Pay Dirt : Divorces of the Rich and Famous

The Nation's 20 most sensational divorces

A table of contents for the book "Pay Dirt : Divorces of the Rich and Famous", the unauthorized inside stories of the nation's 20 most sensational divorces, by James A Albert. Branden Publishing Company, 1989.


Pay Dirt: Divorces of the Rich and Famous

James A. Albert

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Mike Tyson

Joan Collins


Farrah Fawcett

Ann Landers

Lorenzo Lamas

Herve Villechaize

Joe Theismann

Pete Rose

Bjorn Borg

Bruce Jenner

Erik Estrada

Michael Landon

Mary Tyler Moore

John & Rita Jenrette

Anita Bryant

Clint Eastwood

Margaret Heckler

Slyvester Stallone

Johnny Carson

Just in case this book has later editions, the one I'm using here is the 1989 edition.

Mike Tyson and Robin Givens married 7 Feb 1988 in Chicago, and again 2 days later in New York City (they had not had a marriage license).  On 7 Oct 1988 Robin filed divorce papers in Los Angeles, on 14 Oct Mike also filed papers asking for a divorce and annulment, in New Jersey.  An annulment would have mean that Robin wouldn't get any of Mike's assets because it would mean that the marriage never legally took place.  After a lot of back-and-forth in the courts and press, they flew to the Dominican Republic and got a divorce.  (Odd isn't that?)

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