Disable Ask.com as default search engine

That bleeping Ask.com keeps popping up! Help me!

This article states how to disable Ask.com after a new upgrade of IE or Firefox


This article written by Will Johnson, wjhonson@aol.com.  You can add comments directly below, or email me!

After an upgrade of your search engine, you may find that the default search in the URL address bar starts using Ask.com.  And that annoys you.  I will now show you the magical way to fix that.

In the address bar type About:Config.
You will get a page that looks a bit like an error page, but says something like "This might void your warranty!"
One of the stupidest messages ever, since you have no warranty on a browser.  What are they going to do, start paying me for using it?  Oh you broke it!  Now we're going to force you to use our competitor's product!  I mean really....   Anyway, just click it.

Next you will get an enormous list of option settings. Search or filter on the word "ask".  That should give you just a short list of choices.  You should see I believe a line that says something about using ASK for the default search.  Right click on it, select the Reset option from the sub-menu.  It should change it back to Google or whatever it was before.

That's it. You're done.  Send a nasty letter to Mozilla or Microsoft or something.  Tell them we don't appreciate being guinea pigs for experiments of the high school students they keep hiring to try to pollute our settings.  Ok I don't know what I'm talking about but you get the general idea.  I get very annoyed when some company tries to pull a sneaky on me.


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