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Understanding Mind and Brain
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Google Online Marketing Challenge - Live Case Study - Global Competition

Telugu Films on Youtube - Full Movies  783 pv per week 
Twinkle, Twinkle India's NITIE

Blogosphere - Blogworld
తెలుగు భాష మేలుకోరి ప్రయత్నమ్ము  సేయరా   180 pv in a day - A lyric in Telugu urging people to learn using Telugu books.
Peter Hinwood 1080 views so far this week

Perioral Dermatitis (Periorificial Dermatitis) 2000 views this week

24 .10 .2011
Engineering Economy or Engineering Economics: Economic Decision Making by Engineers 
Introduction to Engineering Economics
(From Google Analytics figures of 23.10.2011)
Fitter Trade Theory - Knol Book

Google custom Search Engine for Knol
206 page views in 18 hours
Customer search engine created as Knol search toolkit is not working and is not yet restored.

Financial Support for Single Mothers in Michigan

Quasicrystals - The Concept of Dan Shechtman in Chemistry
MBA - Finance - Knowledge Revision Guidebook
Google Knol petition
I love Google Knol
MBA - Management Knowledge Revision Guidebook

Vijayadashami - Dasara - Dussehra - Articles and Videos - Collections 
Particles travelling at speed higher than light - Observation - 2011
World Tourism Day - 27 September
E-Petition to The President of USA - White House.Gov Petitions
Active Google + and Google Buzz Users - For Networking
Knol - A Top 1000 Website
Engineers' Day India - 15th September
Principles of Organization and Management: notes  374 Page views on first day

Buy Used Mazda MPS 5582 page views in 2 days.
Top Blogs and Bloggers on Blogspot - Blogger Platform

Global Professors of Excellence - Educating Billions in One-to-One Mode - New Internet Global Education Model


The Business of Digital Journalism - Book Information and Review

వినాయక చవితి వ్రత కల్ప విధానము - పూజా విధానము
Process of Worship of Lord Ganapati in Telugu

Personal Branding: When You Don't Know Where to Start
Google Knol Home Page
Singapore National Day - Independence Day - 9 August

 Friendship Day Greetings to all Knol Visitors and Authors
Friendship Day - First Sunday of August

Selling Process - 10 Steps

Marketing Strategy - Differentiating and Positioning the Market Offering 1333 wpv

World Population Day - 11 July  639 page views this week.

Principles of Industrial Engineering - Centenary Year
Celebrity Cricket League(CCL)-2011 - Match 7 - Finals - Chennai vs Karnataka - Videos

Celebrity Cricket League(CCL)-2011 - Match 5 - Karnataka vs Telugu - Videos
Celebrity Cricket League(CCL)-2011 - Match 6 - Chennai vs Mumbai - Videos

Marketing Management, 13th edition, Philip Kotler, Book Information and Review
Communication: Importance and Definition
Marketing Strategy - Differentiating and Positioning the Market Offering
The Marketing Concept - Kotler
Knol Books - Catalogue
Work Analysis and Design -HRM Chapter - Revision Knol
Celebrity Cricket League(CCL)-2011 - Match 4 - Mumbai vs Telugu Videos
Human Resource Management - Introduction - A Revision Article

Google Social Mail

IPL 4 Play offs - Chennai Superkings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore - Match Videos

Knol VideoPedia

Today is birthday of Paul Samuelson, a nobel prize winning economist
2011 - Knol Day of Economics - 15th May - Birthday of Paul Samuelson

IPL 4 - Indian Premier League 2011 - Match 47 RCB vs KXIP - Match Videos - Full Match and Highlights
IPL 4 - Indian Premier League 2011 - Match 45 KKR vs KTK - Match Videos - Full Match and Highlights
IPL 4 - Indian Premier League 2011 - Match 43 CSK vs RR - Match Videos - Full Match and Highlights
Book Thrower Page  1183 page views/week

IPL 4 - Indian Premier League 2011 - Match 42 DC vs KKR - Match Videos - Full Match and Highlights

DLF IPL IV (4) - Indian Premier League 2011 - Matches 36-40 - Videos
Osama Bin Laden is Dead - Announcement by US President


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31 .3 .2011
Cyber Tour of Historic Sites through Google Street View

Knol readers continue to declare this Elizabeth Taylor week obviously:
Ancestry of Elizabeth Taylor, actress 2456 views so far this week
Biography of Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011), actress 2068 views so far this week
Biography of Elizabeth Taylor, actress (Page 3) 1708 views so far this week
Montgomery Clift 1132 views so far this week (boosted by his work with her)
Early life of Sara Sothern, mother of Elizabeth Taylor 1074 views so far this week
Elizabeth Taylor Movies on YouTube 905 views so far this week
Biography of Elizabeth Taylor, actress (Page 4) 823 views so far this week
Biography of Elizabeth Taylor, actress (Page 2) 799 views so far this week
A total of 11,000 views this week, just on this cluster of articles.

27. 3. 2011
I I T Hyderabad, Earth Hour Team
Yet Another Earth Hour, Let Us Join Hands To Save Our Earth Let Us All Join For This Good Cause!!!

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New knols published today 1032
Top Knols of 2011 in Business, Management and Administration
Twitter Business - Follow Strategies On Twitter
The Most Innovative Way to Advertise Your Business
Sports Management
(Source: Knol Search Directory of Interesting Knols   )

948 new knols published
Wireless Broadband - How to Get Wireless Internet
Top Knols - Knol Book

February  2011
Ancient Alie...

