George W Bush

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George W Bush, 43rd US President 2001-09

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George W Bush

He was born in New Haven, Connecticut on 6 Jul 1946, as the eldest child of George H W Bush and his wife Barbara Pierce. George has five younger siblings: Robin, John "Jeb", Neil, Marvin and Dorothy.

George W Bush married in Midland, Texas on 5 Nov 1977 to Laura Lane Welch.

George Herbert Walker Bush

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George Bush, Sr was born 12 Jun 1924 in Milton, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, the second child of Prescott Bush (1896-) and his wife Dorothy (1902-).

In Jan 1945, he married Barbara Pierce. They had six children: George, Robin, John "Jeb", Neil, Marvin and Dorothy.

He was US Vice-President from 1981 to 1989, and US President from 1989 to 1993. He ran for President in the 1992 Election but lost to William "Bill" Clinton.

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