List of the Episodes of "Bewitched"

Watch every episode of the television sitcom "Bewitched" starring Elizabeth Montgomery

"Bewitched" starring Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Dick Sargeant, Agnes Moorehead, Alice Ghostley, Paul Lynde (and more)



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A list of all the episodes of the sitcom "Bewitched", including Buy It links and Watch It links.

Bewitched ran for 8 seasons, and consisted of 254 episodes. Starring Elizabeth Montgomery (she appeared in every episode as Samantha Stephens), Agnes Moorehead (173 episodes as Endora, Samantha's mother),  David White (166 episodes as Larry Tate, Darrin's boss),  Dick York (156 episodes as [the 1st] Darrin Stephens), Dick Sargeant (84 episodes as [the 2nd] Darrin Stephens), Erin Murphy (74 episodes as Tabitha Stephens), George Tobias (56 episodes as Abner Kravitz), Kasey Rogers (33 episodes as [the 2nd] Louise Tate), Sandra Gould (29 episodes as [the 2nd] Gladys Kravitz), Alice Pearce (27 episodes as [the 1st] Gladys Kravitz), Marion Lorne (27 episodes as Samantha's Aunt Clara), Mabel Albertson (18 episodes as Darrin's mother Phyllis Stephens), Alice Ghostley (16 episodes as Esmerelda), Irene Vernon (13 episodes as [the 1st] Louise Tate), Maurice Evans (10 episodes as Samantha's father Maurice), Paul Lynde (11 episodes as Samantha's Uncle Arthur)".

Episode Original Airdate  Buy It
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 1-1  17 Sep 1964  Click here to buy I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha - In the first half, Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) has just married Darrin Stephens (Dick York), an advertising copywriter, and has to break the news to him, that she is a witch, while her mother Endora (Agnes Moorehead) expresses her outrage.  In the second half, one of Darrin's old flames (Nancy Kovack as guest star) tries to belittle Samantha, but Sam gets her witchy revenge. Click here to watch
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 1-2  24 Sep 1964  Click here to buy Be It Ever So Mortgaged - Sam trying to not use her powers, makes a mess of trying to decorate a cake.  Endora decides to invisibly eavesdrop on Sam and Darrin.  Darrin tells Sam that he has purchased a house for them.  Sam and Endora go to view the house and use their powers to create a lawn and add furniture.  Neighbor Gladys Kravitz (Alice Pearce) witnesses this and becomes hysterical, her husband Abner Kravitz (George Tobias) doesn't believe her. Click here to watch
 1-3 10 Jun 1965  Click here to buy This episode originally scheduled to appear on 1 Oct 1964, was pre-empted and didn't appear until 10 Jun 1965.

