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Pilchuck Valley Chapel, a non-denominational church is located between Lake Stevens and Granite Falls, in Snohomish County, Washington.  It's not in the incorporated limits of either city.  The street address is 15533 75th St NE Lake Stevens, WA 98258-9653.  Two phone numbers are given : (425) 334-9558 and (360) 691-7744.  I'm pretty sure one of those area codes must be old.Google Map  This article at manta.com states that this church was incorporated in 1975, "current estimates show", they state there, "that this company has an annual revenue of $180,000".  Hotfrog.com lists a website for this church at http://www.reallifeministries.info/
 I don't think that is accurate however.

The crossdirectory at their article, also calls this church Evangelical.

Evidently sometime between Nov 2007, and April 2008 (see this newsletter), they changed their name from Pilchuck Valley Chapel to Sanctuary Ministries.


Incorporated in 1975.  The first pastor of this church was Bruce Miles. He was still that pastor as late as 1979.  His wife Sharon Miles played the organ there as well.  He and his family moved away to somewhere in Eastern Washington I believe.  They moved sometime before 1981.  I think their eldest child was named Tim Miles, they also had a younger son named Craig Miles.  This site gives some more details on the Miles and states that Bruce died of cancer in 1999.  The person who was the assistant pastor at that time, became a pastor at a small church somewhere up in the mountains of Snohomish County.

In addition to Bruce, the church was founded by Denny and Tony (female) Schmidt, and Lenny and Lois Randall.  Other early members were Mike and Nancy Cox, Nola Johnson, and Marilyn and Mike Thomas.  Mike Thomas is now a preacher somewhere in Marysville.  Lenny for many years was an auto mechanic in Everett.  Lenny and Lois recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

At the height of attendance, in the late 70s and early 80s, Pilchuck Valley Chapel had well over 200 regular congregants.

Aug 1982 news story mentioning Pilchuck Valley Chapel

This website states that a Mike Blondino, now part of LEAD International was : "Licensed as a pastor at Pilchuck Valley Chapel in 1985, and was ordained for public ministry in 1987."

Mar 1993 article Seattle Times mentioning Pilchuck Valley Chapel
Dec 1993 article Seattle Times mentioning Pilchuck Valley Chapel

An article at this link states that in 2006 the pastor was Jerry Brady (and I'm supposing that the Bobbie listed there is his wife).  In that article they state that they are planning to remodel/upgrade the building. "We are a small congregation with only about 80 total people attending on a Sunday morning."