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Christenson Roofing

His website is (or was) License #824245 doing business as Brian Christenson Roofing 112 Annie Lane, Santa Cruz CA LicenseLookup. License was issued 15 Sep 2003 and expires 30 Sep 2009.

When I checked the Contractor's State License Board on 11 Apr 2007, it said the license was current and active, classification C39 Roofing, bonded with bond #10119019 for $12,500 with American Contractors Indemnity Company effective 01 Jan 2007.

On 12 Jan 2005, Brian Christenson sent a bid of $600, to repair part of my roof near my front door. On 25 Jan 2005, I received an invoice for $750 along with a writen one-year warranty. This was paid on 2 Feb 2005 by my check #506 writen on Bay Federal Credit Union.

I next received another bid of $500 to repair another part of my roof near my back door. On 17 Mar 2005 I received an invoice for $575 along with a writen one-year warranty. On 30 Mar 2005 I received a follow-up second notice for $575 asking for payment by Apr 5 otherwise a 5% charge would be added. I paid this on 4 Apr 2005 by check #1163 writen on Wells Fargo Bank.

By this time the rainy season had ended here and there were no perceived problems, but it wasn't raining to test it.

Once the rains started again, I contacted Christenson Roofing, within the one-year warranty period, to inform them that the second area patched was leaking into the carport area. I spoke with Brian's wife Kara who told me that Brian was out-of-town, couldn't be reached and she'd call me back. I contacted her again after a short period of time, and she wanted to refer me to some other roofing company, at which time I told her I wanted Brian to do the fix. This went on, back-and-forth, over several months, both before and after the warranty expiration date. Each time I was told Brian was out-of-town, he was on a big job, he'd call me back in a bit, or wouldn't I rather be referred to someone else? Brian himself never contacted me, nor did they make any appointment to come see the leak. Since I initially contacted them within the one-year warranty period, the warranty should still cover the needed work, regardless of when the work was to-be scheduled.

To date, I have never received any satisfactory response from them. I contacted the company again on 11 Apr 2007 and spoke with both Kara and later on the same day with Brian, who both informed me that they wouldn't be held responsible.

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