F-AR/IN/AR Oct 1888 daughter
Joseph W. Snodgrass 10-M-AR/IN/AR Jan 1890 son
---[wj - Joseph William Snodgrass m Nola Anther Coleman]
Martha A. Snodgrass 3-F-AR/IN/AR May 1897 daughter
Thomas Johnson 52-M-AR/TN/TN Jan 1847 widower, boarder
Joseph T Johnson 21-M-AR/AR/MO Nov 1879 single, boarder
[wj - See Forward </a><a href="ar.html#152">1910 Arkansas Randolph Co</a>]

1900 AR Soundex Randolph Co
Wiley Twp., 34-114-8-11:
John H. Snodgrass 36-M-MO Oct 1863
Emma S. Snodgrass 22-F-AR Apr 1878 wife [Emma Johnson; m3. 1900]
Daniel S. Snodgrass 13-M-MO Feb 1887 son [s/o m1. Elizabeth Bryant]
---[m 1907 Sarah McCuen]
Henry W. Snodgrass 9-M-AR Apr 1891 son [Henry Walter s/o m1. Elizabeth Bryant]
Nola Snodgrass 2-F-AR Jul 1897 daughter [d/o m2. Cora Wadman]

1902 -- J. H. Snodgrass married Linda Johnson.
1904 -- William Snodgrass married Dora B. Golden.
[1910 Randolph Co AR]

13 Mar 1904 -- Mary Elizabeth Snodgrass m. Wm. Trousdell Keech Jr.

1907 -- Dan Snodgrass married Sarah McEuen.
1907 -- Darel Snodgrass married Judy Rushing.
10 Mar 1907 -- Mary Snodgrass married William Frakes/Frankes.

[vss - found at <a href="">website</a> created by <a href="">Rebecca Lambert</a>

"Dora G. Golden d/o Thomas Huston Golden and Mary Elizabeth Winchester was born on 10 Apr 1884 in ?, Howell, Missouri. She died on 9 Nov 1971 in Pocahontas, Randolph County, Arkansas. A tombstone inscription says her name is Dora Belle Snodgrass and that she died in 1970. I'll have to go look at the tombstone itself. (RDL, 25Sep1998) She was buried on 10 Nov 1971 in Antioch Cemetery, Pocahontas, Randolph, Arkansas. She was married to William Snodgrass on 23 Oct 1904 in Noland, Randolph, Arkansas. William Snodgrass was born on 28 Dec 1863 in Terre Haute, Indiana. He died on 4 Apr 1948 in Pocahontas, Randolph County, Arkansas. He was buried on 6 Apr 1948 in Antioch Cemetery, Pocahontas, Randolph, Arkansas."
[vss - need to verify William's birth - two census have him b. AR]

<a name=152>1910 Arkansas Miracode Randolph Co
William M. Snodgrass 46-M-AR [m1. Rhoda Presley]
Dora Snodgrass 26-F-MO wife [Dora B. Golden; m2.]
Ada Snodgrass -F-AR daughter
---[wj Martha Ada m 31 Jan 1915 James Hurley Johnson son of James Columbus Johnson and Sarah Elizabeth Nelson]
---[wj b 6 May 1897 d 4 May 1996 Pocahantas, Randolph Co, Arkansas]
Julia Snodgrass 2-F-AR daughter
[wj - See backward </a><a href="ar.html#151">1900 Arkansas Randolph Co</a>]
[wj - See forward <a href="ar.html#153">1920 Arkansas Randolph Co</a>]
[wj - Source for Ada's birth and death date and marriage info is Email <a href=""></a>]

20 Sep 1913 -- [Henry] Walter Snodgrass married Minnie [Bell] Nancy Dow (Parks) Morgan.

<1920 Randolph Co., AR>[wj - for this family see also the web page of <a href="">Mirya J Glover</a> at <a href="">webpage</a>]
31 Jan 1915 -- Martha Ada Snodgrass married James Hurley Johnson.

World War I Draft Registration Cards
John H Snodgrass born 7 Nov 1896

1920 Arkansas Soundex Randolph Co
O'Kean, 50-114-11-47:
Walter Snodgrass 31-M-AR/IN/MO operator farm, r. [Henry Walter]
---[b 11 Apr 1891 son of John H Snodgrass and Elizabeth Bryant]
Minnie Snodgrass 41-F-KY/KY/TN wife [Minnie Parks]
---[m. 1913 Randolph Co., AR]
---[wj - Minnie Bell Nancy Dow Parks b 3 Jan 1878 Salem, Livingston Co, Kentucky]
---[wj - daughter of David Hodge Parks and Nancy Clementine Manus]
---[wj - d 10 Oct 1959 Jonesboro, Craighead Co, Arkansas]
---[wj - buried in Manila Cemetery, Manila, Mississippi Co, Arkansas]
---[wj - married first 28 Apr 1895 Randolph Co to Benjamin Tillman Prior Morgan]
---[wj - had 7 children: Bessie, Millie Mae, a stillborn female,]
---[wj - Willis David b 1900 d 1905, Jesse Marion, William Henry, Lora Irene]
Henry Snodgrass 15-M-AR/IL/KY step-son [Henry Morgan]
---[wj - William Henry b 19 Dec 1904 Eleven Point Township, Randolph Co, Arkansas]
Irene Snodgrass 12-F-AR/IL/KY step-dau. [Irene Morgan]
---[wj - Lora Irene b 16 Sep 1907 Eleven Point Township, Randolph Co, Arkansas]
Rubbie Snodgrass 5-F-AR/AR/KY dau. [Ruby Lee]
---[wj - Ruby married James Byron Wooten and lives in Randolph Co, Arkansas]
Johnnie Snodgrass 2y10m-M-AR/AR/KY son [John Avery]
---[wj - Johnnie married Alpha Mae Ripka and lives in Randolph Co, Arkansas]
Also another child born after 1920 Elizabeth "Betty" Marie [wj - Elizabeth married first Pat Vito second Russell C Ferguson and lives in Randolph Co, Arkansas]

<a name=153>1920 Arkansas Soundex Randolph Co
Will Snodgrass 56-M-AR/AR/AR farmer
Dora Snodgrass 36-F-AR/AR/AR wife
Jula Snodgrass 12-F-AR/AR/AR dau.
Howard Snodgrass 6y3m-M-AR/AR/AR son
[wj - See backward </a><a href="ar.html#152">1910 Arkansas Randolph Co</a>]

1920 Arkansas Soundex Randolph Co
Roanoke Twp., 51-125-9-59, page 52, #172/187:
Isaac Van Hoosier 74-M-TN/TN/AL farmer, o.f.
Margaret Van Hoosier 49-F-IL/OH/OH wife
John Snodgrass 23-M-AR/USA/IL step-son

[vss - Jun 1999 - found this of interest - website created by T. W. Cook, whose mother was Betty Snodgrass Cook, d/o Joseph William Snodgrass and Nola Anther Coleman. Visit <a href="">"Snodgrass Farm 30's and 40's</a> ]

1922 -- Eva Snodgrass married Mack Baker.

1926 -- Harry Snodgrass married May Davidson.

1927 -- Jewel Snodgrass married Cloral Anderson.

1928 -- J. I. Snodgrass married Maxine Woodruff.

1939 -- Franklin Snodgrass married Ellene Johnson.

1945 -- Julia Snodgrass married Jim Wells.

1947 -- Reva Snodgrass married Joe Hubbard.

1949 -- Lucille Snodgrass married Theodore Reed.

1950 -- Elvin E. Snodgrass married Eva L. Drane.

1950 -- James E. Snodgrass married Glenna Smith.

1950 -- Robert L. Snodgrass married Rose M. Helling.

1950 -- Andrew H. Snodgrass Jr. married Wanda Whitener.

1951 -- A. H. Snodgrass Jr. married Hazel V. Gromen.

1951 -- Joe W. Snodgrass Jr. married Imogene Joseph.

1952 -- Alta Snodgrass married Mark Leono.

1953 -- Betty A. Snodgrass married Thomas C. Cook.

1954 -- Kathleen M. Snodgrass married Dowel H. Bennett.

1955 -- Marjorie Snodgrass married Lewis V. Patterson.

1956 -- Ray C. Snodgrass married Debby Childers.

1956 -- Diania Snodgrass married Peter P. Thielemeier.

1960 -- Gladys O. Snodgrass married A. L. Declerk.

1966 -- Frank N. Snodgrass married Kathy L. Smith.

1970 -- Susannah Snodgrass married Robert A. Davis Jr.

