Lincolnshire Pedigrees : Volume I

Table of Contents

Table of Contents, with links, to Lincolnshire Pedigrees : Volume I (1902), by A. R. Maddison


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The volumes of the Lincolnshire Pedigrees are being extracted and put into GEDCOM format (which can be read by any genealogy program).  This database will be offered for sale soon, you can however pre-order a copy of this database by emailing me.

This article is a Table of Contents to "Lincolnshire Pedigrees: Volume I" (1904), by A.R. Maddison
Adams of Tydd St Mary
Alington of Swinhope
Allen of Grantham
Allot of Great Lymber
Almery of Spilsby
Ambler of Kirton
Amcotts of Aisthorpe
Anderson of Broughton
Anderson of Dunholme
Andrews of Osgodby
Andrews of Tupholme
Angevine of Theddlethorpe
Anton of Lincoln
Appleyard of East Halton
Appleyard of Ulceby
Armine of Osgodby
Armstrong of Corby
Asfordby of Bilsby
Ashe of Wyberton
Ashfield of Claythorpe
Ashton of Burgh
Ashton of Minting
Asterby of Great Halton
Audley of Hough
Aylmer of Revesby
Ayscough of Blyborough
Ayscough of Stallingborough
Baldwer of Sutton
Baldwin of Winterton
Ballett of Woodthorpe
Banister of Epworth
Barber of Ruskington
Bard, Viscount Bellamont
Bard of North Kelsey
Bardsey of Gonerby
Barker of Great Steeping
Barker of Tealby
Barkham of Wainfleet
Barnard of Caistor
Barnard of Spilsby
Barnardiston of Great Cotes
Barnardiston of Ketton
Barne of Grimsby
Barnewell of Stamford
Baron of Boston
Bassett of East Keal
Bawde of Somerby
Bawtree of Boston
Bayly of Louth
Bayly of Cawthorpe
Becke of Lincoln
Beeston of Holton-le-Moor
Bellingham of Manton
Bennett of Boston
Benson of North Kelsey
Benson of North Kelsey (2)
Beresford of Leadenham
Beresford of Sudbrooke Holme
Beridge of Algarkirk
Berkeley of Wymondham
Bertie of Low Layton
Bertie of Lound
Bertie of Evedon
Betts of Barlings
Beverley of Reepham
Bilcliffe of Normanby
Billesby of Billesby
Bingham of Stainton
Bird of Pinchbeck
Birkhill of Garthorpe
Bishop of Hemswell
Bishop of Lincoln
Blanchard of Louth
Blawe of Wickenby
Blaxton of Horncastle
Bleasby of Bleasby
Blewet of Harlaxton
Blundeston of West Keal
Blyth of Stroxton
Bogg of Sutterton
Bohun of Driby
Bolle of Haugh
Booth of Killingholme
Booth of Goxhill
Booth of Stainton-by-Langworth
Boswell of South Thoresby
Boucherett of North Willingham
Boulton of Bardney
Bountayne of Hagworthingham
Bowyer of Bottesford
Bozon of Barrowby
Brackenbury of Spilsby
Bradley of Louth
Brampton of South Reston
Brand of Leadenham
Bransby of Heapham
Briggs of Scremby
Brighouse of Colby
Brocklesby of Glentworth
Brograve of Kirkby-cum-Osgodby
Bromfield of Bolingbrooke
Brookbank of Alford
Browne of Croft
Browne of Addlethorpe
Browne of Haltham
Browne of Pinchbeck
Browne of Saltfleetby
Browne of Yawthorpe
Brownlow of Belton-in-Axholme
Brownlow of Belton by Grantham
Broxholme of Grimsby
Broxholme of Owersby
Broxholme of Yawthorpe
Bryan of Bolingbroke
Bucke of Hamby Grange
Buckworth of Wisbech
Bunworth of Barkston
Burdett of Brandon
Burgh of Kirton in Lindsey
Burgh of Saltfleetby
Burgh of Skidbrook
Burgh of Stow
Burnaby of Barholme
Burton of Lincoln
Burton of Surfleet
Bury of Grantham
Bussy of Hougham
Butler of Coates
Branston of Gainsborough
Brecknock of Lincoln
Brecknock of Holbeach
Burton of Somersby
Caborne of Saltfleetby
Caborne of Boston
Caldecot of Barlings
Caldwell of Thorganby
Callis of Great Hale
Calverley of Gosberton
Carr of Sleaford
Carsey of Revesby
Carter of Coningsby
Cartwright of Normanby
Cater of Langton-by-Wragby
Cawdron of Heckington
Chaplin of Tathwell
Chapman of Louth
Cheales of Hagworthingham
Cheney of Boston
Childe of Harmston
Chippendale of Heighington
Christopher of Alford
Christopher of Heckington
Clarke of Creeton
Clarke of Leadenham
Clarke of Welbourn
Claymond of Frampton
Claypole of West Deeping
Clifford of Brakenborough
Clipsham of Cadeby
Codd of Hemswell
Cogdall of Flixborough
Colston of Brant Broughton
Colthurst of Aunsby
Coltman of Hagnaby
Cony of Bassingthorpe
Cony of Sutton
Conyers of Carlton
Copeland of Skellingthorpe
Copledike of Harrington
Corbett of Winthorpe
Cordwyne of Normanby
Cornwallis of Lincoln
Coughton of Burgh-le-Marsh
Cracroft of Cracroft Hall
Cressy of Blyborough
Cressy of Ravendale
Culverwell of Scotter
Dackham of Coleby
Dalison of Laughton
Danby of Great Grimsby
Darnell of Thornholme
Darrell of Horkstow
Davy of Leake
Dawson of Roughton
Dawson of Sutterby
De la Launde of Ashby
De Ligne of Harlaxton
Dene of Barrowby
Denton of Denton
Derby of Leake
Dickenson of Claypole
Dickenson of Gainsborough
Dighton of Lincoln
Disney of Norton Disney
Dobbs of Bucknall
Dobson of Ludborough
Dolman of Bottesford
Doughty of Louth
Dowman of Uffington
Dymoke of Haltham
Dyon of Tathwell
Earle of Stragglethorpe
Ellis of Swineshead
Ellis of Wellingore
Ellis of Wyham
Elmes of Long Sutton
Elmes of Stamford
Elwes of Worlaby
Ely of Great Carlton
Emerson of Scarby
Empson of Boston
Enderby of Metheringham
Ersby of Somercotes
Estoft of Estoft
Etton of Firsby
Eure of Belton in Axholme
Everingham of Grantham
Fairclough of Lincoln
Fairfax of Swarby
Fane of Fulbeck
Farmer of Holbeach
Farmery of Caistor
Farmery of Heapham
Farmery of Northorpe
Fawne of Skendleby
Ferrers of Skellingthorpe
Filkin of Langton-by-Partney
Fisher of Threckingham
Fitche of Market Rasen
FitzWilliam of Clixby
FitzWilliam of Mablethorpe
Foljambe of Riby
Folkingham of Sleaford
Fordham of Barholme
Forsett of Bilsby
Forster of Lincoln
Fotherby of Burton-on-Stather
Fowler of Boothby Hall
Fowler of Skendleby Thorpe
Fowler of Wispington
Francis of Lincoln
Francis of Sibsey
Franke of Grimsby
Freeston of Thimbleby
Friskney of Friskney
Fulnetby of Fulnetby
Fulstow of High Toynton

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