Ancient Alien Theory - Alien Influence of Mankind?
Recover Wael Ghonim
HCG Diet. Get the Skinny on the HCG Diet regime

New Knols published 1391
How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back - How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

16 .3 .2011
New Knols Published 1351
Read This Before You Buy Killzone 3 - IGN Gameplay XBOX 360 Review
Garden Dash Mac & PC Game
Payday Loans - How To Choose A Payday Loan Company

Brad Womack, Bachelor star : 351 views so far this week

New Knols Published on 4th March : 816
eBook Writing and Self-Publishing - Knol Book
eBook (Ebook) Publishing - Web Bibliography - Interesting Web Pages
New Horizons For Finance
International Women’s Day - 8th March

New Knols published -4-3 (NKP):
Paid Surveys - How to Find and Complete Paid Surveys
Ppi Claims - How Do Know if I Need PPI
IN (Interesting knols)
Dog Obedience Training - Online Guide
eBook Writing and Self-Publishing - Knol Book

New Knols published (NKP): 1131
Trending knols (TN)
The Royal Ancestry of Gavin Newsom
Online Surveys - How to Create an Online Survey using Google Documents ... for FREE


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@Will Johnson - Congratulations

Yes we are having various trending knols on daily basis and weekly basis.

It is good to highlight them to all Knol authors and visitors periodically. That is the purpose of this knol.

Congratulations to you for very good performance of your articles.

Keep sharing highlights of performance of your knols in various places.

Narayana Rao - 01 Nov 2011

Thanks Raogaaru

Thanks for the clean up.
Now it looks better.
Keep going

P V Ariel - 21 Oct 2011

MBA - Management Knowledge Revision Guidebook

This knol collection will have 730 knols that will help managers to revise their full mba curriculum. Mangers can use a one year time frame or two year time frame to read all these article to keep their management knowledge fresh. To provide the new material emerging the field an a separate facility is created.

Narayana Rao - 30 Sep 2011

That Is Good News

Hi Raogaaru,
Thats really good news
Keep going
Best regards

P V Ariel - 17 Sep 2011


P V Ariel - 17 Sep 2011

But I did see in some social media tools now, the Google+ button. I do not know which one. When I come across it, I shall inform you the tool first.

Narayana Rao - 16 Sep 2011

Sorry Sir, i just checked, its not there. the one (Addtoany) available at this knol

P V Ariel - 16 Sep 2011

Ok that is again good news. let me check it

P V Ariel - 16 Sep 2011

I think add to any has got G+ button now.

Narayana Rao - 16 Sep 2011

Congrats Raogaaru,
for this tremendous growth. Keep it up,
today i noticed a post at g+ about its tremendous growth in a short span of time, beating almost all its counterparts. you can read that post in my scoop it page. g+ is no doubt a wonderful place to promote our writings/activities etc. but unfortunately i could not find a g+ button at knol pages. One need to post it manually. is there any other way to do this like the add on button/
Best regards

P V Ariel - 16 Sep 2011

The good news is that now Knol has estimated 5.6 million unique visitors per month and it qualified to be labelled as top 1000 website.

Also yesterday, I had 3962 page views. I think shortly I shall register 5000 page views in a day. I have 5000 posted knols at the end of June 2011. I shall be very happy to see 5000 page views in a day for 5000 knols and then hope that may knol authors target it and get 600,000 page views per day for the 600,000 knols posted on Knol.

That would mean 18 million page views per month and 10 million unique visitors per month. Knol website rank will go up to 800 or so.

Knol authors can at least give a brief of their knols on Google plus to promote their knols systematically by making many aware of their knol.


Narayana Rao - 16 Sep 2011


Google's Knol is growing.
Just Finished 3 Years.
Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.
Greetings to All Knol Authors Here.
Keeep Going
Best Regards

P V Ariel - 15 Sep 2011

Today our estimate for Knol is 5.6 million unique visitors per month. We can declare Knol as Top 1000 website based on unique visitors.

Thanks to all Knol Authors.

Dear Brother Ariel, at personal levels I appreciate your contribution to Knol. Time to thank all knol authors and encourage them to keep contributing. On crowd sourced platform cooperation and mutual encouragement are essential for the progress.

Narayana Rao - 15 Sep 2011

That is Good News."Knol in Top 1000 Websites"
Great Going,
Yes, we need to be more active, though the platform is still not responding we the knol contributors should take initiatives,
I found there is no share button embedded in it i am doing it is that OK.

P V Ariel - 27 Jul 2011

Good work. Thank you.

I think Knol is a top 1000 website now. A little more push from Knol and it will scale greater heights. Authors can breathe easy now and their knols will reach the discerning public for a long time to come.

Narayana Rao - 27 Jul 2011

Interesting - Knols on International and National Days

They become trending knols on the appropriate day.

Engineers' Day India - 15th September

Trending Knol today.

Narayana Rao - 15 Sep 2011


This is a great article..
Great job..

Elegant Shutters - 14 Sep 2011

Top Blogs and Bloggers on Blogspot - Blogger Platform

Many of these bloggers are individual bloggers and some of them are getting million page views per month. Their performance has to be taken as a target benchmark by some knol authors. Lot more thinking on how to reach such performance levels has to be done by sizeable number of active authors so that some get the right answers and achieve those levels and provide the sustaining power to the platform.

Narayana Rao - 11 Sep 2011

Global Professors of Excellence - Educating Billions in One-to-One Mode - New Internet Global Education Model

Interesting idea - Give your comments.

Narayana Rao - 10 Sep 2011


There are more than 60,000 Arabic knols. You can develop one search link for top viewed Arabic knols.

Narayana Rao - 13 Jun 2011

thank you

Narayana Rao - 13 Jun 2011

I will try to do my best here,

Moharram Khalifa - 13 Jun 2011

I made a seach link and a knol

Top Arabic Knols - 2008 to Current Date

You can help in improving it to get more results.

Narayana Rao - 12 Jun 2011

Six knols with 100+ page views in Google analytics

On 7.6.2011 there were six knols with 100+ visit in Google analytics stats.

I am sure many authors are having similar performance. They need to come out and share information with other authors. It is only when many knol authors get energized with the belief that they can do better with some more effort, performance will improve.

