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Cecil Number, the number of steps that separate a person from Richard Cecil


The number is calculated in a similar fashion to the Bacon Number. However in the Kevin Bacon game, the only primitive step is simply "was in a movie with".

When calculating Cecil Numbers, there are four different primitive steps : "Was the Spouse of", "Was the Parent of", "Was the Child of" and "Was the Sibling of".

So the parents, children, siblings and spouses of Richard Cecil are "Cecil Ones".

The parents, children, siblings and spouses of Cecil Ones are "Cecil Twos".

The parents, children, siblings and spouses of Cecil Twos would then be "Cecil Threes".

And so on.

If a person can be assigned more than one Cecil Number, by following different paths, the lowest number is the one used.

Cecil Ones

Richard Cecil:

Cecil Twos

Note: This is a comprehensive listing of all known Cecil Twos, showing the Cecil Ones and then stating how each Cecil Two is related to that Cecil One.

David Cecil:

  • Parents Phillip Cyssel and Margaret Phelip
  • Siblings Richard Cecil of Alltyrnys
  • Spouses: Alice Dichons and Joan Roos
  • Children: Richard Cecil, David Cyssel, female Cecil wife to Henry Welby (1501-36), and Jane Cyssel

Alice Dichons:

  • Parents John Decons and Margaret Semark
  • Siblings Winnifred Dicons
  • Spouses and children as above

Joan Heckington:

  • Parents William Heckington of Bourne; and Alice Walbeef
  • Siblings no known siblings
  • Spouses William Welby (no children); and Richard Cecil

William Cecil:

  • Parents (already listed)
  • Spouses Mary Cheke and Mildred Cooke
  • Children Thomas Cecil, Anne Cecil, Robert Cecil, Elizabeth Cecil

Margaret Cecil:

  • Parents (already listed)
  • Spouses Roger Cave and Erasmus Smith (no children)
  • Children Elizabeth Cave, Frances Cave, Thomas Cave, William Cave, Margaret Cave, Cecil Cave, John Cave, Anne Cave, Dorothy Cave

Elizabeth Cecil:

  • Parents (already listed)
  • Spouses Robert Wingfield and Hugh Alington (no children)
  • Children Elizabeth Wingfield, Dorothy Wingfield, Robert Wingfield, John Wingfield, Peregrine Wingfield, Cecil Wingfield

Agnes Cecil:

  • Parents (already listed)
  • Spouse Thomas White
  • Children John White, Alice White, Elizabeth White
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