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List of episodes you can watch for free on

This article lists those full-length Twilight Zone episodes you can watch for free at


This list was created from this page, which is apparently the same list as hosted at IMDb here, possibly the underlying serving site is actually CBS, and they just have a portal agreement with this other two sites.  By Season, the number of episodes available through this is 17 from Season 1, 15 from Season 2, and 19 from Season 3.  So it's clear that for some reason, some episodes are not available.

See also the full list of 156 episodes at Chairpotato Presents : All Twilight Zone Episodes

  1. "Shadow Play"
  2. "Nightmare As A Child"
  3. "Rip Van Winkle Caper"
  4. "The Big Tall Wish"
  5. "100 Yards Over the Rim"
  6. "Execution"
  7. "A World Of Difference"
  8. "The Odyssey Of Flight 33"
  9. "The Fever"
  10. "Twenty-two"
  11. "A Nice Place To Visit"
  12. "The Invaders"
  13. "The Hitch-Hiker"
  14. "What You Need"
  15. "The Whole Truth"
  16. "Back There"
  17. "An Arrow Into The Air"
  18. "Dust"
  19. "Perchance To Dream"
  20. "The Night of the Meek"
  21. "Walking Distance"
  22. "Trouble with Templeton"
  23. "One for the Angels"
  24. "Where is Everybody?"
  25. "The Howling Man"
  26. "Man in a Four Dollar Room"
  27. "The After Hours"
  28. "A Stop At Willoughby"
  29. "The Obsolete Man"
  30. "Nothing In The Dark"
  31. "The Grave"
  32. "The Changing Of The Guard"
  33. "Cavender Is Coming"
  34. "Deaths-Head Revisited"
  35. "I Sing The Body Electric"
  36. "Five Characters In Search Of An Exit"
  37. "The Shelter"
  38. "Two"
  39. "A Quality Of Mercy"
  40. "The Gift"
  41. "The Arrival"
  42. "Hocus-Pocus and Frisby"
  43. "The Fugitive"
  44. "The Hunt"
  45. "To Serve Man"
  46. "The Passerby"
  47. "Dead Man's Shoes"
  48. "Still Valley"
  49. "Penny for Your Thoughts"
  50. "Third From The Sun"
  51. "Time Enough At Last"