JBL Arc Sat Speakers

What are they?

Research into a small pair of speakers that only state JBL Arc Sat


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This article writen by Will Johnson, wjhonson@aol.com

Today (23 Aug 2009) I picked up a small pair of speakers which only state that they are JBL Arc Sat.  So, what are they?  They are about I'd guess about six to eight inches tall.  About the size of computer speakers, but of course, in back, they take stereo wire not a mini plug.

Googling for "JBL Arc Sat doesn't give me a whole lot of Googs.

Retrevo knows that the speakers exist.

The service manual for these is at this link, where we learn that apparently these were once "...part of the ARC Cinema II System".  Impedance 8 Ohm, Max Power 50 Watts.

There they tell us that these measure 6 1/2" x 3 3/4" x 4 1/4" and each weigh 1.5 pounds (3.3 kilograms), with a 3" woofer and a 1/2" dome tweeter.

The original ARC Cinema II System was manufactured in 1998/1999 as a 7 piece system with a JSR-400 Receiver and retailed for $399.

On the bottom of each of these SAT speakers is a screw hole as if they are supposed to attach to a pole, that is, to stand up, say at about a height of three to six feet I suppose.  Since I didn't have their poles, I tested these just sitting them on top of another pair of speakers.  They sound great, but I did notice they seem to do best on treble and are a bit weak on the bass. 

One way to fix this it seems, short of finding new poles, is to either set them on top of hollow boxes or set them on a piece of wood.  Either method apparently amplifies the bass.  Audiophiles may not like it, but it seems to work fairly well.  The hollow box method seems better to my ear, evidently the box resonates the bass.