It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog - In one part, one of Darrin's clients Rex Barker (Jack Warden as guest star) makes a pass at Samantha, so she changes him into a dog.  Darrin's employer Larry Tate (David White) and his wife Louise (Irene Vernon) provide extra background.
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 1-4  8 Oct 1964  No Item
Mother Meets What's His Name - The neighborhood Welcome Wagon (Alice Pearce as Gladys Kravitz, Hollis Irving as Shirley Clyde, andAlice Backes as June Foster) comes to snoop on the Stephens.  Endora agrees to meet Darrin for the first time. Initially cordial, they fight over his desire that Sam not use her powers.
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 1-5  15 Oct 1964  Click here to buy Help, Help, Don't Save Me - Sam writes some of Darrin's ad copy for his client Mr Caldwell (Charlie Ruggles as guest star). Darrin resists presenting it because he thinks she was using her power to influence him or the client.  They fight, she leaves him, but he apologizes once he realizes that he was wrong.
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 1-6  22 Oct 1964  Click here to buy Little Pitchers Have Big Fears - Sam befriends a local boy Marshall Burns (Jimmy Mathers, Jerry's younger brother), who has an overprotective mother.  Sam helps him try out for the baseball team where he becomes a star player, his mother (June Lockhart as guest star) finally relenting, once she sees him play.
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 1-7  29 Oct 1964  Click here to buy The Witches Are Out - Sam with help from her witchy friends Bertha (Reta Shaw), Mary and Sam's Aunt Clara (Marion Lorne) use their powers to persuade one of Darrin's clients Mr Brinkman (Shelley Berman as guest star) to change his stereotypical witch campaign used to sell candy for Halloween.
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 1-8  5 Nov 1964  Click here to buy Witch Or Wife - Endora persuades Sam to go to Paris with her for lunch.  While there they run into Darrin's employer Larry Tate (David White) and his wife Louise, who promptly tell Darrin, who then gets upsets. (Raquel Welch appears as a stewardess.)  Click here to watch
 1-9  12 Nov 1964  Click here to buy The Girl Reporter - A girl reporter Liza Randall (Cheryl Holdridge as guest star) interviews Darrin supposedly for her school paper, but really to put the moves on him.  Meanwhile her musclebound boyfriend Marvin Grogan "Monster" (Roger Ewing) gets jealous and has a long talk with Sam. (Roger made the big time when he appeared in 37 episodes of "Gunsmoke".)
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 1-10  19 Nov 1964  Click here to buy Just One Happy Family - Darrin meets his father-in-law Maurice (Maurice Evans), who is so against the marriage that he destroys Darrin, and then has to make a great magical effort to bring him back from oblivion.
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 1-11  26 Nov 1964  Click here to buy It Takes One To Know One - Endora schemes to test Darrin's loyalty to Samantha by getting an attractive witch Sarah Baker, calling herself Jannine Fleur (Lisa Seagram) to seduce Darrin, by becoming "Miss Jasmine" on his new ad campaign.
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 1-12  3 Dec 1964  No Item
And Something Makes Three - Louise Tate is pregnant, but scared of telling Larry because "he hates children".  Larry, at the dentist, spies Louise and Sam at the obstetrician. Thinking Sam is pregnant, he tells Darrin, who at first excited, has a daydream where all his children are witches and becomes distraught. Finally Louise tells Larry that it's her that is pregnant and he is happy about it.  The children are not credited, but one of them can be positively identified as Maureen McCormick, later "Marsha" on The Brady Bunch.
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 1-13  10 Dec 1964  No Item
Love Is Blind - Samantha hooks-up her friend Gertrude (Kit Smythe) with one of Darrin's co-workers Kermit (Adam West), even over the partial objections of Kermit's old flame (Chris Noel).  Gertrude and Kermit get married. Click here to watch
 1-14  17 Dec 1964  Click here to buy Samantha Meets The Folks - Samantha meets Darrin's parents for the first time.  At the same time Aunt Clara (Marion Lorne) decides to stay for a week.
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 1-15  24 Dec 1964  Click here to buy A Vision of Sugar Plums - Sam and Darrin host a foster boy (Billy Mumy) for Christmas who doesn't believe in Santa Claus.  So they all take a trip to the North Pole to meet Santa.
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 1-16  7 Jan 1965  Click here to buy It's Magic - Samantha as "entertainment chairman" for the Hospital Relief Fund, decides to hire Zeno the Great (Walter Burke), an alcoholic has-been magician.  When his female assistant Roxie (Virginia Martin) walks out, Sam fills in, and uses her power to get him "on the wagon" and give him back his career.
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 1-17  14 Jan 1965  Click here to buy
A Is For Aardvark - When Darrin has to stay in bed with a sprained ankle, Sam casts a spell on the house so it will assist him and do whatever he commands.  Darrin gets a taste of power and at first can't control his desire.  Sam decides to overkill the situation which causes Darrin to ask her to zap him back to before this began.
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 1-18  21 Jan 1965
 Click here to buy The Cat's Meow - Darrin has to fly to Chicago, in order to try to land a new account.  The female client Margaret Marshall (Martha Hyer) tries to seduce him but he resists, when he decides that a stray cat who shows up is Sam spying on him.