Social Security Death Index
John Snodgrass b 11 Nov 1896 d Aug 1970
Last Residence: Pocahontas, Randolph Co, AR
SSN issued by Arkansas before 1951
I could not find a WW1 Draft card to match him [wj]

Social Security Death Index
Joe Snodgrass b 20 Jan 1890 d Dec 1973
last residence Pocahontas, Randolph Co, AR

1977 -- Frank N. Snodgrass married Patsy J. Lynch.

1981 -- David L. Snodgrass married Patti G. Kellert.


(formed 1813 as original county)


1821 -- Military Bounty Grant: patented to James Snodgrass, Warrant #925.


(formed 1835 from Pulaski & Hempstead Counties.)

1860 census - yes
1880 soundex - yes
1900 soundex - yes

Arkansas marriages, 1779-1992 (CD-6)


<a name=99>1860 Arkansas Census Saline Co
Dyer Twp., page 658, #695/695:
William Snodgrass 35-M-TN laborer, 0/$50
---[wj b 8-25-1826 son of John/Jane d Jul 1862 Union prison, Ft Douglas, Cook Co, Illinois]
Mary Snodgrass 30-F-TN [Mary Elizabeth Sykes, m. 8-12-1847 Rhea Co TN]
---[wj b 8-12-1827 d 1895 Pulaski Co, Arkansas]
---[wj - dau of Dempsey Sykes and Charlotte Chamberlain]
Sarah J. Snodgrass 12-F-TN
---[wj Sarah Jane b 6-18-1848 m Green Berry Kanady b 9-22-1840 d 13 Feb 1922 Saline Co, AR]
---[wj Source </a><a href="">NMK</a>]
Charlotte Snodgrass 10-F-TN
---[b. 5 Nov 1849; m. Isaac Callahan; info from <a href="">Patty Rhodes</a>]
---[wj or b 18 Nov 1849 info from <a href="">Myrtle Poor</a>]
---[wj according to Myrtle Charlotte died in 1920 in Pulaski Co, AR]
---[wj also there was a child Dempsey b 18 Nov 1849 and died 1895 age 46 in Saline Co, AR; a twin according to Myrtle]
John Snodgrass 9-M-TN
---[wj b 7-7-1853]
George Snodgrass 7-M-TN
---[wj also there was a child Joseph Anderson b 12-22-1854]
Robert Snodgrass 3-M-TN
---[wj b 9-26-1856]
Nancy A. Snodgrass 8-F-TN
---[wj b 6-18-1852 info from <a href="">Myrtle Poor</a>]
Abel B. Wilder 34-M-NH school teacher, $2160/500
[see backward 1850 Meigs Co., TN]
[see forward <a href="ar.html#98">1870 Pulaski Co AR]

</a><a name=83>1860 Arkansas Census Saline Co
Dyer Twp., page 665, #734/734:
John A. Snodgrass 39-M-TN farmer, $850/500
---[wj - son of Elijah Snodgrass and Margaret Smith]
---[wj b 1821 TN d 1916]
---[wj - married 29 Dec 1840 Rhea Co, TN Nancy Mary Holland]
Mary Snodgrass 42-F-TN [Nancy Mary Holland]
Thomas J. Snodgrass 18-M-TN
--- [wj - see forward </a><a href="ar.html#93">1870 Hot Spring Co Arkansas</a>]
---[wj - d April 1903 Lott, Mitchell Co, Texas]
James Snodgrass 15-M-TN
Alfred L. Snodgrass 14-M-TN
Mary A. Snodgrass 12-F-TN
Emeline Snodgrass 9-F-TN
Elijah A. Snodgrass 7-M-TN
George T. Snodgrass 5-M-TN
Caroline Snodgrass 4-F-AR
Adaline Snodgrass 6m-F-AR
Mary Hooper 18-F-AR laborer
[see backward 1850 Rhea Co TN]
[see forward <a href="ar.html#84">1870 Hot Spring Co AR</a>]

1860 Arkansas Census Saline Co
Dyer Twp., page 666, #735/734:
George M. Snodgrass 37-M-TN farmer, $900/600
---[wj - son of Elijah Snodgrass and Margaret Smith]
Margaret Snodgrass 38-F-TN [Margaret Crumpton]
Andrew C. Snodgrass 12-M-TN [1880 Falls Co., TX]
---[wj - married his cousin Angeline Snodgrass in 1884 in Little Rock, Pulaski Co, AR]
Hardin E. Snodgrass 10-M-TN
John A. Snodgrass 8-M-TN
Mary J. Snodgrass 5-F-AR
Julia C. Snodgrass 4-F-AR
Sarah F. Snodgrass 2-F-AR
Ann Snodgrass 6-F-AR
[See backward 1850 Rhea Co., TN]
[See forward 1870 Falls Co., TX]

10 Jan 1861 -- Thomas Snodgrass married Jane Crumpton (Hunting for Bears).
[vss - Thomas ( T. J. Snodgrass) & Jane are on 1880 Falls Co TX]
---[wj - Thomas son of John A Snodgrass and Nancy Mary Holland]

16 Aug 1877 -- Elijah J Snodgrass married Eliza Ann Vandegrift

7 Feb 1878 -- Robert W Snodgrass married Terrissa Jane Vandegrift

17 Aug 1879 -- E. J. Snodgrass married Martha A. Burress (IGI).
[wj - Elijah J s/o William and Mary]

<a name=132>1880 Arkansas Soundex Saline Co Marble Twp., 12-166-24-21:
A. J. Snodgrass 36-M-TN [Andrew]
---[wj - son of John A Snodgrass and Nancy Mary Holland]
Mary A. Snodgrass 31-F-TN wife
Nancy Snodgrass 8-F-TN daughter
---[wj - Nancy Angeline b 16 Oct 1870 Hot Springs Co, AR]
---[wj - d 6 Jun 1947 Quitman, Texas]
---[wj - m 1884 in Little Rock, AR to Andrew Carroll Snodgrass son of George A Snodgrass/Margaret Crumpton]
---[wj - m 1905 in Wood Co, TX to James Brown]
---[wj - see forward 1900 Wood Co, TX]
Mary J. Snodgrass 6-F-TN daughter
---[wj - Mary Susan b 16 Mar 1872 Hot Springs Co, AR]
---[wj - d 6 Mar 1955 Waco, Texas]
---[wj - m J R Simmons]
Louisa Snodgrass 5-F-TN daughter
---[wj - Louise Isabell b 23 Apr 1874 AR]
---[wj - d 12 may 1915 Lott, Falls Co, Texas]
---[wj - m Joseph Bradley Braswell 22 Aug 1899]
Lidia Snodgrass 4-F-TN daughter [Lydia]
Viola Snodgrass 2-F-TN daughter
[see backward </a><a href="ar.html#131">1870 Randolph Co AR</a> - ? same Andrew, same Marble Twp?]

<a name=100>1880 Arkansas Soundex Saline Co Beaver Twp., 12-167-1-6:
Robbert Snodgrass 23-M-TN [Robert Snodgrass, s/o William & Mary Sykes]
--- [Robert Snodgrass, s/o William & Mary Sykes]
Trecy Snodgrass 23-F-AR wife [wj - Terrissa Vandegrift]
Mary Josfean Snodgrass 1- -AR son? [wj - Mary Josephine]
Raphus? M. Snodgrass 2m-M-AR son [wj - Rufus]
[See backward </a><a href="ar.html#98">1870 Arkansas Pulaski Co</a>]
[See forward <a href="ar.html#101">1900 Arkansas Saline Co</a>]

6 Jun 1892 -- Pension Application #811: Mary Snodgrass, widow of Wm. Snodgrass, Co. B, Reg. 11, Div. AR-C, 1862 (died in service.)

<a name=101> 1900 Arkansas Saline Co Soundex
Beaver Twp., 35-138-8-97:
Robert W. Snodgrass 43-M-TN/TN/TN Sep 1856
Terrissa Snodgrass 43-F-AR/AL/AR Jan 1857 wife
---[wj - married for 22 years, mother of 4, 4 still living]
William Snodgrass 18-M-AR/TN/AR May 1882 son
[wj - also had daughter Belle who married J R Thompson 24 Dec 1899 Saline Co]
[See backward </a><a href="ar.html#100">1880 Arkansas Saline Co</a>]

1900 Arkansas Saline Co
Beaver Twp., 35-139-5-75
Jaspar Orr 45-M-MS/AL/AL
Aletha 58-F-TN/GA/TN (wife)
---[wj - married 8 years, mother of 0 children]
James R Orr 23-M-AR/MS/TN son volunteer soldier
Pearle Orr 15-F-AR/MS/TN daughter Marion Snodgrass 20-M-AR/AR/AR Mar 1880 hired man
[See backward as Raphus? M <a href="ar.html#100">1880 Arkansas Saline Co</a>]

1979 -- Ark. Fam. Historian, vol. 17, page 180:
Debbie J. Jones, 1801 Saipan Dr., San Diego, CA 92139
[vss - Jun 2000 - currently <a href="">Debbie Snodgrass-Jones</a> is a member of SCS]
I am searching for inf. on my ancestors, who were supposed to have lived in Benton & Tatumville, Saline Co., AR. I need birth death & burial places. E. J. Snodgrass married Martha Ann Burrus, 17 Aug 1897 in Tatumville, AR.

