Male-line descendants of John Hunt (1749-1831) of New Haven, Connecticut

by Will Johnson, Professional Genealogist

Male-line descendants of John Hunt (1749-1831) of New Haven, Connecticut. This list is presented for the purpose of assisting in Y-DNA research. If you are listed below, please consider taking the Y-DNA test so we can get back past John Hunt. If you know someone listed below, please convince them to take the Y-DNA test. We've been stuck at John Hunt for 30 years.


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This family is also mentioned in :
"Families of Ancient New Haven", by Donald Lines Jacobus
in Vol IV, Page 907


First Generation

John Hunt was born 24 Aug 1749 in London.  His birthdate is given in a "Family Record"  in his wife's handwriting, on the inside blank cover of a Sept 1813 issue of "Churchman's Magazine".  I am still looking for the primary source for his birthplace.  Jacobus states that he "came from London", which is not quite the same as saying that he was born there.

His wife Elizabeth Tomline was born 13 Nov 1750, again the source is that same handwritten "Family Record".  Her place of birth is not known to me.

John must have been at least 17 when he married Elizabeth and their eldest child was born 16 Dec 1772, so they married sometime between 1766 and 1772, place unknown.  It is possible that they married in England and then came to the United States.

Their eldest child was Frederick William Hunt born 16 Dec 1772 in East Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut; who died a few months later on 28 Feb 1773.  His name might be an indication of some way to find parents either for John Hunt, or for Elizabeth Tomline.

Their next child was John Hunt Jr born 10 Apr 1775 in East Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut.  He was destined to die, unmarried, 19 Oct 1805 in Georgia.  The exact place of his death is hard-to-read in Elizabeth's handwriting.  To me it looks something like "Tanbury" ?

John and Elizabeth then had four daughters in-a-row: Grace Hunt born 20 May 1776 would marry Jared Thompson and then Freeman Snow; Anna Maria Hunt born 5 Dec 1777 who marry Justus Potter and then Philemon Peckham; Sarah Hunt born 16 Dec 1779 would die at age 8 "by the kick of a horse" as her mother states; Emily Hunt born 18 Dec 1780 would marry Samuel Bronson.

John and Elizabeth's next child was my own direct ancestor William Henry Hunt born 13 Sep 1782 at New Haven, Connecticut.  Perhaps he went with his elder brother to Georgia, because we next find him there in 1809 when he married Nancy Malinda Stewart in Clarke County, Georgia.

John and Elizabeth's next child was Elizabeth Hunt born 14 Sep 1783 who died unmarried in "Springfield" (wherever this is) on 14 Apr 1809.

John and Elizabeth's next child was James Richard Hunt born 29 Mar 1785 in New Haven.  He married firstly to Hannah Mallory and by her apparently had an only child, a son whose name we do not know.  This son was yet living in the 1830 census with them.  Since I don't know his name, I have no idea what happened to him.  James next married Anne Peckham, his sister's step-daughter, but by Anne he had no further issue.

John and Elizabeth's next three children are known to have died young, they were: Woodward Hervey Hunt, Charles Augustus Hunt and Sarah Hunt.

The final child was Samuel Bradley Horatius Hunt born 4 Dec 1792 in New Haven.  Jacobus doesn't mention a death date for him, and neither does his mother Elizabeth Tomline.  What became of him is currently unknown.

Therefore we have disposed of all male children except William Henry Hunt.  Any Y-DNA testing, using our currently known paper-genealogy must come through William.


Second Generation

The sole male child of John and Elizabeth, who is known to have had known male children was William Henry Hunt, born 13 Sep 1782 in New Haven, Connecticut.  Although his brother James Richard Hunt had a son, we know neither his firstname, nor what happened to him after the 1830 census.

John and Elizabeth's eldest surviving son John Hunt, Jr died unmarried on 19 Oct 1805 somewhere in Georgia.  Perhaps this is related to why we find his next brother William Henry Hunt on a tax list there in 1807 in Capt Mitchell's District, Clarke County, Georgia.  William Henry there ran an emporium where he sold tailored suits, shoes, hats, etc.  In 1809 he became a Steward at the University of Georgia, where Josiah Meigs was then it's first president.

