The Internet Behaving Badly

Some opinion and a way to fix it!

A list of all my articles on the web sites, web resources, browsers and other internet related items behaving badly. And how to fix it.


Web Resources Behaving Badly
 Where I grip about moderated emailing lists, which give an unacceptable level of power to moderators, and how they should actually function.

Web Sites Behaving Badly
 Where I complain about the mostly useless Internet Archive, and its failure to humanity.

Disable Google Thumbnails in Firefox
 Where I teach you how to disable that horribly annoying "feature" where opening a New Tab, brings up previously browsed pages.

Wiki Oscurity : Wiki's Which Failed
 Where I discuss two (right now) wikis which failed because their operators cannot seem to grasp that the public wants respect for fundamental principles of fairness, equality, egalitarianism and openness.

Why Ayn Rand would decry Jimmy Wales' Wikipedia
 A discussion of the philosophical underpinnings and embedded cognitive dissonance of Wikipedia.

Disable as default search engine
 Where I complain about Firefox's forced install of as my default search engine and show you how to turn off