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 1-19  28 Jan 1965  Click here to buy A Nice Little Dinner Party - Darrin's parents meet Endora when Sam invites them all to a dinner party at their house.  Phyllis Stephens (Mabel Albertson) thinks that Endora is putting the moves on Frank. Frank and Phyllis decide to seperate, but Sam and Endora combine their powers to bring them back together.
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 1-20  4 Feb 1965  Click here to buy Your Witch Is Showing - A new employee in the firm, Gideon Whitsett (Jonathan Daly) and a string of bad luck makes Darrin think he is the victim of witchcraft. Endora gives him a fake potion to give him self-confidence.  Sam enchants Gideon to tell the truth, which also convinces Darrin that Gideon is not a warlock only unscrupulous.
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 1-21  11 Feb 1965   Ling Ling - Unable to find a model for a new ad campaign, Sam turns a stray Siamese cat into a woman Ling Ling (Greta Chi).  Darrin's friend, photographer Wally Ames (Jeremy Slate) falls for her.  Ling Ling doesn't want to go back to being a cat, so Sam puts catnip in her drink.  Ling Ling gets intoxicated on the catnip, storms out and later Sam changes her back.  Click here to watch
 1-22  25 Feb 1965   Eye Of The Beholder - Endora causes Darrin to see a painting that appears to indicate that Sam is over 300 years old.  Darrin worries that as he ages, Sam will not.  After he consults with various friends, it is finally revealed that Endora made the picture up. Darrin however decides he is OK with Sam staying young looking.
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 1-23  4 Mar 1965   Red Light, Green Light - The Stephens and their neighbors petition city hall for a traffic light at their intersection.  Endora zaps in several types of traffic lights from which Sam can choose. When the Mayor (Dan Tobin) refuses to grant the request, Endora and Sam arrange for him to get stuck in traffic at that same intersection.
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 1-24  11 Mar 1965   Which Witch Is Which? - Endora helps Sam, by going to her dress fitting, as a magic body-double, where she flirts with author Robert E Fraser (Ron Randell).  He happens to be an old friend of Darrin's, who invites him over for dinner.  Sam finds out what Endora did, and makes her break off the relationship.  Robert meets the real Sam, confronts Darrin, but Endora pops in convincing him they are identical twins.
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 1-25  18 Mar 1965   Pleasure O'Riley - A new next-door neighbor Pleasure O'Riley (Kipp Hamilton) appears to have her eye on Darrin.  Sam gets jealous.  Pleasure's ex-boyfriend Thor "Thunderbolt" Swenson - (Ken Scott) comes over to threaten her, is arrested, but then they make up. Due to a mixup Gladys Kravitz gets her picture in the paper as Thor's lovetoy.
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 1-26  25 Mar 1965   Driving Is The Only Way To Fly - Darrin and Sam have an argument while he is trying to teach her to drive.  So he enrolls her in a driving school run by Basil Koenig (Paul Bryar), who assigns her an instructor Harold (Paul Lynde).  When Sam uses her powers to fix her errors, Harold thinks he is having a nervous breakdown and is fired, but Sam and Darrin convince Basil to rehire him.
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 1-27  1 Apr 1965   There's No Witch Like An Old Witch - Aunt Clara (Marion Lorne) comes to stay.  Her failing powers makes her depressed. She finds new happiness at the opportunity to babysit for a friend of the Stephens, and her few simple spells for the boy all work.  She then becomes a popular babysitter for other children, but they tell their parents that she is a witch.  One parent complains and Clara has to come to a hearing with a judge, but at the end, he asks her to sit for his son as well.
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 1-28  8 Apr 1965   Open The Door Witchcraft - Sam magically opens her garage door and Gladys sees her and asks Darrin about it, so now they have to buy an automatic door opener, to explain it.  It malfunctions and Darrin accuses Sam of causing that by witchcraft.  It turns out that the malfunction is being caused by passing aircraft.
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 1-29  15 Apr 1965   Abner Kadabra - Gladys spies Sam rearranging pictures by magic.  Sam convinces Gladys that she herself has supernatural powers.  Gladys starts using her powers and of course nothing she tries actually works, but that doesn't convince her, and she start acting more peculiar.  So Sam arranges a seance to try to scare Gladys into quitting her experiments.
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 1-30  22 Apr 1965   George, The Warlock - Pleasure O'Riley's 19-year-old sister D.D. (Beverly Adams) temporarily moves in next door. George (Christopher George), an old flame of Samantha's is coaxed by Endora into flirting with Sam.  She rejects him. Turning himself into a bird, Darrin and Larry decide to use him in an ad campaign.  Darrin brings the birth home, and Sam explains that he is actually a warlock.  George takes a shine to D.D. and they leave together.
 Clik here to watch
 1-31  29 Apr 1965    That Was My Wife  
 1-32  6 May 1965    Illegal Separation  
 1-33  13 May 1965    A Change Of Face  
 1-34  20 May 1965    Remember The Main  
 1-35  27 May 1965    Eat At Mario's  
 1-36  3 Jun 1965    Cousin Edgar  
 Original Airdate  Title  YouTube  
 2-1 16 Sep 1965  Alias Darrin Stephens    