I strongly believe that there 50,000 knols now with 500 to 400 page views and if we can list them in collections and promote them in social media with the involvement of 100+ authors to 500, performance of knol will double and we will get 600,000 page views per day in Google Analytics stats. From there we will reach one million page views per day in a year or year and half.

Narayana Rao - 12 Jun 2011

Two trending knols on cricket matches in Visakhapatnam on 11.6.2011

Both the knols on the matches got good visitors.

Narayana Rao - 12 Jun 2011

Trending knols on current events

As we can see there is good scope for creating trending knols on current topics. We need to use Twitter like platforms to inform search engines the existence of our knol. got visitors from Yahoo as well as Baidu.

Narayana Rao - 06 Jun 2011

Hi brothers Rao and Phil

I agree that we have to promote Knols as much as we can

Best wishes,

Moharram Khalifa - 06 Jun 2011

Thank you Brother Ariel.

Narayana Rao - 06 Jun 2011

That is really good news,
I think we need to promot
our knols more often as
possible, actully i stopped
doing it since i was more
on at my blogs
Thanks Raogaaru for the
Have a good day

P V Ariel - 06 Jun 2011

28 page views per week for a knol is good.

Knol authors can be use a bench mark of 28 pv per knol per week as a bench mark.

Every knol author need not target this number for every one of his knols posted. But for some he has to target for it and do the required promotion.

Against 28 per week, the requirement of a trending knol is 100 per day. So one can see the effort required to create a trending knol in terms of coming out with a topic of potential and developing the content and then promoting it.

Narayana Rao - 28 May 2011

Weekly page views of top authors

There is interesting and encouraging information in it.

There can be 100 authors whose page views are more than 5000 per week.
Some of the authors who joined the platform in later days are having better performance than the authors who joined earlier and had gone into top author rankings. Rankings are likely to change after some days. So there are role models for authors now joining Knol. If you write systematically on any subject or subjects you will get page views on Knol.

Narayana Rao - 24 Apr 2011

Earth Hour....A New Trending Knol

Dear Rao and other team members,
Though I used an old unpublished format for this knol,
its existing weekly p v was 7 and total pv was1450
I posted this on 26th 5.25 P.M, Now its wpv crossed to 139
and Cum. PV.1582. I am sure its a trending one :-)
thus this post, I am back to knol
with all good wishes

P V Ariel - 27 Mar 2011

Hi RaoGaaru,
Good to hear from you,
Yes, if each one propagate about this definitely we can curtail the alarming rate of surging green gas emission. Let us do our part and make awareness among our community and the people around us and the through the contact, if the spread the word it will be good again. thanks keep inform

P V Ariel - 27 Mar 2011

Thanks for the twitter messages also. I saw them just some time back.

Narayana Rao - 27 Mar 2011

Welcome Brother Ariel

It is an important society improvement message. We all need to support you in this endeavour. Energy conservation has to be remembered all the time by all of us.

Narayana Rao - 26 Mar 2011

Congratulations Will Johnson

For a group of trending knols related to Elizabeth Taylor.

Narayana Rao K V S S - 27 Mar 2011

Congratulations Johnson.

It is a very notable achievement.

Narayana Rao - 27 Mar 2011

Difficult to find trending knols

It is becoming difficult to find trending knols these days. Are authors not trying?

Narayana Rao - 21 Mar 2011

Indian Classical Dances - Knol Book - Trending Knol

Narayana Rao - 02 Dec 2010

These activities should be more officially supported by Google

I think Google is now becoming a greater and greater company over just a good company. Google shows its fast preparation on multimedia and mobile internet trends in time. However, there is a still room for spreading out to the world wide people.

Google is now too much relaying on machine intelligence but no human intelligence. For example, activities including this one for improving convenience and fan for the users should organized and supported not only by active users but also by Google.

James S. Kim - 12 Nov 2010

Thank you for understanding my comment, Peter. Google relies on computer intelligence even if it is not yet proven that computer intelligence becomes as good as human intelligence soon. If it is one of the important atmospheres in the company, it is a good idea to cooperate with emotional based companies such as Asian companies. The emotional companies can fill the a few remained blanks in the company.

Additionally, it is very happy to see the icons which link a Knol with social systems such as twitter and face-book. I'll include in my Konl and will use it happily.

James S. Kim - 12 Nov 2010

But I think, Kim S. is right: There is by far too less support by Google. Such a system will only run, if there is also something like a "manual" support. Google needs people, not just computers.

BTW. I have implemented in some (usually my "best selling") articles a twitter and facebook button, eg. here (close to the top of the article):

Peter Mersch - 26 Sep 2010

Thank you for the comment.

As there are large number of authors, ideas can come from anyone. We are free to implement our idea in a manual way and if it found useful and many knol authors recommend Google can take it up in a big way. So there have to be creative ideas from one or other author on a continuous basis.

Narayana Rao - 26 Sep 2010

Welcome, William Johnson as Coauthor

Welcome to the knol as coauthor.

Let us help authors in creating more trending knols and highlight their trending knols.

We need to come out with articles on SEO and Social Media Promotion so that more authors notice these methods and use them to promote knols and get more visitors. Around 80% of the visitors are coming from search engines and another 5% are coming from referring web sites. So SEO and SMO are the key for increased page views and adsense earnings. They are the key for growth of Knol.

Growth drivers for knol in 2011 - More authors, More knols per author, quality, promotion

Narayana Rao - 04 Nov 2010

5000 page view milestone crossed.

Ths knol has crossed 5000 page view mile stone and became top viewed knol.

There are regular visitors to this knol to find out what is trending.

Narayana Rao - 07 Oct 2010

Have a look at this comment on Knol

All of us can understand the relevance of page views and our trending knol selection.

At that time they wrote 50 page views per week is an elite knol. We are identifying knols with 700 page views per week. After we initiated various activities, the negative comments on Knol subsided in social media. On Knol also they will subside. But responsibility to make their knols successful shifts to authors only completely. We have to know SEO and improve visitors to our knols. There is no body else to blame and there is no body who is going to support all the time.