1980 -- Ark. Fam. Historian, vol. 18, page 46:
Tim Sparks, Rt. 3 Box 56-A, North Little Rock, AR 72116 - I am looking for the parents of John (Johnson) Snodgrass, b. 1804 TN. His wife was Jane and they had eight children. In 1850, they lived in Bledsoe Co., TN. Their son William married Polly Sykes and they moved to Saline Co., AR, about 1848. Polly's parents were Dempsey (b. 1795 in North Carolina) and Charlotte (b.[blurred] in N.C.). In 1850 they lived in Meigs Co., TN. I will appreciate any and all help and will gladly share data with others working on these lines.

1984 - 1985 -- Ark. Fam. Historian, vol. 24, page 120:
1984-1985 Arkansas State Business Directory --
Tatumville, Saline Co., AR --
E. J. Snodgrass, wagonmaker.


(formed 1833 from Pulaski, Crawford, & Pope Counties.)

1910 miracode - yes


1910 Arkansas Miracode Scott Co Bates, 58-120-24:
J. A. McWartonter

J. T. Snodgrass 61- -PA boarder


(formed 1838 from Marion Co.)

1978 -- Ark. Fam. Hist., vol. 16, page 93: Family genealogy, contains the following information-- Eathyl Rainbolt, dau. of James Franklin Rainbolt & Mary Cecelia (Dampg) Rainbolt, was born 10 Jun 1902 in Searcy Co. She married William Robert "Bill" Hubbard 31 Jan 1921 in Searcy Co. Bill was born 27 Oct 1900 in Wise Co., VA. He was the son of John Shanklin Hubbard and Martha Virginia Snodgrass Hubbard. Bill died 3 Sep 1946 in Los Angeles. Eathyl died there 11 Feb 1950. They are both buried there. Their children & grandchildren are also given in this sketch. [We need the rest of this.]
[WJ - I found the death record of William Robert Hubbard in the California Death Index which is online at which gives the following information
Hubbard, William Robert b 27 Oct 1901 Virginia
mother's maiden name Snodgrass
d 1 Sep 1946 in Los Angeles Co, CA
Hubbard, Eathel M b 10 Jun 1902 Arkansas
mother's maiden name Pompf father's name Rainbolt
d 11 Feb 1950 Los Angeles Co, CA]


(formed 1851 from Scott, Polk, Crawford, & Van Buren Counties.)

CENSUS RECORDS 1900 soundex - yes 1910 miracode - yes 1920 soundex - yes

Arkansas Marriages, 1779-1992 (CD-6) yes


22 Oct 1899 -- Ida Snodgrass married Shaw Barrett.

1900 Arkansas Soundex Searcy Co Upper Twp., 37-122-24-48:
Sam Coleman

Tom Snodgrass 23-M-AR May 1877 boarder

1900 Arkansas Soundex Searcy Co Upper Twp., 37-122-25-93:
Harry, Henry or Harvey Snodgrass 24-M-IL/IL/IL May 1876
Mary Snodgrass 21-F-IL/AR/AR Oct 1878 wife
Dewey Snoddgrass 2-M-AR/IL/IL Aug 1897 son
Lizza Jones or Jesse Lizza 59-F-AR/TN/TN Jan 1840 boarder

<Desc. of David & Elizabeth Emiline Snodgrass of Titus Co.,TX>

8 Oct 1901 -- J. R. Snodgrass married Annie Bell Cowne.
[wj - Note a Joseph Snodgrass married Dora Belle Combs 23 Jul 1900 Craighead Co Ark]

1910 Arkansas Miracode Searcy Co Midland, 60-140-121:
Frank M. Snodgrass 46-M-TX
Mary E. Snodgrass 40-F-MO wife
John T. Snodgrass 16-M-AR son
Flossie M. Snodgrass 15-F-AR daughter
Frank M. Snodgrass 13-M-AR son

1920 Arkansas Soundex Searcy Co Fort Smith, 57-46-9-47:
Frank S. Snodgrass 32-M-MO/MO/IN labor smelter, r.
Nora Snodgrass 35-F-KS/IN/IL wife

John A Snodgrass d 12/3/1936
Western Arkansas Death Index by Desmond Walls Allen


(formed 1828 from Hempstead & Miller Counties.)

CENSUS RECORDS 1860 census - yes 1870 census index - yes

Sevier Co., AR, 1850 census transcription, including 1830 & 1840
censuses, and available Marriage Records to 1852 (Glazner & McLane) NS


1860 Arkansas Census Sevier Co Blue Bayou Twp., page 84, #624/587:
James Snodgrass 50-M-TN $800/500
Nancy Snodgrass 50-F-TN [Rebecca D]
William Snodgrass 25-M-TN
Alexander Snodgrass 21-M-TN
James Snodgrass 18-M-TN
John Snodgrass 16-M-TN
[see backward 1850 Fayette Co, Tennessee]
[see forward 1870 Sevier Co, Arkansas]

<a name=51></a>1870 Arkansas Census Sevier Co Madison Twp., page 272, #26/29 (enum. 21 Jul):
John B. Snodgrass 25-F-TN farmer, $150/150 [wj - son of Jason C/Rebecca D]
Amazella Snodgrass 24-F-AR [wj - Amazella Sharp]
---[Amzella Sharp d/o William Sharp & Missouri]
Honner Snodgrass 1-F-AR [wj - Homer]
[wj - See forward <a href="ar.html#50">1900 Arkansas Howard Co</a>]

Per a group sheet submitted to me [Will Johnson] by <a href="">Terry Glover Taylor</a> of Texarkana, Texas
John B son of Jason C and Rebecca D Snodgrass married Amazella Sharp daughter of William A and Messouri W Sharp children Eddie 1860, Florence M 20 Aug 1868, Homer 1869 and E D 15 Dec 1878 d 8 Sep 1882

Florence M m 23 May 1897 Center Point, Arkansas to George W Glover
She was previously married to Johnny Augustus Gilbert. Florence died 5 Mar 1935 in Turkey, Texas. George W Glover was shot and killed by his father-in-law John B in 1898. Florence later married J E Jones.

1870 Arkansas Census Sevier Co Madison Twp., page 272, #27/89 (enum. 21 Jul):
Jas. C. Snodgrass 63-F-TN farmer, 0/$100
Rebecca D. Snodgrass 61-F-TN

[vss - found at <a href="">website</a> Posted by <a href="">Tammy Sharp</a> 02 Apr 2000 ]

What follows is the Will of Missouri W. Gentry Sharp born in Louisa Co. Virginia. She was the wife of William Alphus Sharp, also born in Louisa Co. Virginia.

Will of Missouri W. Sharp Sevier Co., AR Will Book F, Pgs 368-69

Know all men by the presents that I Missouri Wesley Sharp in the county of Sevier State of Arkansas being in ill health but of sound and disposing mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time heretofore made.