|Title=A Very Special Delivery
 |OriginalAirDate=23 September 1965

 |Title=We're In For A Bad Spell
 |OriginalAirDate=30 September 1965

 |Title=My Grandson The Warlock
 |OriginalAirDate=7 October 1965

 |Title=The Joker Is A Card
 |OriginalAirDate=14 October 1965

 |Title=Take Two Aspirin And Half A Pint Of Porpoise Milk
 |OriginalAirDate=21 October 1965

 |Title=Trick Or Treat
 |OriginalAirDate=28 October 1965

 |Title=The Very Informal Dress
 |OriginalAirDate=4 November 1965

 |Title=And Then I Wrote
 |OriginalAirDate=11 November 1965

 |Title=Junior Executive
 |OriginalAirDate=18 November 1965

 |Title=Aunt Clara's Old Flame
 |OriginalAirDate=25 November 1965

 |Title=A Strange Little Visitor
 |OriginalAirDate=2 December 1965

 |Title=My Boss The Teddy Bear
 |OriginalAirDate=9 December 1965

 |Title=Speak The Truth
 |OriginalAirDate=16 December 1965

 |Title=A Vision Of Sugar Plums
 |OriginalAirDate=23 December 1965

 |Title=The Magic Cabin
 |OriginalAirDate=30 December 1965

 |Title=Maid To Order
 |OriginalAirDate= 6 January 1966

 |Title=And Then There Were Three
 |OriginalAirDate=13 January 1966

 |Title=My Baby The Tycoon
 |OriginalAirDate=20 January 1966

 |Title=Samantha Meets The Folks
 |OriginalAirDate=27 January 1966

 |Title=Fastest Gun On Madison Avenue
 |OriginalAirDate=3 February 1966

 |Title=The Dancing Bear
 |OriginalAirDate=10 February 1966

 |Title=Double Tate
 |OriginalAirDate=17 February 1966

 |Title=Samantha The Dressmaker
 |OriginalAirDate=24 February 1966

 |Title=The Horse's Mouth
 |OriginalAirDate=3 March 1966

 |Title=Baby's First Paragraph
 |OriginalAirDate=10 March 1966

 |Title= The Leprechaun
 |OriginalAirDate=17 March 1966

 |Title=Double Split
 |OriginalAirDate=24 March 1966

 |Title=Disappearing Samantha
 |OriginalAirDate=7 April 1966

 |Title=Follow That Witch (Part 1)
 |OriginalAirDate=14 April 1966

 |Title=Follow That Witch (Part 2)
 |OriginalAirDate=21 April 1966

 |Title=A Bum Raps
 |OriginalAirDate=28 April 1966

 |Title=Divided He Falls
 |OriginalAirDate=5 May 1966

 |Title=Man's Best Friend
 |OriginalAirDate=12 May 1966

 |Title=The Catnapper
 |OriginalAirDate=19 May 1966

 |Title=What Every Young Man Should Know
 |OriginalAirDate=26 May 1966

 |Title=The Girl With The Golden Nose
 |OriginalAirDate=2 June 1966

 |OriginalAirDate=9 June 1966

 |Title=Nobody's Perfect
 |OriginalAirDate=15 September 1966

 |Title=The Moment Of Truth
 |OriginalAirDate=22 September 1966

 |Title=Witches And Warlocks Are My Favorite Things
 |OriginalAirDate=29 September 1966