But Knol has to be robust in its technical features.

Narayana Rao - 07 Oct 2010

Narayanagaaru, that's really good news and very encouraging too. Keep going.
Thanks for the info
Philip Ariel

P V Ariel - 07 Oct 2010


Gandhi Knols are trending today.

If we identify important days, we can make knols related to that topic a trending knol by writing comments appropriately, twitter messages, facebook messages, orkut messages, Linkedin messages and emails. We need to identify the topic. We can manage one topic for each week without much effort. Knol will get good publicity due to that. is an initiative that complements Trending Knola.

Invite all of you to become coauthors for the knol. On any day, you can add knols which you feel are good based on your qualitiative assessment. In case of trending knols, it is quantitative assessment. Purpose is to highlight and promote knols and through that Knol.

Narayana Rao - 06 Oct 2010

A Warm Welcome to S E to this knol.
Keep inform
Best regards,

P V Ariel - 06 Oct 2010

Welcome aboard...

Best regards,

Moharram Khalifa - 06 Oct 2010

We have a new coauthor.

Scholar's Edition
To provide more timely information of trending knols.

Narayana Rao - 06 Oct 2010

Welcome - Peter Greenfinch as Co-author

Our team is strengthened by your joining the team.

You used the terms "blockbuster knols" and "page views exploding". Both are relevant. Tomorrow I shall reach the milestone figure of 33,000 visitors per day 48,000 page views per day. Well, these number do not mean much as an individual to me. But when we talk of Boom or Doom these continuously expanding numbers of a top ranked author show the Boom direction.

Performance of Knol platform depends on Quantity - number of authors and knol written by each author, quality and promotion. I feel promotion is the most neglected dimension now. It is good that we are able to highlight it and also create some vehicles for it. But creative ideas must come from many knol authors and we may choose the best ones.

Narayana Rao - 28 Sep 2010

Mr. Greenfinch

I like the two terms that you used "entropic" and "dwindling marginal utility". Both are appropriate. As I see now the benefit of twitter is in the first two to three days. One hardly gets any visitors from twitter. Because I do not see anybody's message normally and others will not see my messages normally. Everyday I search for "Knol" and see what is there. Because they are not many on any day, it is a very easy process.

The benefit of twitter is that many search engines bots come to your knol in the initial one or two days and that may help you later. Also twitter messages are being displayed on various blogs and that may also help an article in some backlinks. As you said our messages in general have zero utility on twitter as a single message.

Yes we need jokes often and have to laugh. You are welcome to crack jokes.

Narayana Rao - 28 Sep 2010

Thanks to you, for taking me into the team
As for promotion, yes I do it in several - targeted - ways.

But am still resisting the facebook and twitter crazes, considering
that those outfits can become invasive masters more than servants
and are on the way towards entropic and dwindling marginal utility..
So I just wait until I can join the next step in cyber-social evolution,
massive hologramic telepathy ;-))

Joke apart, yes I will bring any creative ideas I can think about
or see around

Peter Greenfinch - 28 Sep 2010

Useful knol

Interesting knol, as a kind of "marketing research" tool for authors.
It gives an idea about what kind of topics knol readers are interested the most
Well, in fact those interests are quite diverse and I see that a lot of ground
has been covered since the launching period which was essentially built
around the "medical" approach.

Peter Greenfinch - 27 Sep 2010

Thank you for the comment.

You observation is correct. We have come a long way from good content on Knol means only medical articles.

There is diversity of content and I feel strongly knol authors need to systematic promotion to get much better performance.

1. Internally posting the links on promotion boards or appropriate lists.
2. Send a twitter message for each knol posted.
3. Make at least one book mark for each knol. Now xomba looks interesting to me for book marking.
4. Make a facebook entry.
5. Make a blog entry.

I do not think even ten to fifteen knol authors are dong this.
I am now doing two. Promotion board posting and twitter posting. I have to increase my promotion activity even by reducing knol writing and commenting.

I think I can double my page views this year, if I follow the above promotion steps. There are authors on other platforms who follow the above steps and succeeded.

Narayana Rao - 27 Sep 2010

Welcome Peter Mersch as Co-author

Welcome to the author team as coauthor.

Narayana Rao - 18 Sep 2010

How is your selection made? Your selection links don't work?


I am very surprised to see how you make your selection, any explication??? On the End of your knol you provide the links from where you make the selection:

Searchlink for Trending Knols of the Current Month (English)

Searchlink for Trending Knols of the Current Month (All Languages)

Searchlink for Trending Knols of the Current Week (English)

Searchlink for Trending Knols of the Current Week (All Languages)

But those links are not working???

So, please explain...thanks in advance to reply and to clarify this mystery ;-)

Please check also your links and/or give us readers the right links from where you make your selection, please.

In case of that they are made by personal choice, so please tell us how it is made???

Best regards,

Gust MEES - 17 Sep 2010

Thank you for the comment.

Hope you are more fit now.

As you noticed, even though the weekly links, and monthly links have worked for some, now they are broken. I have written in knol help comments, to give weekly page views for most viewed knols on weekly basis.

Now whenever, I update this knol, I am checking daily knol search link. Weekly page view knols come when I happen to visit a knol and I see there 700 weekly page views on it.

I thank Peter Mersch, for he has indicated his knol got 1000 page views in 10 days. As the concept of trending is popular, now it is up to authors to come out and declare their knol as a trending knol. They can do it in their knol itself, they can do it in social media, like twitter and facebook, and they can do it in this knol and also in Knol discussion forum knol.

I hope the idea of trending knol creates some excitement in authors. I already wrote in my comments that a message on twitter does get some good page views for new knols. More knol authors need to use social media promotion (SMP) for their knol.

