Bose 2.2 direct reflecting bookshelf speakers for sale

Bose 2.2 direct reflecting bookshelf speakers for sale

Bose 2.2 direct reflecting bookshelf speakers for sale


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I have for sale a pair of beautiful vintage Bose 2.2 direct reflecting bookshelf speakers.  They are in working condition and sound great.

6.5" Driver, 2" Tweeter Built in Sub w/ Direct Reflecting Technology (1987-1992) 8 Ohm

The original MSRP on these was $270.

Dimensions: 15" x 10" x 7 1/2"

One cabinet has a few minor nicks, and one grill cover has a small hole on the edge about one-half inch which has been repaired.  The other cabinet has a missing piece of laminate on one edge, about one inch by one-and-a-half inches.  Other than that, the cabinets, grill covers and speakers are in great condition for being twenty years old.

On this Bose model, the grill covers are much easier to pop on and off without such a risk of breaking the plastic frame, as happens more often with the Bose 201 model.  The Bose 501A model you can't even remove the grill cover, I suppose at some point Bose got annoyed at the number of remarks about the frame breaking, so they made a model where the covers are non-removable.

My price for these is $65 plus $25.00 (flat rate UPS shipping charge) to ship them in the continental U.S. only.  If you are in the Santa Cruz California area and want to pick them up, that is also fine and you'll save the shipping cost.  Click here to go to my paypal where you can then buy it.  If you are not in the continental U.S. email me at and I'll see about calculating the shipping cost.

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