I hereby constitute and appoint my son Samuel C. Sharp to be the sole executor of my last will directing my said executor to pay all my just debts and funeral expenses and legacies herein after given out of my estate, after payment of my said debts and funeral expences. I give to each of my children Margaret Sharp, Sarah E. Ellis, Mary Sharp, Amzella Snodgrass, W.W. Sharp, D. E. Sharp, and Lela LeNord and Maud LeNord, heirs of Martha LeNord deceased the sum of one dollar to be paid to each of them as soon after my decease but within one year as may conveniently be done. I give to Margaret Sharp, Mary Sharp, Rufus C. Sharp, Samuel C. Sharp, and H. B. Sharp all my stocks of cattle. I give to Margaret Sharp, Sarah E. Ellis, Mary Sharp, Rufus C.Sharp, Samuel C. Sharp, Lela & Maud LeNord heirs of Martha LeNord all my [Bie or Bu][Gums or Guns] to share and share alike. I give to Samuel C. Sharp one featherbed, bedstead, and all fixtures to be selected by him and I give the residue of my household and kitchen furniture to Margaret Sharp, Mary Sharp, Lela & Maud LeNord share and share alike. I give to Mary Sharp my sewing machine. I give to Samuel C. Sharp my two mules named Will and Fred [Nub?]. I give to Margaret Sharp, Mary Sharp and Samuel C. Sharp all my interest as rent or otherwise in the crops grown on my lands or Homestead during the year 1884, Also all my chickens, geese, ducks and provisions and corn on hand at my decease. I give to Rufus C. Sharp Sixty acres of my land and the residue of my real estate I give to Samuel C. Sharp. Said Real Estate to be divided by the said Rufus C. Sharp and Samuel C. Sharp.
And for the payment of aforesaid (of legacies) I give and devise my said executor all the personal estate around me at the time of my decease, and my Real Estate to pay the legacies aforesaid. In testimony whereof I hereunto sit my hand and publish and declare this to be my last will and testament in the presence of James S. Steel and James R. Hudson witnesses named below this 9th day of August A.D. 1884.

signed Missouri W. Sharp

Signed published and declared by the said Missouri Wesley Sharp as and for her last will and testament in her presence of us who in her presence and in the presence of each other and at her request have subscribed our names as witnesses hereto on this date last above writes (witness).

signed James S. Steel
James R. Hudson

State of Arkansas}
County of Sevier }

On this day 13th day of October
filed [vss - don't know year]


(formed 1868 from Lawrence Co.)

1870 census index - yes
1880 census transcription - yes


<a name=104>1870 Arkansas Census Sharp Co
Piney Fork Twp., page 349, #226/226 (enum. 29 Jul 1870):
C. D. Snodgrass 22-M-AL farmer, $330/500
Mary Snodgrass 21-F-IA
George Snodgrass 1-M-AR
[WJ - See forward </a><a href="ar.html#103">1880 Arkansas Sharp Co</a>]

<a name=103>1880 Arkansas Census Sharp Co Piney Fork Twp., #116:
Dallas Snodgrass 33-M-AL/TN/AL farmer
Mary F. Snodgrass 30-F-IA/KY/KY wife
George W. Snodgrass 10-M-AR/AL/IA son
Catherine Snodgrass 8-F-AR/AL/IA daughter
Nancy Snodgrass 6-F-AR/AL/IA daughter
James F. Snodgrass 5-M-AR/AL/IA son [b Sep 1874]
Joseph Carter 19-M-MO/MO/MO hired man, farm laborer
[wj - See backward </a><a href="ar.html#104">1870 Arkansas Sharp Co</a>]
[wj - see forward 1900 Oklahoma Chickasaw Nation]


CENSUS RECORDS 1920 soundex - yes


1920 Arkansas Soundex Van Buren Co
Joe H. Snodgrass 63-M-AL/WV/AL wid., farm labor, o.m.


(formed 1828 from Crawford Co.)

Cemeteries of Washington Co., AR (Northwest Ark. Gen. Soc.)
vol. 1, 4, & 5 - yes
vol. 2, 3, 6, 7 - NS

1870 census index - yes
1880 soundex - yes
1900 soundex - yes
1910 miracode - yes
1920 soundex - yes

Index to Wills and Administrations of Arkansas from the Earliest to 1900
(Stevenson & Westbrook) - yes

Arkansas Marriages, 1779-1992 (CD-6) yes


<a name=106>1870 Arkansas Census Washington Co
Cane Hill Twp., page 82, #23/24 (enum. Sep 1870):
David Snodgrass 53-M-TN farmer, $200/250
Sarah Snodgrass 36-F-IA [Sarah Evans, m. 1860 Jasper Co MO]
Ellen Snodgrass 14-F-MO
Robt. Snodgrass 1-M-AR
[See backward 1860 Jasper Co MO]
[For David see forward </a><a href="ar.html#105">1900 Washington Co AR</a>]

1870 Arkansas Census Washington Co
Cane Hill Twp., page 86, #63/64 (enum. Sep 1870):
J. Q. Walton 46-M-MO house carpenter, $200/175
---[John Walton m. 1855 Jasper Co MO]
C. Walton 42-F-TN
---[Catherine Snodgrass d/o Margaret]
D. H. Walton 14-M-MO
W. T. Walton 12-M-MO
M. J. Walton 8-F-AR
J. T. Walton 5-M-MO
H. Walton 22-F-MO
M. Snodgrass 62-F-VA [Margaret]
[for Margaret Snodgrass see backward 1850 Jasper Co MO]

29 Sep 1872 -- Ellen Snodgrass married William C Carmack (Hunting for Bears).

8 Feb 1874 -- James Snodgrass married Harriet Cohea (Hunting for Bears).

17 Jan 1878 -- William Snodgrass married Laura Ellis (Hunting for Bears).

[query posted at Snodgrass Genforum 1 Apr 1999, by <a href="">Carol Lorang</a> Looking for information re: William M. Snodgrass, b. 13 Apr 1854, Memphis, TN; m. Laura May Ellis 17 Jan 1877, Siloam Springs, AR; d. 24 Apr 1939, Grangeville, ID. Ten children: Minnie May, Charles, John W., Pearl, Zeak, Hugh, Albert, Dollie, Roy, Martin, & Zelma. Have no info on William's ancestors.

vss - William is s/o Hugh Snodgrass & Fanny on 1860 Benton Co AR; William & Laura are on 1880 Benton Co AR]

1880 Washington Co AR Census/Soundex

<a name=39></a>1880 Arkansas Census Washington Co Illinois Twp., 13-202-5-36:
William Snodgrass 51-M-VA
---[William James Snodgrass s/o Thomas (d. 1852 White Co TN) & Margaret Duff (m. 1827 Washington Co VA]
Winnie Snodgrass 44-F-TN wife
---[Winnifred Norton Bradley m. 1853 White Co TN]
Mary Snodgrass 22-F-TN daughter
Jane Snodgrass 20-F-TN daughter
John Snodgrass 18-M-TN son [See forward <a href="ar.html#113">1900 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]
Thomas Snodgrass 17-M-TN son [See forward <a href="ar.html#111">1900 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]
---[Thomas Lafayette Snodgrass]
William Snodgrass 16-M-TN son
George Snodgrass 14-M-TN son [See forward <a href="ar.html#112">1900 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]
---[wj - m Olive Hodges 27 Dec 1896 Wash Co, AR]
Amanda Snodgrass 10-F-TN daughter
---[wj - m N G Hargrove 15 Jan 1888]
Winie Lou Snodgrass 8-F-TN daughter
Ellanora Snodgrass 7-F-TN daughter
---[wj - m Louis Haws 2 Oct 1892 Wash Co, AR]
Emma Snodgrass 5-F-AR daughter
---[wj - m O A Davis 12 Nov 1896 Wash Co, AR]
Lorinda Snodgrass 7m-F-AR daughter
[See backward <a href="ar.html#38">1870 Arkansas Johnson Co</a>]
[See forward <a href="ar.html#109">1900 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]

6 Jan 1881 -- B H Rich married Maggie Snodgrass

11 May 1882 -- William J. Snodgrass, b. 18 Jun 1828, d. 11 May 1882, buried Row 30, Lincoln Cemetery (buried with Winnie, d. 1908), Lincoln, AR.

27 Aug 1885 -- T L Snodgrass married D Nunley
[wj - Thomas Lafayette and John Dee Nunley]
[wj - daughter of John Alexander Nunley and Mary Leannah Rich - Source]

1886 -- Administration of estate of William Snodgrass (wife Winnie); adm. Pro. H. page 417.

16 Oct 1887 -- A S King married Mary F Snodgrass

15 Jan 1888 -- N G Hargrove married Mandy Snodgrass

14 Nov 1888 -- T J Snodgrass married [Mrs] Mary T Whitehouse

11 Jul 1890 -- Infant daughter of T. L. & J. D. Snodgrass, b. 10 Jul 1890, d. 11 Jul 1890, buried Row 30, Lincoln Cemetery.