Best regards

Narayana Rao - 17 Sep 2010

Promoting Knol for Education


I promoted Knol for Education already more than a year ago (in French):éducation#

Best regards,

Gust MEES - 29 Aug 2010

A very good knol that identifies the scope for knol in educational institutions.

Thanks Gust for various templates in it.


Narayana Rao - 29 Aug 2010

Here is little more shorter one

Here is little more shorter one from '' pl try, you get more shorter one.

P V Ariel - 23 Aug 2010

Thank you. I started the practice of quickly writing the shorter url in comments to use it in twitter messages. I am not now clear whether giving knol url is better or other short urls are better.

I feel knol url are better for other knol authors to confirm that it is knol only by looking at the url. Otherwise one is not sure what is there under short url. But short urls are certainly useful to communicate in twitter itself when space is limited and for some other activities.

Thank you once again and I shall use this short url and

Hope you are on the lookout for trending knols and whenever you find one from any author, please include it. I do not find time on somedays so do not update this.

Narayana Rao - 23 Aug 2010

Short URL

Narayana Rao - 23 Aug 2010

Here is little more shorter one.

P V Ariel - 23 Aug 2010

Friendship Day Greetings

E-Knol Greetings

Support India Knol Month Campaign

About Friendship Day

Narayana Rao - 31 Jul 2010

Coauthors - Music Knols are trending today

You can notice that music knols are trending today very appropriately. If in your searches you find any music knol trending, please indicate here. It will be good if many music knols trend today. Knol authors and visitors have to search for music knols and read them or hear them today.

Narayana Rao - 20 Jun 2010

This Knol Got A Badge of "Top Pick Knol Award"

Dear All,
Google knol Algorithm picked this knol into the "Top Pick Knol Award"

Best wishes

P V Ariel - 13 Jun 2010

Dear Mak,
Today morning while i was checking the knol it appeared at the directory and i thought after coming from Church i will post a note, by around 1.30 when I was posting the above note that was there. I don't know what happened later, hey Mak, these selections are done by Google algorithm isn't it? is there any human hand involved in it? as far as i know its done by the Google Algorithm.
Just today i read one news at Google Buzz:
"What do you think of the new feature? How much do you value human curation for news?

Google News and Why Human Editors Still Matter

Google News is testing a new “Editor’s Pick” section with publishers, enabling them to select and promote specific content to users."

May be the same is applied here too.
This looks like a very sad development at knol. Once it is awarded how can they take it back? very strange.

Best regards,

P V Ariel - 13 Jun 2010

Ok fine let us wait and watch.

P V Ariel - 13 Jun 2010

I sent you an email for that account. hope you get it
Sad about this mess at Google

Hope for the best,

Moharram Khalifa - 13 Jun 2010

Dear Phil

Where is the award? I do not see any award, did the mangers changed their minds?

Best regards,

Moharram Khalifa - 13 Jun 2010


Mr. P.V. Ariel and I discussed about Digg submission and diggs for trending knols. We thought that there needs to be an arrangement for identifying digg submissions and digg link so that other authors can support it.

I created a knol for that purpose.

Any one of us can submit knols at our convenience and others can support at their convenience. Whatever knol you supported, please put an initial against that knol so that you need not think of it once again. We need to see that at least 10 diggs are there for every trending knol. We have to increase coauthors of this knol as well as appeal to visitors of knol author news to support trending knols on digg. I am sure as we start doing this activity on regular basis other authors will also join us and form separate group to carry out similar activity. Either way Knol prospers.

Narayana Rao - 12 Jun 2010

All Knol Authors

Knol Team opened a window to express your current feelings about knol.

Visit welcome aboard

and write your feelings.

Narayana Rao - 09 Jun 2010

Thank you. Please inform us your popular articles through comments periodically.

Narayana Rao - 09 Jun 2010

wonderful Sir This work

And delighted to my articles here

Appreciation and respect

عبدالرحيم المضيان - 09 Jun 2010

Denozumab Knol

Dear NRao,

You may have a look here for daily PVs (yesterday):

BTW: What is Your criteria to chose the trending knols, I don't see any link from where the visitors could check it?

Personaly, on my statistic knols there is a link to knol search, so that visitors can control...

Best regards,

Gust MEES - 02 Jun 2010

Dear Gust

Thank you for the information and link.

I agree with your practice and I also leave the search query links wherever possible and appropriate so that the reader can visit the search results and get recent information.

In this case I could not get a straight forward search query so far. I am not good at writing search queries also. My coauthors also have not come out with any.

I gave some search links at the bottom of the knol which I use frequently to identify trending knols.
Every knol identified can be checked by visitors for the page view number. I am writing the pv number by the side of most of the knols.

The purpose of this knol is to provide very quick identification of popular knols very early in the day and also to motivate authors to write very popular knols right on the first day of the posting of the knol.

I would be very happy if I start seeing 10 trending new knols every day. We are coming up to 5 now.

Narayana Rao - 02 Jun 2010

World Cup Knol

Hello Rao,
Thought you might like to know I've started a knol hub for the FIFA 2010 World Cup. It's had more than 100 hits in the first few hours so I think it fits your 'trending knol' criteria. I'd imagine cricket is more your game, but you may have readers in other countries who are getting excited about the football and would like to join in the community fun. I'd be delighted to help anyone open a knol dedicated to their national team. Leave it with you. Best, Garry

Garry Jenkins - 02 Jun 2010

Hello Garry

It is a very good initiative. More knol authors should realize the scope for writing on such events. And such events are better covered by a group of authors. You already assembled a group.

All the best. Hope your knol remains trending knol throughout the this event period.

Narayana Rao - 02 Jun 2010

Thanks Philip,
And thanks for adding it to the list here.

Garry Jenkins - 02 Jun 2010

Hi Garry,
Very interesting Knol,
Before Cricket occupies the place Indians were very fond of football-- especially we the Keralites and the Bengalees were top in football
I visited the knol, looks very good and looks great going
All the best

P V Ariel - 01 Jun 2010


Hi Rao,

I got a message on one of my knol with this account information: A new account from You???