 |Title=Accidental Twins
 |OriginalAirDate=6 October 1966

 |Title=A Most Unusual Wood Nymph
 |OriginalAirDate=13 October 1966

 |Title=Endora Moves In For A Spell
 |OriginalAirDate= 20 October 1966

 |Title=Twitch Or Treat
 |OriginalAirDate=27 October 1966

 |Title=Dangerous Diaper Dan
 |OriginalAirDate=3 November 1966

 |Title=The Short, Happy Circuit Of Aunt Clara
 |OriginalAirDate=10 November 1966

 |Title=I'd Rather Twitch Than Fight
 |OriginalAirDate=17 November 1966
 |Title=Oedipus Hex
 |OriginalAirDate=24 November 1966

 |Title=Sam's Spooky Chair
 |OriginalAirDate=1 December 1966

 |Title=My Friend Ben (Part 1)
 |OriginalAirDate=8 December 1966

 |Title=Samantha For The Defense (Part 2)
 |OriginalAirDate=15 December 1966

 |Title= A Gazebo Never Forgets
 |OriginalAirDate=22 December 1966

 |Title=Soap Box Derby
 |OriginalAirDate=29 December 1966

 |Title=Sam In The Moon
 |OriginalAirDate=5 January 1967

 |Title=Ho Ho, The Clown
 |OriginalAirDate=12 January 1967

 |Title=Super Car
 |OriginalAirDate=19 January 1967

 |Title=The Corn Is As High As A Guernsey's Eye
 |OriginalAirDate=26 January 1967

 |Title=The Trial And Error Of Aunt Clara
 |OriginalAirDate=2 February 1967

 |Title=Three Wishes
 |OriginalAirDate=9 February 1967

 |Title=I Remember You...Sometimes
 |OriginalAirDate=16 February 1967

 |Title=Art For Sam's Sake
 |OriginalAirDate=23 February 1967

 |Title=Charlie Harper, Winner
 |OriginalAirDate=2 March 1967

 |Title=Aunt Clara's Victoria Victory
 |OriginalAirDate=9 March 1967

 |Title=The Crone Of Cawdor
 |OriginalAirDate=16 March 1967

 |Title=No More Mr. Nice Guy
 |OriginalAirDate=23 March 1967

 |Title=It's Wishcraft
 |OriginalAirDate=30 March 1967

 |Title=How To Fail In Business With All Kinds Of Help
 |OriginalAirDate=6 April 1967