On 23 Feb 1809 in Clarke County, William Henry Hunt married Nancy Malinda Stewart.  She had been born 19 Apr 1789 in Amherst County, Virginia, the daughter of James Stewart and Clarissa "Clary" Pollard.  The announcement of their marriage with "both of Athens" was printed in the "Georgia Express" of Athens.

William left his position with the University of Georgia sometime before he again started advertising as an emporium owner in 1813.  William and Nancy had eight known children before his early death 10 Oct 1830 in Athens, Clarke County, Georgia only 48 years old.  His obituary was printed in the "Southern Banner" on 12 Oct 1830, which states that he died "in this place" (without specifying what place), and also that he had been a resident for "14 or 15" years.  I suppose it's possible that they lived somewhere in Clarke County other than the city of Athens for a while, but if not the obituary should say that he was a resident for at least 21 years.  Nancy would outlive him by almost forty years, dying on 24 Jan 1870 in Paulding County, Georgia.

William and Nancy's eight children were:
  1. John James Hunt was born 1 Jan 1810 in Athens, Clarke County, Georgia.  He went to Franklin College in Athens (now part of the University of Georgia).  Perhaps there he studied divinity, because in 1835 he was ordained a deacon at St Michael's Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.  A year later he either began or completed the requirements to be a priest.  On 8 Nov 1835 in Chatham County, Georgia he married Sarah Lawrence Wall who had been born in 1804 in Savannah, Georgia.  They had seven children.  Sarah died in 1881 and John in 1899, both in Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia.
  2. William Henry Hunt was born 1 Dec 1811 in Athens, Clarke County, Georgia. He also attended Franklin College in Athens.  I am not sure what he studied there.  On 7 Nov 1833 in Athens he married Mary Jane Taylor who had been born 1817/19 "near Culpepper Courthouse,Virginia".  I do not know what occupation he held from 1830 to 1850, but in 1850 he was listed in Marietta as "Editor of Paper".  I do not know what paper, but in 1859 he was the newspaper publisher of the Marietta-based "The Advocate".  In 1860 he is listed as "Clerk, US Court".  He had been at some time "Clerk, Confederate Court, Cherokee District, Georgia" and later "Clerk, Federal District Court, North Georgia District, Georgia".  It would make sense that he held the more local job first.  Meanwhile his first wife Mary had died in 1869 possibly in Atlanta, where he shows up in 1870.  She was buried at St James' Cemetery, Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia.  He married again on 16 Feb 1871 in Lagrange, Georgia to Anna Mongin Barnard, by whom he had an only son.  It would seem possible that this odd name implies that Anna was a widow when they married, but I'm not sure.  By his first wife he had eleven children.  William Henry Hunt died 10 Mar 1894 possibly in Atlanta, but is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Griffin, Spalding County, Georgia.  His widow died 10 Feb 1910, I don't know where, and I don't know where she is buried.
  3. Charles Bishop Hunt was born 26 Dec 1813 in Athens, Clarke County, Georgia.  It is not known to me whether he attended college, but in the 1850 census of Buncombe, Clarke County he appears as a "teacher".  On 26 Nov 1846 in Clarke County he married Martha Lord, and by the time of that 1850 census they had two children.  They would go on, to have a total of seven children in Clarke County.  Martha died in 1872 in Clarke County, and Charles last appears in the 1880 census living in Madison County, where he died in 1885.
  4. Fredrick Sims Stewart Hunt was born 24 Jan 1816 in Athens, Clarke County, Georgia. On 10 Sep 1838 in Clarke County he married Martha Tucker Puryear (1816-45).  She was evidently his only wife, and they evidently had a single child Fredrick Sims Hunt Jr.  She died in 1845 of tuberculosis and is buried at the Jackson St Cemetery, Athens, Clarke County, Georgia.  It is not known to me what occurred with this child, he does not show up with his father in the 1860 census.
  5. Robert Finley Hunt was born 8 Mar 1818 in Athens, Clarke County, Georgia.  He married an unknown woman and had at least one child Fanny born about 1850 in Washington, D.C.  They both appear there in the 1880 census where Robert was a dentist.
  6. Emily Sims Hunt was born 31 Mar 1820 in Athens, Clarke County, Georgia.  She evidently never married.  She died 18 Dec 1861 probably in Marietta, Georgia.
  7. Josiah Meigs Hunt was born 2 Sep 1822 in Athens, Clarke County, Georgia.  On 28 Sep 1843 there, he married Sarah Catherine Spinks who had been born Dec 1826 in Watkinsville, Clarke County (now Oconee County), Georgia.  It is not known to me who Sarah's family was, but perhaps she was related to Enoch Spinks also of Clarke County.  Josiah and Sarah had twelve children, initially in Athens, but moving just after the 1850 census to Paulding County.  Sarah died in Paulding County in 1902, and Josiah there also in 1906.
  8. Clarissa Jane Ann "Clara" Hunt was born 1 Mar 1825 in Athens, Clarke County, Georgia. She married Henry L Wiley (b. 1824).  They had three children before his early death between 1855 and the 1860 census.  She appears on the 1860 in Wilkes County with their three young children.


