Families of Ancient New Haven

by Donald Lines Jacobus

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"Families of Ancient New Haven", by Donald Lines Jacobus
In addition to the main names mentioned below, each Volume from II forward, has an additions and corrections section as well.

The series of eight volumes was initially published from 1923 to 1932.  The series on Ancestry is a 1981 reprint of that, by Genealogical Publishing Company, possibly with some minor corrections.  The page numbers for the volumes do not reset from page 1, they continue counting upwards.

Vol I (1923), pages 1 - 256 : Abbott - Bracy

Vol II (1924) pages 257 - 512 : Bradley - Daggett

Vol III (1926) pages 513 - 766 : Dailey - Hitchcock

Vol IV (1927) pages 769 - 1024 : Hitchcock - Jerome

Vol V (1929) pages 1025 - 1280 : Johnson - Mowatt

Vol VI (1930) pages 1281 - 1544 : Mudge - Rowe

Vol VII (1931) pages 1545 - 1812 : Royce - Tinker

Vol VIII (1932) pages 1813 - 2068 : Todd - Young

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