11 Sep 1891 -- John Snodgrass married Ida Beatty

3 Jul 1892 -- Robert Snodgrass married Mattie Buskirk

2 Oct 1892 -- Lewis Haws married N Snodgrass
[wj - Ellanora daughter of William and Winnie]

10 Jun 1894 -- James F Collins married Annie A Snodgrass

29 Nov 1894 -- F A Smith married L A Snodgrass

19 Feb 1896 -- J L Snodgrass married J A Bradle

1 Jul 1896 -- Clyde Snodgrass, s/o J. P. & F., b. 27 Mar 1896, d. 1 Jul 1896, buried Row 29, Lincoln Cemetery.

12 Nov 1896 -- O A Davis married Emma Snodgrass

27 Dec 1896 -- G. W. Snodgrass married Olive Hodges. <IGI>

29 Apr 1897 -- Orla Page married Mary Snodgrass

4 Dec 1898 -- Henry Snodgrass married Mary Howe

26 Dec 1899 -- Clyde M Shepard married Maggie Snodgrass

<a name=105></a> 1900 Arkansas Soundex Washington Co Cane Hill Twp., 40-99-12-16:
James Snodgrass 28-M-AR/VA/TN Aug 1871
---[s/o David Snodgrass and Sarah Evans]
Nettie Snodgrass 24-F-AR/IL/MO Feb 1876 wife
Ethel Snodgrass 6-F-AR/AR/AR Jul 1893 daughter
Elsie Snodgrass 5-F-AR/AR/AR Sep 1893 daughter
Stanley Snodgrass 4-M-AR/AR/AR Mar 1896 son
Troy Snodgrass 1-M-AR/AR/AR Jul 1898 son
Clive Snodgrass 2m-M-AR/AR/AR Apr 1900 son
David Snodgrass 82-M-VA/VA/VA Jul 1817 father
---[David m. 22 Apr 1860 Jasper Co MO, Sarah A. Evans]
---[For David see backward <a href="ar.html#106">1870 Washington Co AR</a>]
[wj - See forward 1920 Oklahoma Creek Co]

<a name=109>1900 Arkansas Soundex Washington Co Price Twp., 40-104-2-47:
Winnie Snodgrass 64-F-TN Jan 1836 [d. 1908]
---[m. William J. Snodgrass (d. 1882)]
Ellie N. Haws 24-F-AR Aug 1875 daughter
---[wj - Ellanora married Louis Haws 2 Oct 1892 Washington Co, AR]
Louis B. Haws 27-M-AR Oct 1872 son-in-law
Willie W. Haws 6-M-AR Aug 1894 grandson
Elmer E. Haws 4-M-AR Mar 1896 grandson
Loid A. Haws 2-M-AR Dec 1897 grandson
Tasker Haws 3m-F-AR Mar 1900 daughter-in-law?
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#39">1880 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]

<a name=111>1900 Arkansas Soundex Washington Co Price Twp., 40-104-3-74:
Thomas Snodgrass 37-M-TN/VA/TN Jan 1863
---[Thomas Lafayette s/o William J. & Winnie]
John D. Snodgrass 36-F-TX/TN/AR Mar 1864 wife [John Dee Nunley, yes a woman]
---[wj - married 14 years, mother of 9, 8 still living]
---[wj b 3 Mar 1864 d 19 Nov 1926 in Arkansas Source: <a href="">Laura Ito</a>]
---[wj b 3 Mar 1864 McKinney, Collin Co, Texas d 19 Nov 1926 Lincoln, Washington Co, Arkansas Source]
Charlie H. Snodgrass 13-M-AR/TN/TX Sep 1886 son
Mary S. Snodgrass 13-F-AR/TN/TX Dec 1887 daughter
---[wj - Mary Leanna b 2 Dec 1887 Summers, AR d 23 Mar 1979 Drumright, OK]
---[wj - m Isom Hurney Sanders Jr 20 Dec 1908 Fayetteville, AR]
Bessie L. Snodgrass 9-F-AR/TN/TX Jul 1890 daughter
Winnie B. Snodgrass 7-F-AR/TN/TX Jul 1892 daughter
Denver Snodgrass 5-M-AR/TN/TX Feb 1894 son
---[wj - b 13 Feb 1894 d May 1976]
---[wj - Samuel Denver m Ruth Catherine Corley (b 8 Nov 1898 d Nov 1989)]
---[wj - They had two children Francis Dee and Thomas Keith]
---[wj - Source <a href="">Laura Ito</a>]
Homer S. Snodgrass 4-M-AR/TN/TX Jan 1896 son
---[wj b 18 Jan 1896 d Dec 1983 Wash Co, AR]
Claud M. Snodgrass 2-M-AR/TN/TX Feb 1898 son
---[Claude Miller b 16 Feb 1898 d Feb 1987 Sacramento, CA]
Pearl F. Snodgrass 3m-F-AR/TN/TX Feb 1900 daughter
[wj - see backward <a href="ar.html#39">1880 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]
[see forward <a href="ar.html#110">1910 Washington Co AR</a>]
[vss - May 2000 - info from <a href="">Hugh A. Zorger</a>, 157 East Kelly Lane, Tempe, AZ 85284-4030; Mary Leanna Snodgrass b. 2 Dec 1887 Summers, AR, d. 23 Mar 1979 Drumright, OK; m. Isom Hurney Sanders, 20 Dec 1908 Fayetteville, [Washington Co,] AR, s/o Isham H. Sanders & Mary Jane Mayberry. Isham b. 7 Jul 1886 in Prairie Grove, [Franklin Co,] AR, d. 18 Jun 1962 Cushing, OK; Children of Mary Leanna Snodgrass & Isom Hurney Sanders are: Maude Bessie Sanders & Opal Lavon Sanders]

[wj On this family Also the following descendents Thomas Keith Snodgrass (b. Oct 7 1921, d. March 9 1978) married Betty Jane Smith (b. Aug 8 1924 [Oklahoma City], d. April 4 1955 [Duncan, OK] of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma They had four children Joe Henry Snodgrass(b. June 10 1950), Terry Lee Snodgrass (b. Oct 1 1952) , Keitha Sue Snodgrass (b. Nov 4, 1953) [all born in El Dorado, ARK], John Thomas Snodgrass (b. April 4 1955) [Duncan Ok]. Francis Dee Snodgrass (Nov 10 1924) married Robert Earl Logan (July 20 1919) children: (son, "Butch" Logan, died in infancy) Denita Ruth Logan (b. June 30 1948), Karen Earlene Logan (b. July 5 1949) ]
---[wj Source of the descendents off Denver is <a href="">Laura Ito</a>]

<a name=112>1900 Arkansas Soundex Washington Co Price Twp., 40-104-5-28:
Stephen D. Ester

George Snodgrass 32-M-TN/VA/TN Mar 1868 hired hand
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#39">1880 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#117">1910 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]

<a name=113>1900 Arkansas Soundex Washington Co Star Hill Twp., 40-104-8-55:
John P. Snodgrass 38-M-TN/VA/TN Nov 1861
Ida F. Snodgrass 27-F-TX/AR/IL Feb 1873 wife [Ida Frances Beatty]
---[WJ - married for 8 years on 1900 census]
---[wj - mother of 4, 3 still living]
William F. Snodgrass 8-M-AR/TN/TX Mar 1892 son [William Frank]
---[wj - b 21 Mar 1892 AR d 11 May 1909 Wash Co, AR bur Lincoln Cem]
Samuel E. Snodgrass 6-M-AR/TN/TX Jul 1893 son [Samuel Edgar]
---[wj - b 13 Jul 1893 AR d 7 Jul 1911 Wash Co, AR bur Lincoln Cem]
Chester Snodgrass 1-M-AR/TN/TX Feb 1899 son [Chester D. Snodgrass]
---[wj b 6 Feb 1899 AR d 16 Mar 1979 Lincoln, Wash Co, AR bur Lincoln Cem]
[wj - Also son Clyde b 27 Mar 1896 AR d 1 Jul 1896 Wash Co, AR bur Lincoln Cem]
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#39">1880 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#114">1910 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]

<a name=115>1900 Arkansas Soundex Washington Co Wheeler Twp., 40-109-1-44:
Henry Snodgrass 23-M- Jan 3, 1877
---[wj - Henry married Mary Howe 4 Dec 1898]
Mary Snodgrass 20-F-AR Mar 13, 1880 wife [wj - Howe]
[wj - see forward </a><a href="ar.html#116">1910 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]

1900 Arkansas Soundex Washington Co Marrs Hill Twp., 40-109-10-59:
Gilbert Cohea Feb 9, 1822 AR
Margaret Cohea (wife) Oct 1, 1845 AR
---[wj - married for 35 years in 1900 Census]
---[wj - looking at the census, this surname could be Cohen or Coha as well]

Harrett C. Snodgrass 51-F-AR/AR/TN Feb 18, 1849 daughter [Cohea]
---[wj - mother of 0 children]
Mary J. Cohea is writen with a line through it 47-F-AR/AR/TN Feb 26, 1853 daughter single
Martha A. M. 39-F-AR/AR/TN Mar 11, 1861 daughter single
Louie L. Snodgrass 24-F-AR/MO/AR Feb 12, 1876 granddaughter single
[wj - James Snodgrass married Harriet Cohea 1874, but how is it that these other daughters are named Snodgrass too? Or are they Cohea? Cohea is writen next to Martha's name with a line through it, not sure if the line came first or the name though...]