Complete listing of all Male-line Only descendants

Please email me with additions or corrections.  If you are in the list below, consider taking the Y-DNA test so we can figure out that Hunt family to which John Hunt belongs.  If you know someone in this list, bug them to take the test.  We've been stuck at this point, in John Hunt's ancestry, for the past thirty years.

John Hunt (1749-1831) and Elizabeth Tomline
John was born in England, moved to Connecticut, and possibly to Georgia at the end of his life.

  1. Frederick William /Hunt/ died 3 months old
  2. John Hunt Jr, died unmarried
  3. William Henry Hunt (1782-1830) born in New Haven, Connecticut, died in Clarke Co, Georgia
    1. John James Hunt (1810-99) born and died in Georgia
      1. William Richard Hunt (~1836 - >1860)
      2. John James Hunt Jr (~1838-1915)
      3. Clement Johnston Hunt (1840-89)
      4. Edward Bellamy Hunt (~1844- >1860)
      5. Theodore Lawrence Hunt (1846-1919)
        1. Edward Ralph Hunt (1876-1939)
          1. Armstrong Hunt (b. ~1901)
          2. Ralph Hunt (b. ~1908)
        2. Joseph Coryell Hunt (1881-1904)
    2. William Henry Hunt Jr (1811-94) born and died in Georgia
      1. William Henry Hunt III (1838-62)
        1. Robert Taylor Hunt
        2. Edwin Hunt
      2. Robert E Taylor Hunt, unmarried (~1842 - 1861/5)
      3. John James Hunt (1847-1932)
        1. Hugh E Hunt, unmarried
        2. John James Hunt Jr
      4. Charles McDonald Hunt (~1849 - >1870)
      5. Stephen B Hunt (b. ~1853)
      6. Harry Lawton Hunt (b. ~1857)
      7. William Barnard Hunt (1874-1964)
        1. William Barnard Hunt Jr
    3. Charles Bishop Hunt (1813- living in 1880) born in Georgia
      1. William H Hunt (b. 1847, living in 1860). Probably the "Henry Hunt" age 22 living as farm labor in the same district as his parents Sandy Creek.  His further history is not yet known to me.
      2. Charles Sims Stewart Hunt (2 May 1853 - 4 Jul 1939)(dates from tombstone at Moon's Grove Baptist).
        1. Seab Hunt (b. 2 Nov 1888)
      3. George V B Hunt (6 Aug 1857 - 28 Mar 1926) (dates from tombstone at Moon's Grove Baptist)
        1. Luther Hunt (b. 1885)
        2. Burgess Hunt (b. 1887)
        3. George C Hunt (b. 1889)
        4. Homer Hunt (b. 1895)
    4. Fredrick Sims Stewart Hunt (1816-85) born in Georgia
      1. Fredrick Sims Hunt Jr (b. 1839/45)
    5. Robert Finley Hunt (1818- living in 1880) born in Georgia
    6. Josiah Meigs Hunt (1822-1906) m 1843 Sarah Catherine Spinks (1826-1902)
      1. Joseph E Hunt (1844-1913) m Jennie Turner (1848-1925)
      2. Edgar T Hunt (1845-81) m 1866 Florida Henley (1847-1932)
        1. Wylie William Hunt (1869-1957) m Ophelia Hipps (1872-1946)
          1. William Roscoe Hunt (1896-1975) m Ruby Brooks (1905-1970)
            1. Daniel Y "Dannie" Hunt (b. 1922)
            2. Gene E Hunt (b. 1924/25)
        2. Nimrod N "Nim" Hunt (1872-1945) m Faye Dowd
          1. Arnold Hunt m Lillie Unknown
          2. Jessie L Hunt (b 1919)