 |Title=Bewitched, Bothered, And Infuriated
 |OriginalAirDate=13 April 1967

 |Title=Nobody But A Frog Knows How To Live
 |OriginalAirDate=27 April 1967

 |Title=There's Gold In Them There Pills
 |OriginalAirDate=4 May 1967

 |Title=Long Live The Queen
 |OriginalAirDate=7 September 1967

 |Title=Toys In Babeland
 |OriginalAirDate=14 September 1967

 |Title=Business, Italian Style
 |OriginalAirDate=21 September 1967

 |Title=Double, Double, Toil And Trouble
 |OriginalAirDate=28 September 1967

 |Title=Cheap, Cheap
 |OriginalAirDate=5 October 1967

 |Title=No Zip In My Zap
 |OriginalAirDate= 12 October 1967

 |Title=Birdies, Bogeys And Baxter
 |OriginalAirDate=19 October 1967

 |Title=The Safe And Sane Halloween
 |OriginalAirDate=26 October 1967

 |Title=Out Of Sync, Out Of Mind
 |OriginalAirDate=2 November 1967

 |Title=That Was No Chick, That Was My Wife
 |OriginalAirDate=9 November 1967

 |Title=Allergic To Macedonian Dodo Birds
 |OriginalAirDate=16 November 1967

 |Title=Samantha's Thanksgiving To Remember
 |OriginalAirDate=23 November 1967

 |Title=Solid Gold Mother-In-Law
 |OriginalAirDate=30 November 1967

 |Title=My What Big Ears You Have
 |OriginalAirDate=7 December 1967

 |Title=I Get Your Nanny, You Get My Goat
 |OriginalAirDate=14 December 1967

 |Title=Humbug Not To Be Spoken Here
 |OriginalAirDate=21 December 1967

 |Title=Samantha's Da Vinci Dilemma
 |OriginalAirDate=28 December 1967

 |Title=Once In A Vial
 |OriginalAirDate=4 January 1968

 |Title=Snob In The Grass
 |OriginalAirDate=11 January 1968

 |Title=If They Never Met
 |OriginalAirDate=25 January 1968

 |Title=Hippie, Hippie, Hooray
 |OriginalAirDate=1 February 1968

 |Title=A Prince Of A Guy
 |OriginalAirDate=8 February 1968

 |OriginalAirDate=15 February 1968

 |Title=How Green Was My Grass?
 |OriginalAirDate=29 February 1968

 |Title=To Twitch Or Not To Twitch
 |OriginalAirDate=14 March 1968

 |OriginalAirDate=21 March 1968

 |Title=Tabatha's Cranky Spell
 |OriginalAirDate=28 March 1968

 |Title=I Confess
 |OriginalAirDate=4 April 1968

 |Title=A Majority Of Two
 |OriginalAirDate=11 April 1968

 |Title=Samantha's Secret Saucer
 |OriginalAirDate=18 April 1968

 |Title=The No-Harm Charm
 |OriginalAirDate=25 April 1968

 |Title=Man Of The Year
 |OriginalAirDate=2 May 1968

 |OriginalAirDate=16 May 1968

 |Title=Samantha's Wedding Present
 |OriginalAirDate=26 September 1968

 |Title=Samantha Goes South For A Spell
 |OriginalAirDate=3 October 1968

 |Title=Samantha On The Keyboard
 |OriginalAirDate=10 October 1968

 |Title=Darrin, Gone and Forgotten
 |OriginalAirDate=17 October 1968

 |Title=It's So Nice To Have A Spouse Around The House
 |OriginalAirDate=24 October 1968

 |Title=Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
 |OriginalAirDate=7 November 1968

 |Title=Samantha's French Pastry
 |OriginalAirDate=14 November 1968

 |Title=Is It Magic Or Imagination?
 |OriginalAirDate=21 November 1968

 |Title=Samantha Fights City Hall
 |OriginalAirDate=28 November 1968

 |Title=Samantha Loses Her Voice
 |OriginalAirDate=5 December 1968

 |Title=I Don't Want To Be A Toad, I Want To Be A Butterfly
 |OriginalAirDate=12 December 1968

 |Title=Weep No More My Willow
 |OriginalAirDate=19 December 1968

 |Title=Instant Courtesy
 |OriginalAirDate=26 December 1968

 |Title=Samantha's Super Maid
 |OriginalAirDate=2 January 1969

 |Title=Cousin Serena Strikes Again (Part 1)
 |OriginalAirDate=9 January 1969

 |Title=Cousin Serena Strikes Again (Part 2)
 |OriginalAirDate=16 January 1969

 |Title=One Touch of Midas
 |OriginalAirDate=23 January 1969

 |Title=Samantha The Bard
 |OriginalAirDate=30 January 1969

 |Title=Samantha The Sculptress
 |OriginalAirDate=6 February 1969

 |Title=Mrs. Stephens, Where Are You?
 |OriginalAirDate=13 February 1969

 |Title=Marriage, Witches' Style
 |OriginalAirDate=20 February 1969

 |Title=Going Ape
 |OriginalAirDate=27 February 1969

 |Title=Tabatha's Weekend
 |OriginalAirDate=6 March 1969

 |Title=The Battle Of Burning Oak
 |OriginalAirDate=13 March 1969

 |Title=Samantha's Power Failure
 |OriginalAirDate=20 March 1969

 |Title=Samantha Twitches For [[UNICEF]]
 |OriginalAirDate=27 March 1969
 |Title=Daddy Does His Thing
 |OriginalAirDate=3 April 1969

