Eba Lawton Anderson (d.1919)

Biography of the daughter of Gen Robert Anderson of Fort Sumter

Biography of Eliza Mackintosh Clinch Anderson also known as Eba Anderson Lawton was a U.S. author who died in 1919, the daughter of Robert Anderson the hero of Fort Sumter


Eliza Mackintosh Clinch "Eba" Anderson (d. 1919), U.S. author
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Eliza was born the second child of Robert Anderson (1805-71) the "hero of Fort Sumter" by his wife Eliza Bayard Clinch (d.1905) whom he had married 26 Mar 1842 in New York City.  Eliza who Montgomery Clift's biographer Patricia Bosworth mistakeningly calls "Erba", married businessman James Marsland Lawton (b. 1830 NYC) on 3 Jul 1886 (see [Source 1], [Source 2]).
James Marsland Lawton died on 20 Feb 1895 at his home at 375 Fifth Avenue (his obit is in the New York Times).  Note that in another source, their address is given as "37 Fifth Avenue".  In 1911 Eba published some of her father's letters that he had writen while he was away fighting the Mexican War 1846-7.  She was living in 1912 at 87 Fifth Avenue (possibly another mistake for 37 Fifth Avenue).  Eba died in 1919, at her summer home in Elizabethtown, New York.  The New York Times report about Eba's will states that she gives, inter alia, her sisters "Maria L and Sophie C Anderson" her home at Elizabethtown, New York and $5,000 each.

Eba had no surviving children, she devoted her time to society, mostly genealogical enterprises.

*''An Artillery Officer in the Mexican War, 1846-7 : Letters of Robert Anderson", edited and with a foreward by Eba Anderson Lawton. G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1911. 339 pages
*''Major Robert Anderson and Fort Sumter, 1861'', by Eba Anderson Lawton. The Knickerbocker Press, 1911. 19 pages
*''History of the "Soldiers Home", Washington, D.C.'', by Eba Anderson Lawton. G.P. Putnam's sons, 1914. 187 pages

Primary sources

  • 1850 Census of Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland County, Maine] : "Major Robert Anderson, 45, KY; Elisa B Anderson, 26, GA; Eliza Mc Anderson 5 MD; Maria L Anderson 2 OH; Will Johnson"
  • 1860 Census of Fort Monroe, Elizabeth City County, Virginia] : "Robert Anderson 53 KY, Eliza B Anderson 39 GA; Eliza Mc J C Anderson 15 MD; Maria L Anderson 11 MD; Sophie D Anderson 9 MI or MD; Robert Anderson 1 NY; Adelaide Schmidt 50, servant, France; Will Johnson"

Secondary sources

  • ''Genealogical and Family History of Southern New York and the Hudson River Valley, Vol III'', page 1226
  • ''Some Colonial Dames of Royal Descent'', pedigree XLI, page 171

Royal Descent
In the work ''Some Colonial Dames of Royal Descent'' they trace her line from David I, King of Scotland as follows:

1. David I, King of Scotland 1124
2. Prince Henry of Scotland, eldest son, Earl of Northumberland, d.v.p. 1159, married 1139 Ada de Warenne died 1178
3. Marjory married Gilchrist, Earl of Angus
4. Beatrix married Walter Stewart of Dondonald, high steward of Scotland died 1241
5. Margaret Stewart married Colin FitzGerald, Baron of Kintail, Rosshire died 1278
6. Kenneth 2nd Lord of Kintail died 1304; married Morba Macdonald
7. Kenneth MacKenneth 3rd Lord of Kintail died 1378; married Margaret de Strathbogie
8. Kenneth Mackenzie 4th Lord of Kintail married Fynvola daughter of Roderick Macleod of Lewes
9. Murdock Mackenzie, 5th Lord of Kintail died 1375, married Isabel Macaula
10. Murdoch Mackenzie, 6th Lord of Kintail died 1416 married Fynvola, daughter of Macleod of Harris
11. Alexander Mackenzie, 7th Lord of Kintail, died 1488, married Agnes Campbell
12. Kenneth Mackenzie, 8th Lord of Kintail, died 1507, married Agnes Lovat
13. John Mackenzie, 9th Lord of Kintail, died 1556/7 married Elizabeth Grant
14. Kenneth Mackenzie, 10th Lord of Kintail, died 6 Jun 1568 married Isabel Stewart
15. Agnes Mackenzie married in 1567 Lachlan-Mohr MacIntosh of Dunachtane and Knocknagail
16. William MacIntosh of Essick and Borlum died 1630 married in 1594 Elizabeth Innes
17. Lachlan MacIntosh of Borlum and Bolkeskine married Anne Unknown
18. John Mohr MacIntosh born Bolkeskine 24 Mar 1700, settled in Georgia, died at "Borlum" near Darien, Georgia 1761; married 4 Mar 1725 Marjory Frazer b 1701
19. George MacIntosh, second son,  married Anne Houston
20. John Houston MacIntosh married 30 Apr 1791 Eliza Bayard (d. 1846)
21. Eliza Bayard McIntosh married Duncan L Clinch
22. Eliza Bayard Clinch married General Robert Anderson "of Fort Sumter fame"
23. Eliza McIntosh Clinch Anderson "New York Society of the Colonial Dames of America", married James M Lawton of New York City

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