I thought this is Your real account:

Could You explain me that, please, thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Gust MEES - 29 May 2010

Hi Rao,

Excuse me Sir, You didn't answer my question "Is this allowed in the TOS? "?

"TOS" is meaning the "Terms Of Service" by GOOGLE Knol.

Still waiting to get an answer for that?

Thanks for replying honestly ;-)

Best regards,

Gust MEES - 29 May 2010

Knol help itself advocated it in response to some queries. Right early on knol, I had three disciplines to write on One for Classes 11 and 12, one on religious literature and one on management. I wrote them under three ids. That way visitors will find the required subject knols more easily.

I informed number of multilingual authors to have multiple ids. Now my Telugu language knols are under a different id. Hindi language knols are under a different id. Of course I face problems of opening and closing ids everyday.

Any way I have too many knols written. So having mutliple ids is better for me also to locate knols of separate areas separately. For me it is not issue

Narayana Rao - 29 May 2010

Hi Moharram,

I back You up. This is not normal in my point of view and what about the Terms of Service of Knol? Is this allowed in the TOS? Could somebody explain me that, please?

Best regards,

Gust MEES - 29 May 2010


Sorry for entering this discussion, but I find it strange to have multiple accounts! why should one author have multiple accounts? it is going to be misleading..

My personal idea is having one ID and one real account is the Normal

Best regards,

Moharram Khalifa - 29 May 2010

I have multiple accounts on knol for various disciplines, languages. I advocated this approach to many authors and knol help also advocated this approach to many people in their queries. In some languages my name appears in that script only.

McNally has replied that knol help will attend to serious issues asap.

Narayana Rao - 28 May 2010

MAK Arabic Knols based on Weekly page views

At your convenience you can identify Arabic knols having 700 wpv and beyond

Narayana Rao - 29 May 2010

I set up the search link for Arabic Knols which are most viewed on the basis of weekly page views. I found one. You can try and locate some more. If you cannot find any, you can give a list of 10 interesting knols. I have written similarly in Hindi and Telugu. I need to write their English names. I reuqest you also to give English titles. That will help readers of this knol to decide whether they want to translate the knol into their language.

I gave link to Randy's knol on translator kit in Knol Author News. It is good that people are watching and some others have said that they will also open similar knol related news knols. Good unless many people open such knols and say good things about knol, knol will not succeed. We started the idea, we should be happy and encourage many others to copy the idea and make knol popular.


Narayana Rao - 29 May 2010

It is not a simple exercise. What I am doing is from knol home page, taking the search link of most viewed in the week. Then going to individual knols and checked their weekly page views. In this knol above I gave that link for English. You change the language to Arabic and you will get a list of Knols viewed maximum in that week but the page view figures will be cumulative only. Then we have to open the knol and see the WPV.

I hope I make sense. Let me set up the search query for arabic knols myself below English.

Narayana Rao - 28 May 2010

Hi Rao

I tried today to get this info about any Arabic Knol having 700 wpv, but it seems that I am using a wrong tool, can you please guide me? That you will be great

Best regards,

Moharram Khalifa - 28 May 2010

Put in a separate block below the two blocks created already for English WPV based knols.


Narayana Rao - 28 May 2010

Hi Rao

Ok, I will add those having 700 wpv


Moharram Khalifa - 28 May 2010

Thank you

Thank you for including my knol in the trending knols.

It is a very classical song of the Great saint poet Tyagaraja

నారాయణ రావు - 27 May 2010

Why contents page is not coming for this knol?

Any idea?

Narayana Rao - 24 May 2010

Even I tried, it is not showing. Looks like yet another bug.

P V Ariel - 24 May 2010

Knols started in 2010

I searched all potential knols of 2010 for trending knols based on weekly page views. I found only one and included it.

Narayana Rao - 24 May 2010

1000 Page View Completed

Thank knol community for supporting this initiative.
The author team will think and further improve the content.
We request more authors to join us as coauthors and participate in making the knol useful

Narayana Rao - 24 May 2010

Randall Kleinert prepared a knol already. I shall give link of it here later. Now we have to understand instal the button. You try to understand from RK's knol and if required ask him the clarifications and you install it first on a new small knol. If it is successful, you please install on this knol also. It will take some days. But let us learn and do it. I think you are sufficiently computer savvy.

I bought books on HTML and Dynamic HTML in 1999.But as you see, I have now a lot of content to share. Sharing content itself slowly strains me. I cannot go into HTML also. But if it is a must I have the background to go into any programming language. I wrote big programs back in 1979 itself and then 1987 once again.

Narayana Rao - 24 May 2010

Congrats for the first 1000 pv
by the way: can we install the translation button to this Knol as well to help everybody to follow up?

and I want to know step by step how to install the translation button, Please

Thanks Rao
Best regards,

Moharram Khalifa - 24 May 2010

bon travail

هذا عمل جيد ..اتمنى ان يكون بكل اللغات حتى يستطيع الجميع المساهمة .
This good work .. I hope that all the languages so that everyone can contribute.
Ce bon travail .. J'espère que toutes les langues afin que chacun peut contribuer.

محمود هيبه - 23 May 2010

A New Trending Knol - Knol Support Services - A BPO Opportunity

Narayana Rao - 22 May 2010

Hi everybody

Thank you all for the welcome. You are doing a wonderful job. I hope to be helpful on this endeavour.
Best regards. Max

Max Iskram - 21 May 2010

welcome aboard Max

Best regards,

Moharram Khalifa - 21 May 2010

Hi Max,
That is fine.
Keep us inform.

P V Ariel - 21 May 2010

Hi Max, Keep involving.
Good to be with us.

P V Ariel - 21 May 2010

Thank you for the message.