        3. Lawrence Gibson "Gib" Hunt (1879-1963) m Maude Estes (1886-1954)
          1. Carl Buford Hunt (1907-1990) m Mildred Shaw (b 1908)
            1. Carl Buford Hunt Jr (b 1933), died 5 years old
          2. Joseph Edward Hunt (1908-1946) m Pauline Ragsdale (b 1912)
            1. Kenneth Edward Hunt (b 1937) m2 Mary Turner
              1. Kenneth Joseph Hunt m Lisa Reimer
                1. Daniel Joseph Hunt
          3. Harold Chloe Hunt (1911-1993) m Grace Eberhart
      3. Fredrick Stewart "Fred" "Fed" Hunt (1846-1928) m Mary Elizabeth T Davis (1843-1910)
        1. John S Hunt (b 1869)
        2. Richard T "Bud" Hunt (1871-1938) m 1892 Gertrude Adams (1872-1963)
          1. Fredrick Oliver "Fred" Hunt (b 1899) m 1919 Allie Piercy (b 1901/2)
          2. Dale Hunt (b 1902/3) m 1927 Audra Inez Williams (b 1900/01)
          3. F Burl Hunt (1906-1986)
          4. Ralph M B Hunt (1911-1974) m 1933 Shirley Bearden (1914-1942)
        3. Andrew Stewart Hunt (1875-1932) m 1895 Claudia Collier (1878-1963)
          1. Percy Clyde Hunt (1895-1970), unmarried
          2. Andrew Stewart Hunt (1913-1985), unmarried
          3. Charles Fredrick "Charlie" Hunt (1916-1975), unmarried
          4. William Chester Hunt (1919-1997) m 1939 Juanita Collins (b 1918/19)
      4. Lewis Edward Hunt Sr (1848-1934) m 1873 Burilla Davis (1854-1926)  Someone in this part of the tree, took the Y-DNA test.  I don't know who it was, but their results are reported at this link.  Haplogroup R1B1b2 and 12-marker test result 13-24-14-11-11-11-12-12-12-12-13-28.  There is another result posted here which displays a 37-marker test result, evidently for this same individual.
        1. Robert Sylvester Hunt (1873-1947), unmarried
        2. Lewis Edward "Strader" Hunt Jr (1878-1955) m 1901 Winnie Mayton
          1. Harold Ray Hunt (1904-1979) m 1933 Bertha Springs
            1. Harold Hunt
          2. Willie Edward Hunt (1906-1964) m 1934 Agnes Cassidy
            1. Glendon Hunt
            2. Willie Ray Hunt died 7 days old
          3. John Roy Hunt (1914-1966) m Gurtha Lewis (1922-2001)
            1. John Lewis Hunt
              1. Bryan Ronald Hunt
            2. Jerry Glynn Hunt
          4. Clarence Hunt (1918-1988) m 1939 Ruby Springs
            1. Eugene Hunt
            2. Billy Hunt
        3. Henry Walter Hunt (1884-1973) m 1919 Ruby Nichols (1901-1986)
          1. Winfred K Hunt died age 25, evidently unmarried ?
        4. Leonidas Meigs "Lee" Hunt (1887-1967) m 1911 Ruth Hatch (1893-1970)
          1. Ralph C Hunt (1919-1998)
            1. Michael Wallace "Wally" Hunt
        5. William Richard "Willie" Hunt, unmarried
      5. John William Hunt (1851 - > 1920) m Mary Gray (b 1857)
        1. Isaac Newton "Neute" "Newt" Hunt (1878-1966) m Addie Guess (1881-1966)
          1. Jefferson D "Jeff" Hunt (b 1902/03)
          2. Hershel Franklin Hunt (1904-1906) died 16 months old
          3. Albert N Hunt (1906-1987)
          4. Yancey W Hunt (1908-1977) m Berenice Unknown
          5. Ralph F Hunt (b 1909)
          6. Floyd Hunt