1900 Arkansas Soundex Washington Co Springdale Twp., Springdale, 40-116-11-6:
Decalb Martin 68-M-AR/OH/OH pensioner
Maggie 32-F-AR/KY/AR wife
---[wj - married for 13 years, mother of 3, 3 living]
May Snodgrass 12-F-AR/MO/AR Feb 1888 daughter
John E. Snodgrass 10-M-AR/MO/AR Feb 1890 son
Ethel Snodgrass 7-F-AR/MO/AR May 1893 daughter
Ben J Snyder 25-M-AR/KY/AR Jul 1874 son-in-law, single
[wj - evidently Maggie Snider or Snyder was first married to Wilson Snodgrass in 1887 and these 3 children are theirs, she then married Baron D K Martin in 1897. Thus, Ben is probablly not Mr. Martin's son-in-law, but probably his brother-in-law.]

12 Apr 1904 -- Charlie Snodgrass, s/o T. L. & J. D., b. 20 Feb 1902, d. 12 Apr 1904, buried Row 30, Lincoln Cemetery.

11 Feb 1908 -- Winnie Snodgrass, wife of W. J., b. 20 Jan 1836, d. 11 Feb 1908, buried Row 30, Lincoln Cemetery.

11 May 1909 -- William F. Snodgrass, b. 21 Mar 1892, d. 11 May 1909, buried Row 29, Lincoln Cemetery.

1910 Washington Co AR Census/Miracode

<a name=116>65-139-28:
Henry E. Snodgrass 33-M-MO
Matie C. Snodgrass 30-F-AR wife
Charlie Snodgrass 9-M-AR son
Ruby Snodgrass 6-F-AR daughter
---[wj - b 1 Sep 1903 Robinson, Benton Co, AR d 2 Sep 1976 Benton Co, AR]
---[wj m1 James Ingram Langrell m2 16 Jan 1926 Wash Co, AR Joseph Delmar Phipps]
John A. Snodgrass 5-M-AR son
---[wj - John Andrew b 25 Aug 1905 Savoy d 1 Oct 1963 m Eileen Leonard]
Ira Snodgrass 2-M-AR son
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#115">1900 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#120">1920 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]

<a name=123>1910 Arkansas Census/Miracode Washington Co
Fayetteville, 65-143-181:
James Snodgrass 47-M-OH
Anna Snodgrass 42-F-OH wife
Elizabeth Snodgrass 17-F-OH daughter
Katherine Snodgrass 15-F-OH daughter
[wj - see forward </a><a href="ar.html#122">1920 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]

<a name=117>66-145-98:
William Rich

George Snodgrass 40-M-AR hired man
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#112">1900 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]

<a name=114>66-145-202:
John Snodgrass 48-M-TN
---[wj - son of William James Snodgrass and Winnie Norton Bradley]
Ida Snodgrass 37-F-AR wife
---[wj - Ida Frances Beatty]
Samuel Snodgrass 16-M-AR son
---[wj - Samuel Edgar b 13 Jul 1893 AR d 7 Jul 1911]
Chester Snodgrass 11-M-AR son [Chester D. Snodgrass]
---[wj - b 6 Feb 1899 d 16 Mar 1979]
---[wj - see forward </a><a href="ar.html#124">1920 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]
Della Snodgrass 9-F-AR daughter
---[wj - Della May b 25 Oct 1900 d 7 Feb 1980 Fayetteville, Washington Co, Ar]
---[wj - m 1 Sep 1918 Earl Elven Cheatham]
Thomas Snodgrass 7-M-AR son
---[wj - Thomas Walter b 28 Jul 1902 AR d 19 Jan 1936 Wash Co, AR bur Lincoln Cem]
John Snodgrass 5-M-AR son
---[wj - John Elbert d 1938 Wash Co, AR bur Lincoln Cem]
Bert Snodgrass 2-M-AR son
---[wj - m ca 1929 Eva]
Dooe Snodgrass -F-AR daughter [Delmo or Dove]
[wj - see backward <a href="ar.html#113">1900 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#118">1920 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]

<a name=110>1910 Arkansas Census/Miracode Washington Co
Thomas Snodgrass 47-M-TN
Dee Snodgrass 46-F-TX wife
Bessie Snodgrass 19-F-AR daughter
Ray Snodgrass 17- -AR daughter?
Samuel Snodgrass 16-M-AR son
Homer Snodgrass 14-M-AR son
Claud Snodgrass 12-M-AR son
Florence Snodgrass 10-F-AR daughter
Elsa Snodgrass 5-F-AR daughter
Bruce Snodgrass -M-AR son
---[wj - b 25 Jun 1908 AR d Jan 1997 Logan Co, OK]
James Snodgrass 44-M-AR brother
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#111">1900 Washington Co AR</a>]
[wj - see forward <a href="ar.html#121">1920 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]

7 Jul 1911 -- Samuel E. Snodgrass, b. 13 Jul 1893, d. 7 Jul 1911, buried Row 28, Lincoln Cemetery.

World War I Draft Registration Cards
Chester Snodgrass born 6 Feb 1899 race White
Claude Miller Snodgrass born 16 Feb 1898 race White
Henry Edward Snodgrass born 3 Jan 1877 race White
Samuel Denver Snodgrass born 13 Feb 1894 race Caucasian
--- says born at Lincoln, AR [wj]
William Thomas Snodgrass born 23 Nov 1873 race White

<a name=122>1920 Arkansas Census/Soundex Washington Co
Brantwood, 63-137-13-28:
James L. Snodgrass 57-M-OH/OH/OH farmer, o.m.
Emma Snodgrass 54-F-OH/OH/OH wife
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#123">1910 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]

1920 Arkansas Census/Soundex Washington Co
W. D. Proffitt 49-M-IA/TN/IL farmer, o.f.
Lonie Proffitt 43-F-AR/MO/AR
Mrs. H. C. Snodgrass 72-F-AR/AR/AR mother-in-law, wid., no occ.
---[? Harriet Cohea m. 1874 James Snodgrass ?]
---[wj - see backward 1900 Arkansas Washington Co]

<a name=120>1920 Arkansas Census/Soundex Washington Co
H. E. Snodgrass 43-M-MO/KY/USA farmer, o.f. [wj - Henry]
Mattie Snodgrass 40-F-AR/AR/AR wife
Charlie Snodgrass 18-M-AR/MO/AR son
Ruby Snodgrass 16-F-AR/MO/AR dau.
---[wj-b 1 Sep 1903 Robinson, Benton Co, AR d 2 Sep 1976 bur Yell Cem, Robinson, AR]
---[wj- m1 James Ingram Langrell b 14 Nov 1889 AR]
---[wj- m2 Joseph Delmar Phipps b 25 Jul 1902 Wash Co, AR m 16 Jan 1926 Wash Co, AR]
---[wj- a descendent of Ruby is </a><a href="">Lou Pero</a>]
John Snodgrass 12-M-AR/MO/AR son [wj - John Andrew]
Ira Snodgrass 11-M-AR/MO/AR son
Dollie Snodgrass 9-F-AR/MO/AR dau.
Alvie Snodgrass 6-M-AR/MO/AR son
Roy Snodgrass 3-M-AR/MO/AR son
[wj - see backward <a href="ar.html#116">1910 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]

<a name=118>1920 Arkansas Census/Soundex Washington Co
Lincoln, 64-150-8-46:
John Snodgrass 58-M-TN/VA/TN farmer, o.f. [John P. Snodgrass d. 1938]
Ida F. Snodgrass 46-F-TX/AR/TX wife [Ida Frances d. 1932]
Thomas W. Snodgrass 17-M-AR/TN/TX son
John E. Snodgrass 15-M-AR/TN/TX son
Bert Snodgrass 12-M-AR/TN/TX son
Delmo Snodgrass 10-F-AR/TN/TX dau.
Lovie? Snodgrass 6-M-AR/TN/TX son
Unice M. Snodgrass 1-F-AR/TN/TX dau.
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#114">1910 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]

<a name=124>1920 Arkansas Census/Soundex Washington Co
Lincoln, 64-150-8-54:
Chester Snodgrass 20-M-AR/TN/TX farmer, o.m.
---[Chester D. Snodgrass, d. 16 Mar 1979; s/o John P. & Ida F.]
---[The SSDI has his last res in Washington Co and death Mar 1979 with no day - wj]
Golde V. Snodgrass 17-F-AR/GA/GA wife, single? [Goldie Viola Pridemore ?]
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#114">1910 Arkansas Washington Co</a>]

