Wikipedia on Google Groups

A listing and analysis

I examine those groups on google groups which have the word Wikipedia in their name


This search at Google Groups for "Wikipedia" (as of 23 Sep 2009) reveals 346 groups.

Google Groups named "Wikipedia" in Order of Member Count

  1. zh.wikipedia has 1754 members and Google Groups claims that the language is Pig Latin.  I've been told however, by a page visitor, that the language is Chinese.
  2. తెలుగువికీ has 426 members.  This is the group for discussing the Telugu Wikipedia.
  3. Vp9yiy1 has 245 members.  This group contains only spam about things like how to make money off the internet.  I'm not really sure why a group like this would have so many members, maybe they are all fakes just designed to make it appear higher in search results ?
  4. 3spvzwqn has 222 members.  Again this group contains only spam about making money off the internet, or buying prescription drugs.
  5. wikicamp has 154 members. This is the general discussion list for participants of WikiCamp, India's first unconference on wikis
  6. Wikipedia iPhone has 147 members.  For discussion related to
  7. Hutter Prize has 132 members.  Discussion of The Hutter Prize for lossless compression of human knowledge.
  8. CHHH has 128 members.  Charlottesville House Hash Harriers: A drinking club with a running problem, part of a loosely-knit, worldwide social club.
  9. J Programming has 119 members.  Talk about J Programs, J software, J user groups, J documentation
  10. 073hubr2 has 102 members.  But appears again to be filled with spam.


zh is chinese

Yep. zh is the ISO code for the Chinese language, and is thus, the first part of the Chinese Wikipedia (

Evan C - 25 Sep 2009