Randomly if you come across any knol having more than 700 page views in a week, please include in this knol. Or give it as a comment. I am going through the searchlink

Most Viewed Knols in a Week


sequentially to find such knols. There are 1500 knols in the output to this query and I have to go through all of them to find out 700 weekly page knols. If you try to do it once or twice, you may get an idea of simplifying the process through a different query. Ideas come to us only when you are doing the job in someway or other.

But do anything at your genuine convenience. We need to invite more people as coauthors so that at any time only some can do some activity and others can join when they have time. People can take time off also whenever they want.

Narayana Rao - 21 May 2010

New Trending Knol

42 pages in first hour

Narayana Rao - 21 May 2010

HI Max, A Warm Welcome

Hi Max,
Good to see you on board here.
A Warm Welcome
Keep writing.
Good Wishes

P V Ariel - 21 May 2010

That's Really a Good Trend...

Good Going Raogaaru...

P V Ariel - 21 May 2010

Dear PVA

I shall completely set up the knol as far as English language is concerned. It will take some time. May even 15 days to a month. I have to personally visit around 1500 knols.

In the meanwhile I request you to visit every knol, included on our knol as a trending knol and congratulate them. Give the link of this knol, tell them that their knol is a part of the list. Then ask them embed the social media button and give link to your knol.

Please do this activity as per your convenience.

Narayana Rao - 21 May 2010

I did the checking of last 24 hours just now and found 3 knols. One in English, One in Arabic and one in Portuguese.

Portuguese author just joined knol. What a good debut. I congratulated her and included her name in knol author news. I agree with you that it is confusing. But you will understand as I explain things once again and even demonstrate. I also do not understand many things on knol. That is why Baskerville and some others criticise my knols. But I say its ok. I am a content based author. I also tried to learn HTML long back. If I concentrate I shall learn all the tricks of scripts etc. But what is more important for me. Research in Management and Industrial Engineering or HTML? I have to go to an international conference in Japan in July and then I have to attend a national conference in Kerala on special invitation. I shall ask tips about Kerala when I finalise my plans.


Narayana Rao - 20 May 2010

Raogaaru, thats fine, here i am bit confused still i will try to do it.
Thanks for sharing

P V Ariel - 20 May 2010

I am motivated by the response shown by the knol community to this knol.

I posted 10 knols on the basis of weekly page views.

Every day if I search 25 knols and post the knols having 700 pv per week we will make the first full list in a week's time. Then every day have to check all the knols one week prior to confirm that they are still trending knols.

I now gave search links for all languages for the recent day. We just have to open those search links in a separate page and assess if any knol is there which will cross 100 in a day. We can do this activity everyday. Once each by each author in a day will show us if we have to make a fresh entry. Then if we have time we can write reviews on these knols. I shall take it up once these lists are fully ready.

Narayana Rao - 20 May 2010

Welcome aboard Max Iskram

Hi Max

Welcome aboard. Nice to have you in the team

Best regards,

Moharram Khalifa - 20 May 2010

Let it be


Best regards,

Gust MEES - 20 May 2010

Become a Tango Expert

Today's trending knol

Narayana Rao - 20 May 2010

Welcome - Max Iskram as Coauthor

We welcome with happiness our coauthor Max Iskram.

This knol, Trending knols is a current affairs related topic. We need to provide information on a real time basis. When more authors are involved, one or the other will update the knol at any time based on the convenience.

We have to make our objectives and processes clear to all the coauthors so that there is no critical author. Even if some authors cannot commit any time for some days, the knol will still be maintained and updated by some other authors. It is a relay race based on convenience.

Narayana Rao - 20 May 2010

6095 weekly page views

New record in weekly page views - 6095 wpv

Narayana Rao - 20 May 2010

500 page views

Knol visitors and authors have given a thumbs up to this knol.

The authors of the knol have to really put in a good effort to come out with information of use to all.

Narayana Rao - 20 May 2010

Hi Rao Gaaru

Thanks for this information, and identifying and noting my knol here. Identifying such knols and keeping it in one directory is really a good idea.
But how to identify this? can you explain?
I will gladly accept your invitation
p v

P V Ariel - 20 May 2010

I am creating search engine links for finding trending knols of one day - the latest day in all major languages.

I wrote a comment on your knol on social media button. Please monitor your page views and whenever it is a trending knol, please post it here.

We are for all. But if we do not properly follow our knols, whose knols are we going to follow properly?

I hope some authors by themselves point out that their knols are trending knols.

Narayana Rao - 20 May 2010

ok fine, keep going, keep inform

P V Ariel - 17 May 2010

Today I found by chance. But there will be a method and I shall find out and inform you. I am slowly able to find ways to pick up this type of information.

Narayana Rao - 17 May 2010

Coauthors invited

Knols like these require coauthors to identify the knols and record them. I invite coauthors.

Narayana Rao - 20 May 2010

Mr. Max Iskram

Thank you for accepting my request. I sent the invitation. Await your joining on the knol.

Narayana Rao - 20 May 2010

Hi, please count on me to be co-author of this knol.
Best Regards. Max

Max Iskram - 19 May 2010

Readers are Invited to Suggest

We invite all readers to suggest trending knols. We still do not have a system in place to identify all the knols. We are trying to find at various points of time in the day and listing what we are observing. We depend on you to point out more knols.

We want to list as many knols as possible on this knol. Simple criterion. 100 page views per day or 700 page views per week. Every listing can be checked by readers by going to the knol and seeing its page view number.

Narayana Rao - 19 May 2010

Trending Knols is a good concept

I think we created a good concept. Now many knol authors can think of creating a trending knol right from the day one they are creating a knol.

There has to be a competition among knol authors to create trending knols. How do they come.

First point Immediately after you a post a knol, send an email to all your friends about it. Use the share button provided by Knol platform and send the mail immediately.

