Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire

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(The Manor House)
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'''Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire'''
'''Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire''' by Will Johnson,, Copyright 2010
==The Manor House==
==The Manor House==

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Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire by Will Johnson,, Copyright 2010

[edit] The Manor House

The Manor House was evidently in the hands of Thomas Smythe and his wife Margaret, when in 1562, for 280 pounds they sold it to Francis Cotton. Seven years later, in 1569, Francis Cotton and his wife Alice convey it to Brian Cave much improved. Brian Cave and his wife Bridget Skipwith[1], of Ingarsby, feoff the Manor to William Brocas in 1573. By 1590 when there is a recovery by John Gobart, the manorlands have been much reduced, in fact it would appear perhaps that they have been divided in two albeit unequal portions. A few years later in 1593/4 John Gobart and his wife Lucy Smyth convey their interest to Erasmus Smyth and his son Roger Smyth for a total of 1600 pounds. In 1597, a pre-nuptial conveyence from Erasmus Smyth to his son Roger Smyth his bride Jane Heron and their issue.

Creation dates: Easter Term 1562
Scope and Content
Final Agreements (2)
(i) Francis Cotton querents
John Marsone querents
(ii) Thomas Smythe gent. and his wife Margaret deforciants
William and Richard Stokes gents. deforciants
(ii) to (i) manor of Bosworth, with 4 messuages, 3 cottages, 8 tofts, a watermill, a horse 
mill, a dovehouse, 10 gardens, 50a. land, 300a. meadow, 300a. of pasture, 20a. of wood with 
200a. of furse and brushwood, etc. in Bosworth.
Consideration: £280.
Reference: DG39/214
Creation dates: Easter Term 1569
Scope and Content
Final Agreement
(i) Brian Cave esq, querent.
(ii) Francis Cotton gent and his wife Alice, deforciants.
(ii) to (i) manor of Bosworth, with 6 messuages, 5 cottages, 12 tofts, 1 watermill, 1 windmill,
 1 horsemill, 1 dovehouse, 16 gardens, 400a. land, 300a. meadow, 400a. pasture, 4a. wood, 600a.
 furse, with 40s. rent.
Reference: DG39/217
Creation dates: 12th December 1573; 25th December 1573
Scope and Content
(i) Brian Cave, esq., Ingarsby and his wife Bridget.
(ii) William Brocas, gent., Tur Langton and his wife Elizabeth.
(i) to (ii) Manor of Husbands Bosworth with appurtenances.
Witnesses: Francis Cotton, Thomas Storie, John Dalbye, Humfrey Harvey.
Endorsed with livery of seisin in the presence of Francis Cottone, Randall Ward, Thomas and 
William Burdet, William Palle, Thomas Carter, Thomas Knight, John Rowlett.
Reference: DG39/218
Creation dates: 27th May 1590
Scope and Content
Exemplification of a Common Recovery
(i) Leonard Blanchard and Owen Lochard, tenants to the praecipe.
(ii) John Gobert gent, demandant.
(iii) William Brocas esq. and his wife Elizabeth, vouchees.
----- the Manor of Husbands Bosworth, 2 messuages, 12 tofts, 1 watermill, 1 windmill, a 
dovehouse, 6 gardens, 200a. land, 200a. meadow, 200a. pasture, 4a. wood, 600a. furse, 40s. rent.
Seal fragment.
Reference: DG39/219
Creation dates: 1st November 1593
Scope and Content
Bargain and Sale
(i) John Gobert, gent., Bosworth and his wife Lucy.
(ii) Erasmus Smyth, gent., Bosworth.
Roger Smyth son of Erasmus.
(i) to (ii) Manor of Husbands Bosworth with all appurtenances, with 12 yardlands etc. save 1 
rood of leys in Hall Lees sold to John Rowlett.
Witnesses: Richard Estwicke, James Smyth, Thomas Davenporte, David Chapman, Roger Haddon, 

Erasmus Gille.
Signatures and seals of (i).
Consideration: £1300.
Reference: DG39/220
Creation dates: Easter 1594
Scope and Content
Final Agreement
(i) Erasmus Smyth esq. querents
Roger Smyth gent. querents
(ii) John Goberte gent. and his wife Lucy deforciants.
(ii) to (i) the manor of Husbands Bosworth with appurtenances, 3 messuages, 3 cottages, a 
watermill, a windmill, a dovecote, 6 gardens, 200a. land., 100a. meadow, 100a. pasture, 300a. 
furze, with 40s. rent.
Consideration £200.
Reference: DG39/221
Creation dates: 4th October 1597
Scope and Content
Marriage settlement
(i) Erasmus Smyth, esq., Husbands Bosworth.
(ii) Edward Heron, serjeant at law, Stamford, Lincs.
(iii) Roger Smyth, son of (i).
Jane Heron, daughter of (ii).
----- whereas a marriage is intended between (iii), now (i) conveys to (ii) Manor of Bosworth 
with appurtenances with the capital messuage, to the use of (i) for life, then to (iii) and 
their heirs.
----- recital of grants of annuities of £50 to Jane and £100 to Roger by (i) by deeds of

previous day.
Witnesses: Robert Lawsonn, John Gobert.
Signature and seal of Edward Heron.
Reference: DG39/222
Creation dates: Martinmas 1607
Scope and Content
Final Agreement
(i) Sir William Smyth querent.
(ii) Roger Smyth, esq. and his wife Anne deforciants
Walter Halliley, gent and his wife Elizabeth. deforciants
(ii) to (i) the manor of Bosworth with appurtenances, 4 messuages, 8 cottages, 2 mills, 1 
dovecote, 300a. land, 50a. meadow, 300a. pasture, 1a. wood, 30a. furze, with the advowson of 
Bosworth church
----- 10 messuages, 2 cottages, a stable in St. Botolph by Aldgate, London.
----- 8 messuages, 14 cottages, a mill, 2 barns, 10 stables, 45 gardens, 42a. pasture, in 

Whitechapel and Stebinheath, Middlesex.
Consideration: £640.
Reference: DG39/223
Creation dates: Trinity 1617
Scope and Content
Final Agreement
(i) George Walker, gent, querent.
(ii) Roger Smith esq. and Ann his wife, deforciants.
(ii) to (i) the manor of Boresworth with appurtenances and of one messuage, 2 cottages, 2
watermills, a dovecote, 2 gardens, 120 acres of land, 50 acres meadow, 100 acres of pasture 
and 100 acres of furze and heath and five shillings rent with rent of a pound of pepper and a 
pound of cinnamon and view of frankpledge but not the advowson of the church of Boresworth.
Consideration: £320.
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