Lincolnshire Pedigrees : Volume II

Table of Contents

Table of Contents, with links, to Lincolnshire Pedigrees : Volume II (1903), by A. R. Maddison


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This article is a Table of Contents to "Lincolnshire Pedigrees: Volume II" (1903), by A.R. Maddison

The volumes of the Lincolnshire Pedigrees are being extracted and put into GEDCOM format (which can be read by any genealogy program).  This database will be offered for sale soon, you can however pre-order a copy of this database by emailing me.

Gace of Panton Gannock of Boston Gannock of Sibsey
Gannock of Stickney Gardner of Bishop's Norton Garnon of Brant Broughton
Garrett of Heighington Garthwaite of Fulbeck Gates of Gosberton
Gedney of Ancaster Gedney of Bag Enderby Gelson of Walmsgate
Gering of Winterton Gibbon of Walesby Gibson of Lincoln
Gibthorpe of Thorpe-by-Wainfleet Gilby of Stainton-le-Pole Gildon of Burton-by-Lincoln
Girlington of Normanby Glover of Wispington Godfrey of Thonock
Gonville of Ketsby Gooch of Alvingham Good of Girsby
Goodhall of Holywell Goodhand of Kirmond-le-Mire Goodman of Threckingham
Goodricke of East Kirkby Goodwyn of Sleaford Gower of Grimsby
Grandorge of Donington Grant of Allington Grantham of Goltho
Gravenor of Messingham Greathed of Lincoln Gregory of Harlarton
Gregory of Stockwith Greville of Thorpe Latimer Grey of Kingerby
Groome of Bitchfield Guevara of Stenigot Guillim of Swafield
Gustard of Threckingham Hacket of Creeton Hales of Lincoln
Halford of South Witham Hall of Donington Hall of Snarford
Hall of Spalding Hall of Westborough Halton of Worlaby
Hamby of Tathwell Hamerton of Horncastle Hansard of Binbrook
Hansard of Biscathorpe Hansard of Curwold Hansard of Ludborough
Hansard of South Kelsey Harbottle of Baston Hardeby of Evedon
Harewood of Thurlby Harneis of Laceby Harrington of South Witham
Harrington of Wykeham Harrison of Norton Place Hart of Boston
Hart of Wrangle Hartgrave of Wilksby Hastings of Bilsby
Hastings of East Keel Hatcher of Careby Hatcliffe of Grimsby
Hatcliffe of Hatcliffe Hawkredd of Boston Hawley of Girsby
Hawley of Mablethorpe Hawley of North Langton Healey of Burringham
Heardson of Claythorpe Heneage of Hainton Herenden of East Kirkby
Heron of Burton Coggles Heron of Cressy Hall Heron of Lincoln
Hewett of Ingoldsby Heydon of Moulton Heydon of Long Sutton
Hickman of Gainsborough Hobson of Gedney Hobson of Scredington
Hodgson of Barlings Hodgson of West Keal Holbeche of Stow
Holiwell of Great Limber Holland of Estovening Holles of Grimsby
Hollingworth of Lincoln Holt of Claypole Honywood of Charing
Hopkinson of Alford Hornby of Tothill Hornsey of Fiskerton
Houghton of Boston Howe of Sudbrooke Howson of Scunthorpe
Howson of Wigtoft Hubbert of Wainfleet Huddleston of Lincoln
Huddleston of Rowston Hulton of Donington Humberston of Upton
Humberstone of Humberstone Hunnings of Whaplode Hunston of Boston
Hurst of Barrowby Hussey of Sleaford Husthwaite of Grimsby
Hutchinson of Alford Hutchinson of Theddlethorpe Hyde of Langtoft
Ingoldsby of Fishtoft Ingram of Bucknall Ion of Barrow
Irby of Gosberton Irby of Sutterton Iremonger of Boothby
Ironside of Nun Ormsby Ithell of Bratoft Jenkinson of Southrey
