Too Young To Die

by Patricia Fox-Sheinwold

Table of Contents : biographies and lots of pictures of entertainers who died young.


Author Patricia Fox-Sheinwold wrote the book "Too Young To Die" in 1979 (published by Ottenheimer Publications).  You can buy the book at Amazon here, here, or here.

 Name Born Died Famous As Birthplace Deathplace Cause
Rudolph Valentino 1895 1926 actor Italy New York City blood poisoning
Jeanne Eagels18901929actressKansas City, KansasNew York Citykidney disease
Jean Harlow19111937actressKansas City, KansasLos Angelesgall bladder inflammation
George Gershwin18981937composer Brooklyn Los Angeles cystic tumor
 Carole Lombard 1908 1942 actress Fort Wayne, Indiana Las Vegas, Nevada airplane crash
 John Garfield 1913 1952 actor New York City
 New York City died in bed - cause unstated
 Hank Williams 1923 1953 singer Mt Olive, Alabama Kentucky heart attack
 James Dean 1931 1955 actor Marion, Indiana Paso Robles, California car crash
 Mike Todd 1909 1958 producer Minneapolis, Minnesota Grants, New Mexico airplane crash
 Buddy Holly 1936 1959 singer Lubbock, Texas Mason City, Iowa airplane crash
 Billie Holiday 1915 1959 singer Baltimore, Maryland New York Citycause unstated
 Marilyn Monroe
 1926 1962 actress Los Angeles Los Angeles barbiturate overdose
 Sam Cooke 1935 1964 singer Chicago Los Angeles shot and clubbed
Montgomery Clift
 1920 1966 actor Omaha, Nebraska New York City blocked arteries
 Lenny Bruce 1925 1966 comedian Mineola, New York Hollywood morphine overdose
 Brian Epstein 1934 1967 Beatles manager Liverpool, England London sleeping pill overdose
 Otis Redding 1941 1967 singer Dawson, Georgia Madison, Wisconsin airplane crash
 Judy Garland 1922 1969 actress Grand Rapids, Minnesota London "wore out" (as stated)
 Brian Jones 1944 1969 musician Cheltenham, England Cheltenham, England drowned in own pool
 Jimi Hendrix 1942 1970 singer Seattle, Washington London suffocation/sleeping pill overdose
 Janis Joplin 1943 1970 singer Port Arthur, Texas Hollywood heroin/morphine overdose
 Duane Allman 1946 1971 musician Nashville, Tennessee Macon, Georgia motorcycle crash
 Bruce Lee 1940 1973 actor San Francisco Hong Kong unstated
 Jim Croce 1943 1973 singer Philadelphia Natchitoches, Louisiana airplane crash
 Bobby Darin 1936 1973 singer New York City Los Angeles surgery complications
 Cass Elliot 1941 1974 singer Baltimore, Maryland London heart attack
 Sal Mineo 1939 1976 actor New York City Hollywood murdered
 Flo Ballard 1943 1976 singer Detroit Detroit heart attack
 Jack Cassidy 1927 1976 actor Long Island, New York Los Angeles burned in a fire
 Freddie Prinze 1954 1977 actor New York City Los Angeles suicide by gunshot
 Elvis Presley 1935 1977 singer East Tupelo, Mississippi Memphis, Tennessee cardiac arrythmia - undetermined cause