Jamo S100 Bookshelf Speakers

Made in Denmark

Jamo Hi-Fi S 100 Bookshelf Speakers, made in Denmark


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Today (16 Aug 2009), I picked up a pair of all-white bookshelf speakers that I'd not only never seen before, but I had not even heard of the company that made them.  They are marked on the front Jamo S100.  On the back we get the additional information: Rated Power 60W, Music Power 90W, IEC (268-5) 35W, Impedance 8 Ohm.  Made in Denmark.

They have a big air hole in back, you can look right in and see the components.  There's one piece of form-fitting fiberglass stuffing, but it looks to me as if maybe they had more stuffing (baffling) at one time and someone pulled it out.  Let's see if I can out anything more by doing a few searches....

From this site we learn that they were manufactured from 1989 to 1991 and  are bass-reflex, 2-way, with a 5 inch woofer and a 1 inch horn tweeter.  And here we are told that they were $298 new.

I could find an example of this speaker neither on Google Shopping, Ebay nor Craigslist!  So I can't show you a picture.  If you can find a picture somewhere please let me know at wjhonson@aol.com!  I just hooked them up however and they work perfectly and sound great.

The dimensions of each of the two cabinets are 10 1/4" tall by 6 3/4" wide by 8 3/4" deep and they each weigh seven pounds (3.2 kilograms).  The front metal grill covers can be taken off but it's not easy and you're likely to damage them.  Instead of that, there is a seam about one-inch back of the front cover.  This doesn't appear right off to be detachable, but it is.  You just need a wide flat device like a chisel or scraper and gently pry into this seam and it will detach.  Do NOT use a screwdriver as you are likely to damage the casing.  Once you have the front off, you can remove the tweeter and woofer from behind.  You cannot remove them from the front.

So after listening to these for a while and admiring how cute they are, I realized that there was some distortion in the bass.  Examining the woofers more closely there is a small tear in one woofer that is basically not repairable.  So I junked the speakers!  Kept the tweeters though, maybe someone needs a replacement tweeter for these.

If you want these tweeters I'll sell then for $30 for the pair plus $10 shipping for a total of $40.  If you are interested, please email me at wjhonson@aol.com