<a name=121>1920 Arkansas Census/Soundex Washington Co
Layfate Snodgrass 57-F-TN/VA/TN farmer, o.f.
---[Thomas Lafayette Snodgrass (4 Jan 1863-21 Apr 1942) s/o William J. & Winnie]
John D. Snodgrass 55-M-TN/TN/AR husband
---[John Dee __ Snodgrass (3 Mar 1864-10 Nov 1926) w/o Thomas L.]
Dever Snodgrass 26-M-AR/TN/TX son
Homer Snodgrass 24-M-AR/TN/TX son
Elsy Snodgrass 14-F-AR/TN/TX dau.
Bruce Snodgrass 11-M-AR/TN/TX son
Merle Snodgrass 9-F-AR/TN/TX dau.
[wj - see backward </a><a href="ar.html#110">1910 Washington Co AR</a>]

1920 Arkansas Census/Soundex Washington Co
Will Snodgrass 43-M-TN/TN/TN farmer, o.f.
Mary Snodgrass 31-F-AR/AR/AR wife
Amos Snodgrass 6-M-AR/TN/AR son
Geneva Snodgrass 5-F-AR/TN/AR dau.
Depha Snodgrass 4y6m-F-AR/TN/AR dau.
Ruth Snodgrass 2y11m-F-AR/TN/AR dau.
Wilson Snodgrass 1y2m-M-AR/TN/AR son

10 Nov 1926 -- John D. Snodgrass, mother, b. 3 Mar 1864, d. 10 Nov 1926, buried Row 18, Lincoln Cemetery [although this appears to be a man, it is actually a woman whose name was John Dee Snodgrass].

9 Feb 1930 -- Harold Lee Snodgrass, son of Eva & Bert, b. 22 Dec 1929, d. 9 Feb 1930, buried Row 21, Lincoln Cemetery.

1932 -- Ida Frances Snodgrass, mother, b. 1873, d. 1932, buried Row 19, Lincoln Cemetery (on stone with John P., d. 1938).

24 Feb 1933 -- George W. Snodgrass, b. 3 Mar 1868, d. 24 Feb 1933, buried Row 30, Lincoln Cemetery.

19 Jan 1936 -- Thomas Walter Snodgrass, b. 28 Jul 1902, d. 19 Jan 1936, buried Row 29, Lincoln Cemetery.

1938 -- John Elbert Snodgrass, son, b. 1904, d. 1938, buried Row 19, Lincoln Cemetery.

1938 -- John P. Snodgrass, father, b. 1861, d. 1938, buried Row 19, Lincoln Cemetery (on stone with Ida Frances, d. 1932).

9 Nov 1938 -- Wm. Henry Snodgrass, b. 28 Sep 1886, d. 9 Nov 1938, buried Row 17, Lincoln Cemetery.

1940 -- Mary Etta Snodgrass, b. 1888, d. 1940, buried Row 3, Lincoln Cemetery.

1942 -- Harriet C. Snodgrass, b. 1849, d. 1942, buried Rose Cemetery.
[Harriet Cohea m. 1874 James Snodgrass]

21 Apr 1942 -- Thomas L. Snodgrass, father, b. 4 Jan 1863, d. 21 Apr 1942, buried Row 18, Lincoln Cemetery (on stone with J. D., d. 1926).

19 Jul 1948 -- Allen E. Snodgrass, b. 22 Oct 1927, d. 19 Jul 1948, buried Row 3, Lincoln Cem.

26 May 1949 -- Gerald Leon, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Roy Snodgrass, d. 26 May 1949, buried Row 19, Lincoln Cemetery.

29 Aug 1950 -- William J. Snodgrass, b. 18 Nov 1866, d. 29 Aug 1950, buried Row 3, Lincoln Cemetery.

22 May 1952 -- Bobby Joe Snodgrass, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Roy Snodgrass, d. 22 May 1952, buried Row 19, Lincoln Cemetery.

20 Aug 1962 -- Lonnie Fred Snodgrass, b. 28 Jul 1913, d. 20 Aug 1962, buried Row 29, Lincoln Cemetery.

1960 -- Esther Mae Snodgrass, b. 1897, d. 1960, buried Goshen Cemetery.

17 Oct 1963 -- Tommie Dean Snodgrass, b. 7 Feb 1962, d. 17 Oct 1963, buried Row 16S, Lincoln Cemetery.

Social Security Death Index
Emerson Snodgrass b 26 May 1888 d Nov 1973 last residence Fayetteville, Washington Co, AR; SSN issued by Kansas before 1951

The <a href = "">Kansas source book</a> shows in 1954 there was an Emerson J Snodgrass living in Wichita, Kansas

The World War I Draft Cards show that Emerson Jake Snodgrass b 26 May 1888 registered at Neosho, Kansas saying that he was born at "Allen, Kansas"

Social Security Death Index
Samuel Snodgrass b 13 Feb 1894 d May 1976
Last Residence Lincoln, Washington Co, AR
SSN Issued by Arkansas before 1951

The World War I Draft Cards show that Samuel Denver Snodgrass b 13 Feb 1894 registered at Washington Co, AR stating that he was born in Lincoln, AR and is single

Found by Will Johnson at website
Snodgrass, Samuel D, b. 02/13/1894, d. 05/27/1976, US Army, PFC, Res: Fayetteville, AR, Plot: 21 0 73, bur. 05/31/1976

15 Sep 1977 -- Leonard Elden Snodgrass, PFC US Army, WW II, FHM Luginbuel, b. 1922, d. 15 Sep 1977, buried Row 8, Lincoln Cemetery.

16 Mar 1979 -- Chester D. Snodgrass, FHM Luginbuel, d. 16 Mar 1979, age 80 years, buried Row 16S, Lincoln Cemetery.
[Chester D. s/o John P. & Ida F.]
-- [The SSDI has his death Mar 1979 last residence at Lincoln - wj]

18 Apr 1979 -- James Samuel Snodgrass, b. 8 Jul 1906, d. 18 Apr 1979, buried Bluff Cemetery (on same stone Bonnie Jean Snodgrass, b. 19 Jun 1912, d. ---).

Social Security Death Index,br> Homer Snodgrass b 18 Jan 1896 d Dec 1983
Last Residence: Lincoln, Washington Co, AR
SSN issued by Arkansas before 1951
Found by Will Johnson at website
Snodgrass, Homer L, b. 01/18/1896, d. 12/25/1983, US Army, BUGLER, Res: Fayetteville, AR, Plot: 21 0 94, bur. 12/28/1983
World War I Draft Cards
Homer Lossen Snotgrass (sic) b 18 Jan 1896 registered at Santa Barbara Co, CA
card says born in Lincoln, AR

Found by Will Johnson at website
Snodgrass, James E, b. 03/20/1890, d. 07/06/1971, Res: Westville, AR, Plot: 20 0 393, bur. 07/09/1971
Snodgrass, Rubie Etta, b. 02/18/1899, d. 11/09/1975, US Army, PFC, Res: Tulsa, OK, Plot: 21 0 94, bur. 11/12/1975
Snodgrass, Ruth C, b. 11/08/1898, d. 11/06/1989, US Army, TEC 5, Res: Tomball, TX, Plot: 21 0 73, bur. 11/13/1989

8 Apr 1999 -- Rawlins County Square Deal (22 Apr 1999 KS newspaper obituary) Leslie E. Snodgrass
Leslie E. Snodgrass was born Oct. 15, 1921 in Washington County near Lincoln, Ark., to Chester D. and Viola Pridemore Snodgrass. He died at the age of 77 on April 8, 1999 at Medi-Homes Nursing Center at Prairie Grove, Ark.
He grew up on the family farm and graduated from country grade school. He served in the Army during World War II in Africa and Italy. Following his discharge, he returned to the Lincoln area and helped his parents with their farming and his own.
In the mid 1980s, he moved to Welling, Okla., near Tenkiller Dam and continued residing there until his health declined in early 1998.
He was preceeded in death by his parents and younger brother, C. Bob Snodgrass.
Survivors include three brothers, Roy and John, both of Lincoln, Ark., and Lonnie of Atwood, Kan.; and numerous nieces and nephews.
Funeral services were held April 10 at the Luginbuiel Mortuary Chapel at Prairie Grove with interment at Lincoln Cemetery.
[vss - obit contributed by SCS member [ Mrs. Linda Snodgrass]]

Homer Lawson Snodgrass Jr.
b. Nov 27, 1924 d. Dec 11, 2001

Elmer Everett Snodgrass b 14 Jul 1915 Huntsville, Madison Co, AR
d 3 Jan 2003 Fayetteville, Washington Co., Arkansas
s/o John E Snodgrass ~1884- and Lucy Bowling ~1890-
[found by Will Johnson]

Merle Snodgrass Isaac
b. Mar 24, 1922 d. Feb. 7, 2003
She was born in Huntsville, Arkansas and died in Springdale, Arkansas
Daughter of John Snodgrass and Lucy Bowling Snodgrass

James Snodgrass, application #763,559; certificate #571,414.
widow's application #709,869; certificate #565,313.

