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Thomas Branch (1624 - 1693)

Thomas was born in Henrico County, Virginia in March or April 1624 as the eldest son of Christopher Branch and his wife Mary Addie who had married Sep 1619 in London, and immigrated to Virginia on the ship "London Merchant", leaving Tilburyhope, England March 1619/20.

"Branchiana...", Page 105 quotes the "Muster of the Inhabitants in Virginia", taken Jan 1624/5, which names among those living at the College Land in Henrico: "Christopher Branch, came in the London Merchannt. Mary, his wife, in the same Shipp. Thomas, his sonne, aged 9 Months."

Thomas married Elizabeth Gough, and by her had issue:

  1. Thomas Branch, married Elizabeth Archer and died in 1728
  2. Matthew Branch, married, and died in 1726
  3. James Branch, died without issue in 1737
  4. Elizabeth Branch, married Melchizedek Richardson
  5. Martha Branch
  6. female Branch, married Richard Ward of Henrico
  7. William Branch
  8. Margery Branch
  9. John Branch

Thomas died 1693 in Henrico County, Virginia

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