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Lucy Adell Hunt (1908-1990)

Lucy Adell Hunt was born 10 Sep 1908 at De Roane Township, Hempstead County, Arkansas. She was the daughter of Andrew Stewart Hunt and his wife Claudia Collier. Her parents are so-named on her death certificate, filed in Multnomah County, Oregon.

Lucy Adell Hunt married, on 20 Feb 1927 in Hempstead County, Arkansas, to Perry Olin Johnson (born 1904 in Arkansas). They had four children before his death 13 Mar 1939 in Hempstead County from pneumonia:

  1. Perry Johnson married Irene Johns in Eureka, Humboldt County, California
  2. Bobbie Johnson married Roy Standridge in Eureka, Humboldt County, California
  3. William "Sonny" Johnson married Nola DesMarais, by eloping to Cour d'Alene, Idaho
  4. Tawana Johnson married James Richards

Lucy became unable to earn enough money for her and four children to survive in rural Arkansas in the early 40's. Her sister, Elizabeth, was already living in Los Angeles. She may have felt that there was no future for her in Arkansas, so she just packed up a few of her belongings and the children and took the train to California. "They always said on the train from St. Louis to California, World War II ended." Lucy ended up in Yountville, Napa County, California working at a veterans hospital. She met William "Bill" Sisson (1902-1989) there (he was very ill, a patient in that hospital).

Bill Sisson was born in California, but his family moved while he was young, to Guemes Island, a small island in the San Juan chain of islands in western Skagit County, Washington (State). Bill came back to California, where for a time he worked for a photographer, but also where he enlisted. He was in San Diego in the 1920's and is there enumerated in the 1930 census. He married in Dec 1931 at Colton, San Bernardino County, California to Lydia Maria Hoffman of Riverside, Riverside County, California. She may have been the daughter of the photographer for whom he worked. Or perhaps Lydia was his second wife and the "daughter of the photographer" was his first wife. In the possession of the Sisson heirs are some paintings signed by a Hoffman who could be Lydia's father or grandfather.

Bill and Lydia had a son William "Billy" Sisson, born in 1937 at Coulee Dam, Washington], a town which today straddles the intersection of three counties: Douglas, Grant and Okanogan county. Bill and Lydia divorced on 5 Jul 1942, place unknown, but most likely either in Washington or in California. One day, Bill came home and Lydia was gone. In the divorce Bill gained sole custody of Billy and would not allow Lydia to have any contact with him.

Bill Sisson and Lucy Hunt married 21 Jul 1946 in Napa, California. Bill and Lucy moved around a bit at first as Bill worked with a building company building housing in Napa, Dunsmuir, etc. After about seven months of wandering they had to pick a spot and settle. They ended up in Eureka, Humboldt County, California because Bill was able to work there. They built the house at 1604 A Street. In Eureka, or at least in Humboldt County is where Lucy's next three children were born, from 1947 to 1952:

  1. Roselynn "Joy" Sisson 1947
  2. Clinton Sisson 1949
  3. Charles Sisson 1952

Bill ended up being allergic to redwood dust (not a good thing when you work in the building industry in northern California) and after many illnesses relating to that, the family moved back to the (Snohomish-Cathcart) area of Washington State in l953. Tawana, Billie and Sonny went to Eureka Schools. Billie graduated from high school in 1955 and Tawana in 1956 (Burlington-Edison High School, Burlington, Wasington) so they were probably in high school in Eureka in 1952 and 1953.

After a short stint at Burlington, Skagit County, Washington in 1954, they moved by 1955 to Cathcart, Snohomish County, Washington for a few years and then to Mount Vernon, Skagit County, Washington where they lived from at least 1970 until Bill died in 1989.

Lucy then went to live with her second son William Johnson, who lived near Portland, Oregon. She died 3 Sep 1990 Mt Hood Medical Center, Gresham, Multnomah County, Oregon and was buried at Hawthorne Memorial Park, Mt Vernon, Skagit County, Washington where she had previously resided.

Primary documents

  • 1910 Census of DeRoane Township, Hempstead County, Arkansas, extracted here
  • 1920 Census of DeRoane Township, Hempstead County, Arkansas, extracted here
  • 1930 Census of Springhill Township, Hempstead County, Arkansas, extracted here
  • Her death certificate from Multnomah County, Oregon, extracted here
  • Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950, showing "Perry Oli Johnson died 13 Mar 1939, Hempstead County" (Only three character's of the middle names of any deceased are shown in the index, his middle name was actually Olin.)
  • Email exchange with Joy (Sisson) 2008

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