Jon Hopwood Recovery Project

Restoring some excellent lost content to Knol

Biographies of Marlon Brando, William Wyler, Arthur Miller, Pandro S Berman, Arthur C. Miller, Allen Ginsberg, John Ford and others


Jon Hopwood, a Knol author, wrote several very excellent biographies.  At some point he became disillusioned with Google and used his article space here for attacks instead.  This project seeks to restore the original versions of his content back to Knol main space.  The below Knols were all written by Jon Hopwood, and then overwritten with grumbling.  They are now restored back to Knol main space under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License by me Will Johnson

Alphabetical Order by Last Name

The following entries have not yet been copied:
Tom O'Horgan
Herbert J. Biberman
Norman Mailer
Lucien Ballard
Louis Lepke
John Alcott
Ellen DeGeneres
Dorothy Arzner
Karl Freund
Bobby Beausoleil: Convicted Murderer
Neal Cassady
Dalton Trumbo
Maxwell Anderson
Ben Hecht
Paul America
Jim Rice
Walter Huston
Arthur C. Clarke
Eugene McCarthy
Mickey Spillane
William Wellman
John Silber
Margarete Steffin