Sources for Medieval Genealogy at BYU Online

Links and examples of actual major scanned sources for genealogy in the medieval period, which are online hosted by Brigham Young University


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The Family History Archive at Brigham Young University has been gradually scanning and uploading books related to medieval history and genealogy.  Using this search you can see what volumes are currently available.  At the time I ran the search, there were 335 items available.

Among the many entries, I've extracted links to the various Fine Rolls and Close Rolls which you can see in detail at my articles :



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I observe that while the list of works is excellent for England, and not at all bad for Ireland and Wales, it is spectularly deficient in its coverage of Scottish material. There just seems to be the volumes for the peerage. Where are all the basic sources for Scotland, everything from Protocol Books, to the Accounts of the Treasurer of Scotland, to the Register of the Great Seal, Register of the Privy Seal, and the Register of the Privy Council; not to mention all the books of charters, deeds, the Regesta Regum Scottorum, and all the volumes of the Scottish Record Society, Scottish History Society, Stair Society, Spalding Club, and so on?

Anonymous - 14 Jul 2009