 |Title=Samantha's Good News
 |OriginalAirDate=10 April 1969

 |Title=Samantha's Shopping Spree
 |OriginalAirDate=17 April 1969

 |Title=Samantha And Darrin In Mexico City
 |OriginalAirDate=24 April 1969

 |Title=Samantha And The Beanstalk
 |OriginalAirDate=18 September 1969

 |Title=Samantha's Yoo-Hoo Maid
 |OriginalAirDate=25 September 1969

 |Title=Samantha's Caesar Salad
 |OriginalAirDate=2 October 1969

 |Title=Samantha's Curious Cravings
 |OriginalAirDate=9 October 1969

 |Title=...And Something Makes Four
 |OriginalAirDate=16 October 1969

 |Title=Naming Samantha's New Baby
 |OriginalAirDate= 23 October 1969

 |Title=To Trick Or Treat Or Not To Trick Or Treat
 |OriginalAirDate=30 October 1969

 |Title=A Bunny For Tabitha
 |OriginalAirDate=6 November 1969

 |Title=Samantha's Secret Spell
 |OriginalAirDate=13 November 1969

 |Title=Daddy Comes For A Visit (Part 1)
 |OriginalAirDate=20 November 1969

 |Title=Darrin The Warlock (Part 2)
 |OriginalAirDate=27 November 1969
 |Title=Samantha's Double Mother Trouble
 |OriginalAirDate=4 December 1969

 |Title=You're So Agreeable
 |OriginalAirDate=11 December 1969

 |Title=Santa Comes To Visit And Stays And Stays
 |OriginalAirDate=18 December 1969

 |Title=Samantha's Better Halves
 |OriginalAirDate=1 January 1970

 |Title=Samantha's Lost Weekend
 |OriginalAirDate=8 January 1970

 |Title=The Phrase Is Familiar
 |OriginalAirDate=15 January 1970

 |Title=Samantha's Secret Is Discovered
 |OriginalAirDate=22 January 1970

 |Title=Tabitha's Very Own Samantha
 |OriginalAirDate=29 January 1970

 |Title=Super Arthur
 |OriginalAirDate=5 February 1970

 |Title=What Makes Darrin Run?
 |OriginalAirDate=12 February 1970

 |Title=Serena Stops The Show
 |OriginalAirDate=19 February 1970

 |Title=Just A Kid Again
 |OriginalAirDate=26 February 1970

 |Title=The Generation Zap
 |OriginalAirDate=5 March 1970

 |Title=Okay, Who's The Wise Witch?
 |OriginalAirDate=12 March 1970

 |Title=A Chance On Love
 |OriginalAirDate=19 March 1970

 |Title=If The Shoe Pinches
 |OriginalAirDate=26 March 1970

 |Title=Mona Sammy
 |OriginalAirDate=2 April 1970

 |Title=Turn On The Old Charm
 |OriginalAirDate=9 April 1970

 |Title=Make Love, Not Hate
 |OriginalAirDate=16 April 1970

 |Title=To Go Or Not To Go, That Is The Question (Part 1)
 |OriginalAirDate=24 September 1970