Certificate of disability for discharge.
James Snodgrass a private, of Captain William H. Newman's company (D) of the First Infantry Regt. of U.S. Arkansas Vols. was enlisted by Capt. Rhansom R. Rhodes of the 1st Infantry Regiment of Ark. Vols. at Fayetteville, AR, on 13 Feb 1863, to serve 3 years; he was born in Franklin Co., AR, is 35 years of age, 6' high, fair complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, and by occupation when enlisted a farmer. During the last 12 months said soldier has been unfit for duty 365 days. He was not able for field duty when enlisted ... find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of incipient phthisis pulmunalis and atrophy and partial loss of the use of the left arm. Disability existed prior to enlistment...

Greene Co., MO, 2 Aug 1890, personally appeared...James Snodgrass, aged 62 years, a resident of Elkland, Webster Co., MO...who was enrolled on 1 Feb 1863 in Co. D 1st Regt. Ark. Inf. as a private...and was honorably discharged at Fort Smith, AR, on 1 Mar 1865. That he is partially unable to earn a support by reason of sore eyes, chronic diarrhoea, neuralgia and catarrh...

9 May 1894 between James W. Snodgrass and Nancy H. Snodgrass his wife of Elkland, Webster Co., MO, parties of the first part, and Joseph M. Snodgrass of Webster Co., MO, party of the second part...$200...all of the W 1/2 of the SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 contain 20 acres and all of the NW 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 containing 20 acres. All in S 31 T 32 R 19 containing in all 40 acres

Declaration for Widow's Pension
Webster Co., MO, 6 Nov 1899, personally appeared...Nancy H. Snodgrass, aged 62 years...that she is the widow of James Snodgrass...who died 5 Oct 1899. That she was married to said soldier under the name of Nancy H. Welch on 16 May 1867 by L. A. Smith, a minister of the Gospel, at Webster Co., MO... neither had any previous marriage ... no children under 16 years of age...


(formed 1835 from Pulaski County, Jackson County, & Independence County, Arkansas.)

1910 miracode - yes


<a name=53></a>1910 Arkansas Miracode White Co Searcy, 68-164-686:
Fred L. Snodgrass 37-M-MO <Frederick Lewis>
Cora E. Snodgrass 29-F-MO wife <Cora Ellen Seamster>
Claud E. Snodgrass 9-M-AR son <Claud Earl>
Edward M. Snodgrass 4-M-AR son <Edward Monroe>
Marion S. Snodgrass 2-M-AR son <Marion Lewis>
Harold R. Snodgrass -M-AR son <Harold Rice>

<Desc. of James Snodgrass of York Co., AR>[wj See Backward <a href="ar.html#54">1900 Arkansas Benton Co</a>]


(formed 1862 from Jackson & St. Francis Counties)

1900 soundex - yes

The Goodspeed Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Eastern Arkansas (1890) yes

1890 -- The Goodspeed Biog. & Hist. Memoirs of Eastern AR, page 302:
Richard T. Jett, one of the most prominent and influential citizens in the vicinity of Gregory, was born in Kentucky (Barren County) in 1834. His father, R. H. V. Jett, was a native of Virginia, born in 1806. He followed the occupation of milling, and in 1828 was married to Miss Elizabeth Bradley, of Maryland, by which union were born ten children, eight boys and two girls, seven now living, viz. Mary J. (wife of Gabe Corn), Richard T., Catherine (wife of William Langstay), Albert N., J. S., James F. and G. W. Mr. Jett was a member of the Christian Church, and died in 1872. Richard T. Jett immigrated from Kentucky to Arkansas in 1870, locating in Woodruff County. He turned his attention to the improvement of land and now cultivates some 300 acres, the principal crops being cotton and corn. He has erected a good residence, and enjoys the acquaintance of many residents about Gregory, in the southern portion of the county. The year 1858 witnessed his nuptials with Margaret A. Haden, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Haden, of Kentucky. To their marriage three children have been given, two girls and one boy: Carrie (wife of Lawrence Richey), Josie (now Mrs. James Snodgrass) and Albert C. Mr. Jett is an expert machinist and followed that business for several years. From 1861 til 1866 he engaged in steamboating, and now has an interest in a large saw-mill, also in partnership with W. J. and E. G. Thompson, Minor Gregory and R. Eldridge in the possession of a gin, the style of the firm being Mill & Gin Co. They run four stands and hve the latest improved plans. Mr. Jett possesses any amount of energy, and his having an interest in anything means the successful termination of that enterprise. His refined surroundings and hospitable board ensure for him the respect and esteem of all who know him.

1900 Woodruff Co AR Census
Point Twp., 42-109-11-86:
R. T. Jett 66-M-KY/KY/KY May 1834
Carrie Ritchie 39-F-KY/KY/KY Feb 1861 daughter
---[wj - mother of 2, 2 still living]
Josie Snodgrass 36-F-KY/KY/KY Oct 1863 daughter [m. James Snodgrass]
---[wj - mother of 1, 1 still living]
Paul Ritchie 14-M-KS/KS/KY Jun 1885 grandson
Corrine (Ritchie) 12-F-KS/KS/KY Apr 1888 granddaughter
Margie Snodgrass 13-F-IN/IN/KY Jan 1887 granddaughter
N???s Clark 20-M-black-AR/TN/TN Aug 1880 servant


(formed 1840 from Pope & Scott Counties.)

Cemeteries of Yell Co., AR, vol. 6 (Humphrey & Traxler) NS

1900 soundex - yes
1910 miracode - yes


1900 Yell Co AR Census/Soundex

<a name=130>1900 Arkansas Census/Soundex Yell Co
Kover Twp., 42-150-3-100:
Elija J. Snodgrass 39-M-AR Aug 1860
---[Elijah Jefferson Snodgrass b. 6 Aug 1860 Saline Co AR; s/o William & Mary Sykes]
Martha A. Snodgrass 39-F-AR Jul 1860 wife [Martha A. Burris OR Burrus OR Burrows]
---[wj b 7-8-1861 info from </a><a href="">Myrtle Poor</a>]
Willie I. Snodgrass 19-M-AR Sep 1880 son
---[wj b 9-28-1880]
Martha J. Snodgrass 16-F-AR Sep 1883 daughter
---[wj b 9-7-1883]
Bennie Snodgrass 14-M-AR Oct 1885 son
---[Benjamin Elijah Snodgrass b. 14 Oct 1885; m1. 17 Jul 1904 Josie Hudson; info from <a href="">Patricia Kennedy</a>; m2. Bertha Elizabeth Burris; info from <a href="">Debbie Snodgrass-Jones</a> ]
Iva/Ira M. Snodgrass 12- -AR Aug 1887 daughter?
---[Ora Mae Snodgrass m. William Cyrus Miller; info from Patricia Kennedy]
Florence I. Snodgrass 10-F-AR Feb 1890 daughter
Ida Snodgrass 8-F-AR Mar 1892 daughter
Lee Snodgrass 5-M-AR Jul 1894 son
---[wj Joseph Lee b 7-15-1894]
Ruby Snodgrass 3-F-AR Dec 1896 daughter
---[wj Ruby Ethel b 9-16-1896]
Johnnie Snodgrass 1-F-AR Jan 1899 daughter
---[wj Clara Viola b 9-19-1899]
---[Clara Johnnie Snodgrass m. Harvey Harney]
[See backward <a href="ar.html#98">1870 Pulaski Co., AR</a>]
[wj - See forward 1910 Texas Fannin Co]
[wj - See forward 1920 Oklahoma Stephens Co]

4 Jul 1900 -- G W Cobb married Belle Snodgrass

1910 Arkansas Census Yell Co

Louis O. Collins

Clara Snodgrass 14-F-TN granddaughter
Hubert Snodgrass 12-M-TN grandson

1979 -- Ark. Fam. Historian, vol. 17, page 180:
Debbie J. Jones, 1801 Saipan Dr., San Diego, CA 92139 - I am searching for inf. on my ancestors, who were supposed to have lived in Benton & Tatumville, Saline Co., AR. I need birth death & burial places. E. J. Snodgrass married Martha Ann Burrus, 17 Aug 1897 in Tatumville, AR (no other inf. available).
<Desc. of Robert Snodgrass of Bledsoe Co., TN>

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