Jenkinson of East Witham Jenney of Knotshall Jenyson of Keddington
Jessup of Revesby Johnson of Bilsby Johnson of Claxby
Johnson of Friston Hall Johnson of Raithby Julyan of Lincoln
Kay of Holbeach Kelke of Barnetby Kent of Donington-on-Bain
Kent of Kirton Kent of Langton Kent of Lincoln
Key of Leadenham Kiddall of South Ferriby King of Ashby-de-la-Launde
Kingerby of Wainfleet Kingston of Great Grimsby Kirkman of East Keal
Kirkton of Grimsby Knight of London Knight of Swineshead
Kyme of Friskney Kyme of Stickford Kynde of Coleby
Lacon of Humberstone Lacon of Tetney Lacy of Gainsborough
Lacy of Stamford Lake of Irby Lambert of Pinchbeck
Lanam of Welton Langdale of Waltham Langholme of Conisholme
Langton of Langton Larke of Gainsborough Lawe of Candlesby
Lawes of Frieston Lawes of Lincoln Lawson of Revesby
Leach of Biscathorpe Leach of Fulnetby Leake of Leake
Leech of Belchford Leiche of Langton-by-Wragby Lely of Greetwell
Lemyng of Barnetby Letton of Welbourne Leverett of Grantham
Lister of Burwell Littlebury of Hagworthingham Llanden of Dalby
Locton of Swineshead
Lodington of Faldingworth
Long of Sleaford
Longbotham of Butterwicke
Longstaffe of Hagnaby
Longstaffe of Horsington
Loveday of Bardney
Lownde of Winterton
Lowndes of Bratoft
Lowson of Wainfleet
Lucas of Fenton
Luddington of Bracebridge
Lytler of Tathwell
Machell of Croft
Maddison of Alvingham
Maddison of Fonaby
Maddison of Grimsby
Maddison of Trusthorpe
Maddison of Withern
Malbys of Enderby Malbys
Man of Bolingbroke
Manby of Elsham and Wragby
Mapletoft of Pickworth
Mapletoft of North Thoresby
Marbury of Girsby
Marsh of Heckington
Marsh of Louth
Marshall of Aslackby
Marshall of Boston
Marshall of Brandon
Marshall of Fiskerton
Marshall of Louth
Marshall of Theddlethorpe
Marshall of West Laughton
Marwood of Laughton
Massingberd of Gunby
Massingbred of South Ormsby
Maudit of Great Sturton
Maxey of Burgh-le-Marsh
Medley of Belton
Meredith of Bassingthorpe
Meres of Great Carlton
Metcalfe of Louth Park
Metcalfe of Revesby
Metham of Bullington
Michell of South Witham
Micklethwaite of Binbrooke
Middlecot of Boston
Middlemore of Grantham
Middlemore of Lusby
Middleton of Swaton
Middleton of Winteringham
Milner of Lincoln
Milner of Wickenby
Moigne of North Willingham
Monson of South Carlton
Monson of Messingham
Monson of Newhaven
Monson of Northorpe
Moore of Bourne
Moore of Grantham
Moore of Stubton
Morgan of Gainsborough
Morgan of Scrivelsby
Morley of Holme in Bottesford
Morley of Lincoln
Moryson of Cadeby
Mottram of Addlethorpe
Moulesworth of Langtoft
Mountford of Gainsborough
Mussenden of Healing
Needham of Grimsby
Nelson of Houghham
Nelthorpe of Scawby
Nethercotes of Nettleham
Neve of Hagworthingham
Neville of Faldingworth
Neville of Hadingham
Newcomen of Ingoldmells
Newcomen of Kirkby-on-Bain
Newcomon of Saltfleetby
Newstead of South Somercotes
Newton of Gonerby
Nicholls of Corby
Nicolson of Gainsborough
Northan of Wickenby
Norton of Sibsey
Nottingham of Orby
Ogle of Pinchbeck
Oldfield of Dorrington
Oldfield of Spalding
Ormsby of Ormsby
Osgodby of Osgodby
Osney of Louth

Glover of Wispington
Lyon of Roxby
 Mainwaring of Goltho

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