 |Title=Salem, Here We Come (Part 2)
 |OriginalAirDate=1 October 1970

 |Title= The Salem Saga (Part 1)
 |OriginalAirDate=8 October 1970

 |Title=Sam's Hot Bed Warmer (Part 2)
 |OriginalAirDate=15 October 1970

 |Title=Darrin On A Pedestal
 |OriginalAirDate=22 October 1970

 |Title=Paul Revere Rides Again
 |OriginalAirDate=29 October 1970

 |Title=Samantha's Bad Day In Salem
 |OriginalAirDate=5 November 1970

 |Title=Samantha's Old Salem Trip
 |OriginalAirDate=12 November 1970

 |Title=Samantha's Pet Warlock
 |OriginalAirDate=19 November 1970

 |Title=Samantha's Old Man
 |OriginalAirDate=3 December 1970

 |Title=The Corsican Cousins
 |OriginalAirDate=10 December 1970

 |Title=Samantha's Magic Potion
 |OriginalAirDate=17 December 1970

 |Title=Sisters At Heart
 |OriginalAirDate=24 December 1970

 |Title=Mother-In-Law Of The Year
 |OriginalAirDate=14 January 1971

 |Title= Mary The Good Fairy (Part 1)
 |OriginalAirDate=21 January 1971

 |Title=The Good Fairy Strikes Again (Part 2)
 |OriginalAirDate=28 January 1971

 |Title=The Return Of Darrin The Bold
 |OriginalAirDate=4 February 1971

 |Title=The House That Uncle Arthur Built
 |OriginalAirDate=11 February 1971

 |Title=Samantha And The Troll
 |OriginalAirDate=18 February 1971

 |Title=This Little Piggie
 |OriginalAirDate=25 February 1971

 |Title=Mixed Doubles
 |OriginalAirDate=4 March 1971

 |Title=Darrin Goes Ape
 |OriginalAirDate=11 March 1971

 |Title=Money Happy Returns
 |OriginalAirDate=18 March 1971

 |Title=Out Of The Mouths Of Babes
 |OriginalAirDate=25 March 1971

 |Title=Sam's Psychic Pslip
 |OriginalAirDate=1 April 1971

 |Title=Samantha's Magic Mirror
 |OriginalAirDate=8 April 1971

 |Title=Laugh Clown Laugh
 |OriginalAirDate=15 April 1971

 |Title=Samantha And The Antique Doll
 |OriginalAirDate=22 April 1971

 |Title=How Not To Lose Your Head To King Henry VIII (Part 1)
 |OriginalAirDate=15 September 1971

 |Title=How Not To Lose Your Head To King Henry VIII (Part 2)
 |OriginalAirDate=22 September 1971

 |Title=Samantha And The Loch Ness Monster
 |OriginalAirDate=29 September 1971

 |Title=Samantha's Not So-Leaning Tower Of Pisa
 |OriginalAirDate=6 October 1971

 |Title=Bewitched, Bothered and Baldoni
 |OriginalAirDate=13 October 1971

 |Title=Paris, Witches' Style
 |OriginalAirDate= 20 October 1971

 |Title=The Ghost Who Made A Spectre Of Himself
 |OriginalAirDate=27 October 1971

 |Title=TV Or Not TV
 |OriginalAirDate=3 November 1971

 |Title=A Plague On Maurice And Samantha
 |OriginalAirDate=10 November 1971

 |Title=Hansel And Gretel In Samantha Land
 |OriginalAirDate=17 November 1971

 |Title=The Warlock In The Gray Flannel Suit
 |OriginalAirDate=1 December 1971

 |Title=The Eight-Year Witch
 |OriginalAirDate=8 December 1971

 |Title=Three Men And A Witch On A Horse
 |OriginalAirDate=15 December 1971

 |Title=Adam, Warlock Or Washout?
 |OriginalAirDate=29 December 1971

 |Title=Samantha's Magic Sitter
 |OriginalAirDate=5 January 1972

 |Title=Samantha Is Earthbound
 |OriginalAirDate=15 January 1972

 |Title=Serena's Richcraft
 |OriginalAirDate=22 January 1972

 |Title=Samantha On Thin Ice
 |OriginalAirDate=29 January 1972

 |Title=Serena's Youth Pill
 |OriginalAirDate=5 February 1972

 |Title=Tabitha's First Day Of School
 |OriginalAirDate=12 February 1972

 |Title=George Washington Zapped Here (Part 1)
 |OriginalAirDate=19 February 1972

 |Title=George Washington Zapped Here (Part 2)
 |OriginalAirDate=26 February 1972

 |Title=School Days, School Daze
 |OriginalAirDate=4 March 1972

 |Title=A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished
 |OriginalAirDate=11 March 1972

 |Title=Samantha's Witchcraft Blows A Fuse
 |OriginalAirDate=18 March 1972

 |Title=The Truth, Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me, Sam
 |OriginalAirDate=25 March 1972

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