Narayana Rao - 19 May 2010

Share Button At the Beginning

I think placing the share button at the top or at the beginning of the knol will be more convenient, here i placed one at the beginning, pl do check.
Best regards,

P V Ariel - 19 May 2010

Thanks a lot raogaaru,
I will do this in our future knols to.
Oh MG I am much elated by the words, thank you sooooooooooomuch :-)

P V Ariel - 19 May 2010

For that reason, I shared the information about the button with most of Arabic authors. Some of them stated using it as well.. Thanks Phil and Rao


Moharram Khalifa - 19 May 2010

Thank you. It is there at both the places. Good.

I thought I shall place the button uniformly in all my knols at the end. After the reading the knol in full if somebody wants to share he will use it. Much more than that it looks safe for me to put there. If any problem is there I can locate and remove the code easily. But where you are there as coauthor, as you are now developing skill in placing it, you can place it at other places.

But there is no limit to my appreciation of you for making us aware of this button. I think it will do a lot of good to knol if many authors recognize its importance.

Narayana Rao - 19 May 2010


Hi all,

Nice to see that you all have learned something, but what's about design? The Wordle Logo is looking nice, congrats ;-) But there are your names in, where is the content who should promote Knol???

And your promises to use templates and to improve your design, where are they? You got my propositions which you can use and where you all said that you would do? I don't see anything of that???

This is my last message to you, you don't use what yourself said that it is good, so why fore should I still do something for you?

Bye, bye ;-)

Hope you understand what I am meaning, go away from selfish and back to normal ;-) If so , I will be still available for help... Otherwise forget about it :-(

Tip: Change your comment settings to "needs to get approved before publishing" ;-)

Gust MEES - 19 May 2010

Hi all,

My apologies to all of you. I didn't want to make any pressure.

You may also delete this whole comment if you wish so.

Best regards,

Gust MEES - 20 May 2010

Hi Gust,

No apologies among friends.

Best regards,

Moharram Khalifa - 19 May 2010

Hi Gust

about Wordle Logo, the idea came to me when I copied the URL of this Knol to Wordle and gave me the logo with author's names and even names of who wrote a comment, so I got the idea of putting the author and co-authors names in the logo, what is wrong in that?

Can't be everything serious like that.. We are not in a war.. I don't want you to feel upset of my reply to you, But I felt under sever pressure and being blamed on simple things

Best regards,

Moharram Khalifa - 18 May 2010


Please Gust,

Please take it easy and leave it go by anyway, suppose that we need it like this!

How can this affect you?

Please give excuses to others, You are great and my hero, I think you know that.. and I usually follow your ideas.. BUT people are different and We have to accept their differences..

what will happen if Rao left it as it is or changed the settings to "needs to get approved before publishing" May be he wanted to do so BUT not immediately

May be to not show as he is following..

Please Gust be considerable and don't make a lot pressure..

Sorry for saying so, But I can not work under this pressure.. You suggested something, that is it.. it is not an order, it is just a suggestion .... and there is a great different between orders and suggestions

Best regards,

Moharram Khalifa - 18 May 2010

Wordle Pic

Hope you like the added wordle pic

Moharram Khalifa - 19 May 2010

OK, I will change it to the previous one
Thanks Rao

Moharram Khalifa - 19 May 2010

The earlier one was good. The title was really catchy in the earlier design.

Narayana Rao - 19 May 2010

Fascinating. Thank You. I am on social media sharing google account. will make a blog entry and twitter entry on the update. Do you have a twitter account?

Narayana Rao K V S S - 18 May 2010

PLOS Currents - Super Knol

interesting to observe that PLOS currents is having 2085 pv per week. Highest observed by us so far. Keep looking for all time peaks. Let us post these all time peaks in one block.

Narayana Rao - 19 May 2010

Dear Rao,

What do you mean by "Block" as you mentioned (Let us post these all time peaks in one block) what is the block?


Moharram Khalifa - 19 May 2010

We can reach 100 Knols at least in a week

I think we can find at least 100 knols with page views 100 per day or 700 per week in a weeks time. As we keep doing it we may find an automatic way of finding this information. Our efforts can encourage more authors to come on Social media platforms and promote their knols. If somebody else is getting page views why am I not getting them? Role models motivate people to action.

Narayana Rao - 18 May 2010


Whenever you update, use the social media button and make a posting with the extra comment - knol updated.

Make it a practice for your knols. From now on when I visit a knol, if social media button is there, I shall certainly use it over twitter or blogger or digg. At least one of the will have an entry.

Today I found many twitter messages by knol authors and followed them.

Narayana Rao - 18 May 2010

Trending Knols is a Trending Knol

Mr. Ariel,

We are plainly lucky at this point of time. Any way our effort now is to help many knollers to reach 100,000 page views. Our genuine focus on helping others may help us also in turn. All the initiatives potential authors, knol author news, Social media button and Trending knols have the same focus. Helping knol authors. I am very happy that all of them put together had around 1000 page views in a week.

You did a lot of work in all of them. Thank you. Keep participating. Best regards.

Narayana Rao - 18 May 2010

Dear Rao

That will be great, I will accept the invitation to be with the Team

Thanks a lot

Moharram Khalifa - 18 May 2010

Dear MAK

I want you also to join as coauthor to point out popular Arabic knols. We all will be happy when more and more knols are popular every day. You will know its contents also and can make one line comment on the contents also.

Narayana Rao - 17 May 2010

Keep it up

Moharram Khalifa - 17 May 2010

Yes, I Fully Agree with you...

Yes, Raogaaru,
I agree with your findings, its really a good trend to go forward with the Trending Knols.
Yes, as often as I think and quiet often do practice to with the limited ability God has given to me, i always try to give a helping hand to other fellow citizens especially in the writing field. Let us share our blessings God has entrusted to each one of us in different capacity, let us appreciate and uphold each other for the efforts we together put in to promote other fellow knol authors as well as to promote our knols.
Good going, Happy trend and Trending Knols.
Best Wishes
Philip Ariel

P V Ariel - 17 May 2010