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This page written by Will Johnson, Professional Genealogist. If you have comments, please email me.

At a flea market, I picked up a baptismal record for two dollars. The baptismal record is hand-writen on a form with blanks for the answers. The hand-writen answers tell us that Susan Lee Morton was baptised on 18 Mar 1961 at the Church of St Matthew in San Mateo, California. Signed John Edward Easton.

Her parents are written-in as Robert Elisha Morton Jr and Judith Lee Morton. The sponsors are writen as Mary Dorothy Lange, Barbara Hartman Curry and James T Curry Jr. She was born 21 Mar 1960 in Oakland, California.

The most interesting thing to me is, what happened to Susan Lee Morton that her baptismal card is floating around a flea market? At any rate, I'd like to re-connect this to the family, if they can be found. All I ask is the price I paid plus postage and an envelope, so three dollars would be sufficient.

Susan's birth is confirmed in the California Birth Index here, telling us additionally that her mother's maiden name was Sinclair. Using this, we can see here her three siblings :Kathryn M Morton 1961, Cynthia L Morton 1963 and Robert E Morton 1965.

Kathryn M Morton, might be the one of that name who, in 1984, in Contra Costa County, married Stephen P Simpkin. (California Marriage Index here)

Two of the sponsors, James T Curry Jr and Barbara Hartman Curry, I think are husband and wife, and a few google searches, seem to have him pegged with something related to metallurgy. There is a couple named James and Barbara Curry living in either Hillsborough or Burlingame.

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