          7. Clifford Hunt (b 1915), twin with Clinton ?
          8. Clinton Hunt (b 1915) died under 1 year old
          9. Howard Hunt (b 1919)
        2. Henry Dee Hunt (1881-1933) m 1901 Margaret Suddeth (d 1960)
          1. James Earl Hunt (d 1985) m Nell Turner
          2. Norman Pinkney Hunt (1912-1995) m Dorothy Unknown
            1. Norman T Hunt (1934-2003) m Sara Gregg (1937-1996)
              1. Thomas Jeffery Hunt m Nancy Unknown
            2. Robert Curtis Hunt
            3. David A Hunt
        3. Clement Demar Hunt (1884/7-1970) m1 Sarah Unknown m2 1934 Edna Warren (1905-1983)
          1. Clarence Hunt (by wife 1)
          2. Ernest Hunt (by wife 1)
          3. Willie B Hunt (1935-1962) (by wife 2)
        4. Alonza "Lonnie" Fed Hunt (1895-1979) m Augusta Suddeth (1905-1988)
          1. Lonnie Fed Hunt Jr
          2. Alonzo Hunt
      6. Justice Meigs "J M" "Josiah" "Bud" Hunt Jr (1853-1938) m 1875 Mary Talullah Armor (1859-1941)
        1. George Armour "G A" Hunt (1878-1967) m2 1903 Hattie Wilson (1884-1973)
          1. Cecil Hunt (1907-1941) m Iola Massey Brooks (1906-1988)
            1. Charles Richard Hunt (b ~ 1927) m Gwinnell Long
          2. Ralph Duron Hunt (1920-1972) m Ruby Langford
        2. John Carl Hunt (1883-1957) m 1903 Janie Johnson
          1. Carl Hunt (b 1904/05) m Helen Hart
          2. Charles "Buster" Hunt m Thelma McGary
          3. John M "Bud" Hunt
          4. Billie Ray Hunt (I'm not sure this is a male.)
          5. Robert "Bob" Hunt m Ruth Garrett
        3. Fredrick S "F S" Hunt (1889-1982) m 1909 Grada Richards (b 1889)
          1. Hubert Hunt m Lucy Norman
          2. Festus Hunt (1918-2000) m Eunice Louise McCall
            1. Larry Mack Hunt
            2. Randy Hunt
            3. Festus Hal Hunt m Audrey Lynne Vlock
              1. Ryan Austin Hunt
            4. Nick Alan Hunt
        4. Henry Herman "H H" Hunt (1891-1968) m Myrtle Kennon (1894-1983)
        5. James Herschel "J H" Hunt (1893-1980)
        6. Gorman Boone Hunt (1903-1956) m Della Allen
      7. Henry Hunt, infant (1859-61)
      8. Barney Richard Hunt (1864-1944) m Violet Norton (1858-1942)
        1. Infant Hunt, died at birth
      9. Henry B Hunt (1865-1939) m 1928 Seleta Carter (1889-1975)
        1. Henry Carter Hunt (1929-1991) m Linda Gray
          1. Barry Todd Hunt m Ronda Wilson
  4. James Richard Hunt (1785-1857) born in New Haven, Connecticut
    1. Mr Unknown Hunt (born 1803/10 - living in 1830)
  5. Woodward Hervey Hunt died 14 months old
  6. Charles Augustus Hunt died 9 years old
  7. Samuel Bradley Horatius Hunt (b. 1792) born in New Haven, Connecticut


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my Grandpa

My name is Donna Paul my Mother is Mary ann Hunt Guess She is the daughter of Lonnie Fed hunt.
Lonnie fed hunt was my Grandpa.In 1979 when he passed i was 23.I went to his funaral
He Liked to ride a motor cycle when he was young, He played the musical saw,He loved his wife Gussie very Much, He was a ww1 Vet.

Donna Paul - 12 Aug 2011